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Message from the Future


Receiving radio broadcasts from the future and the past

Changing the future/the timeline



by Roland Michel Tremblay




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Solution 1 - Signals being reflected back at us from space

Solution 2 - Movie Frequency - Magnetic Fields of the Earth going in Space and back - Past and Future communicating together in Real Time

Solution 3 - It just happens while trying a new Communication Experiment using high Frequencies

Solution 4 - Subspace Communications

Solution 5 - Tachyon Particles

Solution 6 - The Next Generation Radio Signals

Solution 7 - Slowing down and accelerating Signals that are always there in the Air

Solution 8 - Quantum Communications

Solution 9 - Two Times co-existing - Passing in a particular area with an ordinary Radio

Solution 10 - Using a wormhole or a micro-wormhole to send a message (Stargate SG1)

Changing the Future

In Practical Terms

Physics of Time

Is this a Real Message from the Future?

Has this book really come from the future: A message from Future Generations




Solution 1 - Signals being reflected back at us from space



You could always say that signals are bouncing back from an asteroid made of a strange metal capable of sending back a signal to us. Only good for signals from the past. It is quite unlikely though, and to my knowledge we never got back our own signals after they bounce back a celestial body.


Apparently there have been occurrences of people picking up radio broadcasts of programs from years ago. It has been suggested that the sound waves could have bounce off of outer space bodies such as stars. The closest star is Proxima Centauri and it is 4.28 light years away (not to be mixed up with the closest Galaxies called Andromeda - 2,200,000 light years away - and M33 - 2,400,000 light years away). What we would pick up would be broadcasts of at least 8.56 years ago (we have to take into account the time it would take for the signal to come back).


This is what they did in Contact, the signal was the opening of the German Olympics, the first very strong signal sent into space. And then, Aliens had to send it back to us from the system Vega. We cannot justify in the science of today any signal being bounced back from a star by itself. But if you wish to pursue this idea because someone would be sending the signal back to you (that someone could be anywhere in the Universe), here is some info about Alpha Centauri (note that it is only good for signals from the past):



Alpha Centauri


Brightest star in the constellation Centaurus and 3d-brightest star in the sky; also known as Rigil Kent or Rigil Kentaurus; 1992 position R.A. 14 h 39.1 m , Dec. 60°49. It is a yellow main-sequence star of the same spectral class (G2 V) as the sun and of about the same size and mass; its apparent magnitude is 0.26. Actually, Alpha Centauri is a triple-star system, the components being designated A, B, and C. Alpha Centauri C is also called Proxima Centauri because it is the closest star to the earth (other than the sun), at a distance of 4.28 light-years, components A and B are currently 4.34 light-years away. Proxima Centauri orbits about the common center of mass of the system with a period of more than 250,000 years, so that in about 125,000 years it will be more distant than A and B.




Solution 2 - Movie Frequency - Magnetic Fields of the Earth going in Space and back - Past and Future communicating together in Real Time



Could we get a broadcast from the future? Perhaps a news broadcast of something catastrophic that will happen? The movie Frequency touched that subject:


A father communicates with his son in the future, they are 30 years apart and all this is justified by the physicist Brian Greene who wrote a very interesting book in the likes of Stephen Hawking called the Elegant Universe. You might want to read it along with HyperSpace of Michio Kaku. Kaku also wrote a book called Visions about future scientific gadgets we can expect.


How they do it in Frequency, they use a very particular radio system called HAM Radio. It is an old system not in used today and there would be little interest in using it today since nobody is using it anymore. On top of this, you need a license to operate one. The son found the old radio of his dad and plug it in one night they were bored. He picks up only one signal, the one of his dad 30 years ago. How? There is a spectacular sky storm known as aurora borealis in which the magnetic field of the Earth goes into space and comes back to the Earth with usually a 10 years gap, but in the movie it is 30 years. This is how they can communicate in real time and change the future.


Like in the movie Frequency, the characters of your show can use a very particular radio system called HAM Radio. It is an old system not in used today and certainly it would not be used in the future. They could plug one and discuss with someone from the future, someone who also found an old HAM radio and decided to use it for fun. (That would be copying the movie Frequency completely, so you might want to use another solution.)


So you would need the characters to find a HAM radio and they would need to hear something sent by someone in the future using a HAM radio. In the comments on the DVD they tell stories of many users of HAM radio who did communicate with people in the future and the past because the signals were going in space and were coming back years later. The signals were following the natural magnetic fields of the Earth that - at certain times - goes much further in space before coming back. So it is a known phenomenon.




Solution 3 - It just happens while trying a new Communication Experiment using high Frequencies



You can have some signals from the future reaching your characters while using one of their new communication experiments, and then pick up again another signal to find out they changed the future. Then the radio dies out without them ever understanding how they did this and have only partial suppositions about how this was possible.


Or you could have them invent a new type of radio that could revolutionize broadcasting forever and they could use that radio later during the show whenever they travel in the future or the past. How would you go and invent that radio?


They could try to use different high frequencies that no one ever uses for radio signals because it is damageable to the health, too close to the microwaves frequencies. But then they could have found a way to make it safe somehow by inventing a safety device of some sort. And obviously in the future they would also have found a way to use those frequencies without damaging our health.




