Revolutionary new physics could lead to ultimate weapons of mass destruction

By Roland Michel Tremblay

          As a sci-fi author and science consultant for films and television documentaries, I have made it my mission to seek out every alternate theory out there – no matter how crazy they may seem – to explore any possibility of new physics that might be uncovered and put to use. That is, until I came across something so perfect and convincing that I had to stop in my tracks.
          I now realize, to my complete astonishment, that the true Theory of Everything already exists, in a book published soon after the new millennium – you just haven’t heard about it yet. Who is this author, Mark McCutcheon, and what is this book, The Final Theory, that I have read? My God! This is not the usual crackpot theory used as fodder for some lame sci-fi TV series; this is it – the first truly viable new physics to have ever arisen.
          As I read on and on, for the first time gaining a complete understanding of all that is currently mysterious and weird in theoretical physics, including Newton’s gravity, Einstein’s relativity, and especially the quantum mechanics of Niels Bohr, I found myself making a complete turn around. I will never see the world the same way again.
          Yes, this Theory of Everything really does explain it all – no stone is left unturned. It explains everything, up to the mysteries surrounding the Pioneer satellites leaving the solar system and the difficulties we have encountered landing spaceships on other moons and planets. At long last, complete explanation of everything there ever was in physics has finally arrived – and, as I now realize, the first and only true understanding we have ever had.
          McCutcheon has just rewritten the whole of physics. And it makes sense. I cannot see how he could be wrong, and believe me I have tried to prove him wrong in a long correspondence with him now spanning several years.
          I then started wondering how this new understanding of every single phenomenon in physics might be used to perfect weapons of mass destruction, even build the most powerful nuclear weapons ever made. Up until now we never truly understood what was behind the physics that we have exploited to make such weapons possible – it was largely a progression of abstract models and trial-and-error. Now I believe, through this new theory, we can have a complete understanding of it all. I cannot fault it; perhaps you can?
          Who would have thought one single little idea could revolutionize the whole of physics and completely rewrite Newton, Einstein and Bohr, all in one time swoop? That is the now almost mythical hope for the long-sought Theory of Everything, but who among us actually believed it was possible? Completely rewriting the books on all these theories of gravity and relativity and quantum mechanics, all based on one singular new principle running throughout it all?
          Yet, I assure you, this is it; this is what McCutcheon has achieved, I’m sure without even realizing the enormous impact this will have on the world, and how we will go about building more powerful weapons of mass destruction as a consequence.
          Are we wise enough to handle this new knowledge, this entirely new physics? Well, above all else we must do our best to uncover and communicate the whole truth to everyone, to every single child studying physics, mathematics and chemistry world-wide. There is no point going any further on our current path in science – our Standard Theory, filled with warped space-time, quantum mysteries and relativity paradoxes.
          These are chronic issues in our science that never disappear and which no one truly understands – despite the odd academic assurance to the contrary. This is not because the vast majority of us lacks the intellectual capacity, while the handful who are heavily invested in these specialties are, oddly, so far beyond the rest, but because these concepts are inherently nonsensical to any sensible mind without an agenda.
          Only now can I see this with crystal clarity. I can now re-read the explanation attempts offered for the various paradoxes in our science and see the laughable logical flaws in all of them – the Emperor is finally disrobed. McCutcheon has just rewritten the whole thing for us, and I challenge you to read this book and tell me otherwise (I want to hear your views):

“The Final Theory, Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy”

