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Wormhole in El Cerro del Pueblo?

 by Roland Michel Tremblay


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Here is an event that took place some months ago in Mexico near Chihuahua and the famous Zone of Silence. UFOs coming out of a hill that turns out to be one of the most important deposit of barite, a barium bearing mineral that exhibits more gravity than any other mineral with no metallic constituent elements with the exception of uranitite. Could this be the manifestation of a wormhole, inter-dimensional window or something science fiction has not yet thought of? The science that could explain some of this is discussed in the reports: Time Travel and Parallel Universes.


Roland Michel Tremblay





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Picture of barite samples from El Cerro del Pueblo


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Fault Section Picture

This is a lower section of the fault at El Cerro del Pueblo whereby am planning to commence drilling and explosives. My brother in law Ramon is at right hand of the picture, the mayor of Villa Lopez at the center and my brother in law Raymundo " Nuno" who witnessed the sighting with me. They are looking at the length of the fault.


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Sierra de Chupaderos

This is a sort of oasis at the entrance of La Zona del Silencio and at the foot of the Sierra de Chupaderos whereby we found a small crater that we dug it out to recover a 500 grams iron - nickel meteorite fragment, that's all that was left after the crash of a probably bigger object.

Ramon is behind me and Nuno at the left, am the one with the sunglasses, Benjamin took this picture.

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Iron Nickel Meteorite

This is the meteorite fragment with a wheel grounded side. I did polish it afterwards and it looks great but my camera is not currently working so for now, this is the only picture I have of this specimen.


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Iron Nickel Meteorite 2

I also included a picture of a smaller iron but mostly nickel meteorite I found near the salt mine of Benjamin, kind of far from Sierra de Chupaderos. It is the small piece (on top of the larger rock not meteoric) with white - silvery couple of grinded areas. The other two, also from the area are at a lab of a friend in Arizona for XRD and probe analyses.


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----- Original Message -----
To: 'Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce'
Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 9:08 PM
Subject: RE: Wormholes / Barite

Dear Mr. Gonzalez Ponce,

Thank you very much for sending me this email, I truly appreciate it. For the last few hours I have been surfing my Encarta Reference Library for Villa López, Barite/Barium and other things. I find this whole email fascinating. I am very pleased you have found my website. As there are not many sites talking about wormholes, many people searching the subject find my website. It would be my pleasure to put your email online. It is like a first proof of what I am talking about in my reports and also ideas to explore in order to achieve new revolutions in science. Would that be OK to you if I were to add your email online? And if so, do I need to hide your name and email address? Thank you for letting me know.

Now, please read below, I have some questions. When I speak it starts with "---" and it is in red.


Roland Michel Tremblay


-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 08 January 2003 18:34
Subject: Wormholes

Dear Mr. Tremblay,

While on my search for a scientific locale that would be interested on in assisting to try to identify a phenomena I witnessed along with others near the village of Villa Lopez, Chihuahua in the semi - desertic areas of northern Mexico I came across with intrinsically related aspects of some of your works to the matter at hand and decided to contact you in the hope that you may be willing to steer us in the right direction.

---Well, I do hope I can help you, hopefully my questions might bring you ideas to consider. Also, if I put your email online, we might get other people to respond or report similar events.

The sighting that I witnessed took place on the evening of July 6, 1999, but at that time due to lack of factual evidence other than eyewitnesses I decided not to report such incident, and not that I have now such evidence per se, however an additional recent sighting along with current developments at the location regarding possible evidentiary remnants / causes of such event prompted me to further investigation.



This event occurred at 8pm when across the valley where we live, and at a distance of approximately 1.5 km from an alfalfa crop field where I was that night I noticed a growing white cloud, apparently emanating from the highest point - some 45 meters - of a single out hill - "El Cerro del Pueblo", at that point I called my brother in law and a friend that were loading a truck with alfalfa bales and they suggested to be probably water vapor rising. Nonetheless in less than 4 minutes the "cloud" increased its brightness and size to a height comparable to that of the hill from which top it seem to be emanating, achieving some 40+ meters high and 35+ meters across, subsequently the cloud began to shape as a sort of a halo until attained a firm consistency outlining an oval ringed shape sort of an egg upside down with its narrowed angle apparently attached to the top of the hill and that's when I was able to notice that more of the white gas infusion continue on a spiral motion to feed this oval from the bottom all the way to the upper ringed formation that surrounded a blackish - blue core; by that time the brightness illuminated the valley all the way to my van, when suddenly five small objects emerged from the blackish core of the oval ring at a speed of approximately 100 kph, the size of each of these were no larger than a motorcycle and the leading object was bright yellow while the following four objects were bright deep red, however we were unable to discern their shapes, next, they left on a southwesterly direction and the cloud ringed formation decreased its brightness and dissolved. We heard no noises or felt any heat during this event and other than the visual effects everything was carried out in silence. The whole incident as described in this paragraph, from the beginning to end took 15 minutes.

The next day I went to the store of the village ( 1000 pop.) with my brother in law to buy cattle feed and spoke with some farmers that were talking about the phenomena which had been seen at the village 5 km southwest from El Cerro del Pueblo. That afternoon we went to El Cerro del Pueblo and climbed to the top of the hill to examine the area and search for traces but found nothing unusual. The day after I called a geologist friend of mine at the University of Chihuahua and asked him to send me his Geiger counter but he had lent it to his students that were searching for carnotite specimens in Sonora, so that was that with the whole incident.



A month later I returned to California to resume my business and to acquire mining equipment for my mining operations near Villa Lopez in Mexico and in August of 2001 during a phone conversation with my wife who was in Villa Lopez, Chihuahua, she indicated that a sighting occurred again at El Cerro del Pueblo and that my brother in law and others reported the incident to the newspaper agency in the city of Parral 85 km from Villa Lopez but that no investigation was ever carried out.

---You mean that there was no investigation either by the Newspapers or the Authorities? Do you believe that it is because they don’t have the resources, or they did not believe you, or they have been told perhaps to leave this alone, like if they knew already?



At my return to Mexico on November 2, 2001, I resumed my exploration, prospecting and mining of metallics and non - metallics at my mining grounds 35 km from town and in September of 2002 a farmer friend of mine - Juan - brought me some white heavy rocks indicating that he had collected them behind El Cerro del Pueblo. After I did some physical testing to the rocks I told him that the specimens were massive white barite and asked him to take me to where he had found them. I examined in detail the area of the barite source and noticed that occurred right at a crack of a well defined fault that continues directly to the highest part of the hill some 250 meters from the foot of the hill.

---How big is that crack? Could the ships come from underground via that crack, or more likely that crack is exerting some strong magnetic fields, which linked with higher gravity from the barite, could somehow permits travel from very long distances, perhaps even from somewhere else in the universe (though it could be from some another place on the planet)? It could help to open a wormhole, but also just to warp space in order to permit instant travel from somewhere else. Even perhaps travel from that location to the same location but in a different time period. It would be interesting to check the age of the barite, and see if some of them are much older than others. It would also be interesting to try to estimate the age of other rocks and things right where you have seen the strange phenomena and compare. Gravity could be used to change the rate at which time runs (relatively speaking). In theory speed or gravity are the two things that could help you invent a time machine and travel in time.

I sent samples of the barite to a geolab in Chihuahua city for plasma analyses to determine barium contents with findings of 98.07% BaSO4, and specific gravity of 4.47, and such purity of the barite was confirmed by XRD implemented by a friend of mine at the mineralogy department of the Museum Victoria in Melbourne.

---I read that 4.47 for the gravity of barite is normal, but what about a content of 98.07% of Barium? What is it usually? Are there any other elements that could provide more gravity than barite? And if so, why do you think barite was chosen instead of that other element? Probably because there is a big deposit right there. If other elements have a higher gravity than barite, are there any big deposits of those elements somewhere in the world? Would that be possible? Could satellites help detect any big deposit of any element exerting strong gravity?

---As well, is it normal to find barite and barium like this in nature? Would you say it was artificially created? And if so, why could someone want to create that? And if it is natural, why would someone want to use that? (Could you please extend your answers to everything that could come to mind, not only in relation to wormholes/gravity ideas? What are the different uses emanating from something that exerts more gravity than usual? For example anti-gravity devices, it could help ships to fly in the air without too much energy and without noise. Anti-gravity devices could also be used to distort space and time.)

On the other hand, testing results of the shale hosting the barite deposit and gypsum along with identified Permian fossilized gasteropoda and other benthic as well as other geochemical singularities indicated symmetric analogies as a whole to those of the Mississippian Stanley shale / limestones in Arkansas hosting sedimentary exhalative massive barite deposits ranging between 900 thousand m/t to 12 million m/t and averaging 1.25 million m/t. While am still in the process of quantifying the barite deposit under El Cerro del Pueblo and I haven't yet determine its true volume, so far based upon our exploratory activities I agreed with geologist surveyors that preliminary estimates is that of above one million m/t, and based upon our measurements and calculations the core within the grid of the massive barite deposit appears to lay right directly underneath the top of the hill of El Cerro del Pueblo. This site seen from afar appears to be sunken due to its own weight within the valley's fabric.

-----So, are you saying that this could be one of the most important deposits of barite in the world? And that to your knowledge there is another one in Arkansas? Do you know of such deposits at some other places, like in England for example (since I am in London, it would be practical for me).



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The importance of all this elaboration is that aside the mundane industrial utilization of barium, the facts of being a current irreplaceable element for the obtention of radium - U - 235, its X -ray and gamma radiation shielding applications,

-----So, barium is necessary to create radium and radium can shield radiation. So not only we need to explore the fact that barite could be used to create more gravity, but also it can be used to shield from radiation, and perhaps even more. If you were to travel in a wormhole or at any great speed in space, there might be a lot of things you might want to protect yourself against, not only radiation. There could be other particles you might want to protect yourself against if for example there were too many or you were going too fast. I suppose that in order to create the amount of energy necessary to open a wormhole or warp space could very well be radioactive. Strong magnetic fields alone can have very bad effects on people and technology, you could use barite to shield yourself from all these.

and as an oxygen getter for vacuum applications, the relatively recent discovery of the additional wide spectrum of barium properties that have proven essential to superconductors as well as laser, and other barium plasma array of exotic applications, which among other materials currently in the designing board to achieve viable means of space exploration,

----Could we be dealing with time travel here? Could people in the future might want to come here to get barite or use barite in order to travel in time? You know, space travel would also give us the chance to travel in time, as time is relative and changing with speed and gravity. A little trip around the sun at very high speed could already cause a twin in that rocket to come back younger than his brother who stayed on earth (special relativity concepts).

coupled with the fact that; because of the cohesive integrity of a massive baritic deposit of the type here described and its high specific weight constrained within a relatively small realm which, probably represents one of the highest gravity concentrations known on earth along with not yet identified possible particular properties of the barite type and its chemical and other type of interactions at the site, may have played a major set of circumstances or as a whole for the positioning of a naturally occurring or manufacturing of such gateway and, even more speculatively but not improbable to ponder that it may had not been negative energy after all, but antimatter such as antibarium - 137A Ba in the spot conversion as the exotic fueling dynamics for its creation evidentiated by perhaps plasma display when we witnessed that incremented its ring luminosity while feeding of material / chemicals in two separated occasions during the sightings at the same determined and specific location.

----Wormholes connect two different points in space, but also possibly two different times. If really they would have discovered a way to use a wormhole or a similar theoretical solution to travel anywhere, than these people could very well be travelling in time as well. The idea of using antimatter instead of negative energy to open a wormhole is very interesting, antimatter is a bit like negative energy, it could perhaps play the same role? Here is a definition of antimatter from Encarta:

---“Antimatter, matter composed of elementary particles that are, in a special sense, mirror images of the particles that make up ordinary matter as it is known on earth. Antiparticles have the same mass as their corresponding particles but have opposite electric charges or other properties related to electromagnetism. For example, the antimatter electron, or positron, has opposite electric charge and magnetic moment (a property that determines how it behaves in a magnetic field), but is identical in all other respects to the electron. The antimatter equivalent of the chargeless neutron, on the other hand, differs in having a magnetic moment of opposite sign (magnetic moment is another electromagnetic property). In all of the other parameters involved in the dynamical properties of elementary particles, such as mass, spin, and partial decay, antiparticles are identical with their corresponding particles.”

---There is also this possibility that antimatter meeting matter could provide the energy that would be needed to open a wormhole or, like in Star Trek, to warp space.



At this juncture some of the ideas we have in this regard is to pinpoint the center of the gravitational core of the baritic deposit by airborne and ground gravimetric measurements to enter the exact coordinates in relation with the positioning of the earth within the cosmos at the date and time the sightings occurred,

---Why? Why did you decide that this could be a good idea? Because I thought of a similar idea in one of the reports I wrote about Time Travel:  

---Idea 4: Travelling in Time

---I had some more ideas that could be interesting. My idea of the experiment does not stop you from linking more than two times together, and eventually have a control over this in order to travel through time and eventually, perhaps, travel at some other places. Using a telescope we can review what is the universe, its scale and life story. We should also get to know where stars, planets and galaxies are and where we are in our own galaxy the Milky Way. They could be finding a way to travel in time by figuring out the speed at which the solar system is going at right now, and the speed it was going at during these different periods in history they wish to go to. They would figure that out by looking at all the other solar systems and galaxies, the gravity that has been exerted on our solar system, and finding a way to calculate these things. Remember, the rate at which time is ticking is calculated using the speed we are travelling at in space and the gravity surrounding us at a given time. You can link your time to another one if somehow you can adjust your gravity and your speed, this will affect your time and could correspond to another period of time in the past or the future. This is at the root of all the phenomena like déjà-vu and premonition. Past, present and future are not linear, we are living on a fluctuating timeline.

however scientific researchers and theoreticians in the field of barium exotic properties to plot models of antibarium perhaps manufactured with barium bearing material from the sightings to seek its potential feasibility for such feat along with astrophysicists, specifically with expertise within the realm of wormholes research would be the needed factors for the design of theoretical strategies to try to unravel the nature, charting, origin and destiny of the phenomena at El Cerro del Pueblo.

-----This is quite an undertaking and certainly exciting project. I hope my ideas will be of help and that you will keep me posted on any ideas the people you are in contact with might provide. If there is anything I can do to help, I would certainly not hesitate. You have to know though that I do not have a degree in any scientific subject (I have a Master degree in French Literature). Everything I know is self taught, I have read many books on a lot of subjects. So unfortunately there are limits to what I can do for you. Still, I believe I can be of help. My first rule is: whatever you think something might be, it could be something completely different. I mean also that if you think they might be using barite for this or this reason, it could be something else that is not so evident that we could not really understand at first sight. I will forward this email to two people I know who might be of help. One is a very good geologist in Québec (Canada) who worked in many places in the world, and the other is a very bright Theoretical physicist in Northern Ireland. I will see what they think of all this and report back to you if they answer me.

While the odds against achieving relevant findings concerning any level of the nature of this kind with the resources listed here could be staggering, we strongly believe that it would be a grave error to overlook this matter and not to seriously examine it and thoroughly investigate it in a pursuit of the possibility of having a glimpse to a situation withholding unmatched parallels and fantastic implications that most likely were not meant to be uncovered and stand within the reach of our grasp for quiet long time from now, perhaps more time that we could ever think - if ever. And so, we are resolved to exhaust any means to convey these facts to the scientific community to possibly avoid a loss of unthinkable magnitude for us all.

Should you be interested in this project or know someone that would, please contact me at (629) 534 0171 or email:

Sincerely, Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce
Minas Peñascudo
Villa Lopez, Chihuahua, Mexico

---I found a website about a crashed UFO in Missouri. They made an analysis of the metals and other elements they found. Not being a geologist, I cannot see what you could possibly find interesting. Perhaps you should look at their weird findings and see if you could find the same things at your own search sites:

---I also found some time ago a website talking about wormholes on Earth (or at the very least vortex, so click on the first link called Vortex). They found weird places like yours, they are under investigation, sort of doorways/portals that have been used… it could be interesting to find out if anything reported there could be linked to your experiences:  

----Thank you very much for answering my questions, and please let me know if I can put your email online, and also, if we do exchange many emails, could I put online all of our correspondence?

Kind regards,
Roland Michel Tremblay



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-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 10 January 2003 01:45
Subject: Re: Wormholes / Barite

Dear Mr. Tremblay,

I thank you very much for your answering my email. It is 6.50 pm. here and just returned from out of town gathering some mining equipment at a repair shop.

By tomorrow at the latest, I'll have a full set of answers to your important questions, specially the possible implications you pondered in such regard.

I hope you'll be patient with my lengthy descriptions but I believe all data surrounding the matter at hand require detailed and close examination.

As for putting my email online along with my name and our correspondence please do, it is to our advantage to disseminate as much as possible all this information to increase our chances in a quest of such importance for all of us as a whole.


Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce - Alberto
Minas Peñascudo
Villa Lopez, Chihuahua, Mexico, (629) 534 0171, email:



-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: 13 January 2003 01:32
To: 'Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce'
Subject: RE: Wormholes, where do they come from?
Importance: High



Sorry for taking some time to answer you, I needed the time and the predisposition. I will try to answer your questions below.

Your first question in the subject of this email is: Wormholes, where do they come from?

They could form (in theory) naturally where space get really distorted like for example in the middle of a black hole. The principle is the same as the water going down in the hole of a sink. In theory, with a lot of energy, you could open one.

In the first instance I have to admit to you that they are a theoretical concept only and they are far from being proven. In fact, before the movie Contact we could not even think of a way for us to use them to go somewhere. The author of the book Contact is Carl Sagan and he contacted some theoretical physicists like Kip Thorne. Thorne had some sort of freedom in creating his wormhole because he did not have to be limited to our actual knowledge of science. Aliens with a superior knowledge were sending the signals and an even older civilization created the wormholes in which Jodie Foster travels to another system. Today if you were to assemble a team and tell them that you have a billion dollars to spend for them to create a wormhole, they probably could not do it. This is not discouraging because one great revolution in Physics is all we need to open up the doors to wormholes. For example, if we ever find a way to tap into huge sources of energy, like the very promising Zero Point Energy that I mention in my report Parallel Universes, then we will be one step closer to opening a wormhole.

This said theoretically there are very good reasons to believe that these wormholes exist and that they could be use to travel. Even better, we do not have to limit ourselves to what Kip Thorne said about his wormholes because we do not know much about the forms that wormholes could take and how they would operate.

At the moment it is believed that in the middle of each galaxy there could be a giant black hole sucking everything in like in a sink. All the stuff, planets, stars, etc., would be going right in the middle and could be falling into a wormhole and spat back into another universe, perhaps a parallel universe, or perhaps in our universe but somewhere else. With a sufficient amount of energy you could open a wormhole without the need for a black hole, you could connect two places in the universe by warping space. Here is what I say in my report Time Travel:


The universe is like a sheet of rubber all distorted depending on the speed you are travelling at and the gravity surrounding you. It is not something linear or anything like what you are seeing when you look at the sky. It is all bumpy, and if a star is massive enough, gravity surrounding it is great, making a curvature in space, and eventually a hole if it is massive enough. Theoretically, a huge amount of energy could open a hole in space and bring you somewhere else in the universe instantly, because the universe is so weirdly shaped that if two places are really distorted the configuration of the universe could link those two places together. Now, if you could somehow control this with some future technology, you could open wormholes even if most likely you would be crushed.


