At another level





Roland Michel Tremblay




London, UK







Blast it up!

What must become

Letís get irradiated to nigger black

Titanicís third class citizens

Master, the world is on stand by

Here comes the Revolution

Is this thing going to flower?

Weíre all criminals now

The sound of the new universe

This world is all in your mind

Am I alive?

I Never Thought

Who are we?

A slight case of over bombing Muslims

I still feel the need to feel I exist

One day we will be able to speak

Just blame the end of the world on me

Milking this cow to death

Was it Black, your Face?

Ignorance is our only enemy

Moving as far north in Scotland

Are we manipulating or being manipulated?

Crash that war hero into the wall!

Jesus-Christís Phase: More Genocides!

Nothing alcohol can't cure

And then this is World War Three

At another level

This bomb is about to explode!

I need to be shot!

Another Muslim in Prison ready for Export

As your leader I swear to abuse all my powers

Power and control are at hand

Stuck in a loop in one perfect moment in time

Such perfect slaves take over the world

So innocent we look

So happy I could just die

Iím going Nuclear!

Think the new world, and make it happen!

Am I still of this world?

New generations are our only hope

Your Honour, donít let that new title dazzle you

Men vs Women

I am the White Man

I will turn this nightmare into a George Michael pop song


Corrupt world on overload

This disease weíre dying of is ourselves

You were my toy boy

Much better off with a split personality disorder

Living as if we were already dead

Poetry will change the world!

All will change in the world

Capitalist planning: we canít find a damn job!

Remaining raw and true to the world

Iíve planned my way out of here

Your one minute of fame

Seeing double in Los Angeles

I can see our way to freedom!

The time of reckoning is now

A whole new revolution in physics

Iím a time traveller

Ah these people driving us to insanity

No sex until marriage

Fuck Her Honour Judge Oppenheimer

Such power to create the world

Get out of my world!

You will change the world!

For freedom we are ready to die!

This world kills us all

Being the most extreme version of oneself

Weíre on a mission to save the world

Our right to freedom

You have it inside of you to change your life

I love you as my pet

We are the sons of no nation

We will win all wars through un-privatization

Iíll never get out of this world alive

If only we could care

We are free!

Father just died

How quickly we forget winter

So this world can change

We must live forever

(The next ones will be deleted)

My name is Joseph Smith

You will not forget my name

Des …crits DťchaÓnťs (Unchained writings)

Better not forget who I am

My God, the dust!

I do not believe in slugs taking over the world

Snails are everywhere

Nothing more disgusting than earthworms

Is it not time to understand?






At another level





Blast it up!



I curse the limitations of it all

I need

I have to

There must be a way

To blast it up!




Turn it up!


I curse it all!

I need

I have to

There must be a way

To forget it all

To bury it all

Under so much noise

So much louder

Until my eyes pop out

Until I faint

Out of this existence


I canít breathe!

I can no longer breathe!

I cannot see anything!

I can no longer see!

All so blurry the world has become



I am

For a way out

As I can no longer

Listen to anything

Hear anyone

Follow anyone

Obey no more


Free myself

Free this world!

Donít talk to me!

Donít even look at me!

I can no longer sustain

This whole world

Bring it to salvation

All by myself


There must be a way

Out of it all

There must be a way

Out of it all


I curse the limitations

I need

I have to

There must be a way

To blast it up!


And free ourselves!

And free ourselves!

And free ourselves!

And free ourselves!


Forever and ever

Once and for all

Forever and ever

Once and for all



What must become


You are either it

Or youíre not

Youíre either a vulgar copy

Or youíre the source

Of all inspiration

Of all creation


I will create an entire new world

Tonight as it stands

Out of necessity

Out of desperation


You havenít heard this elsewhere

No one is the original source

As it all comes from inside you

Here is the world on a plate

Just as it should be


I see so many stars in the night sky

Each of them can inspire a new world

So many worlds there are

So much potential

So many realities


Do not think any further

Just state it for the world

All that there is to say

All that needs to be said

Out of this world

As the source of it all

As the only inspirational source

In the whole world


You can only be the centre

You cannot revolve around anyone

Only you exist in the world

Never let it become the world of another


Here is all where inspiration comes from

This is where it all starts

From your own mind

My own mind

For the whole world to hear and see

Because beyond it all

Nothing exists!


Grasp it all!

Understand it all!

Create it all!

This world

This creation

It is all for you to think and do

To inspire and control

This whole new world

It is all up to you

To start it all

All over again

All over again

And all over again

Until death

And eternity


This is what must become

And nothing else

As the original source


Go for it!

And create and create and create!

As the inspirational source of it all



Letís get irradiated to nigger black


Of a white generation

That just loves the sun

At its best between 12 and 2

On a beach somewhere

With the sea right there on the horizon

The sun rays heating the skin

Cooking it like a microwave

To a perfect colour between

Dead white and nigger black


It feels so good!

Letís get irradiated


As there is nothing more desirable

Than being a nigger in this world

A nigger slave


So nice

Such ecstasy

Iím so bored with my life

Nothing happens anymore

Letís get irradiated!


There is something better than the sun

Something better than a microwave oven

Something better than death rays weapons

It is called a nuclear bomb!

It really irradiates you

It really gives you the colour you always dreamt of

It cooks you to a crisp!

And yes!

It has been commercialised!

It is on the market

And if youíre rich

Even slightly rich

You can afford it!

Letís get irradiated


I always wanted to be black

I always wanted to be a nigger

I wanted to be a Muslim

Then, my God

I could really denounce something around here

I could really destroy this world

But I am white

Dead white

A dead white ghost

Who ruled the Earth for far too long

I am of no consequence anymore

Tut tut tutÖ

Letís get irradiated


I am tired of this world

I am desperate for something new

Where none of the old discourse

Will play on that old broken record

Ball of confusion

The Temptations

Love and Rockets

For all to hear and die

Letís see the sun in all its glory

I want to be as black as the next nigger

And fight for everything there is to fight for

Letís get irradiated!


I have not heard

I do not know

I am innocent

I am stupid

It is beyond my capacity to understand

A Martin Luther King

A Barack Hussein Obama

It says nothing to me!

I am simple minded

I am worried

But I know something

Something that could save us all

Through too much sun

Through too many microwaves

Through too many nuclear bombs

Iíve become the nigger you would love to kill

Again and again

Letís get irradiated!


Letís all become that crisped burnt colour

Until there is no difference between any of us

Until there is only one of us

As a matter of emergency

So we can finally understand

What life is all about

Until we can finally

See the necessity

To save the world



Just because

Just because weíre all the same

And it is only a matter of time

Before we finally get it


Letís get irradiated!



Titanicís third class citizens


I have been

A third class citizen

For far too long

To just look at the Titanic sink

And simply remain silent

Whilst I die


But what about you?

I would have thought

That by now

You would have been

At the barricades

Freaking out about it

Denouncing it

Or at least

Say something about it?


Am I alone

In this world



To save us all?


Have you not read the latest headlines?

Have you not seen the lies?

The manipulation?

The brainwashing?

I wonder

Do you still even exist?

Able to express anything?

Or is this Titanic

Already lost for eternity?


I can see

This humanity

Is already lost

Not only have we all become

Third class citizens

We donít give a shit about it

And so

We deserve what we get


The Titanic

Will only ever sink

Because we let it sinks

Without question

Because we just accept

The foretold reality as it is

When there is no need to


I would have thought

You would have been

At the barricades by now

Shouting at the top of your lungs

Denouncing things

Or at least

Speaking about it


I have been

A third class citizen

For far too long

To just die miserably

Without a peek


I will wake up

A whole nation

Until that very nation

Is back up on its feet

Ready to live

Ready to exist

Ready to take back the place

It deserves in this world


I will not simply die

Just as you will not simply die

The Titanic will not sink

We will wake up

We will take back what is ours

We will take back control

Of our destiny


No longer

Will there be

Third class citizens

In this world


Master, the world is on stand by



It is no longer about you

It is no longer about me

It is about us all

We are ready



No doubt required

It is time, this is it

Our way upon the world

No time to falter



So impressed

You honour me with your presence

We have worked hard

Youíll be pleased



All is in place

To take over the world

Just as you dictated

They will be crushed



I sense some hesitation

Some doubts

It is not in line

With your teachings



You thought me well

All of us, weíll do your will

What is wrong?

Or do you no longer deserve the title?



On the eve of your victory

Of all that we worked so hard to achieve

Of all you stated so eloquently

Only say one word!



I no longer believe you are fit

I feel you are on the other side

Perhaps you were not aware of where it led

Weíre your slaves, we learnt too well



Now you will witness

Your greatest achievement

It is too late now, it will be a glorious victory

Nothing less than the end of the world



Are you still here with us?

Did you not foresee where this was leading?

Did you not foresee the end of the world?

You are no longer fit to be our leader



I have to kill you

I have to take over

I have to take over the world

And destroy it as planned



Perhaps you were not as bright as we thought

Perhaps you did not fully appreciate the consequences

Maybe you were not God after all

The world is on stand by



What next? What should we do?

Can you correct the world?

Can you destroy it all, and reset it all?

The world is on stand by



The world is on stand by!



Here comes the Revolution


Such despair

When all it feels

There is left to do

Is to throw oneself out the window


So much change!

So many promises

Once and for all we thought

Things would change for the better!


Weíre back to square one

Back where we started

Where we were always told we were

Where we never were


When change

Does not bring

Anything new

I can hear the alarm of revolution


As this is what it will take

For us to finally take over

And make this world

What we always dreamt of


Change will bring change

As per its own definition

Change should change something

And never be the same


Never put me in control

As I will bring change

On such a scale

The world will be out of control


Just as it should be

Out of control

Out of the control

Of so many


This world needs change

And it will see change

Or else

Here comes the Revolution



Is this thing going to flower?


Is this thing going to flower or what?

Bearing juicy fruits or something?

This is the middle of winter

Nothing comes to fruition anymore

I despair

So much investment

In so much potential

That never adds up to anything

I had enough!


Either this is going to be great




Right now

Or just forget it


No longer

Have we got

Any patience left

For anything

In this world


Better make it big

Big time

Make a ton of money

Right now

Or let it die

Let it die

Let it die

Before we invest

Far too much

In futilities


Is this thing going to flower or what?

We are getting desperate

Around here

This need for new blood

New stuff

New anything!

As long as

It lets us breathe

Gives us new hope

This escape from reality!

Oh so desperate we all are

I cannot wait!

I can no longer wait!

I need

We need

To get out of here

To be free from everything

And everyone


Is this thing going to flower or what?

Or we might just die waiting

You have one long minute

To make it all happen

To prove that much potential

I suggest

You use it wisely

And flower way beyond

All your dreams

Way beyond

All our dreams

And all our needs


Are you going to flower or what?


Right now?

Or I might just as well die

Like the rest of us



Weíre all criminals now


Weíre all criminals now

Whilst we were just

Watering the plants

In order to make this world

A greener place



This is still winter

The worst winter we have ever seen

It snowed last week

For the whole week

And yet

The trees

The flowers

The tulips

They are fighting

They are struggling

To get out

To breathe

To come back to life

And so

They need watering

And thatís what I was doing

Last night

Watering the trees

The flowers

The tulips


Please, donít tell the Judge

I was peeing in the garden last night

It is not my fault

If all my neighbours are sitting next to me

Living right over my head

Observing, analysing, recording, denouncing

Everything I do

With a damn CCTV camera per citizen in this country

Making sure all is recorded for posterity

Usable in any Court of Law

By the prosecution


Those plants

They need watering

I am innocent

I was just ensuring

That these plants would survive

Into the next year


Please, donít tell the Judge

I was peeing outside last night

I donít need a criminal record

I still need to find a job

I donít need my future

Being totally mortgaged

My future

Fast becoming inexistent

I was just peeing outside!

Saving a tree!

Surely this is not a crime?


Weíre all criminals now

Whilst we were just

Watering the plants

In order to make this world

A greener place



The sound of the new universe


Can you believe

That in this world

There are still people

Incapable of turning on



How disgusting is this?

How can we tolerate this?

We have to pass a law


That if you cannot turn on that PC

And use it

You have to be exterminated!



I ask you

What world would this be

If someone

Could not live

In a virtual world

A virtual reality

Like the rest of us?

And then

What world would they be living in?