Solution 4 - Subspace Communications



In Star Trek they use subspace communications, I also heard that in Stargate. It means that they are getting out of the fabric of space in order to send messages almost instantly across the galaxy. Out of space means somewhere where time and space are not clearly define. Note that on long distances across the galaxy they still need subspace beacons everywhere in order to boost the signal and make it instant through space. Destroy one of these beacons and suddenly your message takes longer.


The characters could experiment and invent a subspace radio, and in the future they could be using a similar system. It would certainly be a wonderful invention since at the moment the whole bandwidth spectrum is overuse by mobile phones and radio signals of all sorts. The only thing is that subspace is still theoretical and we are no where near making it a reality. On the other hand, Star Trek has made it famous and everybody knows what a subspace signal is (in theory).







Solution 5 - Tachyon Particles



In Star Trek they use these Tachyons particles that are going faster than the speed of light, I also heard that in Stargate. So in theory you could pick up a signal from the future. You would then have the characters doing experimentation with a Tachyon Radio that could in theory pick up radio and TV signals sent from the future or sent in the past. You could also communicate with someone in the future or the past. It would be hard to justify, but like in Star Trek you don't need to go beyond saying that the tachyon radio is capable of receiving any signals sent in any time.




(tak´eon) , hypothetical elementary particle that travels only at speeds exceeding that of light. According to the theory of relativity , the speed of light is the limiting velocity for all ordinary material particles. Particles having nonzero rest mass can approach, but not reach, the speed of light, since their mass would become infinite at that speed. On the other hand, particles with zero rest mass, such as the photon and the neutrino , must always travel at the speed of light; they cannot be brought to rest or even slowed down. Theorists have argued that since nothing in principle prohibits the existence of a third class of particles that travel only at speeds exceeding that of light, such particles, called tachyons [Gr. tachys, swift] may exist although no evidence for them has been found. In the terminology of the theory, the particles that travel only at the speed of light are called luxons, and those that travel at lesser speeds are called tardyons. Like the original theory of relativity, the theory of tachyons has several aspects that appear to contradict common sense but that are fully self-consistent. For example, a tachyon must have an imaginary (in the mathematical sense) rest mass, or proper mass, and it must travel faster rather than slow down when it loses energy.




Solution 6 - The Next Generation Radio Signals



We mainly use analog systems (radio waves) for radio broadcasting, and now more and more we are using digital (signals made of strings of 0 and 1). Which means that the day we turn 100% digital, we will no longer be sending any signals in space for other potential civilizations out there to receive or hear. What is the future preparing for us? Another way of broadcasting? We could have the characters working on a special radio in order to invent a new way of communicating. Since that way of broadcasting could be used in the future, your characters could get messages from the future. For example they could work on the development of an advanced signal processing technology. This could be linked to the next solution (7) as to how they would build that radio.


An example about some principles this new radio could be based on: if the Earth was to explode, people on planet A from another system would see it in 10 years. People on planet B would see it in 20 years because this is the time it would take for the image to reach them at the speed of light. Now, the people on planet B are quite bright, they invented a telescope powerful enough to see in space very far. If they adjust their telescope, they could see the Earth exploding almost instantly, even though the image would normally take 20 years to reach them. They could decide to adjust their telescope to only catch the image in ten years, so they would see the explosion at the same time as the people on planet A. Basically, by adjusting your telescope, you can see in the past and the future. I am working at the moment on a similar system but for communications. Fibre optic or optical networks at the moment are using light as a mean to communicate. If the light is on, it is 1, if the light is off, it is 0 (binary language). By flashing that light they can transfer data at a very fast rate, virtually at the speed of light. Now, these transmissions (including emails, data, video streams) could be intercepted with a radio-telescope instantly, and we could communicate with people on planet B instantly instead of waiting for the light to reach us. You see, it is the way we are transmitting data today that has changed. And by manipulating the radio-telescope, we could also manipulate at which time period we wish to communicate with the other planet. We could also communicate with ourselves in the past or the future by sending a signal to the other planet instantly and readjusting the focus (the time) at which the other planet sends the signal back to us. If the planet is 20 light years away from us, we could communicate from the present to 20 years back and 20 years in the future. You could also play with relativity and gravity in order to slow down or accelerate a signal, and would not need a receiver and transmitter on another planet 20 light years away. This will be discussed next.




Solution 7 - Slowing down and accelerating Signals that are always there in the Air



Can people in the future send a message that gets slowed down or bounced around so that it arrives in the past?


Since time and space are relative, it means that the time a signal is sent or received is unclear. You could receive a signal before it is sent because time is relative and changing. Time is changing depending on the speed we are going at and the gravity surrounding us. We are always moving through space at relative and changing speed via new surroundings where there is more gravity or less. Therefore we could pick up signals from the future or the past with the right radio.


That radio would need to slow down a signal or accelerate the transmission to readjust it to our actual relative space-time situation. We will need to slow down considerably the transmission to receive a message from the future, or accelerate it considerably if it comes from the past.


Another idea in the slowing down a signal solution. This calls for my own theories about the universe that my friend William Taggart shares. First of all particles are already going faster than the speed of light, people have just not realized that yet. So no need for Tachyons particles, they are all going faster than the speed of light. The thing is, we do not realize they are going faster than the speed of light because relatively particles appear to reach us at the speed of light, the speed at which any signal travels at.