Negative Mass or Exotic Matter

is needed for Wormholes


Negative mass and exotic matter are theoretical concepts. In my mind, the negative is not exactly negative. It becomes negative (which is impossible according to science, but science foresaw its existence and they cannot explain it) only because they wish to stick to Einstein. The mass in the universe is also relative and changing from your point of view. And if the mass of an object becomes negative it is only a perception. It means that basically the object is to be seen at another scale, a scale that the limitation of the speed of light cannot really show us. Anything going faster than the speed of light cannot be seen by us, it then becomes Exotic Matter or of a Negative Mass, because it appears to exist even though we cannot see it. So the missing mass of the universe, or Dark Matter, is not really missing, it is there, we just don't see it. (These are my ideas from my own theories, no one else would tell you something like that. The Missing Mass is one of the Grail quests of physics.)  

I remember reading in the Star Trek Technical book that they invented some sort of Exotic Matter to maintain their wormhole open (since this is impossible to justify in the actual science of today). Ok, as I mentioned about the negative mass, it is something you would need in order for a wormhole to be stable and stay open. The thing is, that exotic matter with a negative mass (that may have existed at the time of the Big Bang) is just as theoretical than the wormholes themselves. So, in my own theory of how the wormhole is possible, I don't get into this negative energy, because it is impossible to justify.

You would need it to keep it open, but you don't really need to talk about it (they don't on Star Trek Deep Space Nine or barely as the Aliens inside are how the wormhole exist and can be used). One way or the other, you cannot really say that the experiment created exotic matter of a negative mass, no one knows how such things could be created, and it would be very difficult if not impossible to create as much as is needed for a big wormhole. That is why they were hoping to find it in a natural state in nature. But that has not happened yet. Please read in my report something I found on the Internet and that is clear about the subject. The section is called Articles about Wormholes.

My idea is that times are co-existing. Now, some sort of wormhole (or Einstein-Rosen bridge, if you wish to use a synonym) could connect two times already co-existing. Even though I would prefer to talk about the amount of energy necessary to create one, instead of the negative mass. Also because negative mass of exotic matter is only one solution to create a wormhole, there are some others. So ultimately you could forget that hypothetical mass or exotic matter, but you would still need a huge amount of energy in any case.

As well, if two times are co-existing already, there is not really any need for this negative mass, because it is obvious that naturally we have reached a breakthrough in science that can connect different times without the use of those impossible wormholes (which, REMEMBER!!!, need to be created artificially in the first place!!!). 1) You need to maintain your wormhole artificially. 2) You need that hypothetical exotic matter. 3) You need a lot of it.

So I would use wormholes if you need them, because who knows, it could be possible that such a manifestation could permit shifting between two times when the two times are not exactly and completely co-existing together, but I would forget the actual theoretical way of explaining how these wormholes are possible. Because from my point view and according to my theories, they would be something different than the normal way of explaining what they are. My wormholes are not your usual Contact (Kip Thorne) wormhole. It is some sort of manifestation of the shift between two co-existing and different times. Now, you can show that the way you want, but you need to be careful about how you explain it. As I said before, they are not needed. And believe me, it is easier for you to explain everything without using Contact wormholes explanation.


Wormholes connecting two different points

in space and time


Spacetime can bend in order for two points in space and time to be linked together. In this case it is less a bending of the timeline than a problem in the balance of the gravity surrounding the Earth in two different times in history. As well the Speed at which the solar system is going at in those two particular times, and the geomagnetic fields of the Earth getting involved with the magnetic fields of the experiment. These are your means to tell the story you wish to portray.

And I have plenty more ideas that could be explored. Like communication between two worlds (the one of the past and the one of the present), transportation via shifts and will, discovery of other times than those two, understanding why those two particular times are linked together and therefore, by calculating the actual gravity and speed of the solar system, you could in theory link your time to another one and have your own time machine. Anti-gravity is another possibility, I will have to get back to you about how to proceed about this and how it could be incorporated in a story. As well, all the idea of modifying the timeline or affecting future events whilst in the past. Even more interesting, the déjà-vu.


Wormholes Facts vs. Science Facts


Since using wormholes are not exactly proven science, your guess about how they work is as good as mine. Since Contact, wormholes can exist. If you can produce more energy than we can today, like an enormous amount of energy, you can. That is why the knowledge of these aliens was essential, because we cannot do that today. The problem is that you would need to generate the wormhole artificially. I cannot really think how it could happen by itself, and grab the right people at a convenient time. If you wish to go along with a vortex and a wormhole, it would be more difficult to see it as a natural phenomenon and harder to justify using my explanation of the experiment. Playing around with natural phenomena like magnetic fields would not really create vortex and wormholes. In fact, nothing could create such things unless you do a leap of faith like in Contact: a lot and a lot of energy could open a hole, no more explanation necessary. Like in Contact, they say that we do not truly understand the alien technology, we can just guess. Don't forget that the wormholes, the corridors, had to be created and built by an even older civilization (it cannot be natural).


The bottom line on wormholes is that you need a huge amount of energy to construct one. You would need to manipulate energy billions of times larger than what we can generate today. Nice fact, it would be 1019 billion electron volts.




So, José Alberto, don’t be discouraged by what I wrote here. Definitely you witness something and it could be a wormhole or an inter-dimensional window or something else that could somehow connect two points in space. It is not because we don’t know about the technology that could permit this that it is impossible. From the fact that you are providing someone out there might put 2 and 2 together and realize how this could be done.


Please read below for more answers.



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-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 11 January 2003 02:05
Subject: Wormholes, where do they come from?


Dear Mr. Tremblay,


The answers to you questions in the order you formulated them are:




No, there wasn't any sort of investigation nor even an inquiry from the newspapers or state authorities regarding my brother in law and others report of the sightings, which in a way It was not that surprising after all because of the following facts; the small village of Villa Lopez is located  within the middle of arid and semi-desertic areas of northern Mexico,- the relatively recent paving of a road that connects this community of barely 1000 with a main highway elevated its status from being "in the middle of nowhere" to "somewhere" relates to the struggle to maintain a fragile economy above survival levels based upon fighting against the desertic lands for farming and ranching, not only by the ones living in this town but the whole region at large which is reflected in the menu of the limited media services provided by  one newspaper agency, one TV and two radio stations located 85 km from here covering some 20,000 square km. whereby local news prioritize economic matters including politics and the like well above the sightings of incomprehensible nature (not for anyone for that matter) for populations unfortunately averaging educational levels below fifth grade.


----If you are in power and some citizens report to you that there could be a significant threat to your people, no matter how weird or how far it is, I should think they would at least send someone to investigate. UFO sightings are also a hot topic for newspapers, whether the journalist believe the witnesses or not. I find that weird that such report can leave everyone indifferent especially if it is within their reach to go and investigate. But I believe you are right in what you are saying, I am not surprised that they would not do anything about it, if they believe it at all.

----We are living in a weird world where even if you had managed to film what you said, people might still doubt. I myself have no reason to doubt you, and a significant amount of people have witnessed weird events like yours and another significant percentage do believe in Unidentified Flying Objects, even if no one has any idea what they could be. I have myself watched many television programs about witnesses telling us what they saw in order to figure out some great new technology that we do not have. There was this engineer that apparently worked somewhere in the desert in the US, back engineering some space ships. What he is telling us about the anti-gravity devices and other details are quite fascinating even if somehow this was an elaborate hoax. It even inspired me some ideas in my reports.


An item related to cosmic events that made it to the news was that of "The Meteorite of Allende" in 1969, that occurred 15 km west of Villa Lopez, mainly because it represented an economical "gift from the sky" whereby large numbers of farmers instead of farming dedicated their time and efforts to collect meteorite fragments and selling them for an average price of half dollar per gram - so far they collected and sold almost 3 tons of it.


---This is very funny, I have to say. Could this be related to what you witness? I am not certain. Perhaps some other people reading this might know more about meteorite and what they could bring to a location where they fell. I do think though that what you witnessed happened because of the barite/barium deposit, and I do not know how we could connect this to the meteorite. And the barite is either used for its gravity effect or its protective shield qualities, or perhaps somehow as a source of energy. The real question might be: has anyone in the past ever witnessed what you witnessed? Like perhaps 50 years ago, 100 years ago? Talking with the people who lives around there or lived there in the past might be a good idea. It would prove two things, either if this is used to travel in time, or at the very least it could establish how long this mountain has been used this way, whatever it is that happened in those occasions when you were there.

---The thing is, some other related cosmic events might have happen but no one was there to witness it or never told anyone except perhaps close relatives. I have seen a UFO when I was young, I explained what I saw to other people but no one ever showed any interest and I don’t think anyone believed me. My father claims he saw two UFOs when he was young, it certainly is something common even though I have to say that perhaps in many cases they are identified objects. In my case it was quite impressive, the object went from one side of the sky to the other almost instantly and it multiplied itself on the way there, as if going faster than the speed of light. Then the yellow light stopped and almost instantly disappeared to the north (at a 90 degrees angle). The ship was moving by going somewhere faster than light, had the time to stop and then went away in another direction. My friend saw it to. I am not sure what it could have been, a natural lightning event? Perhaps, but a weird one, that’s for sure.

---I don’t suppose there is always someone near El Cerro del Pueblo to check if the event happens again? Cameras should be placed, or even perhaps some scientific equipment to find out if something happens, like perhaps a photo-electric gadget that could register a significant change in light. Unfortunately I would not be the right person to build such a device, but it could be cheap and effective to find out the frequency at which those strange events are taking place.





Regarding the "crack" behind El Cerro del Pueblo, its an approximately 4 meters wide by 250 meters long external feature which original craggy outlines have been mostly softened by perhaps eons of water, wind, climate and other factors filling the external surface  portions of the crack in all its length  with debris and as seen from afar it resembles the folding of a hill, however at close it is noticeable that a rapture had taken place at the meeting of both sides of the hill whereby the continuity of the strata has been disrupted and moved in two directions; this is, the eastern part of the hill has moved south and downwards and the western side north and upwards, hence as surfaced portion of a fault or a small one. While no tectonic but only perhaps generic cratonic mapping of this parts is available (PEMEX, Mexico's state owned oil company), the depth and internal extents of such fault, and its geological structural workings including electromagnetic field(s), its "natural" origin and age could be assessed by gravitational, electromagnetic and infrared measurements, along with geochemical and radio isotopic analyses of remnant geochemical signatures of hydrothermal levels of salinities and acidities as well as traces  in its mineralogy of geothermal past and current exhalative activities.


---If you have any photos that could help us visualize this, please email or mail them to me. It would help me and other visitors to the website to get a better idea. I have a lot of space on my server and I have a good scanner. Don’t worry about how big the files are, my email address can take it and I have a very fast ADSL connection. I also have Winzip if you wish to zip the files.


As for the age of the baritic deposit at El Cerro del Pueblo and its surroundings, the initial approach was that of matching analog deposits type, which it gave me a variety of geological settings of the sort all the way from Alaska, Canada and in the United States whereby ages of baritic deposits hosted by carbonaceous grayish - black shale / limestones range from early archean - near 3.8 billion years ago to the Mississippian some 250 million years ago, and while by no means there is a baritic deposit or any other kind of mineral deposit equal, the ones so far with more analogies and similarities are those of the Stanley carbonaceous shale - limestones in Arkansas ( between the Pennsylvanian and the Mississippian - some 300 to 250 million years ago) which as indicated in my email sightings report such baritic massive deposits range from 900 thousand tons to 12 million tons averaging 1.25 million tons. The key at hand am currently using to dating the age of the deposit at El Cerro del Pueblo is the Permian fossilization evidence found "mingling" with baritic outbursts spreaded within the once muddy sands - today's carbonaceous limestones - of an internal shallow sea that raised and fell on several epochs invading some of the southwestern, south central and southeastern portions of the United States, including Arkansas and Texas and this parts. In depth analyses as the aforementioned would give us a quite more accurate dating than that I estimated of 275 +/- millions years of age, which due to the importance of the matter it is a must. 


----I don’t suppose this would help much in assessing if travel in time or travel from somewhere else happened at El Cerro del Pueblo. I guess there could be other evidences there, visible to the naked eye or measurable with some other equipment that I am not aware of in order to establish some proof that something did happen and could help to establish if it happens frequently or not.


Additionally, I haven't been able to find similar baritic material, even with the help of geologists and mining engineers friends of mine involved in the mining at 30+ sites within the vast areas of this region, nor in worldwide mineralogical pictures, including the assistance of geologists and mineralogists in Canada, the U.S., Australia and the UK plus am currently in contact with some people of the most barite producing in the world, China and India seeking out to find comparable specimens. But if I don't find any of the kind, it could well mean that as mineral deposits and geological settings have their own INDIVIDUALITY so are some minerals.

The closest finding I have been able to achieve in this regard it is 25 km northeast from Villa Lopez, at a larger carbonaceous shale - limestone with remarkable external similarities to that of El Cerro del Pueblo, however its barite deposits are contaminated with the inerworks of later igneous origin such as minor extrusive rhyolite and tuff along with a small intrusive mafic episodes which have probably disrupted the possibly original baritic cohesive integrity, fragmenting and widespreading its concentrated gravitational baritic unity as evidentiated by the barites found mostly in veins, vugs and pockets, being the largest deposit by mining works of no more than 12 tons. The barites at this location contain mostly small to medium size, 1/2 to 1.5 cm  opaque white with reddish iron oxide to translucent crystals. The barite at El Cerro del Pueblo is massive, and no evidence of veins or other type of igneous interaction is present, its baritic material consists in large lumps of pure barite that we have sliced from a huge white mass with no visible crystals that closely resembles the white glittering cooked flesh of a large fish fillet.


----You know what, there is an interesting question here that we should be asking ourselves. If some people are using this deposit of barite, they must have known it was there. How would they have been able to find out about it? Somehow, sometime, some people must have look for such a perfect site for their own purpose, whatever that is. How easy would it be to find that deposit? How could they have found out about it? Was there any sort of mining expeditions in the past that took place around El Cerro del Pueblo? Could someone have reported the possibility of barite in these areas before, and to whom this would have been reported? And it does not need to be a report about a huge amount of it, but just the report that there could be barite in that area (which would get someone’s attention to the possibility that a big deposit does exist in that area). These are paths that could lead to who could be responsible for what you witnessed. It is not necessarily from out of space or out of this world. It could easily be some other humans doing something weird. (Or perhaps I have watched too many X-Files! But let’s not forget that originally the X-Files were based on true reports from the governments and other archives/medias.)





Although very seldomly barite containing 98%+ of barium and 4.47 SG it is supposedly to be found in nature all of the baritic deposits within the range of the mining of barite in this parts rarely attain above 92% of purity and 4.1 SG. nor has happened around here for the last 50 years since the beginning of barite mining in the state of Chihuahua. 


----Perhaps wherever we do find such purity it should be investigated.


While I haven't been able to access information regarding the extent of gravitational concentrations of other baritic deposits, the only available information I have been able to gather relating to the Stanley group is that their barite attains an average of 85% of purity and that the deposits reach up to 30 m high at their core, extending the manto several km in length but not indication of tonnage or width regarding this particular piece of information is included.

450 km from here in Durango City, there is an iron ore deposit of 300 million tons - EL Cerro del Mercado - relatively comprised within a small context, mostly composed by martite (5.5 to 6.5 SG), a pseudomorphus after magnetite which, because of its nature would be an ideal site for the dynamics of an electromagnetic and gravitational source for energy or other utilization of electromagnetics for the phenomena of a wormhole as the ones seen by us. On the other hand, aside the fact that I believe that the concentration of the high purity of barium within a very small realm at El Cerro del Pueblo making it one of the highest gravitational forces that can be found, and unless  there is a magnetic field under the baritic deposit, the notion of electromagnetics could only play a role if, the baritic deposit was utilized as a huge superconductor to channeling gravitational / electromagnetic forces from the core of the earth, including and as you indicated the possibility of opening a gate THROUGH the core of our planet, obviously beyond the 3rd. dimension but conveying the benefits of its mirrored wide spectrum of selected energy types for space/time traveling. 


----You certainly did your research, you appear to know more than me about the subject. I am very pleased by those ideas of yours, it would certainly do good sci-fi for the next movies and series I might be working on in the future. The level of understanding about what is at the core of the Earth and how we could use that to our advantage might or might not be beyond our actual knowledge of science, god knows what the governments or other private agencies might be working on behind those closed doors. So the barite might after all be used as a powerful source of energy in order for some sort of scientific event to take place. And since some ships or lights came out of there, it would appear to be for traveling purposes. And since what you see does not appear to be matched anywhere else in the world, it could be from somewhere else in the universe and/or from the future.


As indicated above, the possibility of utilizing the energy of a planet or a star for the dynamics of such enterprising could be the modus operandy for at least the ones that manipulated or built the kind of wormhole we saw. Nonetheless the gathering of all data concerning the site to try to unravel the mechanics of the event from the starting point is my ongoing endeavor, next Sunday some geologists friends of mine will be coming to assist me in the plotting of the drilling of the outlined deposit area to verify its estimated depth and the works will commence as soon I receive the drilling equipment. On the other hand, a set of 20 samples from the top of the hill and for the first stages in dating the deposit's age were sent to Chihuahua City for a wide variety of  geochemical analyses including REE, plasma and radioactivity traces.


-----Well, you certainly appear to have everything planned and under control. I do not know how you can finance all this, but I am very pleased that you found a way to accomplish all that. Your determination is admirable and I do hope that to have this online will bring you more help and attention. As I said, if there is anything I can do for you, I will not hesitate to help. I am not working at the moment but I do not have the money to go to Mexico. Otherwise I would certainly be there to investigate, even though I do not believe I could be of much help. I think you were the right person to witness this, at the right location and at the right time. If anything significant can be uncovered from all this, you will succeed. Don’t let go even if you do not find anything conclusive at first.





The fact that we all know that It has taken almost a century to generations of the brightest to try to put together a short but elegant equation expressing the marriage between the realm of the infinitesimal and the realm of the astros,


-----I do not believe that we have succeeded yet, or perhaps I am not sure to which equation you are referring to. I believe that we have succeeded but it is not widespread yet and no one believes it because it is not proven yet. They are the equations that I discuss on my theoretical page with my friend William Taggart. He is the theoretical physicist I said I was going to forward this email to but his email address is no longer working and his website disappeared overnight. I hope everything is OK with him. My other geologist friend has not answered me yet, perhaps he is out of the country again, mining in Africa or something…


which eventually  would give many generations from now a crude but somehow tangible basic knowledge to commence the dream of really sending someone also from their distant future to the stars, meaning that if everything goes well and even if the equation is released today, still several centuries would have elapsed for such beginning, don't you think that appauling is an understatement to say the least, that we see all of these vessels leisuring in the continuum and how they enter our world while we wait that a formula would be spawned to make plans for a future that all the current living ones along with many generations to come will never see?. I propose that the effort to try to capitalize the wormhole sightings and the stage where these occurrences took place for a possible leap in space and time avoiding centuries of waiting for something that we don't even know if ever would occur, represents less than a fraction of the past, current and the foreseeable scientific future efforts that haven't nor soon will scratch the surface of such fantastic adventure that may be waiting for us all and why not, maybe this was the way things were suppose to be.