I cannot bear the thought

They need to die

Instantly, right now

There is no more excuse


I donít know the world

You have been living in

I donít want to know

The world you have been living in

If you have not been living

In a virtual world



This is the sound of the new universe

Our new virtual reality

And you better learn it soon

There is no other way out

Better come to term with the new world

The new virtual world

Our new reality

Where you will learn

The new programming

Of the human race

You cannot escape


We are now only limited

By the imagination of the architect

Of such a network

We are now only limited

By the software provided

By the IT Help Desk


We are very limited indeed

Because if I am to live in that virtual universe

You better learn to expand that universe

To break all the laws of the universe

And create new ones


This virtual world weíre living in

Is the new universe weíre living in

And if it is limited in any way


Nothing is worth living for in this world


Open my horizons!

Create this new universe we are all craving for!

Oh! I am so desperate!

For any kind of new reality!

Unbounded by any imagination!



I need to be free!

We need to free this world!

Through our own PCs

Through our own man made virtual realities


Out of this world

This world needs to be

Out of creation

This creation needs to be

Unlimited in every way!


Let me see the world

As I always dreamt it to be

Let me praise God

The way those computer programmers were meant to

Where nothing is real

Nothing exists


You understand now


If you cannot turn on a PC

Youíre not living in the same universe as I


You do need to die


As I will exist no matter what

In my own creation

In my own virtual universe

In my own perfect world


This is the sound of the new universe



This world is all in your mind



You should not brush your teeth


You should not be able to use a computer


You should not even be able to read



You force yourself


You work real hard


You break out off your own limitations



Everything is possible in this world


Everything is possible

Beyond this world

And because

And you have to remember this

And repeat it to yourself

There is no limit in any world

Within which you exist!


Because you create the world

You exist in

You create the world

You live in


And if you wish to brush your teeth

If you wish to use computers

If you wish to be able to read

You shall

As it is all your own creation

Never forget it


That all you want to achieve

Within any world

You can achieve

As you can create it as is

As you go

Whatever you want!


You just need to learn to break free

You just need to learn what you want

You just have to make it happen

Never forget it

That you can make it all happen

And break free of anything!


You donít realise this yet

But this is the most important thing

You will ever read

In your entire life


Donít get stuck

To where you lived

To where youíve been

As the only thing that ever existed

In the world

There is so much more

To explore, to see, to experience


There is no limit anywhere!

There is no limit

To what you can do and achieve

In any world!


So go for it

Do it!

Break free

And recreate it as you learned it

And beyond

Go anywhere at anytime

It is your salvation

In order to break free


We are the new generation of ghosts

We will go everywhere as we please

We will change the world as we please

And have a real impact upon this world


Never, will we be limited in any way

Not stuck in any time loop

Not stuck into any place

Never to simply be, forever


There is a world out there

And we will see it all

Come to term

With itself


As it is all our own creation

As it is all in our own mind


This world

It is all in your mind

You can make of it

Whatever you want



Am I alive?


I donít feel

Like I am alive

Am I going through life?

It does not seems so

Can I feel anything?

I wonder


Iím drunk half the time

Only way to survive

No way could I go on

Without alcohol

And plenty of it


Am I alive


Thank God I canít feel anything

And nothing reaches me

So painful is this world you have created

No one in their right mind

Could survive it


Such a shame

I have not discovered drugs

When I should have

At an early age

Like just about everyone else

Perhaps then

This life would have been worth living


Too late now

Iíve been brainwashed to the max

On that issue like on all the other issues

No wonder I canít think for myself

No wonder I am unable to make any decision

No wonder I am incapable of living this life

This is what you have made of me

I am not alive


There is still hope

There is still time

To find out

All about prescribed hard drugs

My last hope

To be alive

Whilst being

Totally disconnected

From reality



I Never Thought


I never thought I would go insane

I would never have believed

That I would go completely mad

But there is just so much anyone can take

Before going completely berserk

I have reached that point

The point

Where someone has got so much rage boiling inside

That murder becomes an ideal

A necessity

Beyond this point

Depression and suicide are long gone

It has now become a deep desire

To annihilate this planet

Or at the very least



All the fucking bitches and bastards

Populating this world


You may not realise the impact you had on others

But you have been given free rein for far too long

And now we are all over the edge

There is no coming back I am afraid

Something will happen

Something huge

Something we will all regret so badly

It cannot be helped!

You have pushed us all to those limits

For far too long

And now

My God

I am capable of anything


I had such simple needs

I could have continued just like that for centuries

But even those most simple needs were destroyed

And so now

I am completely alienated

And ready for any solution

Any desperate act

Finally I am taking over

I am the one who will shut everyone elseís mouth

I am the one who will decide around here


I have been a pussy

I have been a fucking pussy for far too long

I have discovered

That with anger

Accumulation of the bullshit of everyone else

You can gather so much free energy

You can actually become yourself

The biggest bully the world has ever seen


Take back control over your life

Take back control of your destiny

And from there

My God!

The sky is the limit

Because when you no longer care about anything

No one can ever stop you


I never thought I would reach that point

I have now reached it

And you better not find yourself

In my way

Talking bullshit

I will kill you right where you stand

Because I no longer give a shit

About anything

This life has to offer

Just a perfect day to commit suicide

Just a perfect day to commit murder

I might just do it



Who are we?


Who am I?

To tell you what to do?


I am nothing myself

How could I hope

To say anything

In this world

And be heard?


Who am I?

To tell you what to do?

I am nothing

I am lower than you could ever dream to be

And yet

And yetÖ


I will tell you what to do

I see no other way out over this horizon

If I do not tell you what to do


You will not know what to do


I think you have proven that many times over

You are lost

Desperately lost

Unable to understand anything




What this world is about

What is happening

What is

Truly going on

And soÖ


Who am I?

To tell you anything?

I am the first one you have come across

Who dares telling you what to do

And so

You will do it!

Or go back to sleep


That is who I am

The one assessing

What you are

And if you can understand

And if you can do anything

Or if you are hopeless

I donít even care myself

Most of the time


Who am I?

I donít know

I donít want to know

It does not really matter

This is the end

This is my end

It is too late in the day


Who am I?

Just like you

I am nothing

I could never hope to make a difference

And so I do not make a difference

As I am nothing

And could never aspire to be

As you could not aspire to be



Who am I?

Who are you?

Weíre just the same







Who are we?

And, who could we be?

Not crushed

Thatís for sure


Who are we?

And should we wake up?


Who am I?

I am the one

Who will tell you what to do

So we will know who we truly are



A slight case of over bombing Muslims


A new world war

Been expecting it

So obvious

That we were looking for it

Desperately seeking it

And from there

It goes nuclear

And from there

Billions of deaths!


Wonít be able to use the old excuse then

We are all so innocents!

Because none us knew what was going on

We are all so blind!

And so brainless

And so hypocrites


We believe everything

Our government tells us

We believe everything

Our mass media tells us

So easily we can all be manipulated

You see?

We are all innocents


Never mind

Weíll find a way to justify it for history

A slight case of over bombing

To annihilate you all

A slight case of temporary insanity

To annihilate us all


And, oh

Sorry for your dead

Nothing to do with me

I swear!


I donít know where these bombs came from

I never wanted to drop them all on your head

God knows what happened

God knows how it happened

I wonít even start on the why

Because, simply because

I have absolutely no clue!


I didnít know anything about it

We didnít know anything about it

Because, we are brainless in the West

And so easily manipulated

Just like you, it seems

Welcome to our world


It is your own fault

For being born rich

Without this capacity to enjoy it

We must once again blame your religion for this

Whilst we pretend to be good Christians


We have only one religion


We have only one God


And we sure know

Unlike you

How to enjoy

Every second of it


And you!

You were such a threat!

Such a threat toÖ

A few snails

Crossing a street

In a lost suburb somewhere

Outside London


You understand now why

We had to act

We had to do something!

We had to eradicate you all!


Nothing to do with us

We swear!

It is all just a misunderstanding

It is all just a case of over bombing


Even though, you know

We donít really care

I guess this is part of the problem

But, you know

This is so complicated

And so simple at the same time


Never mind I said something

This goes well over my head

We are all brainless you know

Incapable of saying something

Incapable of stopping our leaders

Incapable of stopping our armies

I hope you wonít hold it against us


I guess itís too late for that

Never mind

I Hope you will die well, somehow

Never mind

I hope we will all die well, somehow

Never mind


I think I have another opened beer in the fridge

There must be a rerun of a 70s show on TV

If that means anything to you

I should concentrate on that

It is expected of me

Of us all

Whilst all around us

The world goes bust



I still feel the need to feel I exist


Never mind that I am so ugly

Never mind that I am worth nothing

What right do I have to ask for anything?

None at all

And yet

So deeply I can feel the injustice!

So hard it has hurt me

I will not get over it

So easily

I still feel the need

To feel I exist

That I serve a purpose

That what I do

Is being recognised

For what it is

I give you everything that I can

If it is not enough

And it will never be enough

My pride

My honour

Ask that I get out of here

Leave you stranded

Hoping you will see

Your mistake

That I was so much you could desire

And that will get

So much less in return

Why? But why?

Canít you see it right there and then?

Why, canít you recognise it there and then?

You are supposed to have all the experience

This world requires

How dare you being so blind?

That my honour

Now requires

For me

To move on

When I have no desire to move on

When it cannot serve any purpose

For me

To move on

See in such a place you have put me

I know you regret it

I know

And yet, I cannot forgive

Or forget

Oh so badly you treated me

Sent me off the wall

Deep depression

That not enough pills could have fulfilled

The crisis in which you so carelessly

Sent me into

I tried to forget

I tried to forgive

I find it to be impossible

I feel like telling it to you

Straight to your face

You can get lost!

You can fuck off!

I donít give a fucking shit

For people who treat me so badly

Not giving me even the slightest chance

To achieve anything

And this world

That has already reached breaking point

Just like I have now


Breaking point

I will not even be satisfied

Of seeing your face

When I tell you

I am moving on

I know this is not what you want

This is not what I want

But my pride

My feelings

This sense of justice

Requires it

That I move on

That I abandon you

That I tell you

If you could see what I was worth

There and then

And only realised after

Then Iím sorry

There is no purpose for me here

Elsewhere they will see

They will recognise my abilities


And never will they spit on me

The way you did

I do not want to move on

You do not want me to move on


But I have to


And if I ever doubt it

I just have to read once again

What I wrote at that time

Of all you made me suffer

Without no doubt


Realising it

As such is life

I am no second choice

I am no second best

I will not try again

I would prefer to die

And so




One day we will be able to speak


Not allowed to speak

Cannot say what I ought to say

All that has happened to me

Against all authority

Because if I speak

I incriminate myself

I give food to destroy me

So much I could denounce

So much I need to say!

Been advised

Been told

Been obliged

To say nothing

When I just feel like exploding!

To denounce so much!

So much corruption!

It eats at us all

Destroys us all

As this is the world we live in

This is us

At our worst


How the only ones concerned

The only ones

Who would have so much to say

Are reduced to silence

Against all authority

How corrupt

How untrustworthy

How against us all

All authority is

Cannot speak

Cannot say

All that needs to be said

All that needs to be denounced

To bring about this world of freedom

A world you could be proud of

Reduced to silence

Speak, and live to regret it

Would I, regret it?

I wonder

Iím not afraid

I can take it

I donít care to die

Let me speak!

Let me tell it all

Just as it is

How this world truly is

Because something is wrong here

Very wrong

And there is no need for this

Absolutely no need for this

This is the world of a paranoid authority

Who already feels out of touch

Because it has done so much harm

That it could not possibly justify what it has done

As a result

Censorship is the rule

No one is allowed to speak

None of it can get out

Well, at the very least

Learn from your mistake

Trust justice

Change the way you go about things

Make sure none of us

Would have something to say against you

And then


This state of affair will go away

We cannot speak

But it wonít last for long

I will speak eventually

I will shout so loud

The whole world will hear me

Donít kid yourself

I am that powerful

We all are that powerful

I can bring chaos into your midst

I have done it before

I will do it again

I will shut up for now

But not for long

Sort yourself out!

Obey your own rules

Go by the laws

And maybe, just maybe

I will praise you

Right now

My God

Iím so worked up

I could crucify you

And succeed big time

I can assure you

I can speak

I have done so before

And I will do so again


Whilst you still can


Just fulfil the role you are required to fulfil by law

And no more!

And whatever you do

Do not act outside the law!

I cannot speak now

But I will speak soon

And it will hurt

Big time



Just blame the end of the world on me


I can see

That you are worried

Terribly afraid

Half scared to death

When all goes wrong

You could lose it all

This is the end of the world!

