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Invisibility Intro

How can someone become invisible?

Short Descriptions of the Solutions

Solution 1 - Natural consequence of an explosion - abnormal magnetic fields - different times co-existing - trap in between two times

Solution 2 - Consequence of a new experiment - getting out of phase with reality - your particles vibrating at a different frequency

Solution 3 - the blind spot - disappearing from someone's field of vision

Solution 4 - cloaking device - refraction of light

Solution 5 - Coma

Solution 6 - Potion

Solution 7 - The Power of the Mind over Matter

Detailed Analysis of the Solutions

Solution 1 - Natural consequence of an explosion - abnormal magnetic fields - different times co-existing - trap in between two times

The Experiment

Two Times Co-existing

How to show the shift between the two times

Times co-existing vs. Parallel universes with a Wormhole to link them

The Science behind how two Times can co-exist

Ideas that can become real events


Solution 2 - Consequence of a new experiment - getting out of phase with reality - your particles vibrating at a different frequency

Star Trek - The Next Generation - Time's Arrow

Comments on Star Trek - Time's Arrow

The Outer Limits - Out of Body

Comments on The Outer Limits - Out of Body

Solution 3 - the blind spot - disappearing from someone's field of vision

The X-Files - Unrequited

Comments on the X-FILES - Unrequited

Solution 4 - cloaking device - refraction of light

Star Trek - The Next Generation - The Next Phase

Comments on Star Trek - The Next Phase

Engage the Cloaking Device... By James F Clay

Romulan Technology

Solution 7 - The Power of the Mind over Matter

New Stuff from The Eclectism about the power of the Mind over Matter and our existence

Extract of some comments on my web page Universal Relativity



Invisibility - Introduction


The invisibility… so we can talk about ghosts and people trapped between two times, also between two realities, dream and reality. And see the philosophical side of it. Rejection even when someone is not a ghost.

I will start with some solutions and I will explain more in details some of them afterwards. I will also give you an idea about what has been done about Invisibility in Star Trek, the X-Files and the Outer Limits. You might have seen those episodes, but what is interesting is the way they explain it and examples.

Weird world, invisibility is a fact of life and many people apparently experienced it before. One of the leading researchers in the field is Donna Good Higbee and here is her website telling you about people who actually disappeared for a while: It is called HUMAN SPONTANEOUS INVOLUNTARY INVISIBILITY. I will not mention this anymore as it does not explain how people can become invisible, but it tells you a lot about invisibility in past literature and other mystic organizations. Have you ever become invisible yourself or do you know someone who claims such a thing? Please let me know. It is interesting to note that in all cases of invisibility, the invisible person is still there and cannot be seen or heard. The stories don’t say if the invisible people can actually interact with objects that others could see move by themselves. The fact that they cannot be heard is very interesting, it kind of eliminate the idea that it is just light being refracted, or electrons absorbing light. I mean, could the electrons also absorb sound or refract it? Perhaps. There is a lot of talk about using clouds or creating a free-electron cloud around us, again, could that cloud be an analogy for some sort of Warp bubble in which the person exists outside our universe, or how can this cloud also prevent sound from getting out? The person virtually need not be in the same plane of existence as us, even though he or she thinks so. There is also a link to UFOs and abductees. It would suggest that aliens have some sort of technology that can render people invisible. That is another path to explore. What sort of technology could render someone invisible and why would aliens (whoever they are, perhaps even visitors from the future) use this sort of tools? Is it a consequence of their technology that appears to be using high magnetic fields, or are they using this technology to prevent abductees from being seen by others? There is also this chance to render yourself invisible just by concentration and meditation. Well, good luck if you are trying that, let us know your results.


How can someone become invisible?


Solution 1 - Natural consequence of an explosion - abnormal magnetic fields - different times co-existing - trap in between two times


These are my own ideas and they are adapted from the consequences of an eventual explosion. I will therefore explain the explosion and the whole picture in the first section below after the solutions. It will only be a complement of what you will read here.

Basically, since the explosion, some different times co-exist around the area. You usually travel in time using a vortex (and perhaps a wormhole in between two vortexes) but you could also just walk around and suddenly find yourself in a different time or in between times. You would then have to understand this by exploring around and perhaps discovering that you are invisible.

Now, someone could get trap in between times, a bit like in a different dimension, but I would not mention "another dimension" because this is not exactly that. If you are trap between two times, you would be sort of in between two realities, and you would appear as a ghost and be invisible.

If you are between times, you could also see the other time, the other reality. That could also be interesting but it is not necessary. Someone could see weird things… and get to understand that he is in between times. It could also be in between parallel universes and then he would see things happening twice but differently depending on the timeline of the specific universe. These are just extra ideas you could pursue.

It could happen because he goes into a vortex or the result of being strike by lightning or an explosion of some sort at short range. You would get him back via a vortex that you would open with a device or via ionization (no need for a vortex then). By charging up the electricity in the air you could make him reappear in this reality. You could also decide to get another suggestion from the other solutions.



i·on·i·za·tion noun

production of ions:  a process in which an atom or molecule loses or gains electrons, acquiring an electric charge or changing an existing charge.


Solution 2 - Consequence of a new experiment - getting out of phase with reality - your particles vibrating at a different frequency


You will find out more about this in my analysis of Star Trek and the Outer Limits below. In some words, you would be engineering a device supposed to change the frequency at which matter is vibrating. In doing so you would get someone to become out of phase with reality. He could see us but would be beyond our range of vision.