Regards, Alberto


-----I believe that we are ready for a much awaited new revolution in Physics. I do not believe that we will have to wait another life time to get there. At the very least, if we are not going to be able to travel anywhere in the universe almost instantly, we will certainly be able to travel in time. Stephen Hawking's wrote in his book Black Holes and Baby Universes: “But the best evidence we have that time travel is not possible, and never will be, is that we have not been invaded by hordes of tourists from the future.” If anything, all these UFOs sightings could be the proof that proves him wrong. Whatever you are investigating right now, might be the most important discovery of all time. Just the extraordinary source of energy idea using the barite as a superconductor could change a lot of things in this world.


Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



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From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 13 January 2003 07:08
Subject: Re: Wormholes, where do they come from?


Hi Mr. Tremblay,

I just returned from El Cerro del Pueblo whereby at the petition and request from the citizens of the village of Villa Lopez today Sunday, the Padre of the Church's town Manuel Morales bendicted the location at the base of El Cerro del Pueblo against demons and the like because of the sightings in which almost a fourth of the village's population attended to witness such event.


----I hope that Padre Manuel Morales was unsuccessful in chasing away the demons. At least someone with some authority shows some interest and acknowledges that something happened. And he is even willing to do something about it! Perhaps he can help you in your quest.


At that instance, while they were busy with such affairs I took the opportunity to climb again from another angle to the top of the hill and to re-examine the top area (2.5 hours) of the roughly 50 m. x 50 m top highest area whereby according to my calculations the sighting that I witnessed originated, with no relevant findings other than strange markings I did not see before on a grayish dark carbonaceous very flat slab of rock (1.5mx3m) located at some 50m at a lower hill level, in which a 50cm x 50cm perfectly squared drawing with a marking depth of 2cm on the filled with sort of giant white shell Permian (?) remnants (up to 15cm wide each, which benthic type so far nowhere else found within the external hill's structure) are spreaded across the slab's surface, along with subsequent (at other flat rocks towards the top of the hill) perfectly triangular shaped indentations with the same depth (2cm or so) pointing towards the top, perhaps that's what I wanted to see,


---It is very hard for me to visualize those markings. I believe they are a great discovery, they prove that “they” even use marks to locate the place just as we would. Why would they need to do that? I think that some people using this gateway or wormhole, might actually have to physically go there and if it is the case more traces could be found. Perhaps it is just a matter of digging without a drill to find garbage, or some other signs that someone was there. If you were in a small craft, could you see those markings? Could they play a role in moving around in a ship? Or would those markings only indicate the location of the deposit? And perhaps some other information like a location number, the purity of the place, where it connects to… One thing is for sure, if I were them I would not be too obvious in my markings, I would make sure they could be mistaken for something natural. I think it is unlikely that this is what you wanted to see, I think, in the light of what you witnessed, that this is very important.


but one thing I can be sure of, and that's my awareness of location regarding the positioning of myself anywhere, and such awareness which I tactically and methodically follow with great care since the beginning of any exploration I undertake and have undertaken including those many at the nearby (120km away from here) huge and never ending sandy desertic areas at the hearth of the Bolson de Mapimi, Mexico whereby due to strange worldwide scientifically acknowledged underground magnetic phenomena occurring as evidentiated by government signaling at the entrance of such desert complex in which specifically indicates that "due to abnormal underground magnetic forces, compass instrumentation along with radio - communication is inoperable", which by the way and actually and by a couple of occasions we were critically disoriented for quite a while, I was able to be instrumental to get us out to safety after several days of erratic driving within these weird locations, so am almost sure that the pointing of such triangular signaling at El Cerro del Pueblo where in the direction towards the location of the sightings, but, and despite the fact that I don't have any factual evidence of the sightings phenomena I do not give great importance, or at least an overlaying importance to these perhaps mere naturally occurring rare instances. Later, and 3.5 hours later I returned to the starting point at which time I talked over these matters with my wife, and the guys including my two brothers in law that live in town ( out of ten! ) which already drank several bottles of tequila with the Padre and the Mayor of the town among other huge bunch of folks invited me to talk about the matter, to which I told them what I really thought about and while some of them respectfully declined to add any comments, others stated that what they had seen had been the works of the (diablo) devil. At that instance, I agreed with my wife that it was time to return home, nonetheless, my ownself inquiry as to the bottom of this matter keeps more elusive as ever, perhaps, and as I mentioned to my wife - Carmen - it would be better if I just drink a bottle of tequila and forget about the whole thing as the others do, but the problem is that I can't, and the worst of all, I won't do it, I'll keep on going and trying to find an answer in this regard till hell freezes over (in barium, I guess), and believe me, that's an understatement.


 ----Perhaps there is still a way to talk about the Diablo when referring to perhaps aliens or visitors from the future. And perhaps there is still a way to convince them that even though this could be the work of the Diablo, it is still worth investigating and get some answers. Even if it was just to prove that it is in fact the devil. I hope you will not get into trouble. Eventually you will not be alone out there, there will be more people investigating this, I am sure. It would certainly do a great movie, and I can tell you that my website attracts a lot of writers and producers from Hollywood. The effect that all of these sightings have over the population is as fascinating as the sightings themselves, so please feel free to talk about it. I am afraid to say that 50 years ago even my people in Québec (Canada) were very catholic, with big families of 16 children and they believed in the devil. You would have to search a lot today to find anyone with more than 3 kids and still frighten by “Le Diable”. Perhaps another 50 years and Chihuahua might be more open minded.


Pictures, well I used my digital camera so many times for picturing (amongst others) a world of incredible sets of minerals found side by side only at extremely geologically worldwide locations such as the ones I found around here, specially within some of my mining claim grounds whereby geologically unusual - to say the least - a combined set of intrusives; felsic granitic and a sort of minor mafic including concurrent small (?) secondary mineral hydrothermal formations - including products such gold, silver (nothing really big) and array of sulphides and tellurides which gave path to the spawning of an intertwined metamorphic aureola whereby contact metamorphic minerals type, which are found very much away from each other elsewhere, are incredibly side by side within this marvelous geological gift and I got them in pictures and in samples. In fact, nine specimens from these grounds which proved to have B - boron unusual bearing levels, identified at a geochemical firm along with geologists at the State University of Chihuahua in the City of Chihuahua - were sent to the top scientific boron identifying mineral centre, whereby Dr. Lee A. Groat ( UBC ) already did XRD and as he indicated today, results of micromount samples already stagged for Probe will be known promptly. But my camera broke down two weeks ago when it fell down 6.5 m when capturing giant gypsum crystals at caves 150km from here (Naica, Chihuahua) and is at the camera's hospital with no many hopes to return to life so I've been thinking of getting a brand new one within almost no time from now. In fact I still have pictures of the barite specimens from El Cerro del Pueblo available whenever you want to see them + others.


-----I would love that, I will even put them online. Never mind if there are many pictures, I can put 1000 of them on my server if necessary.


On the other hand, am not a rich man nor anything close to it, (I wish I had some left other than my needs and strange - nowadays - aristocratic behavioral modes, still suffered by some of my descendants). The economical means I have to go by and to undertake explorations are products of medium size mining earnings that have taken quite larger investment from me in the past to barely substantiate some of my eccentricities such as merely scrapping of materials for geological - plasma ( bunch) testing expenses from my mining grounds along from the ones at El Cerro del Pueblo testing procedures, which by the way it is my main project; and perhaps I might be one day the project of such paradox; that's if I succeed in this sort a endeavor. But the most important fact is that it happened and that we know it exists and it is there, and while whether or not it was intended to be revealed to us It will  merely depend from the cognitive mastering that we might be capable to exert to capitalize on the very and most exciting undertaking of all times.

Greetings,  Alberto.


----I bet you wish that the padre and the mayor shared that thought. You still repeated here “if it was intended to be revealed to us”. I find that very interesting. If it was not intended to be revealed to us, why would they be so obvious in their doing? So many people witnessed the lights and the things flying in the air. Not once, but twice. As well, nothing appears to be preventing you from going there and investigate. You even intend to go there and drill. Surely if this was meant to be kept secret, there is no way you would have been allowed to witness it or go there and investigate.

----If they are people from the future, then it could be dangerous for you to know because you could change that future and prevent it from happening altogether. In which case I doubt they would let you witness this and investigate it. This area would have been closed to anyone by some governmental body in charge of protecting someone from changing history. If they are visitors from somewhere else, or perhaps another species living in secrecy with a great technology, they still would like to keep everything secret. Perhaps they think that there is no way you could understand at this stage the technology involved and reproduce it, and therefore they don’t mind if you investigate and witness it. Perhaps they are right, perhaps they are wrong, and perhaps they don’t know you are investigating, and perhaps they don’t know yet.

---I do not believe in paradoxes. If we can somehow get some technology faster because this technology went back to the past or some aliens gave it to us, we are not in Star Trek, nothing prevents us from taking that technology and use it. If some people think it might not be a good idea for us to have this technology, then this is worrying, and I would feel better if we had that technology. Something is going on, I wish we knew what. I wish we knew if it was a threat or not and I certainly would like to see us move into the new millennium instead of being limited by the actual physics of today.

----Whatever happens in nature must be natural, otherwise it would not have been allowed to happen in the first place. I mean that if it is there for us to find out, then we are allowed to find out, and even I think we should investigate and find out.


Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay

44E The Grove, Isleworth, Middx, London, TW7 4JF, UK

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From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []

Sent: 26 January 2003 02:37   To:  Subject: Fw: Wormholes


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

As per your comment regarding the movie Contact, enclosed is the letter I received from those people as a response of my sightings report. I also included a picture of a smaller iron but mostly nickel meteorite I found near the salt mine of Benjamin, kind of far from Sierra de Chupaderos. It is the small piece (on top of the larger rock not meteoric) with white - silvery couple of grinded areas. The other two, also from the area are at a lab of a friend in Arizona for XRD and probe analyses.


----- Original Message -----

From: "Jennifer Formichelli" <>

To: "Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce" <>

Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 10:45 AM     Subject: Re: Wormholes


Dear Jose,

Thank you for your interesting letter about your sightings and the science you think lies behind them. I wish you all the best of luck in your research into this.

Yours sincerely, Kip S. Thorne


Kip S. Thorne:   130-33 Caltech, Pasadena, CA 91125

Phone: +1 626 395-4598; Fax: +1 626 796-5675

Administrative Assistants --  * TAPIR RESEARCH GROUP ISSUES:   Shirley Hampton:; +1 626 395-4597

* OTHER ISSUES:   Jennifer Formichelli:; +1 626 395-4280




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Sent: 26 January 2003 05:26
To: 'Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce'
Subject: RE: Wormholes

Hello Mr. Gonzalez Ponce,

You know, it is not as much the answer from Kip Thorne that is important (I noticed that his signature is longer than the answer from his assistant!). What is important is that he has been made aware of it. I do not think for a second that he could not be interested in this. He might not have the time to answer but I am sure he finds it fascinating. It is also possible that following his involvement with the book Contact from Carl Sagan, he has been inundated with people who witnessed similar sightings from all around the world. Who knows. I am impressed you were able to find him and send him an e-mail.

After I update my website I will contact different magazines and organizations to invite them to visit the website:

We will get the attention that this deserves.

Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



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From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 26 January 2003 17:54
Subject: Statement


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

Thank you for your early morning response, it is nice to hear from you again also.

In your homepage, and while reading the section:



Wormhole in El Cerro del Pueblo, Mexico?


I suggest that it would be important to modify a portion of the sentence including: " barite / barium, an element that exhibits more gravity than any other element" for something like: "barite, a barium bearing mineral that exhibits more gravity than any other mineral with no metallic constituent elements with the exception of uranitite"

The reason I suggest this change is because although there are mineralogically classified as non metallic minerals heavier than barite  ( with a density or specific gravity of 4.5) such anglesite a Lead Sulfate with a density of 6.4 and cerussite a Lead Carbonate with a density of 6.5 to 6.6,  these two heavier ones are ores of lead thus they are lead metal bearing minerals while barite is a fully non metallic mineral bearing the element barium.

In the case of uranitite with density factors between 6.5 and 10 which is the highest you can get from a non metallic? but a mineral that along with the other two lead bearing minerals they do not occur in masses not even a fraction of the volumes that barite attain and so their natural occurring deposits would not represent a major gravity phenomena.

As for heavier metallic minerals, there many, for instance the iron bearing deposit in Durango I mentioned on another writing to you

with martite an iron oxide with density of 5+. Among the heaviest metallic and all minerals as a whole is gold 11 to 17 but the heaviest is osmium ( a constituent of platinum) that goes beyond 17 +.

Regards, Alberto



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From: []
Sent: 26 January 2003 19:39
To: 'Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce'
Subject: RE: Statement


Hello Mr. Gonzalez Ponce,

Thank you for pointing out the error, I will change it tomorrow when I do my update. I was going to change it anyway because I realized my mistake while reading further on the subject. I am learning all about minerals and it is fascinating.

Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



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From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 26 January 2003 00:49   To:
Subject: Meteorites, Zona del Silencio and El cerro del pueblo


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

I have been in but mostly out of town trying to expedite snail pace bureaucratic paperwork permits loaded with tons of red tape from the Government in Mexico City for deep drilling exploration at two of my mining claim grounds including utilization of controlled small explosive devices to merely uncover the carbonaceous shale crust hosting the barite deposit. I expect to commence the works in such regard no later than February 10 of this year.


---I can imagine, I did think that drilling like that might involved a lot of bureaucracy.


Regarding my mentioning of the "Meteorite of Allende", I included such happening to merely give you a clue of the whereabouts of this location since such event was a major scientific event that occupied a good portion of worldwide news at that time and can still be heard about ( they still sell its expensive fragments at meteorite outlets) do to that it was the oldest cosmic object yet analyzed, older than our solar system and assumed to have been originated from a supernova 9 billion light years away from here. Some of its material include microscopic diamond crystals that could have been produced at such star that exploded long time ago. Nonetheless any relation of such meteorite with the event at El Cerro del Pueblo could be merely coincidental, unless the following could prove otherwise.


----Yes, let’s not dismiss anything. Such a big deposit of pure barite must also be explained. Could it be the result of another asteroid falling there a long time ago?


As a mining enterpriser I can tell you that all types of geological and mineralogical subjects are of interest to me, specially those wonders from out of space and would like to comment that at the beginnings of the modern study of meteorites the basic knowledge of witnessed fall and recovery as well as no witnessed fall findings of meteorites was a data base specifically extracted from recorded incidence of such phenomena in highly industrialized countries of the time headed by England and a few European counterparts, however the scientific establishment has come to other sense and has stoically determined that meteorite falls are equally distributed throughout our planet, logically more in the oceans as they cover the largest areas on earth. Furthermore, from some 50 years ago a good deal of meteorite recoveries have taken place in Antarctica, and desertic areas of north Africa, Australia and the southwestern and south central areas of the U.S.. Nonetheless, and despite the fact that such semi - desertic southern areas of the U.S. are by wide margin largely populated and geologically co - genetic to the ones of this parts, the meteorite incidences are by far greater in this area per capita per year than any of the former.

There is no current scientific explanation to such high meteoritic incidence phenomena nor has been fully accepted by the scientific establishment as a fact, to which I don't want to imply that they are behaving as ancestral tribal chieftains with the consensus of no dealing with what it is not understood, nor that they may be embarrassed because they haven't come up with an answer, but that they are probably leaving us out from something that they know, am referring specifically to the numerous scientific expeditions from the U.S. that have taken place since an "airplane crash" in 1964 at a nearby very large extension of desertic terrains " La Zona del Silencio" ( the silence zone)  30 km from this town.  I wasn't around here when that thing happened but I have collected very congruent statements from  over 60 reliable witnesses of this village and nearby communities regarding such events that lasted three months in which the Mexican Army along with the U.S. Army precluded the entrance to the Zona del Silencio to civilians and local authorities during all that period of time while  at least 30 U.S. Army large and covered trucks took away the remnants of the so called airplane crash along with numerous trips loaded with dirt from the surrounding crash area towards the Mexico - U.S. Border 600 km north of here.


----So, one of those things that came out of the mountain and that you witnessed might have crashed in the area. I wonder why the Mexican government can so willingly let the US government take control in these matters. The US government can have such strong holds over us. What you are saying here happens in many other places and the literature about UFOs is filled with such accounts. The secrecy surrounding such events is puzzling and is usually explained by the fact that governments wish to do some reverse engineering in order to create similar technology. Now, if this is true I don’t understand why we still don’t have anti-gravity devices as those UFOs appear to have them in order to float around like that without noise.


All the witnesses I spoke with indicated that "no one heard the plane falling as indicated by the federal authorities but saw a slow moving and low flying silvery artifact in the shape of  small windowless bus with a sizzling sound that disappeared behind La Sierra de Las Tetas  (the breast hills)  towards the heart of La Zona del Silencio followed by a huge explosion that lighted some 60 km around at 7:00 pm, and the earth was heavily shaken" .


----I think it is wonderful that the name can mean something. And it is certainly very revealing of its past. You are living in such an interesting area, and from the photos I can tell it looks like a paradise. I might retire there, you know! Tell me, is the name La Zona del Silencio dates from before these events or has it changed its name after the authorities stopped people from going there?


La Zona del Silencio is an area of approximately 7,000 Sq. km whereby there are signings posted by the Federal Government indicating: " You are entering the zone of silence at your own risk, there are areas were radio, compass and cellular phone do not function because of strong underground magnetic needles".

Since before the "airplane crash" several lengthy studies carried out and still on going by scientists from various countries regarding the electromagnetic phenomena haven't as of yet produced satisfactory outcomes as there was never found any source that could produce such magnetism such as massive lodestone deposits or related magmatic mineralogy, which it was the only plausible explanation so it remains unsolved till this day.


----This is very interesting. And as you say, people from other countries are already investigating this phenomenon. Do you think that all this magnetic activity be due to the deposits of strange pure elements like barite? And could it be natural? If magnetic fields are strong in there, I would understand why planes and other “ships” could go down in the area. So what could help them to jump from another place or another parallel world or another time into our own domain, might also be dangerous to their instruments. This would explain all these crash sightings.


I was recently taken by Benjamin Lujan to see the huge hole that created the landing of The Meteorite of Chupaderos at La Zona del Silencio. This is one of largest nickel - iron meteorites known - 14 tons - which it was taken south 1,200 km away to Mexico Ctiy 70 years ago whereby I saw it as a child some 40 years ago at the El Palacio de Mineria. La Sierra de Chupaderos ( Chupaderos Mountain), can be fully seen from my home.


-----Such a meteorite could bring some of the necessary elements and deposits to make their technology work. It could be related to your sightings.