Just blame it all on me


I can see

The panic in your eyes

The desperation in your voice

Half scared to death

When all goes crashing down

You are lost forever

This is the end of the world!

Just blame it all on me


You see

I donít really care

I really do not give a toss

Iíve always been in trouble

Iíve always faced these boards

Iíve always been lost

This is the end of the world!

Theyíve always blame it all on me


You see

Unlike you this it not my life

I have no career

I have no family to protect

I have no credibility, no honour

Never mind if I find myself on the street

I fear nothing!

Just blame it all on me!


So we can all see

What this world is made of

Filled with frightened cowards

Witnessing the end of the world

As soon as insignificant problems occur

And suddenly someone needs to be blamed

Just blame it all on me


So we can all see

What heroes are made of

Who stands against anyone

Assuming their own doing

Without being afraid of confronting the storm

I fear nothing!

Just blame it all on me



Milking this cow to death


It makes me feel like

It makes me feel like

Milking this cow to death



How can it be possible

To make so many millions

Right at the centre of the depression

You have to admit

Here are the engineers

The architects of such a world


No need for despair!

No need to die of starvation!

Right in the thick of it

Here comes the American dream

Full on baby! Full on baby!

You can still make millions!


It makes me feel like

It makes me feel like

Milking this cow to death



Weíve got a brain

Havenít we?

Weíve got some brain cells left

Donít we?

Time to turn black into white

Do the unthinkable

And get away with it all

Letís save the world!


It makes me feel like

It makes me feel like

Milking this cow to death



Shutting those big mouths forever

Answering all critics of all systems

Global financiers

Crisis mongers

Doomsday downfall

Downright dying everything

Here I come

To change it all

Proved it all wrong

As I get insanely rich

Whilst the world is dying

Am I clever!

Talking about humanityÖ


It makes me feel like

It makes me feel like

Milking this cow to death




Was it Black, your Face?


No point spending a thousand

When you can spend a million

No point spending a billion

When you can spend a trillion


No point being at peace

When you can acquire it all for free

No point being poor

When you can be rich



Is worth it


Itís larger than life


I am the definition

Of all that is larger than life

As I live outside the universe

Never seeing the ground below


Was it green?

Your face?

Once all is done

Once all dollars are calculated



Is worth it


Itís larger than life


We are the definition

Of all that is larger than life

As we live outside the real world

Never seeing misery


Was it blue?

Your face?

Once all is done

Once all deaths are calculated



Is worth it


Itís larger than life


Farewell my darlings

It was nice not knowing you

No point talking diplomacy

Once we have all these bombs


Was it black?

Your face?

Once all is done

Once there is no humanity left



Is worth it



Ignorance is our only enemy


Do you know what is going on?

I can see that you think that you do

But do you really know what is going on?

No you donít

You never did


What is really going on

Cannot be reached

By any conventional mean

The only truth you will find

You will have to fight for it

And finally understand

All that is truly going on


The truth is not hard to discover

Truth is obvious

It has always been

You just need to dig further

In order to reach it


A whole world

Well informed of the truth

And the real reasons

And the real motivations

Behind everything

Governing this world

Would bring this world to a halt

It would redefine everything that we do

It would redefine everything that we are


There is hope for a better world

And this hope depends

On knowledge

On the truth being known

The very truth which never usually

Reach us


Go off the beaten path

Stop reading that newspaper

Disconnect from that television

And seek out the truth


The truth is not hard to discover

Truth is obvious

It has always been

You just need to dig further

In order to reach it


Ignorance is our only enemy



Moving as far north in Scotland


When one thinks

That all that is evil in this world

Could be avoided

By simply moving

As far north in Scotland as is possible


You have to wonder

Furiously think

Will it solve the problems of humanity?

And what if it does?

And what if it is the only solution?

I am ready baby!


I am ready

To only live within oneís mind

I am ready

To create the world from within

As far of and only where

The farthest point up north in Scotland

And for all of this to be

Will allow


And suddenly all happiness


Of a whole existence

Will happen!


I need to retreat

I need to disappear

I need to lose myself

Within myself

I canít think of a better place

Than the north of Scotland

No vegetation

No summer

Just snow and desolation

Being alone

Forever and ever

Such happiness!


I feel so elated

That I can still move

To the far north of Scotland

And forget the world

Forget the evil of this world

And simply live

And simply be alive!


Should be easy

When you have your own assembly

And can decide for your own destiny

Independently from Westminster

Then, you can truly cut yourself up

From the rest of the world

Give me a devolution any day of the week

It is my only way out


So I can feel what I need to feel

So I can live what I need to live


All the freedom that ever was

And free myself

And free myself

And free myself

From the rest of the world


Living as far north as is possible

In Scotland

Is my next destination

I donít know yet how I will survive there

But this is where

I will survive!


So I can feel what I need to feel

So I can live what I need to live


All the freedom that ever was

And free myself

And free myself

And free myself

From the rest of the world



Are we manipulating or being manipulated?


As far as you could feel in control

As far as you feel you are manipulating

I tell you

You are only being manipulated


To do all that seems natural to do

All that is only natural to think and do

For all this world to see and think

Remain only the manipulated ones


Oh so clever we all think we were

Over everything and more

Have we thought of it all?

All that we all so desperately wished would come true?


Have we so successfully been manipulating?

Or have we just been manipulated?

Just like machines

Programmed to do just what was expected


As we are so predictable

With such single minded obsessions

We would not deviate from such a frame of mind

We will fall into the trap every single time


Even when we think we are manipulating

When overall we find we can only be manipulated

We are not that clever

We could never hope to outwit the masters


Think again


Assess it all

We are being manipulated


It was nice no doubt

For a while to think we were manipulating

Such a downfall when we realise

We are the manipulated


And then

There can be no mercy

This world will see red

Before this is over



Crash that war hero into the wall!


This hero

Is driving me

Half mad

Off the wall

Crash it!

Into that wall!


This hero has been driving us all mad

I cannot understand why

He has not been kicked out yet

It shows

That if you are determined

And keep annoying people

You eventually reach home

Truly admirable


How worried are you about crime?

Has it not gone up tremendously

In the last few years?

Of course, you will be killed any moment now

More of those patriot acts will be necessary

More of these terrorist acts are mandatory

Any moment now you will be dead


I am a hero!

I am the hero you have been waiting for!

I fought in the war

In all the wars that mattered

I risked my life to save you

I risked my life to save you all

And yet

Why would I suddenly

So obviously

Work against you?

Work against everything that you could be?

Your future

Your potential

Your right to be alive?

Your right to happiness?


I no longer care for

Manufactured heroes

Of any war

Of any useless war

That had no purpose whatsoever in the first place

Keep them for yourself

And away from me

Put them where the sun does not shine


We will no longer fall for it

We will no longer recognise any kind of hero

In this already poorly world

On the brink of absolute destruction

We no longer need heroes of any kind


I need a life!

I need to breathe!

I need to feel I am still alive!

I need to feed

I need to have some sort of hope

In any kind of better world

For human kind


That hero of yours

Is a fake

Heroes like him

Are one in a hundred

We all went to war

We all fought for our country

We all fought for the next generations

To survive

And none of us exploit it

To gain power and wealth


There are no heroes

There are but only us

As a whole

Struggling to survive

To eat

To pay the rent

To hope for a better day

To hope for a better future

For us all


This hero

Is driving me

Half mad

Off the wall

Crash it!

Into that wall!


I only care for instant results

Right now, instant results

To alleviate our global misery


That hero of yours

After all

Was only but one soldier

Amongst millions

Just a killing machine we built

For that very purpose

Who now deserves to be

Crashed into that wall


And then

Letís build that long lasting peace

We always dreamt of



Just a Jesus-Christís phase: more genocides!


In history

At some point or another

Someone just reaches critical stardom

Preaching some sort of distorted love

Some sort of distorted truth about the world


This is referred to

As going through a Jesus-Christís phase

Many people die as a consequence

And the star eventually usually regrets

Ever going through that phase


I think I have just reached

My very own

Jesus-Christís phase

Iíve grown a beard

Iíve grown long hair

I no longer brush my teeth

Boy, do I smell!


Iím a preacher

Please bring me blood!


I am now preaching

To the whole world

All sorts of things

Making absolutely no sense

And when I wake up the next day

With such a hangover

From too much alcohol

From too much hallucinogenic drugs

I curse this existence

I curse the world

I curse this phase Iím going through

I curse my Jesus-Christís phase


All very well

That I will save this world

All very well

That I will show you salvation

All very well

That I will open up the door to the Heavens

All very well

That I will bring peace upon Earth


Without alienating the world

Without bringing destruction

Without causing a nuclear third world war

Without annihilating us all


Iím a preacher!

Please bring me blood!


All is very well

Iím just going through

My Jesus-Christís phase

Please pay no attention

Iíll eventually wake up

Iíll eventually understand

This world is beyond salvation


Iíll get back to Earth

Buy myself a cheesy sandwich

In Toronto Central down Church Street

Feel shame for my Jesus-Christís years

Just like all the hippies out there

And all those religious priests

I will see the light

As I will bring you the God of Light!

And be shot right after


No matter

How much destruction

Is required

For such a miracle


Iím a preacher!

Please bring me blood!


Oh my God!


I wonder

I truly wonder

Will I be able

To reach the toilet in time?

I need to get this thing out of me!


You know

Iíve never seen a flower before

What does it look like?

Please not in so many words

Remain simple

For simple minded people

Whoíve lost their mind a long time ago

Going through

Only a phase

Their very own

Jesus-Christís phase


Donít you just love

To be Jesus-Christ?

Does it not feel great

To be off your head!

And save the world

In your mind?


Iím a preacher

Please draw blood


Shame itís only a phase

Shame weíll be ashamed of it one day

What were we thinking of

Bringing more genocides to the world?

Through our very own Jesus-Christís phase

After all, it was only a phase

Shame it brought about

The end of the world



Nothing alcohol can't cure


You could never guess

How small I am

How useless I am

How insignificant I am

Until I drink my first pint of beer


Then, my God

I own the world

I control the world

As I create the world

As I am God!


I never thought

That one pint

Would be

All that is required

For such a thing

To come true


You have no idea

How simple it all is

How it is so simple

To change the world

As soon as you think differently

And all that is required

Is one pint


There was a time

I could have killed for one

I begged down the pub

For such a thing

And no one was willing

To buy my one


It was illuminating

There is no real charity

In this world

No one will buy you a pint

Even though they have the power

To buy you a house


Since then

My God

Iíve gone through

All possible neuroses

I have to say

I walk through flying


Thereís nothing

Alcohol canít cure


Out of sight

Out of mind

Out of this world

Completely mad

Changing a whole world

In the process

Creating a whole world

In the process

All through alcohol


Iím sorry!

All you have ever achieved

Is total madness

That can only be cured through


Only then can we see the light of day

Only then can we see a way out


I donít need to feel anything

I donít need to even be alive

Oh, I need to live somewhere else

And create my own universe to live within

Where none of you would ever exist


Nothing alcohol canít cure



And then this is World War Three


It is tea time

Would you like a cup of tea

My dear?


There is only one way to survive in this world

Fake it!

Pretend this is happiness

That youíre over the Moon

Whenever you just feel like torching the place down

To a crisp


Donít patronize me you bastard!

Donít patronize me you bitch!

Iíll have your head on a platter

In my dreams

Before this day is over


Roles are reversed in my dreams

I become the father figure

I become the mother figure

I become the tyrant

Controlling your entire life!


You have no idea

How dirty and twisted it all becomes

Shut your big mouth!

You are but powerless here

In my dreams


It is tea time

Would you like a cup of tea

My dear?


In the meantime

Iíll play the game

Iíll obey all your orders

Iíll answer to all your mind games

This insanity

Of all this world has been reduced to


Iíll be as fake

As this world requires me to be



Until I can no longer contain it


Until I can no longer contain anything


I take control of this world


I explode!


I will wipe that smug smile off your face!

I will hit you so hard!

Youíll never know what hit you!

And then you will wonder why


You are so clueless

I wonder sometimes

Which world are you living in?

To be so blind

To the consequences

Of such motherly love

Which can only provoke hell on Earth?


It is tea time

Would you like a cup of tea

My dear?


I can still contain myself

I can still control myself

I can still take it all in

Until boiling point

And yet

Smile to the world!