Solution 3 - the blind spot - disappearing from someone's field of vision


You will find out more in my analysis of the X-Files below. Basically it is about someone capable of hiding himself from the visual field of others. It is not clear how it is accomplished or if the person only finds a way to always be in the blind spot of someone or if he actually affects the vision of others somehow.


Solution 4 - cloaking device - refraction of light


I have a whole section about the use of Cloaking Technology in Star Trek below.

The people could basically decide to build their own little cloaking device and get someone invisible in the process because the experiment would have gone wrong. In theory he should not be able to go through walls unless you wish to add the special cloaking device built on a special and experimental ship of the federation. That cloaking device was also able to go through matter, it dematerializes you as well. You will find all the info at the end.

Note that if light is only refracted out of someone, he will then be able to speak freely and interact with things. He would not be a ghost and he could let others know he is there.


Solution 5 - Coma


This is not a scientific explanation, but could be used if it was attached to a scientific experiment. When someone is in a coma, it has been said they could walk around and hear people, travel extraordinary distances instantly, etc. I don't talk about this anymore during my analysis.


Solution 6 - Potion


I have not analyze the movies in the likes of Invisible Man because they fill the guy with a liquid specifically to render him invisible (probably a liquid refracting light), and in our case it needs to be an accident.

I suppose you could push it and someone could drink a liquid that will have the same effect, a sort of magic potion. It could be a scientific experiment that he would have drink by accident. Through time he could realize that it is running out and if he thinks hard enough he can make himself partially visible and invisible again.

Perhaps he could not become totally visible again by himself, and we would need to make new potions (mixing different science liquids) to make him normal again.


Solution 7 - The Power of the Mind over Matter


Another solution that does not exactly need science but could be explained scientifically is the power of the mind over matter. I believe this is at the base of many secret societies and religious groups beliefs that you can, through meditation and concentration, make yourself disappear. Sometimes you can be in control, sometimes it can be out of your control. Below I am trying to justify how the mind could control matter to a point that your atomic structures vibrate at a different frequency, making you invisible.




Solution 1 - Natural consequence of an explosion - abnormal magnetic fields - different times co-existing - trap in between two times


The description of the experiment below is important for that solution because it explains how the invisibility is justified when two different times are meeting. That is all I will do in this section about the solution 1. The real definition of this solution was on page 1.


The Experiment


The reason for the explosion: the magnetic field of an experiment has been caught into the natural magnetic fields of the Earth, creating an explosion and bringing the surrounding area into a bubble where magnetic fields are trapped or travelling in such a way that they are coming back into themselves (a nice little drawing can be done to show that instantly, the normal flow of the magnetic fields around the Earth suddenly going crazy around the area). But the explosion is not necessary, many places on Earth at the moment have magnetic fields going weird and that could justify two times co-existing and invisibility.


Two Times Co-existing


I like the idea of invisibility which could be justified by the fact that two different times are meeting in the same space, and therefore you could be shifting between times and appear like a ghostly figure to others. Ghosts that you sometimes see and sometimes only hear.

Spacetime can bend in order for two points in space to be linked together. In your case it is less a bending of the timeline (which is not exactly accurate, the timeline cannot be bent) than a problem in the balance of the gravity surrounding the Earth in two different times in history. As well the speed at which the solar system is going at in those two particular times and the magnetic fields of the Earth getting involved with the magnetic fields of the experiment. These are your means to explain this.

This path to explain what you want can go really far and brings new ideas never thought of before that could explain scientifically ghosts, or at the very least 50% of the ghosts stories not involving actual dead people. Many ghosts stories I heard on a bunch of British TV series are about two different times being linked together in the same space.

It is important to understand why those two particular times are linked together and therefore by calculating the actual gravity and speed of the solar system (or the Earth in space) you could in theory link your time to another one and have your own time machine.

My solution is a fluctuating timeline. My theory states that the timeline is fluctuating due to the fact that we travel in space at different and relative speeds each day. Depending on our speed and the gravity surrounding the Earth, time runs at different rates every seconds of our existence. Therefore the timeline is not as linear as we may have thought. The timeline could be fluctuating to such an extent that future events can happen before the present, and past events can happen in the future.

Therefore something we do in the future might have happened in the past. This is why we usually have feelings of déjà vu.

For invisibility, if you decide to take this solution about two times meeting, the idea is that everything is relative and the timeline is not linear. Two different times can meet and you can be trap between those times.


How to show the shift between the two times


I would prefer a change in the atmosphere, electrical currents like thunders and winds to show the shifts in time instead of a wormhole. It would be more credible and perhaps more frightening. It would also look more natural. Also, it can happen at any time without anyone controlling it. All the surroundings are changed, the person is like in a different time without exactly going through anything like a window or a wormhole.

According to most of the ghost's stories, you do not need that, you don't need a wormhole or a window to go from one time to the other, both times co-exist together in the same space and people from both times can see each other. Hey, there is not even big electricity in the air.


Times co-existing vs. Parallel universes

with a Wormhole to link them


Different times co-exist already in the same space, no need for a wormhole to link them up.

The point of the experiment: times are usually co-existing already but we are not aware of it. The experiment will amplify the phenomenon and even permit interaction between the two times and make possible for persons to shift between those times. Like ghost stories, they seem to be more common in areas where people - like in England - lived years before us and were living in the same houses/pubs where we live. And most importantly, it happens where there is something wrong with the normal flow of the magnetic fields of the Earth.