I think a soon to happen revolution in communication is that signals are travelling at speeds faster than the speed of light. We would then need to slow down considerably the transmission to receive a message from the future, or accelerate it considerably if it comes from the past. Once we grasp this, instant communication anywhere in the universe and no matter the time it has been sent at, will no longer be something impossible. In theory, all signals are there in the air anywhere in the universe. With the right radio you could adjust those received signals, slow them down or accelerate them and you would have a real signal from the past or the future. A bit like a telescope finding images from the past or the future. You could call that radio a Relativity Radio as it is picking up signals from the relative universe we are living in.


You could still use this solution with Tachyons particles if you are not comfortable with the idea that particles are usually already going faster than the speed of light.




Solution 8 - Quantum Communications



Great article about it in New Scientist:


At the moment the latest ideas are quantum computers and quantum communications. That is quite real and really weird. Those quantum computers are using computers in parallel universes in order to process data at the highest speed possible. It uses the probability of all the locations of all the photons involved (Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle). That may sound impossible, and I don't think they yet realize what is happening, but it is real and in less than ten years we will have the first quantum computers.


Well, you could say that the characters, following the progress of quantum computers and quantum communications very closely, invented the new quantum radio. That radio would be capable of receiving all possible signals ever sent and that could ever be sent because it takes into account the infinite possibilities of the quantum world. So some messages they could get may have never been sent, and even, they could receive messages that will only be sent in the future. Since the future is only an infinite amount of possibilities, these messages might not be reflecting the present timeline as the future is not yet set in stone. That is how weird the quantum world is and it is kind of proven.


I think this is your best bet. I did extensive research on the subject and if you decide to take on this avenue, I will get you links on the Internet so you can learn more. Here is what I found quickly, but this is not good enough: (a conference on the subject)


At the moment the only use for quantum communication is for cryptography but in 20 years it could be much more. That is why our smart characters can invent it by mistake while using a quantum computer in its early age of testing. They will invent the first ever quantum radio and they have to make certain that the message they receive from the future is related to them. It is quite possible that the message is related to an alternate reality for which they have no connections with. This is why the future is in movement and all possible futures exist. They can go on the assumption that all possible futures exist and decide to prevent that possible future to ever exist in the first place. And hear afterwards that they have changed the future.


From my own theories though, I think that since particles can go faster than the speed of light in the first place, the quantum computers are using particles that simply are going faster than the speed of light, speeding up the processing time. So I do not believe that these particles are exactly in parallel universes, though as I explain in my report about parallel universes, you could still interpret it this way. They are using particles that can appear to be at many different places at the same time when in fact it is only in as many places at the same time as the times it is crossing the speed of light. So, if a particle is going at 10 times the speed of light, the computer can use that same particle 10 times in order to process much faster. It is like taking advantage of our limitations in our ability to measure the real location of a particle at a given relative adjusted time. I might still be wrong though.




Solution 9 - Two Times co-existing - Passing in a particular area with an ordinary Radio



As you might have read in the reports Time Travel and Invisibility, many different times could be already co-existing in the same space and your characters could just happen to go through a particular area with a radio and suddenly pick up messages from the future. So they know that passing there with a radio or that by putting a radio or a TV at the particular place, they receive messages from the future. Since they know by now that different times co-exist around here, they would not be at a lost to explain how this phenomenon is possible.


They could find out that where the gravitational fields are stronger or weaker in certain spots, it means that if they put a radio there they could receive signals from another time. If the gravitational field is stronger, then it would be a time from the past (more gravity means time has slowed down and it is the past). If the gravitational field is weaker or lighter, then it is the future, because time is running faster. By simply identifying those spots and putting a radio there, they could pick up signals from the future or the past related to their timeline. They could also change the future. Don't forget that in the past they were not using AM or FM, you will need to find out when we have started to use those frequencies.




Solution 10 - Using a wormhole to send a message (Stargate SG-1)


1969 (season 2, episode 221)


Synopsis: Through a solar flare, the SG-1 team are propelled back in time to 1969, landing in a top-secret military facility. Carrying a letter General Hammond gave her, Carter is searched by a young Lieutenant who is astonished by the letter's contents. As the team is transported for further interrogations, the Lieutenant helps them escape and tells them the letter appeared to be from him many years in the future. Desperate to find the Stargate so they can return to the present, the team seeks out Catherine, who they believe may know its location. Hitchhiking to see her in New York, they are picked up by Michael and Jenny , two friendly flower children on their way to Woodstock. They immediately warm to the team's fugitive appearance. Carter discovers that Hammond's note includes the date of the next solar flare and they race to the Stargate before their chance of leaving the past is lost for good.



Full and better description at this URL:

General Hammond is acting a little strange as SG-1 prepares to disembark on a standard mission to P2X-555. He hands Captain Carter a note, telling her not to read it until she's on the other side of the gate.


Sam agrees, and the Stargate is dialed. Carter had to make additional calculations in the computer system -- the wormhole travelling between Earth and their destination will come unusually close to the sun this time of year. With the extra gravity accounted for in the computer's planetary drift calculations, SG-1 disembarks on their next mission.


After stepping through the gate, though, the team finds themselves immediately back in the gate room on Earth. A few seconds later, reality begins to warp. The gate and the SGC disappear, and SG-1 finds themselves in a missile silo standing where the gate room use to be. A rocket is about to be test fired right over their heads, until Teal'c disables it with his zat gun.