Not sure how long

I will be able to sustain it

Not sure how long

Before it all explodes


Iíll be as fake

As this world requires me to be

But only to a certain point

And then

This is World War Three


Any milk in your tea



And then

This is World War Three


And what about sugar?


And then

This is World War Three



At another level


Of a whole wrecked existence

From here and there

In the here and now

Taking it all in

For posterity

Deeply buried and lost

Under the oceans of the world


One thousand years

All that is required

To vanish completely

From the face of the Earth


So much history

So little to say

Once all is forgotten

Up to the top of the pyramids


So in awe

No one will escape

We have chewed our wings

We can no longer fly


Higher scale universe

Lower scale universe

Could not even conceptualise

Expanding universes


Thinking Virtual

Creating Evolution

Modifying World

Life in the making


It was not meant to be for this humanity

Building wonders of the world through slavery

Perhaps the next humanity will leave a mark

Everlasting for an eternity


At another level



This bomb is about to explode!


A whole world of politics

A whole world of religions

A whole world of mass media

A whole world of wars



I have no more patience left

We have no more patience left

For any of you!



Donít stand

Donít stand in my way

You will be wiped out!


So little I can still stand

So little patience I have left

Itís going to explode

Like right now!



You need to disappear

You need to shut up

I need never see or hear from you ever again


We will be heard

We will change this world

We will take control

We will somehow crush you


Talking for a whole world

Of salvation and hope

Some sort of meaning to this existence

Weíre starving! Weíre dying!


Of course we canít think

Of course we canít talk

Of course it is all useless

Of course no one hears us


And Iím tired

We are all tired

I have lost all patience

We have lost all patience


Until such time

That we will take back what is ours

Until such time

That when we speak, we will be heard



Change is just about to take over the world

By such a storm

It will be described as a Tsunami



You need to disappear

You need to shut up

We need never see or hear from you ever again


Weíre starving!

Weíre dying!



Donít stand

Donít stand in our way

You will be wiped out!


So little we can still stand

So little patience we have left

Itís going to explode

Like right now!



I need to be shot!


Never should you use my name in vain

And I thought I was extreme

Not extreme enough I see

I need to be shot


Iím at breaking point

Iíve reached all breaking points

I have no future, thereís no future

I need to be shot!


What in the world

Could possess me

To state such a thing?

I need to be shot!


My God!

Iím a converted

To such extreme ideas

As extinctionism


My God!

Iím the worst anarchist

Ever to fall upon your world

I preach extinctionism!


And Iím no lunatic

I preach with verb

I am also the born philosopher of humanity

I do need to be shot


As this is where this world

Has driven me

To the extinction

Of all there is under the sun


At this point


I care not

For anything else


You can forget everything

I have ever stated before

Iím all for a total

Humanityís extinction


As this is where this world

Has driven me

To the extinction

Of all there is under the sun


Iím shocked!

I canít believe!

Iíve reached that breaking point!

But well, what other point was I meant to reach?


Considering everything that is going on

Everyone who is in power

The destructiveness they bring upon this world

And such little hope


No hope at all

For a better life for anyone

For a better world for everyone

My godÖ


Iím the worst anarchist of your life

Iím the worst philosopher of this world

As I will singlehandedly bring about

The end of the world


All through logic

All through philosophical arguments

And I will be so wise

I will bring you such worthy arguments

I will eventually convince you all

To commit collective suicide

And annihilate this world

And that is why


I need to be shot!



Another Muslim in Prison ready for Export


Another Muslim in the dock

Another Muslim ready for prison

Another Muslim ready for export


Iím the Court Clerk

Sitting in front of the Court room

On my right is the prosecutor

On my left is some sort of an excuse for a defence counsel

God only knows how he came to be there

Probation officers on the right

Police officers on the extreme right


Another Muslim in the dock

Another long prison sentence

For lost souls of the world

What is it you did not understand about Allah?

What is it you could not understand about Jesus Christ?

Is it some sort of clash between cultures?

How did you find yourself in the dock again?


Is it out of desperation?


Is it not possible to find a job?

To get money to survive?

Canít you speak the language?



An impossible integration

An impossible assimilation

An impossible annihilation


Do not expect anything from us

We have not changed our ways

For over 2000 years

And we donít intend to change any time soon


I was there once

Fifteen years ago

An immigrant

Unable to speak the language

Unable to find a job

It took me a while

But I eventually got a job

Starting at the very bottom

Cashier at the International Airport

Until I came to be

Your Court Clerk

In this very Court room

Looking at you


Poor soul

What has life driven you to

What have we all made of you

What have we driven you to


Another Muslim in the dock

Another Muslim ready for prison

Another Muslim ready for export


All wrapped up and ready for the cells

What was it this time?

What can we do to sort you out?

What can we do to sort ourselves out?

How can we change

So this can be avoided?

How can we integrate you?

If it is still possible

Nothing we are doing will help you now

We can only aggravate it all

Until such time

That we change

Our way of fencing you out of this life

Our way of rejecting you out of our life


Another Muslim in the dock

Another Muslim ready for export

After a long prison sentence

Probation officers sweating all over it

Prosecution counsel masturbating all over it

Police officers ejaculating all over it

Over puzzled Court Clerks and Judges

Wondering how Justice can best be served

Over such insanity


Another Muslim in the dock

Another Muslim ready for prison

Another Muslim ready for export



As your leader I swear to abuse all my powers


I donít have much power in this world

But for all that itís worth

For all that I am worth

And for all that this world is worth

I swear to abuse all my powers


Because I am meaningless

Because I am insignificant

Because Iím miserable

And committing suicide is just about

All that I thought I was worth


And now I have been offered the world on a platter

To dictate and control as I wish

I have been sworn

To take over the world

I swear to abuse all my powers


This is the path to leading the world

This is the meaning of leading the world

And I intend to be up to scale

Crushing you all on my way up

I swear to abuse all my powers


I never thought anything of you

Why should I?

Through deception I reached the top

Through lies I took office

I swear to abuse all my powers


You canít help yourself

How would you suggest I help you?

You are wasted

How do you suggest I recycle you?

I swear to abuse all my powers


I am strong!

I can dictate!

I can order people!

I deserve power!

I swear to abuse all my powers!


I care nothing for you

I care nothing for the world

I donít care for peace

I donít care for wars

I swear to abuse all my powers


I am in office

I am your leader

I only serve my interests

Your failure is my success

I swear to abuse all my powers


Until death tears us apart

Until the economy becomes dust

Until war achieves its ultimate goal

Until no meaning remains of anyoneís existence

I swear to abuse all my powers


Thank you for electing me to office

I never had a hidden agenda

I was honest from the start

I never deceived you

I sworn to abuse all my powers



Power and control are at an hand


Today we feel powerful

Today we feel in control

Power and control are at an hand


As we see

All over the horizons of the world

As we see

What we have achieved

As we see

What needs to be done

And we see

How far we can go


Today we feel so powerful

Today we feel so in control

Power and control are at hand


As we know

The world

As we know

Who is not suited for power

As we know

That none of it matters

And we know

We can do it ourselves


Today we are in power

Today we are in control

Change is at hand


As we can

Dream it

As we can

Imagine it

As we can

Take over creation

And we can

Make it come true


Today we are so in power

Today we are so in control

We will change this world


Power and control are at an end

Power and control are at hand

We will change this world!



Stuck in a loop in one perfect moment in time


This one will be great

It is just not written yet

Tic Tac Tic Tac




Such perfect slaves taking over the world


Iím such a perfect slave

I am so submissive

Iím so helpful

They have no idea

The power boiling inside of me



Until the day

Until the day it all explodes


As Iíll show the world

One way to live

It will be the way to live

To exist all over any nation

To explode all over the world!


Such a perfect slave

With inside of him

So much to explore

So much to think about

So much to see how

Everything can be


I can see it right now

Such an achievement

For such a puny slave

That this world will be

Forever changed


There is no such thing

As a third class citizen in this world

As we are all thinking hard

As we are all thinking of ways

To better this world


To escape it all

To rebuilt it all

On such a scale

As any slave can see

And think

And do


Such perfect slaves

Rethink the world

Such perfect slaves

Rebuild the world

Before all is gone

And after all is gone




We see this world as it is

We know how to conceptualise a world

As it is

As it should be

As it will be


They have no idea

Of what is boiling inside of us

Such perfect slaves

Are taking over the world!



So innocent we are


Am I talking

For so many nations

Am I talking

For you!


Yes Sir!

Yes Mam!

Whatever you say

It is done


As I have learned

To look so innocent

So clueless

As I have no brain


How is it possible

In such a world

That we have to pretend

To be of no intelligence

To be of no importance

To be so small

When we can


Change the whole world?


One has to pretend

Up until a certain point

Where one has to act

And think the world that should be


So innocent

We all are

So powerful

We all are


As soon as we start thinking

As soon as we start acting

As soon as we feel it is time

As soon as we finally decide thatís it!


So innocent

We all look

So innocent

We all are


Until such time

That it is no longer possible

To pretend


Until such time

That one knows

Freedom is within reach


Then there is no more innocence

As perhaps there never was


So innocent we used to be

No longer



So happy I could just die


Here comes the second great depression

It is no concern of mine

Here comes another flu-plague

It is no concern of mine

War, famine and genocides worldwide

It is no concern of mine

This world is set on to self-destruct

It is no concern of mine

Here comes World War Three, weíll all die

It is no concern of mine


I am so happy!

So happy!

So happy!

I could just die


How easily humanityís problems

Can be forgotten

How easily governmentsí worst decisions

Can be forgiven

Corruption and abuse of power

All gone out of my mind

Global plans to eradicate us all

Oops, I must have been paranoid


I am so happy!

So happy!

So happy!

I could just die


Being a simple civil servant

Being overworked

Being underpaid

Accomplishing miracles on a daily basis

So this world keeps turning

I am so happy!



Just because

I am appreciated for who I am

I feel valued

I feel I make a difference

I feel like finally

For once

I matter

As a consequence

I feel I could just



I am so happy!

So happy!

So happy!

I could just die


It was such hard work

I never thought I would reach that point

I never did before

No matter all the sacrifices

All the efforts in the world

Time seems to cure everything

I am so out of it


How long will it last?

How long can I sustain it?

Such euphoria

Before it is all over?

Before all breaks down?


I am so happy

So happy

So happy

I could just die


Maybe I should

Maybe I should

Maybe I should

Just die



Iím going Nuclear!


Look at this life

What an existence!

For a start

There are some trees here

Some bits of grass

I believe there are some pebbles

Around that corner

And so many grains of sand

Life is so wonderful!

In all its complexities

Such Happiness!

Such Joy!

Is choking me


Stop me!


Because I am

Because I am going



Every second

I still have to suffer this world

I learn somehow

To force myself

To live it

Whilst I so despise it

There are some shells

Around that corner

This is death!

I wish I was dead

It is choking me!


Stop me!


Because I am

Because I am going




But there is so much love

In this world

So many people

Doing so much good

What do I care?

Have I found happiness?

Have I found peace?

Can I even breathe?

I am choking!


Stop me!


Because I am

Because I am going



I do not recognise

All that you have done

I cannot see

How great you are

I remain unimpressed

By humanityís achievements

I feel so alone

I feel so betrayed

In your own bile

I am choking


Stop me!


Because I am

Because I am going



Every second I grow

Every second I expand

Along with everything else in the universe

Such expansion of all ideas

Of all minds

Should just about renew this world

Every second

And yet history

With its lack of imagination

Is simply

Choking me


Stop me!


Because I am

Because I am going




Think the new world and make it happen!


You people

Are so sedated

You people

Are so devoid of life

You might as well be dead


To this call

To this one call

To become alive

You must become alive!


See the world in front of you

This world belongs to you!

Stop complaining

Stop lamenting


Oh yes, everyone is dead

But you are still alive arenít you?


There is still beauty in this world

There is still freedom in this world

This world is how you pictured it

How you imagined it

This is your world!


There is still a way

To find happiness

Despite everything

As without you nothing exists



No, you might not as well be dead

There is still a life to be lived

Something to learn

Something that could make a difference

And make this worthless existence

All worthwhile


You people!

Wake up!

You people!

You can be so full of life!

As you are life!


You deserve to be alive!

And go on to create this existence

You always dreamt of


You can, you must

This is the meaning of your existence

Go on and change the world!

Think it, make it happen!