The form the shifts could take: it could be a vortex/wormhole throwing you into the other time, it would be best if it was a change in luminosity with electricity in the air and suddenly your surroundings have changed, or someone is there. So there are signs that two times are interacting in the same space. The wormhole makes interaction difficult to explain. Why would the guy suddenly be invisible? You can easily justify that if he is between the two times. But he could still have gone through a wormhole or a window to reach the other time, and we could still feel his presence even if he was in the other time (objects moving, etc.).


The Science behind how two Times can co-exist

(new stuff, highly interesting)


A fluctuating timeline: the life of anyone on this planet is not as linear as we thought. Because of the theories of relativity of Einstein, space and time are not constant, spacetime is relative. It means that time is running at different rates depending on the speed we are travelling at in space and the gravitational forces in action around the Earth.

So the rate at which time is going is not constant, it is changing all the time even if our watches and our clocks keep it linear. So the timeline is fluctuating a lot, the past can overtake the future and vice-versa. This is how past and present can meet.


Ideas that can become real events


Idea 1: The déjà-vu phenomenon. We have the feeling that we have already done that, and in fact, we already did, but in the future. How is this possible? If in the future suddenly another solar system has made gravity higher upon us, or slowed us much more, then this future event of your life could in fact have happened before the present. You can even decide to not act the way you saw it or already did it. So the future is not certain, it is also fluctuating, and you can catch glimpses of it.

Idea 2: ghost stories where the past and the present meet, when some other people appear to be living in your house and appear to be wondering what you are doing in their house. Or suddenly you see a castle right there that existed only 300 years ago, sometimes only half of it. And for a time you can climb the stairway, and sometimes you cannot. The level of possible interactivity is changing, sometimes you can talk with the people of the past, and sometimes you cannot.

Note: in those situations, most people have seen the same thing. I am not talking or explaining another weird phenomenon which involved ghosts of dead people haunting a house. In those particular cases, some people see the ghosts, some others don't. Kids (like mediums) are better in perceiving other living beings moving things around.

Of course, we will come to understand that this is because many different times co-exist in the same space, but until we know that for sure, ghosts frightening people could be a nice little touch. Everybody likes ghost stories and suspense, especially if you can discuss it and explain the phenomena scientifically.

It is because of the amplified geomagnetic field that is all distorted around the area due to the explosion that all this is possible. The explosion is not necessary to meet the conditions of the magnetic fields being distorted.




It might be weird to talk about poltergeist here. It was necessary for what we were working on at the time. The idea is basically how would someone trap between two different times or for example in a parallel universe could manifest himself in our reality.

Strong magnetic fields are the basis for Poltergeists and this is those fields that ghost busters are measuring with their instruments. It all goes well with my experiment idea and is fully credible. 


noisy spirit:  a supposed supernatural spirit that reveals its presence by creating disturbances, for example by knocking over objects

[Mid-19th century. From German, literally 'noisy ghost'.]

The effect of a poltergeist can simply be the physical manifestation of someone in the other times, like if moving your hand in the past could bring chaos to the present without it being your intention in the first place. It could only be one of the disappeared person or ghost trying to communicate with the present.



Solution 2 - Consequence of a new experiment - getting out of phase with reality - your particles vibrating at a different frequency


 Star Trek - The Next Generation

Time's Arrow - Season 5, Episode 26 & Season 6, Episode 1


(Season 5, Episode 26) After Data learns of his own death in late 19th-century San Francisco, a freak accident transports him back to that period.

Picard and the crew are summoned to San Francisco to evaluate a discovery of extra-terrestrial life on Earth that dates back to the late 19th century. Triolic waves, a rare energy source employed by very few species, have been detected around the city. The Captain wonders why his crew has been summoned instead of one of Earth's more qualified scientists. He is shocked to learn that the U.S.S. Enterprise has been included because Data's head, old, dusty and dead, was found among the ruins of some 19th century artifacts. The crew finds it hard to accept Data's supposed death, but Data is typically matter-of-fact, explaining that at a future date he will transport back to 19th century Earth, where his death will occur. Meanwhile, Geordi concludes that the only species that uses triolic rays and is capable of assuming human form on earth exists solely on the planet Devidia II. The Enterprise immediately sets course.

Upon their arrival, Picard sends an Away Team to investigate, but insists Data stay aboard ship. Troi senses human lifeforms, but no one is physically present. The crew concludes that the lifeforms are a fraction of a second out of phase with them. Since Data is the only hope for manipulating the distortion in timing, he beams down, and immediately sets up a forcefield. He soon disappears inside the field, but communicates with the rest of the Away Team, describing the unusual alien lifeforms he sees. Suddenly, an explosion occurs, and Data is gone. Lost from Devidia II, he reappears in San Francisco, circa the late 1800s.

Stranded without food, shelter or money, Data quickly adapts to his surroundings. He wins needed funds in a barroom poker game, gets a hotel room and sets out to build a communications device to get back in touch with the Enterprise.

Back on the Enterprise, the crew concludes that the aliens pose a real threat to 19th-century Earth. They realize they must join Data there in trying to stop them, even if they, like Data, are doomed to die. Geordi begins work on a copy of the device that created Data's force field, hoping to make it large enough to transport an entire Away Team. Later, in Ten-Forward, Picard is unnerved by a conversation with Guinan, who insists he break with tradition and accompany the Away Team back to the 19th century. Although she can give him no explanation, he realizes she knows something. At the same time, back on Earth, Data is surprised to see a picture of Guinan in the local newspaper.

