Waiting for Elvis

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Waiting For Elvis

By Philip Goulding

(2m 2f min)


March 3rd 1960. Sergeant Elvis Presley is due to land at Prestwick Airport on his way back to the USA from National Service in Germany. It would turn out to be his only time on British soil. The news somehow gets out, and a eager group of his fans gather at the airport to catch a glimpse of their hero. Tony Taylor is a mechanic from Mansfield. He believes that if a truck driver from Tupelo, Mississippi, can make it big, then just about anything's possible. Hearing the news of Elvis' imminent arrival he skips work and sets off for Prestwick in the hope of seeing "The King" in the flesh. Heading North with him for the adventure are his sister Jean and her friend Sylvia. Jean's feet appear to be firmly on the ground, while Sylvia is hoping to be swept off hers. But though Sylvia has eyes for someone other than Elvis, the object of her affection seems determined not to notice. Waiting For Elvis follows the ups and downs of the gang's journey to Scotland and their subsequent dramatic dash from Gretna Green to Prestwick. Will time run out, or will Tony achieve his ambition - to see "The Memphis Flash" at close range?


Produced by New Perspectives Theatre Company 1998


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