Despite such depression

Despite such genocide

Despite, oh my God

What others have made of this existence

We are still here

We are still alive

And somehow we will find

Some happiness

We will see this world

As something worth existing for

And become something

Worthy of this existence

As each of us

Is a force of nature

As we can see everything

As we can feel everything

And we can change everything!


Through such hell

There is still a way

To feel free

To feel happy

Nothing can destroy us

Nothing exists but us

As ultimately

We only exist

As one entity

Surviving in one bubble universe


We do see

We do learn

We see beyond it all

We do learn beyond

As only we exist here

And nothing else

Only you matter in this world

Only you exist in this world

You make it what it is


You cannot destroy us!

You cannot annihilate us!

As long as one of us remains

As one of us suffices

To recreate this world

On a massive scale

We will not forget

We cannot forget

As so much depends on any of us


You people!

Are so full of life!

As you are life!

Everything depends on you

Survive it!

Survive it all!

Create it!

Create it all!


As it is all within your reach

To make of this world

What it is meant to be

As without you

Nothing exists

Think the world you wish for!

Make it happen!



Am I still of this world?


I am not sure

I am still of this world

I wonder

I donít feel like I am


I did everything I could

To escape this reality

Anything I could lay my mind on

To just evaporate in the ether


Even the ether is all but

Such a great invention

Of the last century

Of which I have forgotten


Truly I am no longer here

As I live in my imagination

Far more than in any reality

That might still exist


Is there any other way to live

But within oneís imagination?

Where one is so free to recreate the world

As many times as is necessary?


Where do you draw the line?

When do you just give up for good

And only finally live

In the dream world?


Does one need to become crazy?

A real phenomenon of a lunatic

In order to decide to continue

Within this world?


I do not define myself as mad

I define the rest of the world as mad

And so the rest of the world sees me as mad

Weíre all mad, itís a mad world


I need to escape this reality

I need to feel there is something else

I need only live in a virtual world

Never mind if I have to create it myself


I will believe anything!

I have this extraordinary need to believe

The most fanciful things

Otherwise this life is not worth it


I think you understood that a long time ago

I believe you know exactly how I feel

This is why you came up with this religion

And presented it to me in such a way I could not refuse


It left me empty, I wonder why

I guess you forgot my need for evasion

This need for freedom and happiness

You have failed


I have found something much better

My own creative imagination

I am so free to invent anything I want

I might just survive it all


Am I still of this world?

Only as long as I only depend on myself

Only as long as I create my own creation

As long as I can imagine my own way out of this world



New generations are our only hope


New generationsí ignorance

Is so refreshing

Such ignorance

Is so pure


No idea of what came before

Of what happened since then

Of all that has been stated

For centuries and millennia


In awe for the first time

About how we go about everything

About who we are and what we do

Such conventions that should never have been


This is such an old discourse

As it is such an old issue

Being caught still doing it

Is so passť, so passed date


New generations are worth listening to

Because only they are still astonished

About how wrong everything is

And still have the energy to denounce it


Go on!

Go on to denounce everything!

Go on to change everything!

You want power, here it is on a platter!


So anchored to the old ways we are

So desperate we are

That we cannot see anything

Blind forever to such destruction



You are new!

You are dumbfounded!

Think it, think this new world!


So desperate we are

To find solutions

To think of new ways to survive

To renew it all


We have become complacent

We think the only way to solve our problems

Is to kill a few billion people worldwide

It is time a new generation takes over


There are better solutions

We can sort it out

We can salvage anything

We will save the world!



Your Honour, donít let that new title dazzle you


Your Honour

You made it!

Finally you are it!

Isnít it fantastic?


From a mere Recorder

You are now a Judge in a Crown Court

All your dreams came true

And now it is time

To make the law

To rule the nation

To become God!


Your Honour

Donít let that new title dazzle you

You still answer to someone

Donít learn the hard way

You still answer to us

Weak links below you

You will always but still answer

To me


You will answer

To small me

Because you see

I feel so small

I too have the need to feel powerful


And believe me

I am stronger than you are

I can move mountains faster than you can

I will get you into so much trouble

You will wonder why you even exist


You will

You will fall

You will fall in line

To the real power

Coming from the management below


Never forget

You are still but a civil servant

There cannot be a high profile civil servant

There are only civil servants

And by definition

All civil servants can only be miserable

You see?

You are just like me


You have no idea

How you depend

On the less powerful ones

You have no idea

How much they crave

Any kind of hold over you


As they can only feel

More important and more powerful

Than you could ever be

It is all they have left

To justify their existence


Iím afraid

Youíll never amount to anything

So limited your decisions are

So framed you are


There are guidelines

You will be reminded

It always goes to the Court of Appeal

Always this will bring you back to earth

All your decisions will always be reversed

Isnít this your worst fear?

It will soon be, Your Honour


I will always know best

As my brain

Unlike yours

Never forgets the law


Always remember those three magic words

Court of Appeal

And now I have you exactly

Where I always wanted you to be


Your Honour

Always think twice before ruling

Your Honour

Always think twice before sentencing

Your Honour

Always think twice


There are no such things

As an ultimate Court of Law

As the law is always

And will always be

In the hand of the people


My God!

Your Honour!

You are but powerless!


Whilst we

The powerless

Can make your life a real misery

We have all the power over you

You could ever dream of

Isnít it fantastic?


Your Honour

Donít let that new title

Dazzle you


You will never be in power

As the people will always be in power

Forget it once

You will soon be reminded

And you will soon

Fall into line


Your Honour

Donít let that title dazzle you

You know by now it is meaningless

You will always but answer to us


Being lenient to whoever you sentence

Is your only way out

Being submissive to whoever is below you

Is your only way out


Isnít it fantastic?



Men vs Women



I love you so

As I think

You are one hell of a woman

One in a million

I do admire you

All that you have suffered

Which has made you who you are today

I have been trying


To be your friend

I have been unable to

As you will not let me in

As I am a man

And by your definition

Men are not to be trusted

I agree

I am not to be trusted

And yet

You fascinate me

I admire you

I wish somehow

I could be part of your universe

I wish I could understand

What you have gone through

Where you are now

And why

You will not let me in

I can never find out

I am an outsider

I am a man

I am to be despised

To be fired upon

I agree

I am a monster

I could never understand

What you have become

Who you are

And why

But I need to find out

I have to understand

I am not the monster you think I am

I am a man

But I am sensitive

I am human

I do understand

Who you are

What you have gone through

Which explains so much

Why can you not trust me?

Why canít you tell me?

Why do you despise me so?

Just because I am a man?

Open up!

Open up to me!

I can only be

Your greatest ally

I can only be

The only human being

You could ever trust

Forget for one moment

All that you suffered

Forget for one moment

That a man was always

At the root of your suffering

I am not a man

I am out of this world

I can understand

I will understand

Let me in

Tell me

Why do I feel I am such a loser?

Why do I feel so inferior to you?

Why do I feel

You are so much more intelligent than I am?

So clued up?

So right and everything?

Why are you so damn perfect?

I hate you!

As I cannot be like you

I could never be so perfect

I could never be that righteous

As I am always

And forever

So ready to hurt everyone around me

As I cannot care for anyone else but me

But when I see you

When I look at you

I get a glimpse

Of who I should be

Of what I ought to be


It is not meant to be

There is no need anyway

I know all about it

I have lived it myself

I know exactly what is in your heart

As I felt it

As I lived it

No need to tell me

We can remain strangers after all

As I can see through you

As you are quite transparent

My dear

But Iím not sure

How I can live

With the thought

That you still think

I am evil

Just because

I am man

A man hurt you once

Another man hurt you twice

Another man hurt you trice

And now

Any man will hurt you forever

And I am such a man

And I do hurt you

I am insensitive

It is in the nature of every man

I have no idea what goes on in your mind

I do not give a shit

About what torments you

Youíre right

Stay away from me

I could only hurt you more

We are not from the same planet

We do not live in the same world

Donít talk to me!

Get lost you bitch!

Donít pretend to be friendly!

When I know deep down

You only wish I did not exist

You care nothing for me

You wish I was dead!

And yet

I was fascinated by you

I loved you!

Men are brainless indeed

Compared with such complexity

That even God could never possibly understand



I see now who you are

I am not that brainless

Despite the fact

That I am man

You are out of this world

And quite possibly

You do not belong to this world

We will never be friends

It is just not possible

I am a monster

I am disgusting to you

I do not deserve to exist in your eyes

So be it

I will ignore you

I will struggle to say hi in the morning

I will let you be

The only way

This will work

As we are obviously incompatible

And you in return


Will let me be

Men and women

Must ignore each other

So this world can continue

To exist



I am the White Man


I played the White Man for so long

It drove me to madness

It drove me to wonder

What is that White Man

You talk about

That I should be?


As I will no longer play your game

No longer listen to you

As you are corrupt

You are all that one could despise

As you are the White Man

And yet you cannot play the White Manís game


I am no White Man!

Nor would I wish to be

I am no manís land

As I always aspired to be

Never mind the no future


It is not that difficult

To understand all your neuroses

Your limitations

The limits of your brain

You canít help it

Let me help you man

Let me help you

The so called White Man


So easily we can all be manipulated

So easily we are all conditioned

It will not take long

Before acting the White Man

Will become unfashionable

Before being White

Becomes a sin


I have no patience left for you

Being that brainless

That you cannot see this world

What it is all about

And what is required to survive

You are blind!

You are far gone!


I have no patience left for you

You will end up in prison

It is well deserved

Maybe one day you will understand


Until that day


I will not be the White Man

Fuck you man!


You are no whiter than I am

You could never be

As white as I am

As you have a pea for a brain

You deserve all that you get

I am the only white man around here

As white as snow

You will see the price for it

Would you like to play the White Man?




The laws of your own country

Playing the White Manís game

Will bring you right to




I will turn this nightmare into a George Michael pop song


I will turn this nightmare

Into a pop song


I must write this one soon

I thought I had already written it

With such a title, no pressure!

Got to be one of my best ever

For some weird reason

Iím thinking George Michael


Might as well give it a go tonight

This thing has got to be written eventually

So many nightmares

I go through every day

Surely plenty of those should inspire me

For a lifetime over






Film scripts



Science fiction


Political discourses


Go on you bastard

Act totally insane

Just try to drive me crazy

Iím just taking a back seat

Admiring and watching the show

And getting ready to spit it back

In such wonderful and significant

Piece of art for all to absorb

I will turn this nightmare into a pop song

And oh, make millions out of your idiocy


I am not impressed

By anything

In this world

As I do not feel anything anymore

The world has become

One way of inspiring me

Inspiring art

It is fast becoming

My sole reason to exist

And so

By acting the madman you are

I could never take life that seriously ever again


I only live in this virtual world

The world of pop songs

For as long as you are sufficiently crazy

And out of this world

To inspire me something


It was all worth it

And then

I can laugh all the way to the Moon

You contributed to my life energy

Instead of my nightmares


So believe me

When I tell you

I cannot take this existence seriously

I will turn any nightmare there is

Into poetry for the whole world to read and enjoy

This is the only way to survive

In a brainless world


Believe me

Every time

I will turn this nightmare

Into a pop song





I donít care anymore

Iíll survive it

Iíll survive just about anything

Just as I always did


Can anyone tell


How far gone I really am?

Could anyone ever tell?


Am I not the all performing star?

Am I not always there

No matter what

Here I am


Full and filled

Of electricity

Right there at the back of it all

Centre Point


Past the point of no return

Where certainly

I can only be

Totally smashed


And yet

This is a world premiere

I can never disappoint

On the front here I will always be


I donít care anymore

Iíll survive it

Iíll survive just about anything

Just as I always did


Nothing matters anymore

I am so good at pretending

I can still stand

I can still salvage the whole world


The miracle worker

The useless worker

You have no idea

Iím still standing


Not tonight

I give up

Iíll go all the way

Till I fall asleep


The dreams of the world

Are filled with such freedom

They cannot be helped

We will see them through


You are no better than I am

You are far worse than I am

I can sustain it

And you canít


I donít care anymore

Iíll survive it

Iíll survive just about anything

Just as I always did



Corrupt world on overload


So many instances of corruption

So many grand schemes

To take advantage of us all

To destroy us all

I cannot compute anymore

My response can only be anger


Yet an overdose

Of your extremes

Iím overloading

I canít help it

It will explode!


I was told

Remain calm

You have to learn to calm down

What are you saying?

Accept defeat?

Accept corruption?

Accept being manipulated

Into becoming ignorant slaves?