Assuming she has joined him from the future, Data tracks Guinan down at a literary reception where she is playing hostess. Guinan fails to recognize Data, but she is not shocked when he tells her that they serve together on the same starship in the 24th century. She listens with great concern to his story, subtly revealing that she, too, is not from Earth. Unfortunately, Mark Twain, the honored guest at Guinan's reception, overhears their entire conversation. Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, Geordi is able to complete his device, and an Away Team led by Captain Picard transports to the 19th century.


Synopsis (Season 6, Episode 1):

The U.S.S. Enterprise crew travels between the 19th and 24th centuries in an attempt to prevent Data's death in 19th-century San Francisco.

The discovery of Data's head, old, dusty and dead, among the ruins of some 19th-century artifacts in San Francisco has led the crew on a wild-goose chase through time. In the 24th century, they have found a race on the planet Devidia II who can travel through time and assume human form on Earth. Meanwhile, Data has become trapped in 19th century San Francisco with a 19th century Guinan and a very curious Samuel Clemens.

Hoping to save Data's life, Picard, Riker, Beverly, Troi and Geordi transport to 19th-century San Francisco to find him. In a local morgue, Riker and Beverly realize that the aliens from Devidia II, disguised as humans, are slowly killing off the population by stealing their neural energy and sending it to the 24th century to feed their own people. Meanwhile, Samuel Clemens is following Data and Guinan, believing that they have somehow come from the future with a plan to destroy Earth.

At a local infirmary, the Away Team, in 19th-century garb, discover the two aliens from Devidia II, who have disguised themselves as a doctor and a nurse in order to steal neural energy from cholera patients. Beverly is able to snatch the "doctor's" cane, which is actually the device he uses to manipulate time. After a fracas, the entire group runs out just as Data arrives in a horse-drawn carriage to whisk them away to safety.

The group concludes that the cavern where Data's head was found somehow acts as a focusing device that enables the aliens to travel back and forth through time. Together with Guinan, they go back to the cavern, followed by Clemens, who has learned of their plan. After Clemens enters, the aliens themselves arrive, snatching back the cane and activating the process that allows them to time-travel. A sonic boom throws Guinan against a wall and separates Data's head from his body, which disappears into a hole of white light. The alien nurse is wounded, but the alien doctor dives into the hole, followed by Riker, Geordi, Troi, Beverly and Clemens. Picard stays behind with the injured Guinan, trapped in the 19th century.

The rest of the group, including Clemens and Data's body, lands on Devidia II in the 24th century, and safely transports back to the Enterprise. Troi tries to convince Clemens that mankind's future is assured, while Geordi works to successfully attach Data's 19th century head to his body. The crew is ready to destroy the alien habitat on Devidia II, but must rescue Picard from the cavern before they lose the ability to move through time. The author transports down and alerts Picard, who bids the 19th-century Guinan farewell and escapes just as the Enterprise's photon torpedoes destroy the alien planet.




STAR TREK - Time's Arrow


It is not important to know the story, only what they did in order to get someone out of phase with our reality. In a cavern on a weird planet, the enterprise crew discovers some aliens that are basically living in the same space as us but not in phase with our reality. They also go into the past in order to kill humans on Earth.

Temporal analysis: there is a synchronic distortion in the areas emanating triolic waves, a positive displacement of 0.004%. The aliens are out of phase with us by only a fraction of a second, this is sufficient to make them invisible. This makes us occupy the same space as the aliens even though we cannot see each other. The aliens are not in the past, but they are going in the past and on Earth by focusing some energy with a device. The way to get to them and compensate for the time difference is by manipulating the synchronic distortion by maintaining a contained subspace forcefield. To get a 0.004% variance they will need to use a very sensitive phase discriminator that is built into Data's positronic decompiler.



synchronous (distortion)

syn·chro·nous adjective

occurring simultaneously:  happening at the same time

2.  working at same rate:  working or moving at the same rate

3.  PHYSICS with same period and phase:  with the same period and phase of oscillation or cyclical movement

[Mid-17th century. Formed from late Latin synchronus , from Greek sugkhronos , from khronos "time."]

syn·chro·nous·ly adverb
syn·chro·nous·ness noun



phase noun (plural phas·es)

stage of development:  a clearly distinguishable period or stage in a process, in the development of something, or in a sequence of events

2.  pattern of behavior:  any period of time when a situation or particular pattern of behavior persists and is often annoying or worrying

3.  part or aspect:  one of the many parts or aspects of something - We needed to restructure all phases of our business.

4.  ASTRONOMY recurring shape of moon:  any of the recurring forms seen in the sky of the Moon or a planet.  The four principal phases of the Moon are the first quarter, full moon, last quarter, and new moon. 

5.  PHYSICS part of repeating cycle:  any part of a repeated uniform pattern of occurrence of a phenomenon or process, relative to a fixed starting point or time

6.  PHYSICS state of matter:  any of the states in which matter can exist, depending on temperature and pressure, for example, the solid, liquid, gaseous, and plasmic states

7.  ZOOLOGY variation in animal form:  an alternate stage, appearance, or coloring that distinguishes a group of animals from most of their kind, or that a particular animal adopts under specific conditions

8.  BIOLOGY stage in organism's life cycle:  a stage in the life cycle of an organism

transitive verb (past phased, past participle phased, present participle phas·ing, 3rd person present singular phas·es)

do something in stages:  to plan or arrange something so that it is carried out in stages (often passive) - a takeover that is being phased to minimize disruption

2.  synchronize things:  to cause two or more things to happen or operate simultaneously or in a coordinated way - to phase the departure of one train with the arrival of another



dis·crim·i·na·tor (plural dis·crim·i·na·tors) noun

device that converts signals:  a device or circuit that translates phase or frequency variations into amplitude variations in a modulated signal, for example, a radio signal, and is used to select signals with particular characteristics



Some people could want to build a Phase Discriminator and they could zap someone out of phase by accident. Why would they want to build that? Not sure… to be honest. Phase here I guess is like their Phaser that is light at high frequency that can stun, kill or change matter. Phase discriminator I would guess is for changing the frequency so it can affect matter that is phased out of our reality. Your guess is as good as mine on this.