Benjamin, whom is one of the witnesses of the event of 1964, owns a piece of land that he and his father mined and he continues the mining of sodium chloride - table salt, at some 40 km near the heart of the La Zona del Silencio. He tells me that at the beginning of the fall of 1964, after he and many others witnessed the flying object bound to its crash, it elapsed two days when the Mexican Army arrived followed by the Americans and that he was warned along with everybody else that "whomever enters the zone would be shot in the spot - no questions asked".

Some months ago I went to his mining grounds and explored some km within the zone and recovered two iron - nickel meteorites and almost 100 kg of tektites. I'll send you some pictures in the next emails so they don't get stuck with all the bites of this writing.

So there you have another small bag of goodies related to this whole thing that seems that the more you dig the more you find.


-----And with the visitors on the Internet reading all this, we might eventually find some answers. I have no reason to doubt you and the witnesses you talked to. In fact, I believe this is highly interesting and there is enough already to write a book about it and certainly some articles in different magazines. I am pleased the governments do not appear to stop you from digging. There is definitely a cover up going on. And even though we might not reach the truth regarding whatever happens in these areas, we might actually gather enough information to develop that technology on our own. It is also a bit sad because most definitely the US and Mexican governments must have already reached great discoveries by doing some reversed engineering from whatever they found before. I hope that what they discover eventually get into the mainstream. Otherwise, I suppose it is up to you and me to get this to the public and the public to help us develop this into a workable technology.


At this juncture, am ready to go with Benjamin and my two brothers in law to search at an abandoned school building a ring of aluminum looking metal that was recovered by Benjamin in the middle of the desert proximal to the crash site almost 40 years ago and gave it to my older brother in law Ramon as a museum piece for the school Ramon directed those years. This ifo was just given to me by Ramon while I was writing this email. 




What I meant regarding the "elegant equation expressing the marriage between the micro - infinitesimal and the macro cosmos" is the unification of the quantum theory that relates to the realm of the atomic / sub-atomic and even smaller particles levels but great sources of energies with the theory of relativity that provide us with the measuring of the universe and its celestial bodies, which Einstein was unable to firstly ammonize between these two neither unite them as what has been lately labeled "the dimensional realm of vibrating strings" to complete the Grand Unified Theory in a form of an equation that could allows to have definitely a better understanding of all forces on a multi-dimensional scale to build the working knowledge as to how structuring time / space travel, something like that.


---Yes, that is what I thought you were referring to. But I also remember that you were saying that we might have found the answer to this problem that Einstein was working on. I now understand from your explanations that you believe that the Super Strings theory might actually be the answer and that we have the equation we need to unite the Infinities. I would like to add that though the Super Strings theory appears to give us all the answers, it is still not proven. It is the best candidate to the Unified Field Theory, and I believe that in its interpretations it is not wrong, but I believe there is a better explanation to what we observe here, and that we will eventually get there and find that equation that can be applied to both infinities. Of course I could be wrong and Super Strings might revolutionize everything.

----I believe I know what to do (adjust C in E = mc2 to reflect its relative value) and that my friend William Taggart came up with the equation. I don’t think he needed Super Strings to develop his equations, like I don’t need them to explain my theories. All the details are at this URL if you are interested:


-----The Super Strings theory comes close to the same conclusions because of this new way of looking at distances, which according to Einstein’s equations is also relative to the frame of reference, something people have a tendency to forget. And if distance is relative, then the closest galaxy is not as far from us as we initially thought. We could go there instantly because distance is relative to the speed we are going at and the gravity surrounding us. Changing our speed or the gravity around drastically could bring us to the Andromeda galaxy in an instant.


Regards, Alberto


----I look forward reading more from you and see more photos. 


 Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



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From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 28 January 2003 06:23
Subject: Another Ancient Asteroid Impact?


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

The pondering that you indicated regarding the possibility of a very large meteorite, asteroid or cometary fall creating the anomaly at the Zona del Silencio was suggested by several scientists since the 30's after investigating that commercial radio along with radio communication and compass were inoperative in certain areas of such realm and that no metallic deposits were identified to cause  such interferences and so, since those days the area was baptized  as Zone of Silence, however no more has been heard about the asteroid theory after the "airplane crash". It is most likely that the governments involved in the events of 1964 created a shroud of secrecy regarding all this affair. Nonetheless I found strong evidence of a major ancient impact at such location.


---- There are elements in the periodic table of elements that have been discovered only in recent years, which means that there could be more to come. If an asteroid or meteorite fell in the Zone of Silence, containing perhaps an unknown element responsible for the phenomena observed, a similar asteroid or meteorite could have fallen in the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle where similar phenomena have been observed. Or at the very least, whatever is the cause of the phenomena in the Zone of Silence could also be responsible for what happens in the Bermuda.

-----This said, it could also be a natural phenomenon, a place where the geomagnetic fields go weird rending all such technology unusable. This is very similar to the Bermuda Triangle where instruments go wild and ships and crafts disappear, probably because their instruments no longer responded or were giving the wrong information. There are such areas in the world where magnetic fields are very strong for unknown reasons. It could be coming from the core of the Earth, something deep. Are there any volcanoes in your area? It would tell us that there are perhaps holes that can go very deep within the Earth. Even then, someone who would want to develop a technology that would take advantage of these strong magnetic fields might be able to drill such a hole that would go deep within the Earth.  

---I wrote this before reading the link you mention below, and they say an interesting thing regarding Bermuda, which means they also made the link and even realized something interesting: “Curiously enough, the zone lies just north of the Tropic of Cancer and south of the 30th parallel, which places it in the company of a number of other planetary anomalies such as the Bermuda Triangle.”

----From that same link there is something interesting, the governments officials appear to have made that area a No Man’s Land when a missile was launched from White Sands, where they use to do Nuclear Testing I believe: “Nonetheless, it wasn't until 1970 that the zone first entered public awareness when an American missile, an Athena, fired from the White Sands Missile Base, went off course inexplicably, heading for the Zone of Silence, where it ultimately crashed. A few years later, an upper stage from one of the Saturn boosters used on the Apollo project broke up over the very same area. The U.S, military sent a team down to the region to investigate its surprising natural properties.”

----If a nuclear weapon went out if its way to go and fall in the Zone of Silence, I would understand why they would tell everyone to stay away for years. But I do not know if this is possible or not.


At the very heart of the Zona del Silencio, some 60 km east from the intercontinental highway (Pan-American Highway from Patagonia to Alaska) that connects in this parts 1,200 km to the south with Mexico City and 600 km to the north with El Paso, Texas - the U.S. border city with Mexico, there are very large areas that the locals named" Las Areas de los Meteoritos" (the meteorite areas) because of the great deal of meteorites of all types recovery made by scientists and meteorite hunters during those years in which meteorites alike archeological items were forbidden to be taken out of the country, however, there are other areas whereby very few have incursed and I found kilometers of terrains where the grounds are littered with tektites, that as you may know, are glassy tear drop shaped nodules that are the most evident proof of a major cosmical impact, as they were created when the ground was melted due to the intense heat caused by the impact and created an "splash" ejecta curtain from which gotten their shape and unmatched chemistry by any other mineral known. Such surviving tektite fields are extended by several kilometers of equally distributed areas that was unable to get to the end of it at that time because it was already dark  and I had to get back, but I took some 100 kg of brown glassy tektites with me.

Tektites were also fundamental evidence of the cosmic cataclysm on earth produced by a huge bolide in Yucatan that created the 300 km in diameter crater Chicxulub ( The devil's Tail - Mayan) which impact and implications as we all know are blamed in most part for the 70 % of  global biota extinction, including the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago. The great gravitational pull measured by Luis Alvarez of the Chicxulub crater in 1980 followed by subsequent search and findings of great amounts of tektite with the chemistry of the crater and mostly found within some distance surrounding the impact and up to thousands of kms from the area as a part of the ejecta that was produced at such moment, and matching the  tektites age with findings of unusual high contents of iridium in the K/T strata around the world confirmed a major  impact on earth at such period of time in the Yucatan peninsula.

Such crater of Chicxulub is not noticeable, not only because its great size but it is some 800+ meters below ground level under limestone deposits, and what it mostly interested me is of such geological setting is the fact that it had the same scenario as the Zona del Silencio of rise and fall episodes of the same ancient shallow sea that also included the genesis of El Cerro del Pueblo, and even more, the fact that as a result of deep drilling near the center of the impact of Chicxulub (The Yaxcopoil - 1 International Drilling Science Project), and at a depth  beyond 894 meters, slightly below the highest gravity measured level, meaning just below the full extent of crust penetration, the drilling core samples indicated that the strata that was directly hit was that of limestone, dolomite and anhydrite, the precise components of the crustal shell hosting the barite deposit at El Cerro del Pueblo, furthermore, such shallow sea ( Sea of Thetys) that extended from Yucatan all the way beyond the central parts of the U.S. inundating this parts with up to 600 m of water, was the responsible in providing the proper environment for the numerous sea vents that produced some of the most important deposits of barite in the world.

Am not stating that there was a huge barite deposit at Chicxulub at the time of the impact and that because of the great gravity pull of such deposit the asteroid / comet was hummed to it and definitely guided to hit such site because it is not feasible as it wouldn't be feasible to change the course of an iron bullet with a magnet,


-----Yes, puzzling that a missile and a piece of the rocket Apollo could have gone there naturally. It could be for the same reason that hot pebbles were falling there and other bigger meteorites. But missiles and space rockets are both high technology things that could be used in the development of weaponry or advanced technology. It is like someone was able to use the energy of whatever else there is in The Zone of Silence to lay their hands on such technology, or to retrieve technology that the US government might have already stolen from crashed UFOs.


but what I can state is that the possibility of the occurrence of a huge barite deposit at such location and that could have been micropulverized is not for a long shot a far fetch instance for the following reasons: ( 1) It was found the precise geological sedimentary setting for the genesis of a barite deposit at the precise point of impact 894 m below ground level ( 2) Prior the impact such geological setting was located under the same shallow waters of the Sea of Thetys that spawned many of largest massive barite deposits known; ( 3) That despite that the barite mineral is one of the softest minerals known, and that once it is exposed in the raw and out of its hosting nich to any type of climate even the most favorable for its preservation it wouldn't last long no matter what as proven that it can not be pathfinded in exploration as any other mineral away from the source because it breaks apart easily, however that traces of barium were identified within such confinement of the craters impact and within the ejecta which can only give two alternatives; the drill core was contaminated or there was barite directly hit at moment of the impact, and if it was the second option which is the most plausible, the fact that there was barite left after such level of destruction means that there were quit large amounts of barite the day before the event.


---Interesting. So the barite was there before any impact and in large amounts.


The next question would be: What if there was lots of barite or not?, and if so, was it responsible for the impact that killed almost every living entity on earth?


----Apparently they have identified now that there was two such impacts. An impact before the time of the dinosaurs (200 million years ago) might have killed the living things on Earth, giving the chance to the dinosaurs to flourish happily before becoming extinct 65 million years ago. I read an article about this last week:


As indicated above regarding a bullet, an asteroid with a mass of over 10 km in diameter speeding at some 100 km per second towards earth couldn't be easily distracted by a bunch of barite much less to change its course because of it, but what about if barium in determined quantity and environment conditions could be an agent of conducting enough energy, not of its own but from part of the bulk of the planet, then things could be examined from another angle. Am not saying that barite deposits are responsible directly or indirectly for the impacts of any size on earth, what am saying is that there is substantial evidence that  barium, among its  wide range of properties include the production of the most powerful plasma energy sources ever conceived for space propulsion, most promising next generation of superconductors of energy including laser applications with far less mass than the needed from the silicon wonders which revolutionized the electronic world including the functioning of today's high speed computers with " magical " microchips that left behind transistors and other obsolete ones.   Perhaps, the upcoming harnessing power properties of barium could one day explain some of the happenings at El Cerro del Pueblo and at La Zona del Silencio.


----If in any way the barite is responsible, naturally or not, for meteorites falling there, this is very interesting. I don’t think anyone would want to attract meteorites to fall on Earth, so if anyone is tampering with such high energy, it could be a by-product of using it. They use it and unfortunately it attracts meteorites. It is also possible that the barite is there because of the impacts, but you appear to have discovered that the barite might have been there before. The barite in itself is maybe not enough to produce such energy, perhaps some other minerals from the meteorites were necessary. And somehow the atmosphere might be different over your area and the meteorites don’t burn so easily on entry, so they reach your location more than in other places.


There is an article among a bunch in the web depicting some interesting paranormal and related phenomena at La Zona del Silencio and although the years of the events I mentioned in this and in my prior writings are not the same as they claim to know, they have very much the same type of narrative aspects I gathered from the actual people that have been living in this parts all of their lives. They also have the addition of contact with extraterrestrials and claim that the crash along with other aerial crashes were satellites, probes or something like that.  I think I heard a similar story before, remember the weather balloon at Roswell, well is not as bad so I still recommend it and if you are interested the address is:


----I wonder if the conditions in Roswell are similar to where you are. Or what are the commons things we could find. For a start both places are quit desertic and are the places of UFOs sightings and huge American military facilities.


Regards, Alberto


---This conclusion at the end of that URL you mentioned could be applied to the mysteries you are investigating at El Cerro del Pueblo:


 “Whether we are dealing with UFOs, dimensional visitors who find the magnetic aberrations facilitate their journeys, or merely a poorly understood part of our world with unsuspected properties, no easy answers apply to the riddle posed by the Zone of Silence.”


----I believe also that in such zones where magnetic fields go crazy and are very high, the mixing of two different times can occur. Perhaps the two realities do not completely mix and eventually people from the past or the future meeting people from the present will all return to their appropriate time, but some of those strange meetings in the desert described in the article could well be meetings from people living in other time frame. An interesting passage was also that radio signals appear to go a different speed and frequency than it should:


“Pena and his group became aware of the "silence" when they found that it was impossible to communicate with one another via walkie-talkies: radio waves are not transmitted at the accustomed speed and frequency. Portable radios would emit but the lightest whisper when turned on at full volume. To this day, television signals cannot be received in Ceballos or in the neighboring ranches.
Some magnetic force, with the power to dampen radio waves, seems to exist in the region.


----I am sometimes wondering if the sights you saw, of those lights or ships getting out of the mountain are not events that are taking place in the future or the past, and that the energy blast needed in order for them to travel could be linking their time to yours. This is only an idea to explore, for the moment we do not have any evidence of this.


Roland Michel Tremblay



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From: []
Sent: 01 February 2003 04:59
To: 'Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce'
Subject: Chemtrails / Contrails - Planes spraying Barium in the air...


Hello Mr. Gonzalez Ponce,

Maybe this is not related at all, but there is something quite interesting that is discussed on some UFOs and chemicals websites. Some planes appear to be spraying barium in the air for unexplained reasons. Now, if this is true, where would they be taking their barium? At El Cerro del Pueblo?

Here are two interesting links on the subject:


Additional Chemtrail Links (from website)

Chemtrail Reserach Report - the best I've seen with an excellent horizon chemtrail at the end of the page.


Another Santa Fe Contrail Series


Regards,  Roland Michel Tremblay



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From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 01 February 2003 06:07
Subject: Re: Chemtrails / Contrails - Planes spraying Barium in the air...


Hi, Mr. Tremblay,

During my ongoing research on the subject of barium I came across with a 1997 PDF abstract mentioning the barium spraying from airplanes for the analyzing of cosmic rays along with an array of other experimental data gathering features. The article stressed the non toxic effects of barium in the biota including humans. However, currently I have no way of knowing the extent of possible harm to us regarding such experimentation and although barium in liquid form is an ingested pharmaco for radiological testing on tractointestinal and blood vessels for medical diagnoses there is not much known about long term exposure of barium in humans nor have I been aware of trials in such regard, and so I think that the expressed concern in the two web sites you provided me with are valid.


---Perhaps it is just a coincidence, perhaps it is related. The fact that both of us made the link is already significant. I do not necessarily believe that barium would be spread to be harm us, but for other unknown reasons that we just cannot understand at this point. Also, maybe these planes have not been spraying barium, but just use barium as a mean of propulsion. In which case it would be barium that would come out of the exhaust. Another possibility is that by spraying barium in the air might facilitate transportation of similar crafts that came out of El Cerro del Pueblo. They would need the mine of barite to travel, and they also be able to travel somewhere when there is a certain amount of barium contained in the atmosphere. Perhaps it is not for travelling purposes, but other reasons that we are not aware. Obviously some strange people out there appear to be using a lot of barium these days for reasons beyond our knowledge. Either it is a new source of energy, propellant or something similar that is still classified by many governments for unclear reasons, or extra-terrestrials or humans from the future visit us and are using barium for whatever reason or reasons.


As for the taking barium from El Cerro del Pueblo the answer is definitively no, aside the fact that no one is allowed to the entrance to such property, whom ever is doing the spraying in the air do not need to come all the way to this parts to get it, they could get barium anywhere in the world, including - by the way  - right at Roswell, N.M. where huge massive deposits are hosted by carbonaceous shale / limestone formations originated by the ancient shallow sea of Thetys I mentioned in my last writing, or for example, from or very nearby Area 51 which is within the most productive ( 85%) region of barite / barium in the U.S., but most likely from stacked piles they have. As you may be aware, there is a huge consumption of barium as an oil and gas drilling muds throughout the world - its mundane but main use.


----Funny that wherever there is barium, there are UFO sightings. Let’s not forget though that in those places you mentioned there are important military bases. It would not be easy to get barium from there without the army knowing, if indeed the army is ignorant of the barium properties that some people appear to have found.


On other news, I have been finding volumes of outstanding data regarding the connection between the events at El Cerro del Pueblo with a world of cosmic occurrences and paranormal phenomena on a global scale that has been keeping me on the edge of my desk chair and awake sometimes till the morning while researching on the subject.


---I look forward reading more about your findings.


While I have much more research to analyze and putting together the puzzle that is taking an amazing shape I'll be keeping you updated of my upcoming report which I can tell you has enough material for a good book which by the way you'll be the right person to guide me with and / or co - write with me in this regard should you wish to do so.


------It would be my pleasure to co-write a book with you on the subject. I only hope that you will also guide me and that I can live up to your expectations, and also the expectations of an eventual publisher. I believe that our correspondence can already be an important part of the book and also a starting point. I suppose that the first thing to do would be to try to establish a Table of contents with main titles and subtitles. Then it will be a matter of placing what we already have on those sections and concentrating on the research and writing of the remaining empty titles and subtitles.


Regards, Alberto



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From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 01 February 2003 20:26


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

While am still involved in the research and piecing together of already identified important connections of various orders including a great deal of cosmic earth events and other paranormals that include even poltergeist events with the phenomena at El Cerro del Pueblo, 


-----I cannot wait to hear what are those cosmic events and other paranormals phenomena that could be link to what you witness. Poltergeist? I find that very surprising.


and due to the fact that it has been quite an undertaking and will continue to be for a while prior my first of the upcoming series of progress reports to you, I include in this email a prospect of a title and back cover of a possible book that as I indicated and pondered you could co-write, should you decide to utilize you literary and imaginative skills in this project that have been invaluable and instrumental for the opening of a great “Pandora Box” of discoveries that will spawn astonishing and revolutionary bases for the search of the holy grail of all sciences.