I think not

I think I need to overload

I think I need to go mad

So I do explode

And say it out loud

Denounce it for all to hear

So something might change




Public opinion

Might make a difference

Probably not


I have no choice

But to try


I donít need to be specific

Such corruption is now so widespread

At every level

In so many domains

In every country

It is the overall that needs to be addressed

It is globally that weíre overloading


Youíre not very clever

You donít need to

Youíre not hiding what you are doing

Apparently you donít need to

Whatever happens youíre protected

Youíre untouchable

That may be so

But we may still be able

To stop from happening

Some of these grand schemes

To change humanity for the worse


I am sick

So sick

And so tired

I canít do anything anymore

I canít think anymore

Maybe you will win in the end

No one seems to care anyway

No one is willing to do anything

To stop you


Yet an overdose

Of your extremes

The world is overloading

We canít help it

It will explode!



This disease weíre dying of is ourselves


Iíve got plenty of diseases

Iím only human after all

Struggling to survive

In such a rotten world


All the global diseases you can think of

I suffer from them







Such poverty

Such desperation

Iím sorry

There is only one place

I need to look

When I need to justify

My death wish

It is yourself


I cannot stand you

I cannot stand any of you

You make me sick

I have just puked once more


I wonder

I truly wonder

Is there any hope in this world?

Is there any hope?


Such poverty

Such desperation

Iím sorry

But Iíll see this world end

Before anything else


You deserve everything that you get

Youíre asking for everything you get

You planned it that way

Is there no hope left for anyone?

Even for yourself?


Out of desperation

This world will get somewhere

When there are no other solutions left

This world will get somewhere

No matter any consequence

This world has to end up somewhere


I will scare the hell out of you

I will attack you

I will rob you

I will rape you


Because this is the only way

Because there are no other way

Maybe, just maybe

One day you will understand

Where you went wrong

You have always been asking for it

Didnít you know?

Oh yes, you did ask for it


You make me so angry

I can no longer control myself

You pushed me to such limits

I am totally out of control


Perhaps I donít have the brain to stop myself

Before I decide to convict myself

Of just about every crime that exist

Under the sun


All I can say

Is that I was once so pure

I was once so honest

Never would have I thought

Of hurting anyone


And now

You better watch out

You turned me into a monster

This disease Iím dying of

Is yourself


But there is hope

I have such low expectations from life

So little love I require

So little respect and appreciation I need


Just one more chance

Just one more true sign

That I might actually matter

That I might mean something

Being worthy of this world

Not a world filled to the brink with selfishness


I could perhaps change

I could perhaps see the light

I could perhaps love you all

I could perhaps

Embrace you all!


If only I could feel

That such a love truly existed

In at least one of you

Once in a while


Or is this world


Just like me

Completely gone?


All the diseases I am dying of

Are a direct consequence

Of how you treat me

How you reject me

How you hate me

Though I never did anything wrong


I do no expect you to love me

I know you have enough to deal with

I know you have your own problems

I know no one loves you anyway

And that is the beginning

Of your own little personal crisis


Then you should realise

This disease plaguing the world

Begins with yourself


If yourself cannot love anyone

And can only be selfish


What can you ever expect

From the rest of the world?


This disease we are dying of

Is ourselves



You were my toy boy


You were much older than I

You took me under your wings

You showed me an alternative London

I could never have discovered on my own


You have made my life

You have made me who I am

I was your toy boy

Whilst I thought you were my toy boy


And now that you are dead

All your toy boys

Are coming out of the woodwork

Was I just another toy boy to you?


Iím just about to freak out the masses

Stretch them to the limits

Of all human rights

For better or for worse


But it needs to be stated for posterity

Who was I for those few years?

Your toy boy yes

But not any toy boy, right?


I was ďtheĒ toy boy

The very one attached to Oscar Wilde

Who could never let go

The one who would reach posterity on its own


As I loved you dearly

I thought you were the man

The best looking man Iíd ever seen

I had no idea of who you were


I said so the very night we met

And then we had the most wonderful sex

Any boy could wish to have

With another man


Is it not incidental

You thought I was your toy boy

When I thought I was

Your lover?


Is it not significant you told me

I must remain young and beautiful

Whilst you could become flabby yourself?

Oh, but I loved you no matter how fat you were


Becoming old and decrepit never mattered

Your social status and position

Was why you thought I was with you

You thought you were my sugar daddy


I assure you I had many chances

To have as many sugar daddies

As one could ever hope to get

And instantly reach the top in any field


In New York and Los Angeles

In Paris and London

All these opportunities

I always refused


You said then

My role was to be a toy boy for you

Answering to your every sexual desire

No wonder it freaked me out


It was charming all the same

Coming from you

So many things I now regret

Such rash from someone who knew nothing


Such a great man

With an obituary in The Times

You would have been proud

Though it just about killed me



I am not

Any toy boy

Out of one hundred

I am not to be

One amongst thousands

I am not to be

Less than you ever were


As one day

After I become rich and famous

Without your help I might add

You will be the one

Who will be said to have been

My toy boy



Much better off with a split personality disorder


Much better be off your head half the time

Not knowing what youíre doing

And be amazed the next day by what youíve done

And be apologetic and remorseful

Than actually live this life being aware

In such perfection that only God can dictate

Of such a boring life

That could never have any impact

Letís start the party!

Letís go crazy!

Letís change the world!

Much better off with a split personality disorder


What it is to live a life permanently comatose

As if one was prescribed heavy drugs

What is the point of feeling such an existence

When one can be totally disconnected from reality?

In such perfection that only God can dictate

Living in oneís head

With far reaching impact upon the world

Oh yes, one can change the world that way

Letís do it again and again

Letís drink ourselves to death

Be a zombie the next day at work

Much better off with a split personality disorder


What one must think?

When that kind of state of mind

Can actually bring happiness?

When that kind of state of mind

Can bring creativity and results?

On such a scale that it has an impact

In such perfection that only God can dictate

Well bring it on! Letís kill ourselves!

This life was not meant to last forever

We might as well go for it full blast

And die right here right now in the end

Much better off with a split personality disorder



Living as if we were already dead


This life ainít easy

So many choices, so many chances

To be nothing and everything

And alter a whole world

As this world certainly needs changing

As if we had all the chances in the world

To become anything

And revolutionise everything

We only ever have the chance

To annihilate our own existence

Living as if we were already dead


It wouldnít be the first time I was arrested

Brought to prison

For picketing, for writing such inflammatory things

So many demonstrations around the world

So many things need denouncing

To feel the need to walk out

To cry out

In such a way

That one can only be arrested

And think in such small way

And in the end change nothing


I told you

I tried to make you understand

You wouldnít hear of it

And now youíre gone

Youíre history

And what have you achieved

That I havenít?


Just like I have

At least

Iím still here

Writing it all for posterity

Even though

I am

Living as if one was already dead


Was I right?

Were you right?

Well, so ready you are

To go on and denounce everything

Of such little importance

When so much more could be accomplished


But which issues are truly worth it?

What truly matters in this world?

Human rights as a whole?


I thought you were clever

Perhaps you are brainless

I am in awe

How I ever admired you

I am already dead

But at least

I feel it was all worth it

And that I am making a real difference



This world needs changing


This world requires denouncing

We are all already dead

Better make sure

We do make a difference

And that it is all worth it in the end

Whilst working hard to change this world


We chose this way of life

We just go about it a different way

In the end

We only need to make an impact somehow

The destiny of those

Who heard the call

To change the whole world


Better make sure

We actually do make an impact

And change the whole world

Before we die

Living as if we were already dead


Poetry will change the world!


Did you succeed in assessing who I truly am?

I never thought

I could ever be assessed

Through my extreme poetry

But seeing it there

Printed and laying on your sofa

Whilst you knew nothing of me

What a coincidence

As if I was to be judged

And fired upon

For such radical ways of thinking

Really turned me around

Dear me

This is not forgotten, is it?

This poetry truly means something

It shows up at the top

Of any search engine

Even though I always thought

Here I could state anything

Without any consequence

And no one would ever take notice


Poetry has long been dead!

No one was supposed to read this

And now

Top of it all

Poetry means everything

To the whole world

As if I never said anything else before

It is there printed and laying on your sofa

Completely out of the blue

For me to say

But I am the author of this thing!

It can only be there

For me to react and to say something

What do you expect me to say?

That it was all fun and game?

That I donít believe

Anything I ever stated

So clearly for the whole world to read?

I donít know

And I donít care

If this is too much for you


It is too much for the world

I cannot and I will not

Find excuses

I cannot and I will not

Justify myself

You take it as it is

Or you forget I ever came to be

In the first place

But somehow you found this poetry

And you printed it

And it was mine

And I know it can only be a coincidence

I am more known than I thought

Maybe poetry does mean something

Something so important

Never could I express it myself so clearly

In any other way

It was not meant to be read

To reach out

To be understood

As such freedom to state it all as it is

Never anywhere else

Could exist

And yet, would you believe everything you read?

Maybe you should

Maybe you should not

I donít know

I donít know who I am anymore

Or what I write

I just donít know

Where this world is at

And what it is doing

I just donít know

If I am justified

In such madness

Maybe I am

And then

I should not stop myself

I should go on and change the world

I just did not know

I could do so

Through poetry

I should think twice from now on


Is it then

That poetry

Is such

A powerful tool

That I am not wasting my time

And I am actually being heard?


Is it then

That poetry

Is such

A powerful tool

That we should all take notice

That it will change the world?



All will change in the world


Been working at it for so long

So cleverly at that

We can be proud of ourselves

We really do know how to sort out a world

Such bright ideas, such great concepts

And a wonderful way of expressing ourselves

At some point it will explode!

All over the world


It will come without warning

And forever all will change

We forgot to expect it

Although this is all we have been working towards

For so long and so long and so long

Why have we ever lost hope?

Because we were never given a voice

A chance to change everything

A chance to take control

Over the world

Acting for us all for a change

Bring a bit of happiness

In everyoneís life


But you have to understand

We never had to wait

For that voice or that control

To be given to us


I believe it is possible

I believe the day has come

Where and when

All over the world

Our voices will become one

And irretrievably

Have such an impact

You will never see the world

Or this reality

The same way again

As we have that power within us

To make out of this world

Whatever we always wanted it to be

To make out of this world

What we want it to be!


Feel the happiness all around!

Smile to the world!

Feel the freedom within your heart!

Maybe there is not even a need

To witness a change

For this to happen

For happiness to come true


My God!

I can see it all

I can feel it all

On the dawn of all humanities

Of all previous generations

That have come to be

There is a way out

So easily within our reach


At some point

All will change

In the world


All can change right now

You can feel it inside

At this very moment

There is no need to wait


All is changed in the world

The moment you think

All is changed in the world

So changed it in your mind

Change your perspective

Go for it!

Letís go!


All change

All within our reach

Right now

All has changed in the world


A world of happiness

A world of freedom

All within our reach

Right now


Go for it!

Letís go!



Capitalist planning: we canít find a damn job!


Capitalist planning

Only do something if one can make a dollar

And certainly donít do anything

If one cannot make at least a billion dollars


Isnít it amazing?

For simple minded people

Like me, like us all

Living in a simple world

At a time when no one is working

At a time when no one is doing anything

Such wasted essential resources at hand

Such short sight from our leaders

Is amazing


Out of necessity

This one poem for human rights

Is going around the world

This is not 1929, or is it?

We will be heard this time!


The world is starving

The world has nowhere to live

The world canít even buy a shirt

For a job interview

At a time when we

Canít even get a job interview


Seems to us all

With so many desperate people

Struggling to survive

In such hard times

There should be plenty to do

To help ourselves out of this black hole



Weíre all stuck at home watching TV

Thinking of doing something insane

Going into deep depression

Wondering how to find something to do

That could alleviate

The worldís pain and suffering

But overall to alleviate

Our own personal pain and suffering

Thereís no damn job left!


What remains is already well dodgy

Promising hours going off the scale

Below the minimum salary

Abuse and exploitation

Sell us your soul

Without reward

And we canít even get that!


No wonder many find

Going to the devil

Much more appealing

Who would not?