Back to my analysis of the episode. In order to communicate between the two times they send signals on a delay, correlated to the phase adjustment. Only Data can speak to them, they cannot answer back.

Once Data disappears they need to invent a new device in order to phase shift into the alien world. The device is called a subspace generator and they use a tricorder to interface with it. It will give them the chance to control the phase discrimination. Then they adjust the synchronic distortion to the right phase variance of 0.004. When they arrive there the aliens cannot see them even though the enterprise crew can see the aliens. Apparently the phase displacement may not have brought them far enough in their perceptual range.

The transceiver assembly is part of a machine that Data built to track the timeshifts. The aliens are travelling into time by using a cavern with walls covered with crystal fractures that can focus the spacetime distortion just like a lens. The cavern is like a focusing mechanism. The Triolic energy as a power source, this is what the aliens are using, and the enterprise crew use their phasers to simulate triolic energy by using a frequency close to the one of the triolic energy. 

Upon their arrival, Picard sends an Away Team to investigate, but insists that Data stays aboard ship. Troi senses human lifeforms, but no one is physically present. The crew concludes that the lifeforms are a fraction of a second out of phase with them.



The Outer Limits

Out of Body - Season 2, Episode 20


What really happens during an out-of body experience? Husband and wife scientists Rebecca Warfield and Ben McCormick are trying to find out by subjecting monkeys to electric impulses. They see it as pure science, but to religious groups like Family Foremost, it is sacrilege. Desperate for funding, Rebecca decides to run the experiment with a human subject -- herself. She asks her assistant, Amy, to help. Amy, a secret religious fanatic, alters the experiment. Rebecca escapes from her body, but, unless she finds a way to communicate, she will remain trapped in another dimension.



The Outer Limits - Out of Body


So, Rebecca Warfield (Peri Gilpin from Frasier) is trying to get an out of body experiment that will go wrong. She will quit her body and live like a ghost for a time. That is very close to a coma, but hey, there is a scientific basis to support it.

The assumption is the superstring theory in Physics: particles are strings vibrating and the world has 11 dimensions in all, even though we only see three. This theory is the most likely candidate at the moment to explain everything in Physics even though it is not proven.


Definition of string theory

description of elementary particles based on one-dimensional curves, or “strings,” instead of point particles. Superstring theory, which is string theory that contains a kind of symmetry known as supersymmetry, shows promise as a way of unifying the four known fundamental forces of nature. The strings are embedded in a space-time having as many as 10 dimensions, the three ordinary dimensions plus time and seven compactified dimensions. The energy-scale at which the stringlike properties would become evident is so high that it is currently unclear how any of the forms of the theory could be tested.

Bibliography: See P. C. W. Davies and J. Brown, ed., Superstrings (1988).


It goes like this in the episode (script): “Rebecca's theories rest on the assumption that elementary particles are just these tiny vibrating loops, that is what we are all made of basically, subatomic vibrations. She believes that we are vibrating in phase with our three dimensional world and out of phase with other dimensions. By modifying the vibrations, Doctor Warfield is trying to access…”

Then John Wymer (William B. Davis from the X-Files) says that he is not interested in the science, so we don't get anymore than this, but it is enough. This is something I might have come up with, it is similar but better than Star Trek.

In the episode, instead of having Rebecca's body being phased out of our reality, the body stays there and she lives like a ghost, someone who could be dead. She can travel instantly anywhere she wants and there is a reaction whenever she goes through something electrical (lamps, electric boxes, TV, phones, etc.). This was necessary for her to believe she was in fact dead later on in the show. I think the whole body could be phased out, unless you wish to have everyone think that someone is dead when in fact he is not.

Rebecca's assessment of her situation once she is a ghost: “Our physical laws are routed in space time, entropy energy momentum, without space and time they are meaningless.”

She does not see her own reflection in the mirror. When she goes through a mirror, she does not know there is a big electrical box behind and she is zapped badly. Then she says: “Of course, electricity, this is all we are. Vibrations, frequency”.

When she goes through a telephone, it rings. She can also make lamps flickered and turn on the TV. She uses this to frighten the religious fanatic woman responsible for cranking up the power and destroying the experiment. Interesting thing, when they want to make it frightening, we don't see Rebecca anymore, only the flickering. Rebecca also moves without walking, I find that interesting too. Rebecca near the end can see dead people going out of their body in the hospital, that is when she thinks she might be dead. Someone near death has the time to see her and goes back in his body, the doctors saved him. He tells Rebecca's husband that she is still alive in the other dimension. This is how the husband finds out she is alive and that the experiment worked: she crossed over. So he goes back to the lab and goes in the other dimension himself.

It is not clear, but they could actually be dead. Anyway, they certainly are in a dimension where the ghosts of dead people are. So you wonder what was the point of the whole machine, she could have just killed herself with a gun and reach the same result.