SG-1 is immediately taken into custody by base personnel. Carter concludes that the gravitational pull of the sun caused the team to slingshot back in time -- decades, so it appears, to a time when the lower levels of Cheyenne Mountain were used for missile testing.


Carter demands that they do nothing to change the past or tell anyone who they really are, since it might change the timeline in ways they can't begin to understand. Their goal is to get free and live out the rest of their lives in obscurity.


O'Neill is interrogated, and gives up nothing to the base commander. The team -- believed to be Russian spies -- is put on a truck and sent from Colorado to New Mexico for further examination.


Meanwhile, a young lieutenant has discovered the note placed in Sam's vest pocket. It reads, "George -- Help them," and includes two dates and times.


The soldier arranges for a flat tire during the team's trip to New Mexico. He approaches them in the back while the driver changes the tire. Carter notices the nametag on the officer's uniform: it is George Hammond, their commanding officer at the SGC in 1999.


The team convinces Hammond to listen to his future self and help them. They overpower the guards and escape, after destroying all of their technology. Jack is not content to give up on getting home; the mission is now to locate the Stargate and find a way home.


In fact, years ago Carter was prompted by Hammond to research alternative uses for the Stargate -- including time travel. She theorizes that establishing another wormhole to P2X-555 can send them back, so long as they time their trip at the exact moment of a solar flare. This seems impossible, since solar flares cannot be predicted. By the time a flare can be confirmed on Earth, it's already too late.


But Hammond, having met them in 1969 and knowing they would be lost in the past, has given them the information they need: the two dates and times written on the paper pinpoint the minute of solar flares. The General must have used Sam's own research to find a way for them to get back; then he looked up the dates and times of two solar flares in 1969 and wrote them down.


All will be for naught if SG-1 cannot find the Stargate. In 1969, it is sealed up in a government wharehouse somewhere. Catherine Langford's father is dead, and she has not yet assumed a position as head of Stargate research. But Daniel knows that she is living in New York.


The team hooks up with a couple of travelling hippies. The two, Michael and Jenny, are driving their bus to a concert in New York before Michael has to join the military and be shipped to Vietnam. O'Neill, Carter, Jackson and Teal'c join them in their cross-country trip and convince them to help.


The team has about one week to find the Stargate. Once in New York, O'Neill and Teal'c are dropped off at an observatory to confirm that the first time and date do in fact pinpoint a solar flare. Meanwhile, Jackson and Carter locate Catherine -- who's father discovered the Stargate in Giza in 1928.


Posing as the son of a German archaeologist with whom Dr. Langford was once associated, Daniel proves his knowledge of the top-secret "Doorway to Heaven" to Catherine. He convinces her to tell him where the Stargate is now -- a military armory in Washington, D.C.


With the solar flare confirmed and the Stargate located, SG-1 makes the trip to Washington. They say their goodbyes to Michael and Jenny, with whom they have grown close. The team zats the small number of guards, and powers up the Stargate by connecting it to a car battery.


Teal'c dials the Stargate and establishes a wormhole, but SG-1 is discovered and comes under fire from the guards who have stumbled upon them. O'Neill is forced to order the team through the Stargate a few seconds too soon.


They do find themselves on Earth again -- in the Cheyenne Mountain gate room. But now, they are far into the future. The place appears deserted, and large cloths cover objects in the room.


An older woman enters the room, and knows them all by name. Happy to see them again (and to see them looking so young), it is Cassandra, the young girl that the team rescued from a world invaded by the Goa'uld ("Singularity"). She hugs Captain Carter, but must rush them all back through the Stargate.


Finally, SG-1 emerges in the gate room back in 1999. General Hammond welcomes them home, and tells them that he's been waiting for this to happen since he met them. When he saw a large cut on Sam's hand, he knew the time had come; it was the same cut he had seen on her hand when he took off her handcuffs in 1969. ALYSIS


-Carter states that the wormhole will take them close to the sun at this time of year -- within 70,000 miles. The computer's drift calculations had to be updated to take into account gravitational space-time warping. What does this mean?


The SGC's list of Stargate addresses was taken from the Goa'uld's ancient map left in a cave on Abydos ("Children of the Gods"). Planetary drift (under the expanding universe model) would, after many thousands of years, render some addresses invalid. The computer recalculates these addresses based on a fixed planetary drift model and, in some cases, changes a symbol or two to "update" the address to a given planet.


At this particular time of year, according to Carter, the direct line between the Earth and the team's destination takes them close to the sun -- and the added gravity could throw the wormhole off track. When recalculating the address based on planetary drift, this extra gravity would have to be taken into account -- though the final Stargate address dialed might not be any different because of it.


-An alternate explanation is the timing factor, which Daniel mentioned. While the increased gravity from the sun might not change the seven-symbol Stargate address, it would require that the team wait until they were in correct alignment with the sun before gating -- to avoid complications like time travel. The extra time that they waited would have been countered by the solar flare, which could not have been predicted.


-SG-1 was thrown back in time not because the computer failed in its gravitational calculations, but because a solar flare erupted on the sun the moment that the team passed by it while travelling through the wormhole. This caused the wormhole to "slingshot" around the sun -- a theoretical means of time travel (and, incidentally, the same means used by the crew of the Enterprise in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home").


