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Who are we?

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Who is responsable for

The Marginal and Le Marginal?

Roland Michel TremblayRoland Michel Tremblay, Author

Roland Michel Tremblay is a French-Canadian author born in Québec city in 1972. He now lives in London since 1995 and has a Masters degree in French Literature from the University of London, Birkbeck College. He has four books published in French in Paris by iDLivre publisher including novels (Waiting for Paris and Denfert-Rochereau), poetry (The Anarchist) and a philosophical essay (The Eclectism). He wrote many other books, some of them in English, that you can find on his website called The Marginal Literature. On this important literary portal you will also discover a whole section about science fiction and theoretical physics. Roland Michel Tremblay has recently become a science consultant and technical adviser to script writers and executive producers of American television series and movies. In parallel for the last 6 years Roland Michel has been producing and writing conferences in Telecoms and IT all over Europe.

E-mail : rm@themarginal.com
Site : www.themarginal.com

Who is the main partner?

Marie-Claude CarrièreMarie-Claude Carrière, Webmaster

Marie-Claude Carrière is the president of CréawebQuébec, an entreprise specialized in the design of Internet websites and offering a service of pre-press (infography). She is collaborating with Roland Michel Tremblay to build the new websites and she will help to give them a cultural dimension.

E-mail : info@creawebquebec.com
Site : www.creawebquebec.com

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