          Now we can have a true understanding of how nuclear weapons truly work and what E=mc2 really means. Now we can know the true nature of subatomic and atomic bonds, furthering research in such areas as biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. I don’t know, but with such an understanding of how physics and chemistry truly work, I think we may have finally stumbled upon the Holy Grail of all wars.
          And yet, I cannot say this should be hidden from view. I cannot say that such an understanding of all physics should be kept secret. I believe we should seek the truth above all else, especially considering how many billions of dollars we spend on experiments that can now be clearly demonstrated to be primitive, misguided or useless by theory alone.
          This strikes me all the more now when I encounter documentaries about time travel, wormholes, parallel universes and the like, where presumably great theoretical physicists like Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking and Lawrence M. Krauss, are actually just wasting time and money that could be far better spent if they had the real physics to work with, rather than the fairy tales they have now.
          Expansion Theory, as McCutcheon has aptly named this new theory, will ensure we will never struggle to understand how to land a spacecraft on any moon or planet in the solar system, or needlessly lose one more astronaut. Gravity is not what we think it is today – it finally has a proper, entirely new definition. This is our only viable way out of the solar system once we decide to seriously get to work on it.
          I am now going to give you, for the first time ever, a core insight from the new theory, which you can take or leave as you see fit. But if you read the book, just as I did, I have no doubt you will be convinced of its truth. And it is simply this: all can be explained by the fact that the electron is the only fundamental particle in the universe, and that it constantly expands, causing all atoms, which are composed of them, to also expand. And since atoms are expanding entities, all objects made of atoms expand as well, at a rate confirmed mathematically. Every atom or object in the universe doubles in size every 19 minutes, though this growth is unseen directly since everything maintains the same relative size.
          That means the Earth expands by 4.9 meters each second. Falling objects never truly fall, they float in the air until the Earth reaches them whilst expanding. This finally explains why a truck and a feather reach the ground at the same time in a vacuum. Isn’t that revolutionary? And yet, it cannot be otherwise. It explains all of gravity, all orbits, all of energy.
          This is Newtonian gravity completely destroyed. Objects are not attracted to each other by a mysterious attracting gravitational force at a distance. The distance between objects simply diminishes due to the fact that all objects undergo a constant underlying expansion, while empty space does not, resulting in effectively constant-sized objects moving toward each other. The expansion of electrons and atoms explains everything: gravity, chemical bonds, a new model of both the electron and the atom without any inherent charge or magnetism.
          The entire universe is alive with expanding electrons, pushing against each other both within and outside the atom, in electron clouds or electron clusters that explain radiating heat and light. The theory goes on to explain radio waves and the whole spectrum of energy waves, which are no longer waves at all, but various configurations of expanding electrons.
          The whole of physics is now explained by expanding electrons. We now have light without mysterious photons, without Einstein, without quantum mechanics. No more weird claims that no one can understand or explain.
          I never thought in a million years that one man could come up with such a radical change of the whole of physics all in one go, all within one revolutionary book. You thought Einstein was a genius, just wait until McCutcheon explodes unto the world of physics world-wide. Every single book of physics, math and chemistry will have to be re-written.
          Can you explain what you observe in the world around you? Planetary orbits, atomic bonds, the configuration and dynamics of all matter in this world? The true nature of all these energy forces, which is shown to be an obsolete concept in this new theory? Now I can. I understand exactly what a nuclear bomb is and how to make the most powerful one possible, because I now have a clear understanding of all of physics.
          I’m so pleased I won’t have to struggle to wrap my brain around understanding Einstein and quantum mechanics. I now understand why I could never quite do it no matter how hard I tried – because it was all truly nonsense, and thankfully it is all gone now. My God, even Newton’s gravitational force is gone, replaced by a much more viable physical explanation. It is all now simplified completely; there are no more mysteries. Now I can worry about how such an understanding of the true physics of this world, how the true final Theory of Everything, could potentially be used to annihilate the world we live in.
          We should always remain one step ahead, shouldn’t we? I know there are many crackpots out there coming up with new definitions of just about everything in physics, including gravity. But remember, as in the well-known parable, while many may cry “wolf!”, there eventually really was a wolf. McCutcheon is the one voice in the crowd who has finally truly struck gold; he cannot possibly be wrong in my opinion, and his book proves it in theory, with so many proofs page after page.
          In fact, I am so impressed, I think this is such an important book that will revolutionize everything, I’m thinking about turning the book into a television documentary. This is how much I believe it is the only true physics we need to consider. If you read the book and you are interested in financing such a documentary, please contact me. It will happen at any rate, I can assure you, it’s just a question of whether you are in on this coming revolution or not. This entirely new paradigm truly needs to get around – it has to be recognized so we can stop wasting time, money and energy on the wrong physics.
          I can’t believe how hard it is without a proper marketing machine to reach out and tell the world about a critical new development. In an ideal world, a book such as this should have had such an impact by now, but obviously our world is far from ideal, so more must be done and said. You, too, will have no doubt about this once you read the book.
          The Final Theory itself is the only proof we need. It is not possible to read it and state that this is not it, that “Expansion Theory” does not explain everything in physics, unless somehow you feel threatened by such a revolution. Just read the comments of those who have read it:

          The long-awaited revolution in science is here, we now have a true Theory of Everything for the first time ever. And now let’s see the leaps and bounds science can make when finally we have a full understanding of what we are doing.
          It may lead to better weapons of mass destruction, it could also lead to a new technological revolution that has been too long in coming. Actually, it is our only hope to instantly solve the energy crisis which is responsible for most wars in this world. A new physics for a new millennium, and now we can finally reach out to the stars!

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