-For a few seconds, the team appeared to occupy both time periods simultaneously. The time dilation affect of the slingshot around the sun did not take affect until after the wormhole had reconnected to Earth's Stargate. Otherwise, the wormhole would have connected to the boxed-up gate at the military armory in 1969. After SG-1 completed the slingshot, the time dilation took affect.


-Captain Carter warned the team against changing anything in Earth history because of the Grandfather Paradox. This principle states that if you go back in time and kill your own grandfather, you would never be born -- and therefore unable to go back in time to kill your grandfather, in which case you would be born.


The time travel theory that is implied here (and in many science fiction shows) is that alternate universes exist for every moment of time. SG-1 could travel into its own future because somewhere, in some dimension, all the intervening moments had occured. On some "version" of Earth it was decades past 1999. You would not "blink" out of existence if you went back in time and killed your grandfather, because you would be travelling to a different version of reality. The reality from which you come would remain the same (though getting back to it after altering the past would be a problem).


The paradox aside, it should suffice to say that altering the past can have tremendous ramifications on the future.


-O'Neill gave two false names during his interrogation: James T. Kirk and Luke Skywalker. The major who was questioning him was not familiar with Star Trek, which aired from 1966 to 1969 but did not gain widespread popularity until the 1970s. As for Star Wars, it would not hit theaters for another 8 years.


-After the first Abydos mission ("Stargate" the movie), General Hammond asked Carter to explore alternate applications for the Stargate -- including time travel. She determined that if a wormhole came close enough to the sun at the exact moment of a solar flare, the magnetic field of the flare could redirect the wormhole closer to the sun. The increased gravity could slingshot the travellers around the sun and back to Earth.


-General Hammond likely asked Carter to research the potential of using the gate for time travel because he knew that the yet unformed SG-1 would be trapped in 1969, and would need a way home.


-In order to go forward in time instead of backward, Hammond had to locate flares on the opposite side of the sun. This alone does not seem to fit the above time travel theory very well. Not only would the direct line between Earth and P2X-555 have to take the wormhole close to the sun again in 1969, but it would have to do so on the opposite side of the sun in order for the 1969 solar flares to affect the wormhole.





2010 (season 4, episode 416)


Synopsis : It's 2010 and a lot has happened in ten years. The Goa'uld have been defeated and diseases such as cancer have been wiped out. Earth's saviors are an alien race known as the Aschen. Their advanced technology has not only ensured the planet's safety, but it has won them the respect and friendship of all humanity.

In spite of vast medical advancements however, Samantha Carter and her husband Joe are unable to conceive a child. The Aschen doctors insist Samantha is fine, but Dr. Fraiser's tests reveal something very different. The Aschen have been lying all along.

Carter's investigation reveals an insidious plot by the Aschen to wipe out the human race through a process of slow attrition, but dealing with this alien threat seems virtually impossible. The Aschen have become entrenched in Earth society. They hold the reins of power. Challenging them would mean certain defeat. Finally, SG-1 comes to realize that there is still hope…ten years in the past.



Full and better description at this URL:


Here is a short excerpt:


Carter and Fraiser take their discovery to Daniel and Teal'c. With no other option available, Sam conceives of only one way to save the human race from the Aschen: send a message 10 years into the past to prevent the alliance from ever happening.


They've learned how to do it already: use the Aschen computers to predict a solar flare. By dialing the proper Stargate address (taking the wormhole's path close enough to the sun, and on the correct side of the sun) at the proper moment, the flare will cause the wormhole to bend back on itself and return to Earth -- along with a time dilation. The magnitude of the flare will allow them to pinpoint the approximate time in the SGC's history.


Ten years in the past, Hammond orders the iris opened -- and a crumpled piece of paper falls through. The wormhole disconnects, and the team enters the Gate room. O'Neill recognizes his own handwriting and signature, telling them not to go to P4C-970 -- the world where SG-1 was to soon make first contact with the Aschen. Though no other information is given, Hammond orders the destination permanently removed from the dialing computer.


It should be noted first and foremost that, because history has been changed and SG-1 will not make first contact with the Aschen on P4C-970, this future will not come to pass. While some elements may remain unaffected, much of what we learned about SG-1 and the planet Earth after the year 2000 must be rewritten.





2001 (season 5, episode 510)



SG-1 returns from a mission with the best news General Hammond could hear: they've completed the SGC's standing orders to acquire technologies that can defend Earth from the Goa'uld. Though their first mission to P3A-194 revealed only a farming town, the Volians have introduced them to their friends -- a technologically advanced race that wants to establish a treaty with Earth, and share their technology. They are called the Aschen.


The team prepares to return to the planet with an ambassador -- a young man named Joseph Faxon, who will represent Earth's interests and establish formal diplomatic relations with the Aschen. He's a bit out of place, wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase to the farming planet. Samantha Carter likes him right away.


They are met near the Stargate by Borren, a humorless Aschen who greats them coldly and takes them to a transportation platform, which sends Borren, O'Neill, Carter and Ambassador Faxon to one of the massive Aschen harvesters moving a few hundred feet over the surface of the farmlands (which automatically harvest the Volian fields and deliver the crops through the Stargate to the Aschen homeworld).


Dr. Jackson and Teal'c, under orders to "dig a little deeper" and find out more about the Aschen, go to speak with a local villager named Keel. He has nothing but good things to say about the Aschen, telling them that he was even raised by an Aschen family. They use their technology to help the farmers.