Despite my grammatical errors I believe that the ideas written below could be helpful in a grosso modo to such undertaking.


-----At this point in time we should not worry too much about the grammar or the mistakes.

-----Don’t forget that English is not my main language, but I have a great friend who is also a writer that can correct the book once we feel it is finished.

-----Her name is Sheila MacLeod and I have built her a page on my website.


Please advise. Regards, Alberto





“The Unifying Link to Cosmic and Paranormal Events in Earth’s History”

By: Roland Michel Tremblay and J.Alberto G. Ponce


The witnessed sightings of many citizens and one of the authors of this book, of one of the time/space portal opening events on the evenings of July 6, 1999 and September 15, 2001 in Northern Mexico prompted Alberto G. Ponce to report with a plead to the scientific community at large for the investigation of such important event, however the response from the many contacted was nil and a few that promised to look into the matter but never did, being the most encouraging that of Dr. Kip Thorne of Caltech, California “ whishing good luck in such endeavor and the science that we believe was behind it”.

Nonetheless, the most supporting and important contributor to the ongoing and painstaking research in this regard  Mr. Roland Michel Tremblay that with his many years of literary experience and investigation of  the cosmic and paranormal realms and innovative insights made possible the astonishing discoveries that triggered the production of this book that withholds the breakthrough in the most puzzling and enigmatic mysteries that have perplexed human kind throughout its history and vectoring the main course of all civilizations on earth.


About the authors: ..................


On the other hand,  I put to your assessment and consideration the fact that I included several negative aspects on the above or / and  wordy  which may or may not be detrimental for its intended impactive vehicle.


 ----Don’t worry, the back page would probably be written by the publisher. At this point we should consider this as a résumé of what the book will be discussing.

----I don’t think we should mention Dr Kip Thorne though we could mention the lack of interest in investigating this. We need to sound more positive in any case.

----We need to stay objective, a bit like scientists. Only stating the facts, what you observed and then theorize about the different possibilities and meanings.

----But this lack of interest might be also because you did not contact the right people. Scientists work in libraries; it is all in their mind that everything is happening.

-----UFO investigators are who you need to contact. I have already contacted one person who has a lot of experience about UFOs in Mexico,

------I copied at the end what I wrote to him and his answer. You might want to contact him, as I am not certain how he could help us.

-----You might want to compare notes with him.


Another thought:

I believe that an initial series of non fictional, based on scientific facts installments / book (s) could be a good opening for more hypothetical / speculatory incursions including Sci-fi sagas and why not, a future movie perhaps on this theme. Your call.


-----Yes, my brain is definitely thinking. If ever I am working again on a television series, I will try to link El Cerro del Pueblo to some of the episodes, like Stargate and X-Files cannot stop linking their series to Roswell and Area 51. I am actually working at developing a new idea for a television series that I should put online on my website very soon. I will have to described ideas for about 13 episodes and I will probably try to link all our talks into this series idea, you can be certain of that. Of course someone in Hollywood will have to see it and contact me, but then again I know they visit the website… so the chances are good.


Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay

44E The Grove, Isleworth, Middx, London, TW7 4JF, UK

Tel: +44 (0)20 8847 5586   Mobile: +44 (0)794 127 1010 wrote:

Hello Mike,

I read some of your ideas about UFOs and I also read the message from the future you have put on your website at this URL:

Thank you for your interesting website, I will certainly read most of it in the next few days.

You might want to have a look at my website as we share many similar ideas.

I am also particularly interested in your theories about these UFO sightings in Mexico:

I would welcome your help in trying to uncover what is happening there and if you have heard of any other similar events.

Note that I am based in London UK but that I am helping Mr. Gonzalez Ponce in his research for alien technology and possible revolutionary theoretical physics ideas.

Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Harman []
Sent: 01 February 2003 18:18
Subject: Re: Message from the future and UFO



I have many reports from Mexico and South America that I have collected over the years, and some of them do hint at the advanced nature of their technology. Let me know how I can help.

Mike Harman


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-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 03 February 2003 02:02   To:
Subject: Briefs on the linkage between Cosmic Events, Barium and Poltergeist


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

I have been selecting the most scientific reliable and recognized veritable data among the large amounts of data that matches data of the barite deposits, El Cerro del Pueblo and other phenomena including their respective paleological, geological, geophysical, geochemical, petrological and mineralogical along with astronomical and astrophysical data already established along with theoretical and current research in all of these disciplines


----Great, you certainly have the determination.


with the addition of poltergeist historical and  prehistorical  phenomena that at first appeared to be a coincidental sort of occurrence at some of the most important cosmic impacts on earth and barium but a consistent pattern of such business began to take critical shape to the point that I have been also doing in depth research into it with the aid of serious and reliable scientific data findings at such type of phenomenology and preliminary results have been quite disturbing.


----Very interesting.


While most scientific data regarding poltergeist phenomena points at an incidence of at least 50% among the female population between the ages of 12 to 22 years old or so in western societies, from which location events there is also well documented close ratio proximity of cosmic / barium occurrences along with witches burning and else - mostly women, at earlier stages of such societies mostly because of  their "deals with demons" and the unexplained ( colonial poltergeist?), I also found older cosmic - barium related phenomena within close occurrence and even catastrophic outcomes among ancestral human societies at large that "appeased such omens"  with human sacrifices, importantly virgin women.


----That is quite a discovery. I am amaze you were able to make such a link. So the barium could also have a role to play in paranormal phenomena. It must be quite powerful if used properly. It might also give us more hints about why barium is used on El Cerro del Pueblo.


To very briefly report you for our case, I include a couple of lines from a few of the several reliable sources involved in poltergeist and similar phenomena reflecting the most accepted scientific findings as relates to the above mentioned population gender / age incidences and some of its interesting geophysical and kinetic - gravitational defying aspects: "The focus or agent (of poltergeist disturbance) in usually a girl who is becoming puberty and has some kind of emotional or physiological stress. It is not uncommon, however, for the agent to be a boy or an adult. In most cases, the agent does not realize that they are causing the disturbance"; Alan Gauld in Gauld and Cornell's Poltergeist 1 abstract include levitation and other gravitational defying phenomena along with a line indicating: "Other phenomena not infrequently reported in such cases include the appearance of luminosities and balls of light". Amongst others, - " Poltergeist Research Takes New Directions" - William Roll and Andrew Nichols, Department of Psychology, University of West Georgia...."Geological fault zones or house current may result in sounds and light effects which, on interaction with the brain may cause typical phenomena"


---I have heard a lot about this, the University of Toronto (I believe) conducted tests on the subject. They were putting a little hat generating electromagnetic fields on the heads of subjects and suddenly these people felt like they were not alone, they were afraid and they saw ghosts. And ghosts usually appear where there is geological fault and where the electrical current is quite high (power lines and other domestic appliances). What is not completely clear about this: is it really all due to imagination? Are they really just hallucinating or are they actually seeing something real that exist on another plane of existence. Also, surely you are not proposing that what you witness was all just in your imagination? And that all the other witnesses saw exactly the same thing as you even though it was in your imagination?

---I admit that I never stopped to wonder about levitation accomplished by the Tibetans for example and also in cases of people being possessed by a spirit of some sort. I have also read at many places that governments might already have the technology about anti-gravity and that perhaps the concept behind it is not that complicated and could happen in nature using barite/barium. Here is an interesting link about antigravity on the website I mentioned to you last week: (And check the links at the bottom of that page.)

---Otherwise, when there is a manifestation of, let’s call it a spirit, that spirit would be on another plane of existence. Which means that levitation could be due to the fact that two different realities meet. If I was climbing a ladder in this reality, they could be seeing me as levitating on another plane of existence. So this is perhaps not the same sort of levitation as a ship floating in the air using anti-gravity devices.


Briefly also, I would like to include the following data: "Recent examination of satellite imagery reveals a 3 km crater impact near the junction of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq. This region is historically known as Mesopotamia and formed part of the larger Fertile Crescent - a region that stretch to the Nile River. Access to water and irrigation techniques led to the rise of many of the first recorded civilizations along the banks of these rivers. The sediments in that region indicates that the impact crater is less than 6,000 years old. Mesopotamia was populated before 7,000 years ago and many of the civilizations in the area died out 4,300 years ago. This makes the crater impact the prime suspect in the disappearance of ancient cultures and the appearance in ancient writings of stories of cataclysmic destruction".

As another piece that fits in our puzzle, is the fact that the sedimentary stratigraphy that covers all of the above former Mesopotamia territory is the carbonaceous shales and limestones, priordly the bottom of an ancient sea that spawned fields of barium producing sea vents that cumulated to form large barite deposits along with its co - genetic geological families of gypsum,  anhydrites and dolomites.

As for the connection with the human sacrifices here is the following quotations from another source: " For the old world. Gunnar Heinsohn (1992) also cites evidence for large scale fires and earthquakes, all possibility product of a large comet or comet fragments striking the earth during the Bronze Age. While Heinsohn makes a global applicability of the world wide flooding, his focus is in Bronze Age Mesopotamia and the emergence of civilization with its associated priest - kings and human sacrifice. He makes much of a section from the old Babylonian version of the Epic of Etana wherein there is reference to a - beclouded people - who had no counseling - so - kingship descendant from heaven - (Heinsohn 1992). Apparently, the blood rituals of these counselors were imitations of actual events which took place during the cataclysm, and witnessing these events in ritual had a therapeutic effect on the terror stricken community".


----So, in résumé, you are saying here that reports about Mesopotamia and an asteroid falling on Earth are very similar to what you have witnessed in El Cerro del Pueblo? Please tell me how it could be linked together as I am uncertain. Strange lightning events took place there, like the ones you witnessed? Or is it more the link about a comet falling on Earth and the deposit of barite/barium over there?


On another region of the world ( I already have tons of these models), west of Nashville, Tennessee, it is found the Flynn Crater Impact, a 360 million year old structure with a 4 km radius settled right within the second largest deposits of barite in the U.S. - There is also an interesting website that includes data of such crater titled " The Connections Between Impact Craters and Shales",  should you wish to see it. And as "dessert", Tennessee  cities are among the most famous for its poltergeist occurrences, located also right within the barite mining districts of Tennessee bordering with the western Madison County, North Carolina the most barite mining producing western neighbor state.


------This is very interesting. By poltergeists, are you also including simple ghost apparitions without all the objects moving around? Considering how many of these we have in England, I suppose there should be something equivalent to barite/barium that makes the whole country suitable to these paranormal phenomena. Places like Stonehenge exist in the thousands in England. They are locations where the geomagnetic fields are meeting and the positive and negative energies sort of cancel each other out. The geological fault because of that are very strong. I went to Stonehenge many times and picked up white rocks that I put in a strong glass once back at the hotel (in 1990). The glass literally exploded one hour later. Perhaps the glass was already cracked, I don’t know.

----In those areas that you have mentioned, I wonder if there are more unexplained phenomena than just poltergeists?


There is a website that includes a world of nationally famous poltergeist occurrences even with their U.S. historical markers in such areas of Tennessee that I recommend: in which there are a several interesting situations such as; The manifestation of a ball of light travelling along a railroad crossing. It passes through people and cars dimming slightly while doing to., At another place, the Carter House, the image of a young woman is seen running down the hall and then downstairs and athe same house, the image of a young boy has been seen in a bedroom., On another location The Orpheum Theater, the Spirit of a young girl has been seen occupying seat F - 5.

Needless to say is that other than a few implications of cause and result such as that of Heinsohn and the above Connections Between Impact Craters and Shales, none of all the other volumes of data concerning any phase of our " unifying theory" has been ever scientifically related, and so such bits of information am gathering are scattered all over without any cognitive connection whatsoever,


---Yes, we have to be careful. If it looks like a coincidence more than a provable link, then perhaps we should not invest too much energy in researching the subject. Obviously we could not talk extensively in the book about it since critics would destroy the arguments in minutes. Seeing links where there is no evident proof would have to be clearly stated that it is the case, and we should perhaps only have a chapter about it.


but I can tell you that it is taking a formidable shape and although it will take some time to make an important workable model which could include transcendental implications such as a possible identification of energy sources that fuel and govern the multidimensional spectrum of time / space realms created by naturally bearing barium concentrations producing interdimensional whirlpool voids within the fabric of space from superconducting gravitational and electromagnetic planetary energy cores or as a whole thus giving path and destiny for a great deal if not most of meteorical material bound to earth, which could  be also manipulated and customized by and for higher technologies purposes,  it could also imply radical changes in the conventional structure of human consensus of the vectors that directed the course and fate of human history such as the ancestral rituals merely fueled by cosmic and unexplained phenomena (ancient poltergeist?) witnessed by prehistoric and subsequent human groups and societies which gave path to rites ridden with cruelty but none other than the birth givers of religions - the fundamental  matrix of our civilizations as it was before, as has always been.


Regards, Alberto


-----This sound very interesting and I look forward reading more about what you find on the subject. Just make sure that you stick to the facts in order to not lose credibility. And if the facts support the theory, then of course we should talk about it.


Roland Michel Tremblay



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Hello Mr. Gonzalez Ponce,

I finally got my British visa good for another 2 years and at the same time my freedom to travel. I am very busy working on this conference I will talk at on 4 April 2003, I need to give my presentation to the organizers by the end of this week. By the way it is in Tulsa in the state of Oklahoma. I will be there for a few days around 4 April.

Please read below my comments:


-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 03 February 2003 19:04
Subject: Poltergeists From Flat Wormholes


Hi Mr. Tremblay,

The fact that I stressed regarding poltergeist phenomena manifestations consistently occurring at world wide barium saturated and cosmic impacts locations, and the fact that such manifestations include mainly gravitational defying demonstrations, entities mostly shrouded in glowing white cloudy like colored presence (reminds me the ringed portal aureola at  El Cerro del Pueblo) coming out of walls and other not third dimensional feats such as that of the ball of light passing through people and cars in Tennessee, could be attributed to an areal extension of barium projected energies field causing temporary small portholes or flat wormholes from which entities that belong to other dimensional realms can have access to ours.


----Ok, you have identified that wherever there is a deposit of barium strange phenomena happens. Some of these could be linked to some of the things you witnessed in your area. So the barium appears to have strange properties that you have already identified. And now we could try to take some barium and see what we could use it for, how we could reproduce some of those experiences with it. Is it sufficient to have some barium around to justify all these phenomena? Or is there something else that is needed in order to trigger the phenomena? And as for other dimensions, parallel universes and other realms of reality, I think it will be hard to prove. Still no one can deny that ghosts exist, too many stories about it have been told. It would be hard to dismiss exorcists and levitation, they have been well documented.


According to my previous writing indicating the potential of barium accumulations under specific favorable conditions acting as a superconducting agent of gravitational and electromagnetic energies from geo-planetary sources creating a vortex thus a wormhole or portal within the time / space fabric which when beamed / projected towards outside the planet captures and / or has influence over the course of destination - impact of meteoric material on earth, the same principle could apply for the transgression into our third dimensional realm by entities from a parallel dimension when the portal opening occurs as a product of energy field flaring and reaching the so called haunted / poltergeist nearby locations to the barium energies sources.

There is a very interesting website on PDF -" Wormhole - Stargates, Tunneling Through The Cosmic Neighborhood" that I highly recommend for you to see that contains illustrations of several models of wormholes including small wormholes - flat wormholes - (such as the ones that could be poltergeist portals) and negative energy requirements for different sizes of wormholes its URL is :

Regards, Alberto


Note: if that PDF is no longer available at that URL, click here: davis_mufon2001slides.pdf


----I have started to read the PDF file and you are right, this is highly interesting. They apparently have access to the knowledge of people who worked on back-engineering alien technology (!). I am pleased that a lot of the content in that file are information that I have already provided you with and they appear to say very similar things to what I told you. I suppose it sorts of confirm some of our hypothesis.

---After looking at the PDF on page 27, I realize that I did not include in my report about Parallel Universes the passage about the flat wormholes from Mr. Michio Kaku’s book HyperSpace. I have decided to include it in my Parallel Universes report and you can now read it here:

Warp Factor 5

Closing the Wormhole


Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



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-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 18 February 2003 17:44   To:
Subject: Fw: Briefs on the linkage between Cosmic Events, Barium and Poltergeist


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

Its nice to hear from you again. Aside that I have been quite busy with explosives uncovering barite fronts at the fault, our internet server was out of service but am now online again. Regarding your questions on your reply of 02.13.2003 concerning my writing of 02.03.2003, I placed some answers right below your questions and statements including the last one.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 03 February 2003 02:02  To:
Subject: Briefs on the linkage between Cosmic Events, Barium and Poltergeist


----So, in résumé, you are saying here that reports about Mesopotamia and an asteroid falling on Earth are very similar to what you have witnessed in El Cerro del Pueblo? Please tell me how it could be linked together as I am uncertain. Strange lightning events took place there, like the ones you witnessed? Or is it more the link about a comet falling on Earth and the deposit of barite/barium over there?


ANSWER: The relevance of the events above depicted strive on the facts that aside that it has been scientifically proven that a cosmic object / asteroid impacted Earth some 4500 years ago at a one of the largest populated region of the world those days, I have been able to find out that the geology and mineralogy of the terrain where such event took place is of sedimentary carboniferous, shale, limestone nature and remnants of an ancient shallow sea that gave path to formation of numerous hydrothermal sea vents / chimneys that poured barium in enough quantities to create important barite deposits such as those in our regions by the shallow Sea of Thetys that created El Cerro del Pueblo and La Zona del Silencio. And so, Barium / Barite, once again has been part of the scenario of cosmic implications on Earth.

The implications of such cataclysm as evidentiated by the 3km diameter crater inferring a destructive power of one million megatons at the " Crescent Fertile" that wiped out the human cradle of the Bronze Age, the avant garde of civilization  it created awesome fears among surrounding surviving cultures that appeased their Gods with offering rites including human sacrifices as evidentiated by statements in the writings of Plato, Caesar and other reliable sources verified by archeological findings.

It is safe to say that the survivors that inherited the torch of human advancement were also ridden with psychological scars and fears that were quenched with disgusting rites and passed onto their descendants and to the western world at large and perhaps giving path to the development of  religions...................................................................... End of Answer One.


----In those areas that you have mentioned, I wonder if there are more unexplained phenomena than just poltergeists?


ANSWER: I have been collecting information of a lot of other types of unexplained phenomena within this parts, including numerous UFO sightings following pathways very much back and forth, East to West type of pattern, and also unexplained glowings at certain areas, however I'll be able to put into perspective all those phenomena that have reliability upon in depth investigation.

On the other hand, I already have outstanding findings within the European context (including Stonehenge along with thousands of megaliths in France and so forth), amazingly fitting and strongly supporting the whole theory, and I'll have a report on this prime piece of the puzzle within the next few days.................................................................................. End of Answer Two.


---Yes, we have to be careful. If it looks like a coincidence more than a provable link, then perhaps we should not invest too much energy in researching the subject. Obviously we could not talk extensively in the book about it since critics would destroy the arguments in minutes. Seeing links where there is no evident proof would have to be clearly stated that it is the case, and we should perhaps only have a chapter about it.