I think we could use this idea but have the whole body of someone being phased out. His particles which are tiny vibrating loops vibrating at a certain frequency could now vibrate at a different frequency, making him out of phase with our reality. To reach that accident in the first place, you would have been trying to build a device that could have phased out a video camera from our reality, in order to perhaps see in another dimension. In order to receive a signal from the camera now in the other dimension, you would use Data's idea of phased communication mentioned above. Or perhaps we intended to retrieve the camera after it was sent. Anyway, it does not have to work, we only need this to render someone invisible, to get someone out of phase with our reality or field of vision.



Solution 3 - the blind spot - disappearing from someone's field of vision


The X-Files

Unrequited - Season 4, Episode 16


When Lieutenant General MacDougal is killed in the back of his limousine, his driver is suspected, especially after he is linked to a Paramilitary group called the Right Hand. But the driver maintains his innocence and is cleared of blame when lab tests results reveal he had not fired a weapon. With a number of high ranking military officials due in for a re-dedication ceremony at the Vietnam War Memorial, Assistant Director Skinner assigns Mulder and Scully to investigate the Right Hand group and it's leader Denny Markham for complicity in the Generals murder. Markham gives the two agents a photograph of a Green Beret, Nathaniel Teager, captured by the Viet Cong in 1971, freed by Markham's group in 1995 who then disappeared after US Government commandos attempted to kidnap him. Mulder discovers that MacDougal along with another General Steffan signed Teager's death certificate. Concerned that Teager maybe targeting Steffan, Mulder arranges for two FBI agents to protect him. However Teager manages to slip by the agents and kills Steffan in his office in the Pentagon. Skinner is outraged especially when Teager's shadowy image is caught on security camera. Mulder believes that Teager has learned from his captures the ability to hide himself from a person's field of vision. When Mulder's contact Marita Covarrubias informs him that the government has sanctioned Teager to kill the Generals the race is on to stop a seemingly unstoppable assassin. He can only hide himself in somebody's direct line of sight. You can see him in the corner of your eye.



X-FILES - Unrequited


The killer has the ability to erase himself from the visual field. He cannot fool the video cameras, but he can hide himself from human sight by manipulating something that Scully has referred to as naturally occurring, a blind spot.

Diagnostic of a woman who bled from her eye after meeting the killer: Transient scoretoma or chotoma (I am not certain of what they say), a floating blind spot. Many things can score the retina, but she had none of the diseases that could do that. It has to be related to the killer being able to influence her vision, creating a visual field deficit. Why she would have not noticed a blind spot is because the processes of the brain fill in, and the visual cortex compensates conceptually. The killer would have learn how to do this from his captors, the V.C. Gorillas (Victoria Cross soldiers) while he was a POW (Prisoner of War) in Vietnam.

The killer can only be invisible if you are looking directly at him, you could see him in the corner of your eye, which makes things frightening. The sensation there is someone there, but then no one when you look properly. The interesting idea here is that sometimes you see the ghost, sometimes you don't.

In this idea someone would be heard when he speaks and he could interact with everything. This is called being invisible without really being invisible. And someone could control it.



Solution 4 - cloaking device - refraction of light


 Star Trek - The Next Generation

The Next Phase - Season 5, Episode 24

Synopsis: Geordi and Ro are pronounced dead after a transporting maneuver from a distressed Romulan ship goes awry.

Upon receiving a distress signal from a Romulan science ship, Picard surprises some crew members by sending an Away Team to help. The Romulan officers are also surprised, but are also relieved to be rescued. During the mission, Geordi discovers that one of the ship's generators needs replacement, so he and Ro prepare to beam back to the U.S.S. Enterprise to replicate the part. However, something goes wrong during the transport. After dematerializing from the Romulan ship, the pair fail to reappear on the Enterprise. After several failed attempts to bring them back, Picard and the crew are forced to accept the fact that their comrades are dead. Later, Ro mysteriously appears in Sickbay, where Picard and Beverly are signing her death certificate. She tries to talk to them to tell them she is alive, but they don't hear her. She stands in front of them, but they don't see her. In fact, Picard actually walks right through her. Because of this, Ro concludes she must be dead.

Ro eventually runs into Geordi, who has been having the same strange experiences. Although the pair can hear, see and touch each other, they seem to be removed from the rest of the ship. Ro tells Geordi she believes this means that they are dead, and have returned to the ship as spirits. Geordi, however, refuses to accept her explanation and sets about trying to find a solution.

Data takes on the dual task of planning a memorial service for his fallen crewmates and investigating the mishap that caused their deaths. Geordi is present when Data surmises that the accident had something to do with the accident that occurred aboard the Romulan ship. He and Worf return to the ship to investigate, with the invisible Geordi and Ro secretly tagging along. Once on the ship, the Romulans act very secretive when Data asks to scan their engine room. However, they talk freely once Data leaves the room, unaware that Geordi and Ro can hear everything they say. The invisible pair soon learn that the Romulans are testing a new cloaking device that hides things by dematerializing them. They realize that they are not dead — just accidentally cloaked.