On board the harvester, Borren introduces the delegation from Earth to the Aschen ambassador, Molum. He has good news for them: the Aschen offer not only their advanced technology (including a bio-weapon that targets an enemy's specific genetic pattern, and could no doubt win the war against the Goa'uld), but membership in the Aschen Confederation. It is a group of worlds whom the Aschen have united together, and with whom they share technology.


They ask relatively little in return. The Aschen have discovered very few Stargate addresses, and request that Earth shares the secrets of gate travel (addresses obtained from Abydos and the Ancients' library) with them. They also require that any treaty with Earth must be with all of Earth; the Stargate's existence must be revealed to the world.

O'Neill is uneasy with the negotiations, especially when Molum expresses concerns that Earth's population growth is unsustainable.


On Keel's farm, Teal'c and Daniel have offered to remove iron root from the ground. But what they find is a massive iron pillar sticking out of the ground. They partially unbury it and climb down, discovering a huge underground city -- a city far more advanced than the Volians are now. It was equivalent to the United States in the early decades of the 20th century. The Volians have not always been farmers.


O'Neill, Carter and Faxon return to the SGC, where Hammond gives them even more unsettling news. Before they left, Carter programmed the computer to try and pinpoint the location of the Aschen homeworld (using the location of the Volian planet and some assumptions about stellar drift). They were unwilling to divulge the information until after the treaty is signed, as they have no iris or other way of protecting themselves.


Now, the computer has determined that there is a one in four chance that the Aschen homeworld is P4C-970 -- a planet that Hammond ordered locked out of the dialing computer seven months ago, after receiving a note through the Stargate warning them not to go there ("2010"). Blood on the note tested positive as Colonel O'Neill's, and the reigning speculation is that the note was sent from the future.


O'Neill and Carter return to the planet when they learn that Jackson and Teal'c haven't checked in yet. The two have found a series of old newspapers in the library of the buried city. While Daniel can't completely translate the headlines, the photographs speak volumes: one shows a group of rioters.


SG-1 returns to Earth, and Daniel nearly finishes translating -- but there is one word he can't figure out. Shortly after the Aschen arrived, there was a flu pandemic. The Aschen distributed a vaccine that saved them -- but it apparently had a side effect. "Vaccine causes _______" is the headline on the final newspaper, implying that the paper was shut down the very next day.


As Daniel points out, the Volians went from a thriving metropolis of millions to an agrarian civilization of thousands -- after the Aschen supposedly saved them.


With diplomatic efforts proceeding to the next level, Colonel O'Neill decides to visit the President. But when he arrives in Washington, D.C., he is intercepted by Senator Kinsey. He rebuffs Jack's attempts to convince the President not to pursue relations with the Aschen. In fact, Kinsey himself has been put in charge of the final stages of the negotiation -- and expects that this treaty will propel him to the presidency himself. And the supposed "note from the future" be damned.


O'Neill returns to the SGC, defeated. But the team has one more plan: Jackson writes the untranslated word on a piece of paper, and gives it to Sam. Only she will be allowed to accompany Ambassador Faxon to the next meeting with the Aschen, at the order of Senator Kinsey. She takes advantage of the few minutes she has in gate room with Joe to fill him in on the plan.


On board the harvester, Faxon hands Molum a laptop computer -- which contains the Stargate addresses for 10 different worlds, as a gesture of good faith in the continuing negotiations. Molum is quite pleased. But Sam hands the piece of paper to Borren, and asks him to translate the word written on it: "sterility."


Molum is surprised, and realizes that the Aschen plan to conquer Earth has been foiled. Carter confronts him, but he takes the Stargate addresses and leaves her and Joe locked up in the meeting room.


Carter hears the Stargate dialing on the surface below, and sees that they are dialing Earth. She ties a rope to the harvester and repels down, hoping to escape with the ambassador. (The gate is programmed to turn horizontal for the harvester.) The gate is activated and Carter transmits her iris code -- just before she sees a massive bio weapon emerge from the Aschen harvester. She yells up to Joe, telling him to follow her -- but he is struggling with Borren, and tells her to go without him.


Reluctantly, Sam cuts the rope and falls into the Stargate, flying out the other end and ordering the iris closed. The Aschen attack is averted, though Ambassador Faxon is lost.

Kinsey is livid, believing that O'Neill and company deliberately orchestrated events against him. But the team thanks Major Carter for a job well done.





Changing the Future



Could you change the future if you knew the future? No one knows, but in theory you could because of the parallel universes and the Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. If someone invent a time machine and someone goes into the past to kill that guy before he invents his time machine, it is not a paradox (despite what has been said about this) because on a parallel timeline, the guy invented that time machine. You could go in the past and kill your father before you were born because then you only create a different timeline. On the original timeline, you were born from your father.


The movie Time Machine from the novel by H.G. Wells does not go against this idea. He cannot change the past, his girlfriend dies but only because he is the reason why she dies. If he had not been the reason his girlfriend died, he would have been able to prevent her death. By not creating his time machine, she would have not died in the first place. So he could still save her by going in the past and prevent himself from building that machine and hence create a new timeline in which she would not die. Again, it is not a paradox and the machine would exist in the original timeline.