ANSWER: What I meant is that while there is enough world wide powerful information in all orders and levels to consolidate an important and workable model of this theory, all bits of information that I have been gathering are scattered all over and no one has had a motive to put them together because the events such as that of at El Cerro del Pueblo are with no record as far as I know, quite more rare than UFO sightings or any other kind of unexplained phenomena, specially in the light that it was the Portal from which UFO's entered our realm, and even more importantly the fact that we were able to identify a very much prime suspect material - Barium / Barite which aside of the superb wide spectrum of its properties that have been proven essential for higher technology including all areas of space exploration, it has also been consistently appearing on the scene of the most important cosmic impacts on Earth. I don't mean that no one else has been investigating or at least wondering beyond the physics of cosmic impacts on Earth, in fact I included in my writing  the example of an article in the web: " Connections Between Impact Craters and Shales", which it is quite an accomplishment, specially in the light that who pondered such argument  did not had the central piece of the puzzle, the knowledge that we learned at El Cerro del Pueblo, that while covered with Shale, the bulk was made out of Barium / Barite. On the other hand, I can assure you that all of my preliminary research which it is reflected in all my writings has been accomplished to the most possible attainable accuracy and veracity and that a final model will be produced with weighting and verifiable arguments and evidences......................... End of Answer Three, Including for your final statement.


Regards Again,  Alberto


Roland Michel Tremblay



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-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 23 February 2003 19:03
Subject: Conection Between Crater Impacts on Earth and Barium Laden Terrains


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

Due to important implications that I have been uncovering during my research intrinsically connected with the phenomena at El Cerro del Pueblo I produced a Preliminary Research Report from which a Sample of such Report with examples of findings is to be directed to the branches of the scientific community involved in the research of crater impacts on Earth including high level notoriety cosmic impacts such as that of the Chicxulub in Yucatan, Mexico blamed for the Dino extinction at the K/T boundary and their connection with Barium / Barite concentrations and certain types of REE strategically identified not from the impactors but from the grounds whereby all the crater impacts have been identified throughout the world.

I tagged the Sample of the Report with an exchange of information produced from further findings by the users of my research results that if accepted, as a whole improves the possibility of proving my theory, and if so, my chances to obtain an investigation by the scientific community at El Cerro del Pueblo could be feasible.

I attached a copy of the Sample of the Report to this email for your review, comments and advice.

Regards, Alberto


-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 25 February 2003 03:08
Subject: A possible link between Crater Impacts and certain mineralogy, including REE on Earth


Dear People,

Due to a particular and unusual phenomena I witnessed along with most of the inhabitants of a small village in northern Mexico regarding repeated events at a Barium / Barite massive deposit hosted by carbonaceous limestone, shale hilly terrains, and subsequent related occurrences within the region I decided to proceed with an investigation which turned into a preliminary research report that I produced and decided to share it with you with the purpose of interesting you in this theme and perhaps your involvement in such project should you decide to do so.

The data involving my research is easily proven because it is at the reach of anyone, but there hasn't been the motive of connecting the constant presence of Barium within the close context area of Crater Impacts as reflected in the attached report.

Sincerely, Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce

Minas Peascudo

Villa Lopez, Chihuahua, Mexico 33940

(629) 534 0171, email:



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By: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce


Sample of Preliminary Report of a Research Study That Link Carboniferous Limestone – Shales and other Geologically Barium / Barite and REE Environment Depositional Areas With Most Crater Impacts and Meteorite Falls on Earth.

This Sample of Preliminary Report includes a few examples of the above captioned title.

The full text including all known crater impacts on Earth and their connection with Barium / Barite and certain REE along with Implicit Facts that lead to Speculative Implications in which an array of possible scenarios could provide us with clues to try to explain the feasibility of such theory, along with Conclusions and Recommendations is available for research purposes and in exchange of the same at my email address:



While studies concerning extraterrestrial impacts on Earth has been regarded as of random nature, focused on impactors outer origins, physical and geo / mineralogical make up and their effects on our planet atmospheric, biota, crustal and tectonic implicatory circumstances, no research has been carried out beyond the spectrum of identifying on site quartz and other shocked stratigraphic materials along with trace elements left by the impactor or tektites formation or other ejecta thousands of kilometers away from such events whereby the extent of all those research studies as whole stretch no further than that of the venturous pondering of string impacts theory relying upon correlated ages and aligned cratering  and other analogies and that along with near Earth objects identification and their path in relation with our planet and solar system monitoring there has not been the pondering of any other kind of Earth < impact connection such as that of possible electromagnetic flux spots on Earth that could influence / modify and even re-direct to certain extent the path of extraterrestrial objects bound to Earth, and that’s what this Report is concerned.

The results obtained from this Research Study demonstrate that all known crater impacts on Earth have either hit on Barium / Barite Deposits or within heavily Barium / Barite mineralized areas.

It should be noted that while sedimentary terrains including carbonaceous limestones, shales, cherts and the like are the most abundant materials on the upper crustal structures of Earth in which among other geological sources Barite mineralization is widespread throughout our planet, such quantities are minimal and only selected points on Earth exhibit Barium / Barite Deposits or heavily Barium / Barite mineralized areas, and those areas in particular are the most impacted by extraterrestrial objects as per this report findings.

Nonetheless, and for obvious reasons it is not expected always to find such Barium / Barite right at the core of the impact sites where hundreds or millions of tons of original material were vaporized in an instant, but surrounding terrains with such Barium Sulfate along with already core drilling results at and below impact levels from some of such impacts have yielded findings of original carbonaceous, limestone – shale stratigraphy as the case of Chicxulub.

This research was carried out on the 150 most prevalent crater impact areas of Earth and their hierarchy and descending importance with an special overview to major clusters of impacts in Canada and Europe, along with other cosmical on Earth events of lesser notoriety however withholding relevant implicitly to the subject at hand.



The Chicxulub Crater

Central and South America

United States

Canada and Cluster Crater Impacts

Canada, Ireland and England Crater Impacts Relationship

Europe and Cluster Crater Impacts
















The Peninsula of Yucatan, Mexico whereby a cometary / asteroidal object impacted the Earth’s crust causing a ~ 250  kilometers in diameter crater some ~ 65  million years ago belongs to a geological system within the close vicinity of surrounding land masses and the sea floor basin of the Gulf of Mexico dominated by sedimentary carbonaceous limestones – shales housing dolomitic and anhydrous mineralization clattered with fields of Barium / Barite sea vents – chimneys sequenced all along the offshore coasts of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Florida and Cuba and great deal of the Caribbean including North and Central areas of Venezuela - Aragua – a very large Massive Barium / Barite producer.

At the end of the Cretaceous, the geographical stage of land masses of such areas were quite closely comprised compared with today’s land morphology and the Yucatan Peninsula was under the waters of a shallow sea that also covered the today’s areas of the states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Chihuahua and Sonora in Mexico, currently the highest producing areas of Barium /  Barite in Mexico, creating a very large Baritic conglomerate surrounding the Chicxulub impact in Yucatan.

The identified surrounding stratigraphy and deep drill core of the impact site include anhydritic – dolomitic, carboniferous limestone – shales, the most appropriate geological and mineralogical stage for a probable pre – impact SEDEX or Stratiform Barium / Barite Deposit.

Current scientific research has identified important sea water pollution in the Gulf of Mexico due to substantial fields of sea vents pouring large quantities of Barium and Radium offshore Texas and Louisiana.



This ~ 35.5 Ma, ~85 Km. diameter crater is located at the southern end of the bay and right in front of the coastal waters of Virginia.

The State of Virginia was a high producer of Barite and is flanked by the State of Maryland, a past Barite producer as well as by the State of Georgia, one of the highest producers of barite in the United States.

Barium pollution and others from sea vents in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay has been closely monitored by the Environment Protection Agency.



This is a less than a kilometer in diameter wide crater that slammed the shores of Nova Scotia some 50 million years ago.

Close by the crater structure, in Walton, Nova Scotia, a massive Barite Deposit – The Walton Mine was mined for over 30 years and yielded 4.3 million tons of Barite, and still one million tons were left behind. Current offshore barite exploration at those waters has proven positive. There is also the current mining of large barite deposits at Breton Island at a close range from the astrobleme.



The Odessa structure of 168 meters across at an estimated age of .05 Ma is located at the small County of Ector in southwestern, Texas, and is flanked in the west by the Counties of Culberson, Jeff Davis, Hudspet, Brewster, Presidio and Reeves, and by the County of Taylor in the east, whereby all of these Counties were some of the few major producers of Barium / Barite in Texas. The Ector County has been proven feasible for Barite mining and there is a current project for such purpose involving 3 million acres that include the Ector County and all the Counties herein mentioned.

The Sierra Madera Crater Impact with 13 Km in diameter, and ~ 100 Ma. is located in the County of Williamson in central Texas, and is right next to the Counties of Llano and Gillespie the other two major producers of Barium / Barite in Texas. There are current prospecting activities for Barium / Barite at the Williamson County.



Towards the west, some 720 Km from the Odessa astrobleme, in Arizona, between Winslow and Flagstaff the 1.18 Km across, ~ 0.049 Ma Barringer Crater Impact is located at the convergence from the north of the Barite laden Mississippian System and from the west the Carlyn Trend that withholds the highest Barite production in the United States. Hundreds of Barite mining operation in the southwest and central west of California, the lower end of Nevada and south of Arizona are involved in such commitment and are within close range and from all sides of the astrobleme.



A cluster of 22 crater impacts ranging between 0.8 Km and ~ 52 Km in diameter and ages between 0.002 Ma and ~ 2500 Ma, are gathered within a comprised area of approximately 2000 Km X 2500 Km between the Countries of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Latvia. All of these Countries, without exception have and have had large Barium / Barite production.



As indicated at the onset of this Sample of Preliminary Research Report, a full disclosure of well documented findings and detailed information of all identified crater impacts on Earth including those of the examples herein  listed with specifics, implicit facts with REE connections and speculative implications as a whole inductive to probable cause of impacts incidence on Barium / Barite mineralized spots on Earth, is available in exchange of research findings by you or your associates based upon my current and upcoming research results.



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-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: 16 March 2003 03:39
To: 'Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce'
Subject: Help with UFO sightings in Mexico


Hello Mr. Gonzalez Ponce,

I have bought this month’s copy of the main UFO Magazine in the UK, the world’s most successful magazine on UFO apparently:

I found this link about a volcano in Mexico with a lot of UFO sightings:

As well, I intend to send an e-mail to some people investigating UFOs and science related to UFO. I found many contacts in the UFO 2003 Directory that came with the magazine.

I have attached the page related to Mexico.

Please let me know if you think it is worth contacting some of them.

Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 16 March 2003 21:05
Subject: Re: Help with UFO sightings in Mexico


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

I say lets go for it!, the more we disseminate the particularities relating to the phenomena occurring at El Cerro del Pueblo, the most probabilities we have to identify unreported analog incidences, which could not only provide us with additional information or clues instrumental to our investigation but also bolstering our case.


---Ok, but I tell you, I will be sending it to more than a dozen persons. Be prepared to be bombarded with questions in the next few days. I am answering your last two previous emails then I will put them online then I will start to send my e-mails. Perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow.


On the other hand, I would bet that the UK magazine you mention would be very interested regarding the fact that the numerous UFO sightings in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are the areas that contain the grounds of major production of Barite / Barium in Europe, and that just recently was identified a major extraterrestrial impact - The Silvertip - located at the convergence of all of such terrains, which by the way, are the playground of most poltergeist occurring phenomena in the UK as evidentiated by the volumes of detail documented research we have, and proficiently connecting the whole phenomenon.


-----That is great news. As I said before, I thought England would have a barite/barium deposit or something equivalent as too many things paranormal are going on here. No wonder most of the UFOs organizations are in this country, every single little region around where I live appears to have its own UFO group.


Regarding the subject at El Cerro del Pueblo, five days ago - on March 11, 2003, Juan Duran (the man that had brought me the white rocks from El Cerro del Pueblo as indicated in my initial Sighting Report), woke me up at 5:00 AM, and hurried me to go with him to El Cerro del Pueblo 6 Km from my home. We drove as fast as we could, and at a distance of approximately 4 Km, there was a group of farmers pointing towards El Cerro del Pueblo, and I was able to witness a UFO apparently resting atop of the left side of the hill, some 600 meters from the site whereby the wormhole sightings took place in 1999 and 2001.


-----Has anyone taken any photos? I know cameras don’t come by that easily in such isolated and poor area, but this is very important!


The object was bright orange, and a shape resembling the glass blast vase of an antique lantern - puffy in the middle and narrowed on the top and bottom ends.


I stepped on the pedal, sorting the rocky and jumpy dirty road, and when we were at a distance of some 2 Km from the lower areas of El Cerro del Pueblo, the UFO appeared to be sinking within the fabric of the hill, or hiding behind of it. I drove around El Cerro del Pueblo, but when we arrived behind the left side of the hill in less than 20 minutes, the object was gone.


When looking for traces left behind, we found a circular area of approximately 10 meters in diameter with freshly broken cactus plants, but the ground it appeared untouched, and no evidence of ground level disturbance. We spent most of the day looking for other clues but found no additional unusual evidence.


----If the UFO did not land, then there would not be traces on the ground. As for other clues, electromagnetic fields could have been detected. If we get investigators there, in time I am sure we will have the right people with the right equipment looking and waiting for another sighting. I am pretty certain that there will be more in the future as this is obviously one of the rare places where they can travel from and to, wherever it is they come from. This is fascinating.


Because of the various distances from which I observed the UFO and the height of the hill, I calculated that the approximated dimensions of such object was ~ 30 meters tall, 10 to meters of diameter at the base ( agreeable with the circular described area),  ~ 15 meters in the middle and ~ 12 meters at the top end of it. The two narrower waist areas from lower to higher were approximately 6 and 8 meters.


-----This is huge! For this to go through a wormhole certainly has something bigger than the Stargate in the television series (do you receive such sci-fi television series in your area?).


I have been examining quite a bit of broken ends and other parts of the cactus under my microscope, but so far I found nothing unusual, no burning nor chemical or mineral traces not naturally occurring in such plants or in their ground area,


-----Take photos! If it is possible, we need to be able to assess if a anti-gravity device, or strong electromagnetic field could be responsible for destroying those cactus at a distance.


but while I still continue in this regard, awareness of very possible return of UFO phenomena at El Cerro del Pueblo has been disseminated among the village population and to notify me as soon as possible of such occurrences.


----This is great. You need people there in permanence and I think that sending my email to all these people might do just that.


Attached is the initial phase of a writing that spells somehow my idea of presenting the whole theory for your review, changes and determination.

Am working on the inclusion of contents listed, such as Extraterrestrial Impacts, Barium / Barite & REE, Superconductors, The Bermuda Triangle, The Nazca Drawings, and so forth, I'll have them for your review as soon as possible, in the mean time please advise.


----Ok, thank you very much. Should I put the three pages you sent me online at this time, or not? And what about the other parts of the book you might forward soon?


Regards, Alberto


----Regards, RM


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From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 05 March 2003 17:09
Subject: Fw: Research Report Barium / Barites


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

As per your indication included at the end of your email dated 13/02/2003 (RE: Briefs on the linkage between...), in which you stated "...And if the facts support the theory...", on 25/02/2003, I emailed the Preliminary Research Report to the Geological Society of America regarding the Connection Between Crater Impacts on Earth and Barium Laden Terrains, which I emailed to you on 23/02/2003, and their reply is included below.

The requirements for submission of Bulletins and Abstracts and subsequent review indicated in the below captioned URL, include the importance of submitting innovative subjects, and no previously contemplated themes in order to be considered for publishing.

The Theory of the Connection Between Crater Impacts on Earth and Barium Laden Terrains hasn't been propose nor any other suggestive theme has been approached by the scientific community regarding a reasoning for the "preference" or crater impact accumulations in certain regions, such as the clusters in the Netherlands, USA and Canada and Australia, at which precise locations, along with the ones of the other scientifically recognized Extraterrestrial Impacts on Earth, I identified important Barium / Barite and Yttrium deposits.

As I mentioned to you, such connection can be easily proven, the problem to get to such conclusion has been the fact that there had not been a motive to look in such direction, I did because of the research developments derived from the phenomena at El Cerro del Pueblo.

Am sure that the volumes of documented strong evidence based on verifiable facts I have been able to gather in such regard, could give us the opportunity to obtain the approval of the reviewing board of the GSA for the publication of such revolutionary geological and astronomical item, which in turn it would set the basis for further development, such as the publication of the theory of a natural superconductor at El Cerro del Pueblo and other sites, and a good start for books / scripts based upon the array of implications we have been pondering all along.

I propose to utilize your writing expertise and innovative imagination, and my scientific research approach to initiate such venture with a possible publication at the GSA. Should you agree with my proposal, please take a look to the GSA URL printed below, and let me know your decision.

Regards, Alberto



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From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 9:50 PM
To: Nancy Carlson
Subject: Research Report Barium / Barites

Dear Ms. Carson,

I was unable to identify in the GSA page the appropriate Department to log very unusual geological related occurrences in northern Mexico and decided to contact you in the hope you may be able direct this email to such Department.

The context of my message include an attached Preliminary Research Report that I produced and that it was prompted by a series of events that I have been witnessing since July,1999 along with most of the inhabitants of a small village (1000 pop.) in an isolated  semi-desertic area of Chihuahua, Mexico, whereby an extraordinary phenomena repeated incidence has been taking place at a carbonaceous shale - limestone hilly terrains hosting massive barite deposits (SEDEX type) along with additional related instances within the geological context of the region at large whereby am involved in prospecting, exploration and the mining of metallics and non metallics.

I greatly appreciate your kind assistance in this regard.

Sincerely, Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce

Minas Peñascudo

Villa Lopez, Chihuahua, Mexico 33940

(629) 534 0171, email:



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From: Nancy Carlson

To: ''

Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 1:40 PM

Subject: FW: Research Report Barium / Barites


Dear Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce,

Below is the response I received from our science editor, and am passing it on to you. I hope this gives you the information you are looking for.




-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 12:17 PM
Cc: Nancy Carlson
Subject: RE: Research Report Barium / Barites

They will need to figure out which journal they would like to submit to and follow standard submission guidelines. We can tell them to go to where they can find all the info they need about each publication venue and the instructions about how to submit to each one.




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From: []
Sent: 17 March 2003 00:41
To: 'Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce'
Subject: RE: Research Report Barium / Barites


Dear Mr. Gonzalez Ponce,

Many people contacted me over the years to tell me of their own theories about many different subjects because of my website about theoretical physics. One recurrent theme is that to get published in a scientific magazine or by a main organization like the Geological Society of America, you almost need a miracle. It is like trying to find a publisher for a book, you have more chances to find a working wormhole on the planet and figuring out how it works than getting published. This is why I suggest you write your paper the way you want, but not specifically for the GSA. You can adapt it later to fit what they want for their review. Once they tell you that they will not publish it (as this will most likely be the case), then I suggest you send it to every geological magazine there is and put it online on the website.