Unfortunately, the pair must find a way to get uncloaked before the Enterprise leaves the Romulan ship's area or they really will be dead. Geordi finds a way back on the Enterprise, when Data notices a high level of chroniton fields on the ship. Geordi realizes that he and Ro create these fields by making contact with objects aboard the ship. He is further encouraged when Data sprays the contaminated areas with a substance that gives Ro and Geordi back some of their substance. They realize they must work to create as many chroniton fields as possible so that Data will spray enough of the chemical to force them to rematerialize. The pair implement their plan at their memorial service, which is more like a huge party. They create a large number of chroniton fields, forcing Data to use a large amount of spray to eliminate them. When he does, their images reappear — but only for a brief moment. Luckily, both Data and Picard see the pair and realize what has happened. They flood the room with the anti-chroniton chemical and Geordi and Ro rematerialize, turning the memorial observance into a celebration of life.



 STAR TREK - The Next Phase


This is an example of a cloaking device that dematerialize things. You might want to build a cloaking device (please see all the definitions below) and it could go wrong, it could dematerialize someone by accident. (They could try to cloak an orange for fun, to make it disappear even though it would be there, but they could dematerialize it by accident.)

They will get to understand that they dematerialized someone because he would be doing something that they can feel or see. I would not use their solution of anti-chroniton particle as I suspect they invented it. You could invent your own solution, but ionizing the air as I suggested in Solution 1 at the beginning would do fine as well.



Engage the Cloaking Device...
By James F Clay

Cloaking has been a plot device that has occurred in all of the Star Trek canon. The attempted theft by Kirk and Spock in The Balance of Terror in TOS; the Klingon Bird of Prey that appears in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and can fire torpedoes when cloaked; in TNG, Picard’s use of three cloaked Klingon ships in The Defector to save the day against the Romulans; the new Romulan cloaking device which "de-phased" Geordi and Ro in The Next Phase; the illegal Federation cloaking device found aboard the USS Pegasus in Pegasus; the legal Federation cloaking device found aboard the Defiant, the new ship to be found in DS9, season three; and in to the future, where an up-dated, three engine Enterprise-D uses a cloaking device to sneak into the Neutral Zone.

What is a cloaking device, according to the Star Trek Encyclopaedia, it is "an energy screen generator used to render an object (typically, a starship) invisible to the eye and to most sensor systems. Most cloaking devices require so much power that a vessel so equipped cannot use weapons systems without de-cloaking." It also states that, when talking about the experimental Bird of Prey from The Undiscovered Country, "we assume that cloaking devices are continually being improved, as are the sensor systems used to detect them. For this reason, any advance in either cloaking or sensing technologies seems to provide only a brief advantage until the other side catches up." Another form of cloaking, is to "de-phase" the ship, the encyclopaedia also mentions this, "an experimental cloaking device, based on an interphase generator, was developed by Romulan scientists and tested in 2368.". The cloaking device aboard the USS Pegasus, is of a similar technology and uses some kind of interphase generator.

So using this information, it seems that cloaking is a form of stealth technology, a defensive system of some kind. Cloaking technology has improved over the years, and counter systems have also improved at the same rate. There also seems to be a new form of cloak, in which the ship becomes "de-phased" enabling the ship to move through "normal" matter.



Romulan Technology


Our cloaking device is an energy screen generator used to render a ship or object invisible to the eye and to most sensor systems. This is accomplished by gravitational lensing, the creation of a distorted image of an object when it's light is focused by gravity. In the case of a cloaking device, the light is focused so that the object's index of refraction (the phase velocity of radiation in free space divided by the phase velocity of the same radiation in a specified medium) matches its surroundings, making the object transparent. Cloaking a ship requires precisely balancing the radiative emissions from the warp drive nacelles, dissipating all electromagnetic radiation, gravitational fields and other energy emissions emanating from the ship, and distorting space in such a way that electromagnetic radiation and energy emissions are directed around the ship through subspace at velocities faster than light.

Cloaking devices have been classified into the following categories according to their overall effectiveness:

Mk 1 Cloak: Original usage, early Warbirds only. Used electromagnetic radiation shielding quite effectively to cloak only visible and near-visible radiation. Can instantaneously cloak and decloak, but required large amounts of power.

Mk 2 Cloak: A major improvement on the Mk 1, this device cloaked all electromagnetic radiation, except high energy Gamma rays. Can instantaneously cloak and decloak, but was remarkably inefficient. Craft: Romulan Scouts and Warbirds, also Klingon D-7 Cruisers, and later the joint Romulan/Klingon scout and Bird Of Prey.

Mk 3.0 Cloak: The first gravity distorting cloak. The early prototype craft had problems with energetic effects occurring inside the cloak as a result of trapped spurious thermal emissions within the cloaking field. This was overcome by giving the craft a green coloration. This tuned the thermal energy to a frequency where it could leak very slowly through the cloak without revealing the ships presence, still common practice on most cloaked vessels. This early Mk 3 had only the spherical field setting and could not be effectively wavemapped. It could not instantly cloak and decloak, but saw much use on most Romulan craft and the Bird Of Prey.

Mk 3.1 Cloak: This improved device featured instantaneous propagation of the spherical cloak, and first saw use of the wavemapped cloak. It is reported to have been used as above and as an upgraded cloak for D-7 Cruisers. A green coloration was still necessary.

Mk 3.2 Cloak: This version saw the creation of the fine tuned cloak, using the special dedicated computers. This device was perhaps first created by the Klingons, but required large power reserves. The Romulans later reworked the idea into a more efficient form (officially designated the Mark 3.2a). The old cloak is still in active service on older Klingon craft.

Mk 3.2a Cloak: Romulan reworking of the 3.2. No special coloration of the craft is necessary, although the nullifier cores require less energy when the ship has a green color. The cloak is still extensively used by Romulans and Klingons alike.