I personally think that the timeline is fluctuating. Not only can the future be changed, but the present and the past also. This is why we have Déjà-Vu and intuition, and that we can change what we know should be happening. It is because time and space are relative, space-time is relative. If time is relative, then the frontier between past, present and future is never really clear. Things in the future can happen before things in the past. And, the future could change the past (intuition and déjà-vu that would make you aware of the future and make you change it). It is justifiable with Einstein's theories of Relativity. This would do a wonderful sci-fi novel… all new bright ideas to be exploited.




In Practical Terms



For example, a character is able to pick up a radio broadcast from the future, a day or a year in the future, and learns that something will happen. The simplest way is for this to happen without any further explanation. Now, if you wish to explain it:


The radio waves of tomorrow are following the geomagnetic field of the Earth that a specific experiment nearby dealing with magnetic fields has distorted. The signals appear to be going into space and coming right back to us one day or one year back. As long as the machine is working, the geomagnetic field will send us the news of tomorrow or next year on that particular radio or TV which might also receive the signals from a satellite in space.


To make it more interesting, the radio or TV just happened to not pick any signal. Instead it is picking up a weird high pitch noise, a bit like a fly buzzing. Your character analyzes this signal on his computer and understands that the signal is going faster than usual, like if the signal was travelling faster than the speed of light (Tachyon particles/Tachyon field, but it is not necessary to mention this). By decelerating the speed of the signal using his computer, he gets the news, but the ones of tomorrow or next year. Now, you can also link this to the machine, the geomagnetic field and the satellite if you wish. 


If you wish to show a little picture on a computer, you could show the geomagnetic field going in space and curving back to us right about where the satellite is. Usually that geomagnetic field goes much further into space before coming back to us. The signal just follows the path of the distorted geomagnetic field.


The signal could also be slowed down following the curvature of space-time due to gravity as stated in Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. Read the section below for more information.




Physics of Time



(From Encarta Reference Library 2003)


Albert Einstein


German American theoretical physicist Albert Einstein publishes his general theory of relativity, which suggests that the universe is curved and adds the dimension of time to the dimensions of height, width, and breadth. It succeeds Newton's theory as the basic explanation of gravitation.


Einstein’s first major contribution to the study of time occurred in 1905, when he introduced his special theory of relativity and showed how time changes with motion. The word relativity derives from the fact that the appearance of the world depends on the observer’s state of motion and is relative to the observer. Today scientists do not see problems of time or motion as absolute with single correct answers. Because time is relative to the speed an observer is traveling, there can never be a clock at the center of the universe to which everyone can set his or her watch. Einstein’s special theory of relativity tell us that an object traveling at high speeds ages more slowly than an object that is not traveling as fast. This means that if a person from Earth were to travel in outer space at a speed close to the speed of light (about 300,000 km per sec or about 186,000 mi per sec), that person could return to Earth thousands of years into Earth’s future.


Time is distorted in regions of large masses, such as stars and black holes. In Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which was introduced in 1916, the very existence of time depends on the presence of space. Einstein’s general theory explains how gravity warps and slows time and why time moves very slightly slower in regions of high gravity, such as near stars, compared to regions of lesser gravity, such as on planets. This time-slowing effect becomes pronounced in regions of extremely high gravity, such as near black holes.



                        Joe Bergeron



Dragging Space and Time


The results of two studies announced in early November 1997 provide unprecedented support for “frame-dragging,” a concept predicted by physicist Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity. Frame-dragging describes how massive objects actually distort space and time around themselves as they rotate. One of the studies examined frame-dragging around black holes, an example of which is shown here in an artist's conception.


Microsoft ® Encarta ® Reference Library 2003. © 1993-2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.







Is this a Real Message from the Future?



The following emails used to be on the website I did a search and I could not find it anywhere anymore. I have decided to put it here online because this is very clever and I think it would do a great film. I am thinking about writing the scenario.



The E-Mail INBOX


From: "Roan Carratu" (

To: "Art Bell" (

Subject: Strange Email

Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 03:52:55 -0600

X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.50.4522.1200

I received this as an email with no sender address. I thought I had better send it to you. Interestingly, the message had these words at the top of it, just as you see them.

Dear Art Bell,

This message will get to you on Saturday, May 19, 2001. We send it from the date, your calendar, January 2, 6451. To send this, the energy released from the dissolution of a galactic black hole caused a micro-puncture in time sidescales for nineteen milliseconds. Eleven thousand sixteen uninhabited star systems vaporized in order to send this message. We are inducing a packet distortion in the email band of your internet to send this message in that media. We send this message exactly as our history shows it was sent, in the words recorded in your time.


The events between the year 2001 and 2005 determine the future of the whole planet and the Human species component of the biosphere. Analysis of that time in history shows the beginning development of Human awareness of it's niche in the ecology of First Planet. The result transforms the Human species from a rogue species into the planetary nervous system it has become on all the planets it has terraformed since then. This period, between 2001 and 2005, is the most important period of all Human history.

All previous moments of time pivot the moments beyond that time. The results create the multitudes of side scales of time, each time scale proceeding from a different moment in the total actions of every component of the biosphere on that world. All the two hundred trillion side scales from that period in history, between 2001 and 2005, your calendar, show no life surviving on First Planet, with no expansion to the thousands of solar systems now occupied in our single primary side scale.