In any case I would not pay anything to the GSA unless publication was assured. I cannot believe how much money they are asking to publish something, and I was surprised to hear that they will rewrite your paper completely without showing you the final draft before publication. Such a control over what is getting published is most frightening. Well, I hope you all the best with this enterprise and as I said, don’t put too much energy or hope in this as it probably won’t get published. Then again, you never know (I did get published in Paris in the end!).

Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



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From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 17 March 2003 00:07
Subject: Re: Research Report Barium / Barites


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

I think you are right, it is quite expensive the mode at the GSA, and while I could live with it because you don't pay till it is published, what it really worries me is the kind of changes they might do to their own please as you indicated, and that's not acceptable, so lets work our way with book publishers or other mediums. I think that aside the novel and interesting nature of our theme, the publicity that it may be produced by our collective efforts it may ease our acceptance for publishing and / or else.

Regards, Alberto



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From: []
Sent: 17 March 2003 01:47
To: 'Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce'
Subject: RE2: Research Report Barium / Barites


Oh, I did not want to discourage you. It might actually be published and if not, other magazines might (and for free). As well, I think there are other sorts of publications at the GSA that are free. And even if they rewrite it, I don’t think they will change it to the point that your main message will disappear.

Regards, RM



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From: []
Sent: 17 March 2003 07:12
To: 'Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce'
Subject: RE: Wormhole Fuel Requirements, Natural Superconductors and Natural Time Machine Realms.


Dear Mr. Gonzalez Ponce,

----Your research about the asteroid impacts related to barite deposits could be used to predict where asteroids might fall next and also where the thousand others that we have not found yet might have fallen. Have you also checked if there were many places where we could find big deposits of barite without any crater impacts reported?

Please read below…



-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 01 March 2003 05:23
Subject: Wormhole Fuel Requirements, Natural Superconductors and Natural Time Machine Realms.


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

As may know, the current volumes of theoretical approaches from trendy physicists including Ford, Roman, Hawking, Visser, Thorne, Morris, Kaku and Davis (PDF Flat Wormholes) among others that have calculated the energy requirements for a workable model of a wormhole ranging from the total output of ten billion stars for a full year (Visser), to the energy represented by the mass of Jupiter (Davis-table in PDF), give us an idea of how far these scientists are from having some kind of a consensus among each other in such fueling considerations, however, all of them agree very much in that their calculations and findings support that the principle of "punching a hole" (wormhole as they call it) in the wrinkled fabric of the universe and beat the speed of light capabilities by using a "short cut", so to say, from one region of space-time to another require "exotic energy".


----Yes. Please do not forget that in the actual state of the Physics today, you would need exotic matter. But one or two new revolutions in Physics later, you might not need that much energy or exotic matter. You might be able to find a way around these problems that we are unaware of at this point in time. If, in any case, you have witnessed travel through a wormhole, God only knows how it works and how much energy is needed for this to be possible. Obviously our mysterious visitors know a thing or two more than us about Physics, and I would think it might be a mistake to try to answer how they can do it without keeping an open mind that might even put back into question many of our unbreakable laws of Physics, including Einstein’s equations and Newton’s laws. This said, these physicists might still be right and somehow aliens or people from the future were able to find that much energy and this exotic matter, perhaps even in nature.


On the other hand, exotic energy or negative energy, has been pondered by most as a product of antimatter, but others (Ford and Roman) stress important differences between antimatter and negative energy, indicating that when collision of antimatter and matter occurs, they annihilate and the end product is gamma rays, which carry positive energy, as that of the emission of X rays from the horizon of a black hole (Hawking’s law), while the (truly) negative energy is a double negative where there is no room for positive matter, making such phenomena a truly exotic item and so strange that Einstein, when such irregularity appeared as of unavoidable nature in his calculations to complete his theory of the cosmological constant, he found it so bizarre that he very much doubted the existence of such extreme anomaly, and later he repudiated such conjecture. However, negative energy existence was confirmed and announced by NASA officials in 2001 by the analyses of a supernova captioned by the Hubble in 1997, and so, everybody now knows it is there, and that acts as an invisible bubbling repulsive energy (dark matter) that keeps galaxies apart from normal and mutual gravitational attraction.


----Is that so? Let’s keep an open mind. There are many theories on the market to explain dark matter and why galaxies appear to be getting away from each other at speeds faster than the speed of light. I would be interested in finding out more about this proof. I will look into it. Thanks for pointing it out to me, I did not know NASA considered negative energy as something real and concrete. Nothing can stop the opening of a wormhole now, except the huge amount of energy necessary to do so. Some advanced civilization might have found a way though, I am sure we will in the next few decades.


Already ongoing quest to identify detectable amounts of negative energy were well under way at labs of investigative centers all over, including those at Finland's Tampere University of Technology whereby E. Podkeletnov utilized negative energy in the form of gravitomagnetism derived from Barium / Yttrium based superconductor disks and in 1992, reportedly achieved small scale anti-gravity results of levitation (~2%) on rotating 11" ceramic disk exposed to high magnetic fields. Podkeletnov's experiment results were included in the NASA Gravity Shielding Experiment Status Report, June 17, 1997, as well as three published papers (between1990 and 1993) by Br. Ning Li, in which she developed a theoretical formulation establishing the connection between a Barium / Yttrium superconductor in a strong magnetic field, rotation, and the gravitational force. It is known that intense research funded by NASA took off from such discoveries, but no information in such regard has been made public since then.


----It is puzzling, this silence over anti-gravity devices. I think there are enough proofs out there that we have discovered it, but that it needs to be kept secret for an unknown reason. Perhaps because it makes the opening of a wormhole or inter-dimensional window possible, and hence travelling in time. Now, we all know that travelling in time could have disastrous consequences for the future of humanity, many movies tackled the subject. It would also explain why all the UFO crashes or sightings need to be kept secret. The thing is, they will not be able to keep it secret forever and at that point I don’t know what will happen. One thing is sure, if NASA has such technologies as what can be found on the crash UFOs, their Space Shuttles are certainly flying on old technology, and even the new generation they are thinking about right now does not appear to be any more revolutionary. I suppose flying saucers might not be designed to go into space, they might be like the equivalent of our planes and they travel from the future to the past using wormholes or windows where high electromagnetic energy can be produced, or from other planets, and they never really need to escape the atmosphere of the planets. The fact that the UFOs appear to have lights is also puzzling, especially that their lights sometimes is very similar to what our own planes have to use by law. Either they hope we will mistake them for planes, or they also need to obey some regulations of their world or the future. If they really wanted to make sure we would not spot them, they would not put their lights on, they are already invisible to radar and they don’t make any noise. They certainly don’t need the lights to move around.


The additional connection between all of the above with the phenomena at El Cerro del Pueblo is the fact that the 20 samples of material intertwined with the Barite Deposit exhibited substantial contents of Yttrium, Lanthanum and Copper Sulfides via plasma testing results, meaning that the precise required elements to build a superconductor are comprise at El Cerro del Pueblo, but quite larger compared to that of the experimental type above mentioned, perhaps 10 million times larger. I should also stress that due to the fact that the Barium contents on Earth are quite substantially larger than those of Uranium, a natural occurrence of a Barium superconductor is quite more feasible than that of a natural Uranium reactor. In 1956, Professor Kuroda, a Japanese physicist, predicted the existence of natural Uranium reactors. On June 2, 1972 natural Uranium reactors were discovered at the Oklo Mines in Gabon, Africa whereby almost 2 billion years ago there was an Uranium nuclear fission followed by numerous episodes of the kind as proven by nuclear waste accumulated at that location.


----Wow, so it could even be natural. Though I suspect that more technology on board their ship must be necessary to travel as they do.


It should be noted that aside the fact that the amount of attention paid to Uranium related matters in all orders is undeniably by far superior than those related to Barium, the detection of radioactivity can be achieve by anyone who wants to do it, acquiring a Geiger counter at a science oriented outlet, whereas detecting gravity is another matter, for which there is no currently known equipment capable to register such force. So far, only the most sophisticated labs have such capability, but limited to minimal degree. None the less, I do believe that the utilization of such equipment at El Cerro del Pueblo could lead to further investigation and verify the possibility of the existence of a naturally occurring Barium / Yttrium superconductor at such location.


-----It is nice to identify what investigators might need to bring along. Or even use at other such sites around the world. Someone one day might be able to report to you the data you are looking for even if it comes from somewhere else.


On another, but intrinsically related subject, a rather interesting eyewitnessed event was reported to me last week from a group of former cowhands that lived and used to work handling cattle some 20 Km due northwest from El Cerro del Pueblo, whereby I spoke with Mr. Rodolfo Lujan, a 82 years old gentleman cousin of my mother in law, who still rides his horse and lives the old ways. I visited him at his small house located in a clear area of cactus and other semi-desertic sparse vegetation of the kind, overlooking the Cerro of El Pueblo to the southeast and Cerros de los Machos to the northwest (Cerro de los Machos is a flat topped hill of no more than 30 m high by 600 m in length).

During my visit, Mr. Lujan was accompanied by his two long time comrades, Luis and Angel of about the same age as his. Mr. Lujan stated, and I quote: "It was one week before the fourth of August, 1962, and about 4pm., when we, Angel and I were horseback riding along the lower southeastern side of Cerro de los Machos, when we notice fire atop the hill and decided to go up there to try to contain the burning of the grass, the best feeding ground areas of the cattle under our care. When we arrived atop the hill, to our surprise, there was no such fire, but amazingly enough, there was this kind of luminosity surrounding us, that extended all the way down the northeastern side of the hill and beyond, covering as well the Laguna del Cairo (a lagoon, some 500 m in length by 300 m wide that runs parallel to Cerro de los Machos), and to the other side, all the way to El Cerro del Pueblo. At that time we suspected that such luminosity was the llamarada de tesoro (treasure’s flares) and decided to return to dig around the hill (Cerro de los Machos) a week later, which would by on my birthday - August the fourth".

"On August the fourth, Angel knocked at my door, it was about 8 am. We put together shovels, picks, a bottle with holy water and a lunch bag, and we rode for the hills. When we were atop of the hill, I prospected the area in search of the softest type of ground, the more likely spots that could have had been excavated and buried by anyone trying to hide a treasure. It took me a while, but I found a nice and suspicious spot and called Angel and we commenced digging. Pretty soon we dug approximately one square meter by about half of meter deep, and we took a break to drink water when I noticed something shiny moving far beyond the lagoon, at first it looked like a cattle herd some 5 Km away, but the shining?, and Angel said, no, that's no cattle, those are jinetes (horsemen), maybe the army. And I told Angel, no way, what in the world is the army doing around here? Angel said, maybe they saw us with a telescope and that's what it shines, they know that we are digging for the treasure. I told Angel, come on, don't be ridiculous, they must be looking for cattle thieves or something like that. By that time the horsemen were close to the far edge of the lagoon from us, that's when we were able to discern that the shine was due to their strange type of uniform, made out of silvery metal vests, pointy helmets, swords and rounded shields, the horses also had metal shining on their foreheads and they were a lot, I mean a lot!, and they were coming in our direction and Angel said, lets get the hell out of here! I started to get worry but at the same time very intrigued because I couldn't understand why I couldn't hear a sound coming from such large outfit, and asked Angel, do you hear them, and he said, no, I don't, but who cares, let's go...NOW ! Angel ran for his horse, and I felt the same urge, but I was glued to such event, and when the horsemen entered the lagoon, things got stranger, I mean, very eerie to say the least, they were actually riding above the water and white dust was coming from their gallop, but dust from the water?, and no sound at all? That's when I decided that was time to leave, I took my horse in a hurry and rode fast towards home. I couldn't see Angel anywhere, I guess he was riding his horse faster than ever before".


----This is wonderful! This is the perfect example that led me to suggest that two times can co-exist together, explaining many ghosts’ apparitions. It does occur in nature as well, it must not be that complicated for those UFOs to travel in time. I don’t believe they are from outer space, but most probably from the future or the past. They could either be humans that have undergone some sort of catastrophic event like a nuclear war, an asteroid impact or mutation due to genetics (genetically engineered), or they are another species that will live after us or that lived before us. The governments know about it and are probably just trying to protect the timeline, so suddenly we don’t screw up the future or ceased to exist. Only one thing though, back engineering the crafts they find must certainly influence the future. It is like if someone was shipping us a computer from the year 2000 to the year 1800. It would certainly change humanity and bring the futuristic era way before 1980-2000. The governments might also be hoping to gain an advantage over other countries by back engineering what they find. Telling the world would mean giving away their prizes so anyone else could figure out how to travel in time or develop advanced technology. So in the end they might not be so careful about the timeline or perhaps they are proceeding very carefully and in total secrecy. The fact that your friends could not hear anything is perhaps due to the fact that though two realities at different times are meeting, they are not necessarily in synchronicity together, there might be a phase variance. I am not sure if some other instruments could be used to measure all this, most probably what ghost’s investigators are using. My theory about two times meeting is explained in the reports Time Travel and Invisibility:


----I cannot believe that what I thought about for a science fiction television series could actually be verified in nature, but everything I developed was based on simple observations about life in general. I think we are wrong to think in terms of wormholes and inter-dimensional windows. This is exactly what I was telling the Executive Producer, ghosts appear out of nowhere without any wormhole or anything like that. Sometimes you hear them and cannot see them, and sometimes it is the opposite. Sometimes some people can see them whilst other in the same room cannot. Mediums and children can pick up on ghosts more easily. There are also those occurrences where some people became invisible to others whilst they themselves thought nothing was wrong. And many other reports of people suddenly finding themselves in the past and eventually returning to the future as if they had never left it and that they were connected somehow the their present. All this occurs without a wormhole, and what your friend is telling you is just that, the past meeting the present, so in two words travel in time, without any big explosions or an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. I don’t think the technology to travel in time is that complex, and I believe that playing around with gravity, speed and energy could easily, at the right place, send you somewhere else or at the very least at some other time in history. It occurs in nature and closer attention to these paranormal phenomena might give us more insight in how to build the machine that could produce the same effect. Many ghosts are just people living in other times. If that technology can also bring you to the level of the ghosts of dead people, in that case you can also reach some other plane of existence or other realms, not to mention parallel universes if they exist. I am not certain if this could be used to travel somewhere else or just in time. And we should not dismiss wormholes too quickly, we just don’t know at this point. Sometimes, what is needed to make a shift possible, might be the electromagnetic energy coming out of a fault in the crust to the Earth or even just power lines outside your house.

----I think you need to start checking the geomagnetic of the Earth and the sun’s activities when all these events occurred, and the magnetic waves travelling in space from the sun to the Earth. It is also possible that the position of the Earth compared with the Milky Way might influence when the events occur. I will let you know about other things that need to be check to see if there is a pattern that could help us predict when another sighting might occur. I will forward to you another email I wrote to someone else soon about this.


Mr. Lujan and Angel told me that took them almost a month before they went back to pick up the tools left behind that "day of the horsemen". Mr. Lujan, Angel and Luis stated that the luminosity running stretch from the northwest all the way to El Cerro del Pueblo has been seen from time to time, every other couple of years, sometimes it takes longer but always returns...

As indicated above, Mr. Lujan is a relative of my mother in law, and he is a well known senior citizen, and straight forward and credible individual, who still blames Angel for running away... before he did the same that day of the horsemen.

Last but not the least is my next move at El Cerro del Pueblo. Now that everybody in the village knows that am very involved with exploration with explosives utilization to uncover the barite deposit, and looking for clues as to the sightings, everybody provides information that could be useful.


----So, no one sees this as the actions of the devil anymore? That might facilitate your research.


The day before yesterday, I was informed by an old man, Mr. Burgos that when he used to take care of goats, some 50 years ago, he had sometimes to climb all the way to the top of El Cerro del Pueblo to retrieve those goats unwilling to return to the corral in the evenings. But one day he couldn't find one of them, and after a couple of hours, when it was getting dark, he discovered a large crack on the ground top area. He stated he hadn't seen such hole before because it was heavily surrounded by spiny nopals (type of cactus), and suspected that the goat may have fallen there, but since he spent almost half an hour there and because he didn't hear his cries, he supposed the goat had return to the corral on his own using another route.

Nevertheless, and at his return home, he found out that the goat wasn't at the corral, but it was already dark and he had no way to look for the animal. The next day, he and his brothers Manuel (deceased) and Antonio went to the top of El Cerro del Pueblo with ropes and a lantern in the hope to at least bring up the body of the goat. He stated that it took them quite a while to clear a path within the extremely thorny and clustered nopals area with machetes, till they were able to get to the rim of an approximated 70 cm wide by 2 m long crack. Next, he entered the hole with a lasso around his waist, the lantern in his left hand, his machete on his belt - just in case - and he held the rope with his right hand. He indicated that his brothers kept on giving rope until about 15 meters down, but still there was no end, no ground, nothing, they decided to pull him up. When he got back to the surface, and rested for a while, he decided to go back. They tied the two 25 meter ropes, and he went down again. He states that it seemed for ever till he felt the ground under his feet.

When he lit his lantern, he was amazed. He was in the center of a huge very white "room", he looked around but there were no traces of the goat. What he found, was a bit larger than a fist size, and some 5 cm deep, a perfectly rounded hole in the ground with strange signs carved in it. He felted the carvings with his fingers, and they were smooth to the touch, when he got up to look around again, the "room" ended at a large white circular wall. He approached such wall, and noticed that it was like a wheel shaped door and tried to pry the edge with the machete, but only it moved less than a centimeter. He kept on trying with the machete for quite a while. In the meantime, his brother kept on shouting, and asking if he was well. Finally, the machete gave in and broke off, and the light of the lantern was getting dimmer. It was time to go up.

Mr. Burgos stated that he never returned to go down that hole again, neither his brothers had the wish to do so. But indicated that if I was looking for an answer of what the people of the village including myself witnessed at El Cerro del Pueblo, such answer could be waiting behind the circular door of that room some 35+ meters underground, in the very heart of El Cerro del Pueblo.

And so, on March the 8th, 2003, my two brothers in law and myself will carry an electric winch with 40 m of steel wire, lights and digital camera plus tools to go down that opening and find out if behind the circular door there is a clue to our questions, who knows, maybe is the big door...

Regards, Alberto


----My God!!! I am reading all this and I feel this is just too extraordinary. We would write a novel about all this and the people reading it would say that it is not plausible, that we went too far in the fantastic. It reminds me of a famous author who said that most authors don’t write about the incredible coincidences that happened in their life because, even though they are true, the readers would not believe it possible. Note that if you cannot find that white room, it is quite possible that the goat was sent somewhere else in time (if it has not been found) and that when those witnessed went to look for the goat they were actually in the future. But if you can find the room and it exists in our time, then this certainly sheds a new light over all this. It would mean that they have some sort of a base down there, or some sort of airport terminal. It is perhaps even possible that they are not travelling to and from anywhere but are just getting in and out of their base. They could be living underground and for them, getting out of the mountain would be like us going into space. That reminds me of the novel of Jules Verne, something like Journey to the centre of the Earth. If the UFOs were from Outer Space and traveled normally from their solar system to ours, it would be normal for them to establish some base somewhere where they could go and rest instead of flying around and getting detected. They could be living in the mountain El Cerro del Pueblo without using it to travel anywhere in time or in space. It does not explain the light though, but my guess is that it is a way to power their ships and their base, the barium that their technology needs.