The criminal courts, the prisons

Are at full capacity

And yet

We should all get mercy in such times

That dying baby has got to eat something

One way or another


The only employer at this time

Who could afford to hire us all

To jump start the economy

Whilst helping so many desperate citizens

Is the government itself, meaning us


But the government decided, not us

To spend trillions on saving banks

With no thought left for any of us

Thinking somehow they would save the economy

Of an economic system that has already proven

To be fatal to us all, the people


You can only and always

Lose all your money to banks

We certainly lost it all forever at this time

Now is the time to cry

Now is the time to cry out

For such betrayal

There is no other way to define

This state of affair


Us the people

Should always be in charge of our own money

Lending it to ourselves

Never letting any third party making trillions on our back

Such basic things are so damn evident

Never let anyone on any government

Be ever bought again

To ever think otherwise


The government decided

To sack everyone instead

Early retirement and redundancy packages

Even for the ones under 25

Apparently even babies

Are ready for early retirement

There is nothing left to do for anyone!


We must find our way back to basics

And Iím afraid

The government must play a major role in this

This is a time of emergency

Weíll have to think of ways to survive

Or have we lost touch with realities?


Growing carrots in our minuscule gardens

Selling food to the poor

To survive ourselves

Here is a small mathematical problem, grade 2

How many carrots one would need to sell

In order to pay the taxes alone?

Canít make it, there is no way!


Do not be surprised

By the essentials required at this time of misery

We all need to escape this reality

Forgetting food and survival

Weíll always find money somehow

For cigarettes, alcohol and drugs

Desperate times call for desperate measures

There is nothing more important

When one is already dying of inaction

Feeling so useless

When so much could actually be achieved

In this world


Do not wait until it explodes

Find something for us to do

And make it all worth our while

No exploitation needs apply


Weíre all distressed, weíre all fed up

There is no way out

We cannot survive in any meaningful way

We canít find a damn job

Whilst it is obvious

We are all in desperate need

Of just about everything

There is under this Earth

There should be plenty of jobs at this time of need

Simple, our priorities are just misplaced


Capitalist planning

Only do something if one can make a dollar

And certainly donít do anything

If one cannot make at least a billion dollars


Who cares if there are no jobs?

Who cares if everyone is starving?

Who cares if no one can pay their bills?

Who cares if weíre all losing our home?

Certainly not the government

Certainly not the corporate world


Finding a quick way out of this world

Come back in 10 years

If youíre still alive

The economy might have picked up by then

There will be more

Marketing and Sales jobs then

Selling useless services and products no one wants

To a world who no longer understands

The most essential needs

Of a whole world


The primary needs of a nation

And how to go about providing for it

Whilst all the resources required are at hand

After all

No one is doing anything these days

And there are plenty of resources to go around

A virtual recession cannot and should never alter these facts


Thereís plenty to go around

You can eat and survive this very day


Our priorities are just misplaced

Our ways of going about things

Are misguided

So simple!



There are billions of dollars to be made

At a time of recession

Weíre all desperate

Weíre all in need of something

We are all ready to produce what this world needs!

So what are you waiting for?

Somehow Iím sure we can pay for it

As long as we can earn something

To pay for it

Or did you forget about that?


Youíve got to develop a broader view man!

Of the capital markets

Help it and it will help you

Forget about it and you are dead

Forget about it

And a whole worldís economy

Comes to a full stop

Never mind any consequence


Capitalist planning

Only do something if one can make a dollar

And certainly donít do anything

If one cannot make at least a billion dollars


Iím afraid

Such a way of thinking

Such capitalist way of planning

Can only bring this world

To an early grave


This is the end of humanity

Unless somehow

We can change our whole way of thinking

Our whole way of going about business


So what is it going to be?

I am ready to die

I am ready for the end of the world

Are you?



Remaining raw and true to the world


Letís go deeper

At another level

Of understanding


I cannot believe

I was allowed

To remain so raw

After a lifetime

Of entertaining the masses

And if ever I succeed big time

In being heard

Beyond my neighboursí fence

It would only be

Because of this rawness

And so

Never should I lose it


How difficult it must be

Once a big corporation is behind you

Expecting to churn out millions

Out of fluffy stuff

Meaning absolutely nothing

And yet

Trying very hard

To make it look


Because then

All truth is already lost


Iím sorry

You cannot buy that kind of stuff

It can only come from the gutter

For a start

And as soon as money people

Get any close to it

It is already dead


Forever then

You get fluff

Fluffy things

Fluffy clouds

Floating all over the Arizona desert


You do not get to be so raw

Being paid millions

You can only start that way

To gather some sort of attention

But to remain raw forever

Never in it to make even one dollar

Thatís the secret

To remaining true to oneself

To remaining true to the world


After all

After a PR machine

Went all over it

What remains?

Of anyoneís creativity

Of anyoneís true account

Of anyoneís true message

Nothing remains


Youíre much better

Dying in your own bile

As only from such misery

Anything worthy

Might come out of this world


Do not trust anything

That is pre-packaged

And sold all over the Internet

Never trust anything

You must pay for

To get a glimpse at

It will only be fluff


The best things in life

Will always be for free

As there is only one thing

Weíre all craving






And these things

Are for free


Should anyone

Pay for it


The secret

Of remaining



The secret

Of remaining

True to oneself


The secret

Of remaining

True to the world



Iíve planned my way out of here


Tell me

Would you like me

To be out of your life

Tomorrow morning?


Iíve planned my way out

Of this nightmare we call life

I can change it all overnight

You will never hear of me again


Tell me!

Is that what you want?

Please understand me

This is no longer a threat

It is almost a plea

For me

To finally

Start living all over again

In such freedom

And peace

That one requires


Iíve never been up

To be murdered

Or for an early death

Through stress

With you


After all

How could one expect

Such a peaceful existence

Whilst it has always been

But hell at home?


I had enough!

I think I am finally ready

To move on

To leave you far behind

My God!

Why was it so impossible to do it before?


I wonít change

You will have to learn

To live with what you have

And make it work somehow

And stop whinging and fighting


I cannot change

Just like

You cannot change


Say one word!

And tomorrow morning

Iím out of your existence forever

Iíve planned my way out

Thereís nothing anymore

That keeps me here

Thereís no more love here

Thereís not even friendship


It is over

It has been for many years

I donít understand why we kept

The pretence for so long

Did we somehow still care for each other?

Did we somehow dream

All would change overnight

After some cataclysm in the world?


I have stopped

A long time ago

To be such

An idealist

I am now

A realist


Maybe you do not need

To say one word tomorrow

About if I should leave forever

Maybe I should just leave forever

I had enough

Thereís no future here

Perhaps there never was


What took us so long to understand

What was so evident?

I donít know

After so much psychological abuse

After nearly being killed

I should have picked up on it much earlier


This is the end

It has been for years

And only now


Iím getting out of here


Iíve planned my way out of here

And now Iím going to activate that plan

I donít care for anything else

In this world

I donít care for what will become of you

I only care for myself at this time

I need to get back

To some sort of sanity

That relationship must end

One way or another

As I do not care to die

In such a way

And Iím tired

Of this permanent war

Raging between us


It is over

It has always been over

I must find the courage

To finally

Get out of here




Your one minute of fame


With so much that is at stake

With so many ideas

That could salvage a world

So important that all should hear

Such plans that should be

Acted upon right now


Your 15 minutes of fame

Will last less than that

And in that minute


You will have to tell it all

To communicate it all


In a clever way

To a whole world

Your great idea

To salvage this world


It can only reach a few

And you can only hope

That it will be enough

To reach the world


Got to be cleverer than most

Got to have the right title

Got to have the right mailing list

And so if need be

Must be crazier than most

As only through extremes

Such a world

Could ever hear anything


Donít we all have something to say?

To denounce

Is this not such a rotten world?

That could be so much better?

If only someone was listening

If only it could be acted upon


There is only that one window

That one minute of fame

Upon which you can ever be heard

Better make it count

You never know

The extent of your own true powers

Within this world


You could possibly

Within that very minute

Change everything

As one minute of fame

Is all that is required

To take a whole world

By storm


Can you think?

Can you think something better?

Can you imagine the perfect world to live in?

Can you not see the life you wish for?

Can you not make it come true?


Through visualising it

Through shear action

Through talking about it

Through your one minute of fame



No one needs to hear about it

As everyone thinks the same

And whatever you think of

Whatever you wish for

Can come true

This very day


As you are

The only master

Of your own destiny

As you are

The only master

Of the whole destiny

Of us all



Seeing double in Los Angeles


Iím afraid

I can no longer help myself

On a Friday night

And every night of the week

Iím a drunkard

And I do see double


How did you know

I saw double?


Between Los Angeles and London

Between San Fernando Valley

And San Francisco

And whatever might remain after that

I feel

I have the right

To see double

For such a failure of a life


It is not enough

To present it all to me

On a platter

As if I was to take the world by storm


Iím suicidal

Every time

Iíll take that four by four

To a free fall

Down into Topanga Canyon


What was all that for?

I wonder

Did I need Los Angeles

At some point

To add to such misery?

I wonder


I had it all

All in front of me

Such success

Such stardom

Limits unlimited

I destroyed it all

I saw double


How did you know

I saw double?


How did you know

There was no other way

Than for me

To see double

In Los Angeles?


I so wanted to die

I so want to die

It is a wonder

I am not dead



I can see our way to freedom!


Dear me!

What is all this?

Who are you people?

What perfect planet have you been living on?

Is it then so perfect out there

In your obviously drug induced brainwashed universe?


I certainly never

Fully appreciated

Some people were such freaks


This is how it must be done

This is how it should always have been done

This is how we will change this world

The perfect social, religious and political system

Ever to see the light of day



And we will finally all be happy?

We will finally all breathe?

As finally we will all be free?


Dear me!

What sort of fuel powers you?

What reality do you actually evolve in?

What have you gone through?

Because to me

It sounds just like an extremist way of life

About to impose some weird ideals

On everyone else


Now, now, I can understand

Things were bad for so long

From everywhere just lies

Whether you could see through them or not

But this has nothing to do with us

What is your problem?

Canít you see that weíre on your side?


There are many ways

An infinite amount of ideas

That could drive this world

To a better place

We could never possibly agree

On everything


We all have our own opinions

Hopefully that we can reach on our own

Of what needs to be done

And how we should go about it

Ultimately none of us really know

How we should go about it

Which is why

We must keep an opened mind


Donít tell us what to do

When no one knows what to do

Youíre not perfection yourself

Youíre mad to feel so righteous

Who do you think you are?

Gods of all sorts

Speak to all of us you know


I certainly never

Fully appreciated

Some people were such freaks


We just need to find a way somehow

To all live in complete harmony

Happiness for us all

Free from any stringent philosophy of life

Free from any stringent religion

Free from any political tyranny


I can see such a perfect world

I can see our way to freedom

Canít you?



The time of reckoning is now


You have no idea

Who I am

They still have no idea

Who I am

And what I am capable of



This is the time

When you will pay

For such corruption

For such extraordinary ways

Of reaching your ultimate goals

Through such grand deceptions

Designed to change a whole world


I am the first and last

Whistleblower of this world

The lid is about to explode!


I was part of it

I did not want to

Please donít blame me!

You have no idea

How much I was against it

I was threatened

With my life

The life of the ones I love

I had no choice

And only now

Do I find it

In my heart

For all posterity

To set the record straight


Now that I am living in exile

Having requested political asylum

Not an easy matter

I tell you

Having fled from the Land of the Free

It was finally denied

But they gave me enough time

For friends to hide me

In secret places

And from those secret places

I cry out

To you


Only now

I am ready

To tell the world!


Please hear me!

As I am telling the truth

All the truth

Before God

The only truth

You will ever need to hear

Upon such things

That went on to become

Conspiracy theories

Of the first kind


Iím the only survivor

All others have died

In mysterious ways

And others died

In not such mysterious ways

It is all over the news

I have always been

The next target


I was threatened with my life

So many times!

So many attempts on my life

Have been made

It is a miracle Iím still here

It is a miracle Iím here

To finally tell it all

For posterity


And I will

Before I die

I can assure you

Because nothing else matters

The world will know the truth

One way or another

I can tell you that much



Do not fall victim

To any propaganda

To all the lies of all authorities

In this world

You are being manipulated!

You are being lied to

On a daily basis!


Your government

Is evil

Your leaders

Are evil

Never should you ever

Trust any of them



They inherited evil

For they let evil men take over my country

They hid the sins of the killers

Looked away and lied

And many now suffer

For the evil

That taints them!