Therefore, only our primary scale of time can send this message back, and this message is pivot for our primary time scale's existence. And therefore, the words in this message are necessary for the survival of the Ecology of First Planet and it's Human component, during that crucial time. This reason alone motivated the Humans now to create this message to send it into our ancient past, to your time.

The words needed for survival are: Humanity is Universe being aware of itself, and specifically, the ecology of First Planet being aware of itself. Most of the conceptuality common to Human society has no survival value. Almost everything Human's think and do have a destructive result in the future of First Planet. Whole systems of thought, commonly effecting Human behavior in your period of history, exist as commonly held delusions and do not reflect Human relationship with itself or the planetary ecology. Some of these are: Politics, Government, Economics, Formal Organized Education, and Military.

Most concepts of individuality do not reflect the reality of interdependence, and causes a blindness to the value of other human beings and the ecology. Since Humanity exists as a primary component of an ecology, originating within it, surviving through it, learning everything from it, and flourishing only in a healthy environment, the change in consciousness dissolving the previously mentioned conceptual delusions creates the actions which allows our single time scale to come into existence.

Please allow us to exist. You would like it. There is no war, no hunger, no ignorance, no disease or death, and maximum individual freedom possible. It is not a Utopia, but certainly our problems do not threaten existence or a viable future.

The oldest known Human is two thousand fifty six First Planet years old, and climbs the highest mountain on Second Planet every year. You called it Mars. She headed the task group which dismantled the abandoned orbital city around First Planet six hundred years ago. Her remotest known direct ancestor came from an area of the African sub-continent known as the Gold Coast, from a mud hut village rebuilt and modernized by the Planetary Effort in 2017.

Between 2027 through 2104 in multitudes of other side scales, Mass Extinction Events eliminate the biosphere, some from asteroids, some from diseases, and most from the nuclear, biological, and chemical result of social dissolution on the planetary ecology. In our ancient history, carefully retained through electronic records, an Asteroid in 2030 is diverted by a mass effort of the Human component of First Planet, and our primary scale proceeds from that time. But the seeds of that mass effort comes from the period 2001 through 2005, and this message read on the Art Bell show to a mass population, according to our historical records.

We realize we exist as a result of a temporal paradox. But if it takes the destruction of a galaxy and a temporal paradox to create what we have now, we consider the result worth it.




UPDATE: Posted 6/11/2001

From: Roan Carratu (
To: bill levine
Cc: Art Bell


Bill Levine, I am sending you what I have sent others who have emailed me about that message.


As the person who received the message in my email and then sent it to Art Bell, I think some explanations are in order as to what this message is all about. Or what I think it was all about.


I was on my computer, on-line, with several programs running at once, including my email program, when my system crashed. It happens about every day, so I didn't worry about it, just rebooted it. Since it happens most frequently when my email program was running in the background, I checked to see if I had gotten some email.


I found one email, badly degraded with high ascii characters. The sender address and the path data were all scrambled, and there was high ascii spread through the message, although sparsely. The email had an attachment, which I immediately deleted, as is my policy.


Reading some of the message, I cut and pasted it into my Word program and deleted the email completely. I then cleaned the message up in Word, by context, and realized it was a neat little time travel paradox sci-fi story, addressed to Art Bell. I then sent it to him. None of the words in the message came from me. I still expect to receive a message from the author, saying 'heheheh I wrote it!'. I never once thought it was really from the future, and I never expected Art Bell to put it up on his website or read it on air.


Since some of the concepts within the message obviously came from my website, I thought it might be a form of attack. I thought the sci-fi story was to get me to open the attachment and then sent it and the attachment to Art Bell, thereby infecting both our systems with a virus or Trojan. Since I don't accept the concept of 'branching time lines' from decisions and actions, and 'time paradox', I never considered the message to be from the future, assuming the author had gotten those ideas from Star Trek.


The other ideas come from my own 40 year individual investigation into Universe, which are on my website. Where the message came from is a mystery, but I'm of the opinion it came from someone in our time, regardless of their reasons for sending it.


Below are the paragraphs from the message which summarize ideas from articles and essays on my website:


"The words needed for survival are: Humanity is Universe being aware of itself, and specifically, the ecology of First Planet being aware of itself. Most of the conceptuality common to Human society has no survival value. Almost everything Human's think and do have a destructive result in the future of First Planet. Whole systems of thought, commonly effecting Human behavior in your period of history, exist as commonly held delusions and do not reflect Human relationship with itself or the planetary ecology. Some of these are: Politics, Government, Economics, Formal Organized Education, and Military."


"Most concepts of individuality do not reflect the reality of interdependence, and causes a blindness to the value of other human beings and the ecology. Since Humanity exists as a primary component of an ecology, originating within it, surviving through it, learning everything from it, and flourishing only in a healthy environment, the change in consciousness dissolving the previously mentioned conceptual delusions creates the actions which allows our single time scale to come into existence."


I will happily answer any questions about them, of course. Whoever wrote these paragraphs did a good job of summarizing a lot of my words on my website. I too think we are at the cusp of our evolutionary development, and agree with the writer that the next decade might well determine Human species viability for survival.



-Roan Carratu



* * *




A message from Future Generations


The only other message from the future I found on the Internet was this:


A message From Future Generations. Allen Tough.


Perhaps the book did not come from the future but was instead written by Allen Tough, still I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt (I want to believe!).



* * *




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