Mk 3.3 Cloak: This latest version allowed powering down of all non-finely tuned cloaks instantly. It is only fitted, as far as is known, to Romulan Warbirds. Klingons claim to still use the 3.2a.

Experimental Mk 4 Cloak: There is an experimental cloaking device which utilizes a highly-wavemapped, adaptive, asymmetrical dispersion pattern. This cloaking device's cloaking generator coils are equipped with field actuators that change the dispersion pattern, to be most efficient in any interstellar condition, considering many variables, such as gas density, electric and magnetic fields, and fluctuations in the subspace domain. These field actuators compensate for any of these variables or active scans if the vicinity of the cloaked ship is being probed. There is no danger of a spatial ripple occurring. This would render a ship undetectable, except with a tachyon heterodyne detection grids, which, if powerful enough, could detect a ship that was cloaked in this manner.


Definition of refraction

re·frac·tion noun

PHYSICS change of direction of a wave:  the change in direction that occurs when a wave of energy such as light passes from one medium to another of a different density, for example, from air to water

2.  PHYSICS degree of wave redirection:  the degree to which a wave of energy is refracted

3.  ASTRONOMY distortion of a celestial body's location:  the degree to which the apparent position of a celestial body is distorted by the redirection of its light as it passes through the Earth's atmosphere

4.  OPHTHALMOLOGY eye's ability to bend light:  the ability of the eye to change the direction of light in order to focus it on the retina

5.  OPHTHALMOLOGY measuring of eye's refractive capacity:  the process of measuring the eye's ability to refract light

- re·frac·tion·al adjective



Solution 7 - The Power of the Mind over Matter


New Stuff from The Eclectism (book by Roland Michel Tremblay published in Paris in French) about the power of the Mind over Matter and our existence:


I would like to come back to this extraordinary structure of the matter. We live on an electron that turns around the nucleus of an atom. This electron is himself composed of lots of atomic structures that are composed themselves of atomic structures. Not entirely. The infinitely large of the theory of relativity of Einstein, the stars, and the infinitely small of the theory of quantum mechanics, the atomic world, are only the same thing. One arrives to unify these two theories when one understands that the distance is relative, and therefore the size of objects in space is equally relative, and finally it is changing according to our viewpoint. An electron can be as large as our Sun, one sees it small only from his viewpoint, this is what relativity is. Thus there are no infinitely large or infinitely small, there is only an infinitely small. And where we stand right now is the infinitely large but only from our point of view.

If I die suddenly a whole part of the universe contracts and the multitude of suns that compose my body and release their heat die. I maintain therefore, by being alive, a whole universe, and myself I belong to a universe that I only see as it is because of the perceptions of my brain. The distance being relative, the distance is only illusion. All the matter is practically at a same point, and we all belong and are part of this point.

There is no end to the matter, it is malleable by machines, but equally by the spirit or the mind. We can call it differently if it is necessary, for example our own energy. Electricity that our brain produces covers extraordinary distances, it can cover the whole universe at once because distance is relative to the observer. At a given point: here is the atomic configuration of our reality, the universe. This configuration can be reproduced at will. It can be modified at will. One can recreate an atomic configuration of the past.

To learn to create in the world of ideas, the imagination, is a step toward this control over matter. To concretize this control is possible in many different ways, with different tools, and certainly a field of energy very strong and concentrated would be able to assemble almost anything in order to form our ideas. Thus we are God, creator of our world. Our objectives will be able to reveal themselves if we have that desire, and our actions can be as significant as our imagination and our ideas will allow it. We can destroy everything and reconstruct everything at will. We can create the world that we really want in the deepness of our heart. To enter in communion with our true motivations, to understand why we are imposing on ourselves a certain configuration of the world, will unable us to see further in order to reach our true objectives. They mostly are unconscious, but we can turn this around and influence our future.



Ok, so let's depart from science for a while and let's get into philosophy. I am before anything else a philosopher that went into science to see further into the mystery of our universe and I have talked about the power of the mind over matter in some of my previous books. It goes something like this: since the theory of Einstein states that spacetime is relative, this means that time and distance are not what they appear to be. They are relative values that are not constant and only make sense from our own perceptions and from our point of view. One meter here would not equal a meter near the sun or near the moon, it all depends on gravity and our speed. This is important because it means that the configuration of the universe could be huge or very small, which means you could influence matter over great distances and that everything is connected together very closely (or very far depending on your point of view).

Moreover, E = mc2 means that Matter is Energy and vice versa, they are interchangeable. Since our brain is using energy and that the whole universe is made of energy, then there is no reason why you could not influence matter with your own thoughts. You could influence the frequency at which your own atomic structures are vibrating and you could move objects with your mind. These are the premises for many paranormal phenomena. 

I have written extensively on the subject in my book The Eclectism, unfortunately it is in French and not fresh in my mind at this time. I will have to look at it and get back to you with this.


Extract of some comments on my web page Universal Relativity:

You know as well all those science fiction movies where the power of the mind is infinite and can change anything, all this can be as well within my theory since really you could certainly change the configuration of the universe if everything is at the same place and is just energy linking particles together that must be connected anyway with the electricity of our brains. Since the planets are atoms (or the equivalent since everything is relative to our point of view) then it is within our power to change everything even using an external source of energy. Even the laws of Physics. That is why I became interested in this topic in my theory, but did not have the time to develop it: The Physics of Consciousness, at the end of part four. Some people already got into that! I would not even call it New Age ideologies, really it can stay inside the frontier of science. But yes, we have to go beyond science to get the ideas. 




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