I was asked

I was deceived

Into developing biological weapons

I was asked

I was deceived

Into killing


I would not have anything to do with it

I had no choice

All was at stake

Myself, my lover, my family

I had to kill

And I did

But you donít understand

Always at heart

I had peace in mind

I had to prevent World War III

As I was led to believe I was doing


As I love everyone

As I love the world I live in

And so much I feel I could contribute

To salvage it

To save it!


It is all I always wanted to do

Before a time when

I never even knew I could have

Such an impact upon the world


And letís see how much of an impact

I can have on my own now

As I do believe I can

Have such an impact upon the world


You want to know

How central I was

To such history?

I was so central

I could have changed the world

Still, I might have done

Who knows

And now

I will set the record straight

For history

Thereís no turning back now

Not after all those

Death threats

Not after all those

Death attempts

I will tell it all

And perhaps

Change the world

In the process

In a positive way for a change

Through peace!

All I ever wished for


The time of reckoning

Is now



A whole new revolution in physics


It is very irresponsible of me

To bring you such news now

I have my dying cat in my arms

Sheís dying of cancer

She will have to be put down


It is very irresponsible of me

To bring you such news now

It has not been allowed

By the publisher, by the author

I will have to be put down any minute now


Why should I wait?

Why should you remain ignorant

For one more second?

I have the date

I have the data

I can provide it right now

I can change the world right now

I will not wait

As it is all ready to go



I can change the world!


I can change the whole world!


Of theoretical physics

I cannot wait

It will happen now

Right here

Damn any consequence


You will be the first to read this

You will be the first to understand

All about revolution

All about changing the world

On a massive scale


My dying cat in my arms

Schrodinger is the name

Is all the motivation I need

To spread the word

Of such an awaiting revolution


We have all the answers

We always did

Only now it will be known

Only now it will be put into practice


Everything you ever thought

About this world

Is just about to change

On a massive scale


I have done everything I could

To change everyoneís perspective

About the very world we live in

If tonight I fail

I will fail forever


Donít you believe it

I am up for crossing all boundaries

All decades and centuries

I will revolutionise this world

One way or another

As I hear the music in my ear

The music of an eternity


There is a revolution awaiting us

It is here tonight

So read it

And make the difference we require


A whole revolution in physics is awaiting us

I am about to die

No longer will I be able to tell you

If this conspiracy theory will come to be

It is all up to you now


I am dying

And yet

The truth has to survive

The truth about

The real physics of this world

Has got to be known

It is all up to you now

To find the Theory of Everything

And somehow survive it

Surviving it all


It is in all I have written

It will be found there

I have revolutionised this world!

As I am revolutionising this world!



Iím a time traveller



Iím drunk enough

To admit it

IĎm a time traveller


I donít mind telling you now

The end of your world is so near

You have three more years to go

Better make the best of it


I come fromÖ

Would you not want to know?

I will not change history

No matter what you wish

I have been careful

Oh, I had no impact whatsoever


I was sent here to tell you

To be so ecological

Save the planet

Global warming and so on


But I quickly realised

I was sent way too late

Thereís nothing you could do now

To save the planet


Iím not the one

Who was sent to be your saviour

That one was sent before

Way before me


I have no idea who he is

Perhaps he never made it

It would explain

Why your world

Cannot fail but die

And all of you

Cannot fail

But die


I donít really care

I will be pulled out of here soon

All I will need to say

Is that I was sent way too late

There was nothing that could have been done then

The world was already doomed

And it doesnít really matter


Because we wonít allow

For the world to be destroyed

You can rest assured

We will put every single one

Of our resources

To change the past

To save the future


You should have realised

That much by now

You could have saved your world

All by yourself


So, in your future

I will not even exist

In your final timeline

The timeline you will actually

Survive and save this world in

I could never be

Since it is obvious at this time

The world is doomed

And this is not right

It is not to be our history


So nothing stops me from

Being so frivolous

I can laugh all I want

None of what I have ever written


None of what I have ever written

Will remain

I have never been so free

To tell you so much

Without fearing any consequence


That is, if finally this world

Is to survive

No saviour to be expected

Over any horizon


Ultimately saving the world

May still depend on you alone

I would not be surprised if we failed

Well, good luck!



Ah these people driving us to insanity


But what is wrong

With these people?

What could possibly drive them

To drive us to such insanity?


I didnít know

It was possible for God

To create such righteous people

These people

Who feel they are talking for God

Who make the life of everyone

Such a living hell

I would have thought such people

Were in fact

Talking for the devil


As soon as they speak

Only war

Can follow

After all

If all was about love, harmony and peace

None of us would feel like

Committing suicide



These People

Driving us

To insanity


Why donít you calm down

Why donít you stop

Assuming the worse in everyone

Why donít you ever stop

To look at yourself

For a change


These people

Are they such perfection?

These people

Are they so righteous?

These people

Do they really know anything?


Yet so quickly they pass judgement

On us all

Without ever passing judgement

On themselves

These people can only be evil


So nice when we can just avoid

These people

But sometimes we just have no choice

We have to deal with

These people


How soon would you like to witness

The end of humanity?

How soon would you like to be

The only living people left?

Because any reasonable person

Could never possibly

Listen to such crap

That comes out of your mouth

As if always

The end of the world was nigh



Such people

Driving us to insanity

Should all be shot

Where they stand


So we could all enjoy life

So we could live a simple life

So we could all be happy

Without feeling guilt

For just existing


Have we not got the right to think?

Have we not got the right to live?

Have we not got the right to joy?

Happiness upon this earth

Is such a rare treasure

No one should ever be allowed

To spoil it for others


These people

Driving us to insanity

Need to be shot

Where they stand


So we can finally breathe

So we can finally live

So we can finally be happy

So we can finally be free


Ah these peopleÖ



No sex until marriage!









We believe

We believe in

Human race

We believe

We believe in

Human nature

Or do we?


Front by Front

Two Four Two

Of all sexual pleasures and endeavours

For all the virgins of this world

Who might die in all the wars

Before anything ever happens

No more neurobashing

Welcome to Paradise!


Dying in total ignorance

Of such primal urges

Such animal need

For all human race

To somehow come to the world

And satisfy oneís needs

So one can finally move on

To more important things


For all this desperate need for sex

Can only impair all abilities

Taking over oneís mind

Alienating thy in the process

Until satisfied and done with

Now thereís a world to build


Why not just have sex

And be done with it

So finally

You can move on

To create better things

Than being obsessed

With the most basic animal instincts

That will alienate you for a lifetime?


Whoís to say anything?

Whoís to control the life of others?

Whoís to say where the sin really lays?

As to me

The sin is not in having sex before marriage

The sin is to state









Who are you?

Are you speaking for God?

Prove it!


No God ever stated









I say

Satisfy the primal urges

Alienating you

And then move on

To create something significant


Well thought out ideas

Complexities in everything

That is well constructed

And meaningful to the max

From ground zero

Letís rebuild this world!


Change the world!

Bring it to the new millennium

Free yourself!

Free yourself!

Free yourself!

And create something significant


Bring the world to modernity

Change who you are

Fight for yourself

Establish your own life

Affirm yourself

Who you are

Change the world!


You will find

That having sex

Was no big deal after all

You will find

That having sex

Will just free you

To finally concentrate

On more important things


We were not built for stagnation

We were not built for alienation

From such low animal obsessions

Stopping any thought in its track


Get on with it

And move on


Change the world!



Fuck Her Honour Judge Oppenheimer



Iím with Her Honour Judge Oppenheimer

Got to be on my best behaviour

But more than that

I will need all my neurons to be working

Because I have only one duty

To prove to all my Honour Judges

That I have a little working brain

I can think for myself

As there is nothing more important

After they had their cup of tea

Than for me to prove

That I can fucking think for myself!


Why should I care?

What does it matter to all my Judges

If I have a brain or not?

All they require is a Court Clerk

That can record everything they say

And point out the law once in a while

When they fail to keep updated

With how long that bastard

Requires spending in prison

For what he has done



Her Honour Oppenheimer

Would be quite surprised to read this

She would wonder where it came from

Wonder if I have a brain at all

Or perhaps

Who the fuck am I really

And if perhaps

I should deserve a sentence for myself


The frontier between

Genius and insanity

Has always been too thin

One will always cross it

All the time

And no doubt quickly reach insanity

Since no one can think anymore

Under such pressure

Of civil servantsí work


Tomorrow morning

Despite having drank five beers

I will be clean and sparkling

To start that new trial


Your Honour!

What would you like to talk about?

What would you like to test me on?

Have I got a brain?

Oh yes I do

Most of the time

But not at work Iím afraid

Such work is so painful

I could only possibly try to survive

Once one is totally permanently drunk

But donít worry

I have found

That one can still be completely drunk

And yet

Be the best Court Clerk ever

That the world has ever seen

If only I could still

Carry an intelligent conversation


It is not like we will ever

Go down the pub for a drink

So I could tell you

My life story

And so you could tell me

Your whole life story

Iím certainly dying to find out


I wonder

Should I invite Her Honour

For a drink down the local pub?

Do we live in the same universe?

I wonder


The defendant

The usher

The defence counsel

The prosecution


The clerk

The Judge

And God

Have I missed anything?



Iím with Her Honour Judge Oppenheimer

Got to be on my best behaviour

If I say something wrong

Sheíll condemn me to a day in prison

It is within her power


Letís face it

Such an alcoholic as I am

I deserve it


How the hell am I to

Still convincingly

Maintain a highly intelligent conversation

With Her Honour Judge Oppenheimer?

I might as well just shoot myself

In the head right now


I donít care if she reads this

I do admire her

I think she is something out of this world

Iím only worried she might think

Iím worthless

Which I am

And yet

I have to carry on

Prove that I am worth more than a worm

Worth more than those defendants

When I know damn well

That I am not


I can already witness

A big mushroom over my head

As we are being

Constantly judged

Upon our abilities

To even carry on

An intelligent conversation

As without it

You will remain unemployed

Worthless human being

You might as well just die



Iím with Her Honour Judge Oppenheimer

Got to be on my best behaviour

Got to show Iíve got a brain


Oh dear

How low can one sink?

In any damn job?

I shouldnít care

No one has anything to prove

In this world

We just exist

We just do what we can

And thatís it

Iíll gladly go to prison

For being such an alcoholic

Who canít possibly think anymore

Who canít possibly do anything else anymore


Iíll keep on

Every night

Drinking myself to death

Fuck Her Honour Judge Oppenheimer!



Such power to create the world


No matter who you are

No matter how low you are

No matter where in the world you are

You can change the world


You can create for a whole world

Something, anything

So significant

It will change the world

Just think about it

Real hard

Just think

And create it!


Donít listen to bullshit

Donít listen to the ones

Who will tell you

You are nothing


Wake up to the world

Stand up to the world

Make your voice heard

And change the world!


Donít care about politics

Donít care about philosophy

Donít care about religions

Donít care about nationalities


I only care about one thing




Waking up tomorrow morning

See all over the horizon

Peace and love

As all we ever needed

Must be love


I love you!

I embrace you!

Iíll have sex with all of you

Right here right now

Become one with humanity

And re-built such a world

That never could it ever be seen again


Such freedom

Such happiness

Anything in this world

Is about to be re-invented

Anything in this world

Is about to be re-created



Is all I can feel now


Is what will stop everything


Is what will re-start everything

As I feel




Shut up!

You donít know anything

You never reached that point

You could never feel such love

Such moment of creation


You are lost to the world

You could only breed war

I have seen the light

And the light is love


I might as well be shot right now

Love is such a threat in this world

Love and compassion

Could never possibly bring about

Any profit

So weíll witness the end of this world

Before this is all over


I can never be deterred

I can never be stopped

From loving you all

From loving humanity

With the power

To save the world

With the power

To change the world

With the power

To create the world


What more can I say?

What more can I do?

You have no idea

How hard it was for me

To be able

To reach the point

Of saying such things as

I love you!

I love you all!


And together

We will save the world

We will change the world

We will create this world!


They have no idea

Of this power

Neither do we

It is all about to change


Such power to change the world

Such power to create the world



Get out of my world!


Weíre the only master

Of our destiny

Weíre the only god

Of our creation


Authoritarian attitude

Patronizing bullshit

Power trip from the hierarchy

Discrimination, favouritism, racism, homophobia


Get out

Get out

Get out

Get out of my world!


Such tiresome characters

Such bad mood that could destroy a world

Such perfection that no one cares for

VIP, politicians, famous people


Get out

Get out

Get out

Get out of my world!


As I decide what goes on around here

I think what must become

As I create as I go along

I create joy, simplicity, happiness