----This is the most important e-mail you have sent me and my most important answer. In this e-mail I believe we have to key to all this mystery. Please let me know if you went and if you found the room.

Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



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From: []
Sent: 17 March 2003 08:13
To: 'Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce'
Subject: What could affect when the UFOs might appear (right conditions for them to travel)
Importance: High


Dear Mr. Gonzalez Ponce,

This is the message I said I was going to forward to you.

It is not necessary to read this whole e-mail, I have only included it to put you in the context if you wanted to.

The only important section is this one that you can find below: 3) Things that can influence your results: gravity, magnetic fields, barite/barium…

What is important basically is that some people are doing some remote-viewing, this is concentrating very hard to try to predict the future or see somewhere in the world in your mind just by receiving co-ordinate. Psi things, but not paranormal. Anyone could do it.

If you wish to know more, here is the FAQ, but it is not necessary:

This in itself is not relevant but what is relevant is what affects their concentration. Many cosmic events and other geomagnetic phenomena could also influence the rate at which the UFOs appear at the top of El Cerro del Pueblo.

You will need to look at these links to figure out how Greg calculated if his results were influenced by certain cosmic events:


Moon Phase Correlation


Local Sidereal Times (when the Milky Way is flat in line and there is more gravity exerted upon us and more gamma rays pointing at us)

At two times during the day, the Galactic Equator line will lie DIRECTLY overhead - a line that stretches straight from horizon to horizon, directly up, above your head. At other times during the day, the line will curve around you.


Solar wind found to be a causal factor



Research has long pointed to an inverse correlation between psi performance and the earth's geomagnetic field (GMF). According to Dean Radin, payout percentages from 4 years of Las Vegas casino data was significantly inversely correlated with average daily GMF. High GMF inhibits psi performance and low GMF enhances psi performance. Other research that examines the Michigan state lottery, as well as the French and Russian National lotteries also indicate a similar relationship between GMF and psi performance (The Conscious Universe by Dean Radin). James Spottiswoode has also found an inverse correlation between GMF and psi functioning in a database containing 2879 psi trials. (

I recently ran my ARV database through two years of geomagnetic index data and also found a similar inverse correlation. (High GMF values yielded poor psi). However, I found a much greater and more significant inverse correlation between solar wind speed and ARV effect size.

Solar plasma (also known as solar wind) is created by the sun and for the most part is reflected around the earth by the earth's protective magnetosphere. Solar wind is a causal factor in the daily fluctuations of the geomagnetic field (GMF). Some solar plasma also 'leaks' into our atmosphere through the 'holes' at the magnetic poles. Severe solar storm activity causes the northern lights phenomenon.



It might be a waste of time, but it would be interesting to know if anything, even perhaps the locations of all the planets of the solar system, might have an influence over the occurrences of the UFOs appearing at El Cerro del Pueblo.

Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



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From: []
Sent: 04 March 2003 03:55
To: ''
Cc: ''
Subject: IMPORTANT MESSAGE - Proof of Parallel Universes and other Theoretical Physics ideas
Importance: High


Note: I did not include the e-mail except part 3. Contact me if you wish to read it completely.


Hello Greg,

Some questions and theoretical ideas:


3) Things that can influence your results: gravity, magnetic fields, barite/barium…

Q. Do you think this 'equilibrium' is due to gravity?   A. No, I don't. The reason is as follows: (…)


I was surprised to read that you so categorically dismissed gravity. It could still be related in part to gravity, it could also be related in part to geomagnetic fields that may be influenced by the Sun and the Milky Way. You see, you are dealing with time here, no wonder originally you called your website time-machine. And time, as far as we know, is relative. Two things in this universe influence time: gravity and speed. The speed of the Earth in space and its revolutions must influence time, as gravity from other celestial body like the sun, the moon and the Milky Way. Now, it could influence time to such an extent that sometimes a day is made of 24 hours, and sometimes a day is made of 600 hours. This is the sort of fluctuation that time could be suffering, and this time rate could change a lot in 24 hours. What I am saying is that sometimes you could be living in the future and sometimes in the past. The whole timeline could be fluctuating because time is relative and sometimes goes very fast and sometimes very slow. So in theory the future can meet the past, you can connect two different times together like connecting two places together with a wormhole. So when you remote-view in the future, you could in fact adjust this fluctuating timeline, or take advantage of a certain knowledge that you have already acquired in the future, but then you went back in the past still remembering what happens in the future. This could be due to our speed and the gravity surrounding us, and might help you calculate better time to do your trials and also to build a device exerting speed and gravity to help you even more, or alleviate speed and gravity if it turns out that it works better. If you go faster, your time runs slower compared with people on Earth that are not moving except with the Earth. And if you are near a Black Hole or can feel its effect, then your time runs much slower than usual. And when time is affected, then the timeline is affected and suddenly you can see in the future much better.

Whatever influences your results, I suggest you find out about it. Because if magnetic fields can influence it, you could built a device that would help you focus even more. Where Magnetic fields and geomagnetic fields go weird, there are always a lot of weird phenomena. People see ghosts, travel in time, have visions, etc. And usually all these can easily be influenced by more local things than the Sun, the Milky Way and the Moon. Power lines outside for a start. Cracks (faults) in the Earth’s crust are another. Wherever there are reports of ghosts, I think it might be much easier to get successful trials in those locations. Tell me, are there any big deposits of barium/barite in Alberta? Is Calgary reputed for any other weird and fantastic phenomena like ghosts, UFOs, people being possessed by spirits, things like that? You could try to link other paranormal phenomena in the area of your best subjects to find out if there are better places on the Earth where it would work better.

There are place like the Zone of Silence in Mexico where magnetic fields go berserk and no radio or TV signals can be sent or received. I wonder if you could do remote viewing in these conditions and what we could learn from it. Perhaps it will work better, by being shielded from everything else around. Perhaps it will be worse because no signal can travel at all. And from that you are steps closer to maximize your results and also built a device that could help you focus more. In that area people appear to have traveled in time, met blond people that did not appear to be from this Earth or from our time, and UFOs are common. A missile and a piece of a space shuttle went out of their way to fall in that Zone of Silence near Chihuahua. If you want to know more, please read this report on my website:


Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



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From: []
Sent: 18 March 2003 04:39
To: 'Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce'
Subject: RE2: Wormhole Fuel Requirements, Natural Superconductors and Natural Time Machine Realms.

Hello Mr. Gonzalez Ponce, Please read below… my new answers are starting with ==== and are in green…


-----Original Message-----  From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 17 March 2003 22:34  To:
Subject: Re: Wormhole Fuel Requirements, Natural Superconductors and Natural Time Machine Realms.

Mr. Tremblay, Let me address a few items below your answers, questions and comments on this message under ITEMS I through X


----Have you also checked if there were many places where we could find big deposits of barite without any crater impacts reported


ITEM  I - At first, I searched intensely to connect crater impacts with Barium to prove our theory, and they were there, all over. Later I tried to find those without crater impacts but found only a few. Nonetheless, I am sure that those Barium laden areas without identified crater impacts haven't been properly researched in such regard, in fact there is one Barium laden area in South America in my list of no crater impact history, however, this year a crater impact of 5 km across was identified in the jungle border of Bolivia and Brazil, at a newly discovered Barium / Barite deposit. When I was researching mineralogy, UFO's, poltergeists, and crater impacts in Europe, The British Isles appeared to be the only areas that had everything concerning our theory but crater impacts. Nonetheless, I came across with new data (2002) that confirmed the identification of a 2 million tons asteroid crater impact - The Silverpit - that took place 60 - 65 Ma (Cretaceous) 140 Km off the coast of Yorkshire. On the other hand, scientists at the Aberdeen University (2002) just uncovered the relationship between the giant Manicouagan impact crater currently in Quebec, Canada and The British Isles. It happen that during the Triassic, some 214 Ma, the impact took place when the tectonic plates of Canada and The British Isles were united as part of the ancient single continent block. Furthermore, the most relevant fact is that the 25 Km across Rochechouart crater impact in central France, was found to be precisely the same age, for which a multiple impact has been pondered as the most plausible theory.  The areas right within the context of the crater impacts in Quebec, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and central France are huge Barium / Barite producers. Map of the Triassic and info regarding the Manicouagan / Rochechouart linkage are found at:


=====Ok, so do you have an explanation as why would meteorites be attracted by the barite? Strong geomagnetic fields coming out of the crust of the Earth leading the asteroids to fall on Earth at specific places? And this would perhaps make it easier for UFOs to follow the same windows in order to enter the atmosphere, or as we thought before, just give them the electromagnetic energy they need in order to recharge or travel? In one question, what could be the link between the fact that barite/barium deposit attracts asteroids and UFOs?


----keeping an open mind that might even put back into question many of our unbreakable laws of Physics. This said, these physicists might still be right and somehow aliens or people from the future were able to find that much energy and this exotic matter, perhaps even in nature.


ITEM II - I agree with you, in fact and as you may remember, within the body of my initial sighting report at El Cerro del Pueblo, I pondered the possibility of utilization of antimatter such as antibarium, partially or fully replacing negative energy / exotic matter for the fueling requirements of the wormhole sighting. On the other hand, I wasn't aware at that time regarding the scientifically reported findings of infinitesimal actual negative energy produced by the Barium based superconductors. So the combination of negative energy and antimatter could have played the role of fueling such phenomena, whereby the negative energy for major endeavors as current theoretical applications have determined for the building of a wormhole, and the antimatter for lower requirements such as moving through the wormhole. Regarding the unbreakable laws of Physics, so far we have been able to ponder that space/time travel could be accomplish by sorting the straight line from one point to another in the universe via a short cut through the wrinkled fabric of it quite below warp speed. Nonetheless, laws of physics have been broken, not long ago, the sound barrier was pondered unbreakable. I know that not only attaining but surpassing the speed of light is not comparable with the braking the sound barrier, its quite another ball game, but who's to say, we know that something goes that fast - photons, and we are looking into something that probably goes faster - tachyons, and for all sense and purposes, these two are matter, and so are we. Data regarding negative energy produced by Barium based superconductor and NASA initial phase into the matter can be found at: END

ITEM III - The information regarding the Hubble and NASA negative energy acknowledgment can be found at:  Highly recommended. END


====Well, according to my own theories, everything already goes faster than the speed of light but it is hard for us to see that because images that can show us the universe come to us at the speed of light. I believe that our instruments to see the quantum universe are insufficient to show us that these particles are going faster than light because they themselves use light. So every time a particle goes faster than the speed of light, we see that particle at many places at the same time. More about this on my page Universal Relativity: Many experiments in the world at the moment are proving that particles can go faster than the speed of light despite the controversy surrounding these experiments. And the discovery recently that galaxies appear to be getting away from each other at speed faster than the speed of light is another proof. Einstein is still right in describing what we see, what comes to us at the speed of light, but his equations need modifications to reflect the fact that C is relative. I could be wrong, but the fact remain that I am not the only one on this planet who thinks that Einstein might have been wrong and that, one way or another, we can go faster than light. I am uncertain of the websites I once visited, but a quick search on the Internet should convince you that many people think so. In which case any ship coming from outer space would not necessarily need to try to find a shortcut in space or go at warp speed (even though you make a convincing case of the existence of warp drives as we can be observed them on the ship Enterprise). A ship could simply travel at many time the speed of light.


ITEM IV - The most logical conclusion to arrive to regarding UFO transgressions within our space/time is that such occurrences have taken place probably even before humans existed on Earth. There are quite a bit of remnants recorded by humans since prehistory and throughout history that point directly towards such phenomenon, and despite exerted efforts displayed by conservative factions to counter such facts, there has not been an iota of evidence proving otherwise. Everybody knows that in modern history, the full blast of UFO phenomenon was marked by the most famous or infamous event of Roswell in 1947. But also we are aware that secrecy had not been institutionalized in such regard as it is today.   1947 was a year within world wide wars and the policy was that of high scale counteracting espionage and espionage, mostly regarding mass destruction devices and airplane technologies, but the example of Roswell shows us that the government wasn't ready to control leaking information in such regard as it was in Los Alamos Project or others of the kind. So, while it is safe to say that secrecy of UFO phenomena began in 1947, the question would be, have they been able to develop certain level of space/time travel putting together pieces of UFO crashing sites during all of these 56 years? I would say no, perhaps the development of technological "mutation" type of leaps such as transistors, silicon chips, and microchips along with revolutionary and unexpected radical advancement in non metallic superconductors are probably derived from salvage of such UFO crashes. NASA's initial involvement into tangible gravity defying theoretical applications and device experiments of the sort didn't take place before 1991, as reported in the URL at the end of ITEM III. Regarding the Lights, Cloaking and Range capabilities of UFO's, I would say that for what I have been able to gather, at times, radar devices have been able to detect UFO's, while some other times they haven't. Perhaps they don't pay that much attention to whether they are detected or not as they advertise their presence with their lightfull stralling on our atmosphere. One thing we can be sure of, and that is their capability to achieve tremendous speeds and acrobatic feats, from zero to thousands of kilometers per hour in no time (antimatter energy?), quite beyond the wildest dreams of Top Gun fighting pilots or any other of the kind. I would say that the lights could be an unavoidable byproduct of their power generating source, obtainable by their shell when extracting and stored kinetic and electromagnetic energy from Earth or any other planet for that matter, a sort of flying aurora borealis, as they exhibit various colors of the spectrum. END


====Regarding the fact that sometimes UFOs are invisible to radar and sometimes they are not, I wonder if that technology is similar to the Stealth which basically is receiving a signal, analyzing that signal and sending it back so the radar cannot detect any breakup in the signal (and then this technology would have come from the crashed UFOs). I sometimes feel that it could be more like the cloaking technology of the Romulans ship in Star Trek. The light and sound waves could be just going around the ship as if nothing was there, like if the UFO was in a pocket of anti-space or in a space within our space. As for why the ships could sometimes appear to go in strange directions as sometimes reported, it has been suggested that it could be that their antigravity devices using strong magnetic fields could be distorting space and time. We could be seeing the ships as acting weirdly and going in many directions, when in fact that ship might be going in a straight line and it is the space around that is moving or appear to be moving.


…meaning that the precise required elements to build a superconductor are comprise at El Cerro del Pueblo. …predicted the existence of natural Uranium reactors.


----Wow, so it could even be natural. Though I suspect that more technology on board their ship must be necessary to travel as they do.


ITEM V - Certainly, the technology required to take advantage of gravitational and other planetary energetic sources while on the fly traveling through space/time realms must be quite advanced, maybe thousands of years ahead of us. END


-----Someone one day might be able to report to you the data you are looking for even if it comes from somewhere else.


ITEM VI, I can hardly wait for that day. END


"By that time the horsemen were close to the far edge of the lagoon from us… they were actually riding above the water and white dust was coming from their gallop, but dust from the water?, and no sound at all? That's when I decided that was time to leave."


ITEM VII - Because of the above, I did quite bit of research of historical local events regarding Spaniard soldiers from which I found out that on April 14, 1645, a cavalry of 645 strong, commanded by Guajardo Fajardo, Governor of La Nueva Bizcaya (this region) arrived from the City of Parral (northwest of here) to deal with a rebellion of a coalition of Apache, Toboso and Tarahumara Tribes that killed everyone at the Franciscan Mission in El Valle de Allende (18 Km from here - 1969 meteorite de Allende). Guajardo and his horsemen soldiers killed 200 Indians in Almoloya (8 Km northwest of here) and captured 200 Indians in Atotonilco (this village, today Villa Lopez). The fact that El Cerro del Pueblo and El Cerro de los Machos are on line directly from Almoloya, from where the cavalry arrived, is the precise path that the old men in 1962 saw they were coming. What do you think? END


====Many ghosts in England appears to be walking in the air and it is usually realized afterwards that some 100 up to 300 years ago there was a platform or some stairs of an ancient building at that location that are no longer there. In haunted theaters they sometime saw ghosts of actresses and actors walking in the air when years ago there was a stage at that location, but they could not see that stage today. A group of students have found themselves in presence of a castle with people walking in the air where stairs used to be and surprised to see them, and once back to today’s time they realized that the ruined of that castle were still present at that location. An old couple found themselves many years in the past one afternoon, meeting an old church, a cemetery and some monks. They had not even realized they were in the past until people told them that there was no church, cemetery or monks around here but that there used to be 500 to 600 years earlier. There is no doubt in my mind that this is two different times being linked together and perhaps it is most likely to happen where there are barite/barium deposits and UFO sightings. Any book about ghosts in England will tell similar stories, the television in England is packed with documentaries about similar events like soldiers from the Roman times walking in fields or in towns. This is not new and is very credible.

====Why would your present be linked to the exact time that an army is passing by is very interesting. Perhaps because, as your witness said, the light appeared, which means that the UFO must have traveled from that time to the present, linking those two times together in the area. It would be logical that the UFOs would be active when some important events are taking place, and an army crossing a region in a usually isolated region is certainly something. Maybe they were fleeing the place and happened to be getting in the future at a time when some people were around to witness their arrival, and also witness the past at the same time. Then it is not so much a coincidence because if the UFO has come today instead of 50 years ago, some other witnesses would have seen it and reported it. Also, if two different times meet but there is not much going on in any of those times, you might not notice that something is wrong. It is when an army is passing by that suddenly you can see that something is not OK with reality and the present, and that two times are meeting. I suppose there are tons of studies about when UFOs appear on the Earth and where, as to why. If really these UFOs travel in time, they might wish to witness certain events in history, perhaps even influence them. Did you know that there are UFO sightings that are repeated at certain time intervals? I cannot remember in which big city in America it was, but UFOs were seen 50 years ago and reported, and then, 50 years later the same ones in the same formation were reported again, as if they simply traveled in time.

====I read a very interesting book about the Tarahumaras written by my favorite French author named Antonin Artaud. Do you know them? Artaud went to live with them and took drugs with them to reach another state of consciousness. Unfortunately Artaud went mad and was put in a mental institute for most of his last few years in the 50’s. The title of my website is from the title of one of his books: “Heliogabale or The Marginal” about a Roman emperor who came from Syria.


----I think you need to start checking the geomagnetic fields of the Earth and the sun’s activities when all these events occurred, and the magnetic waves travelling in space from the sun to the Earth. It is also possible that the position of the Earth compared with the Milky Way might influence when the events occur. I will let you know about other things that need to be check to see if there is a pattern that could help us predict when another sighting might occur. I will forward to you another email I wrote to someone else soon about this.


ITEM VIII - I have done everything within my capabilities, but as you may have been able to gather, the most sophisticated scientific equipment to my disposal around here is mi bio-microscope, compass, magnets and hand held magnifier, and of course my computer. So that's my plead to the scientific society for advance scientific equipment they could bring to measure natural occurring anomalies and possible traces left behind by UFO's as well as photoelectric triggered devices to capture UFO's activities at El Cerro del Pueblo, which I already know it is a sort of departure and arrival station. END


====Establishing a list of all UFOs sightings and the time, then comparing with the different data about geomagnetic fields, sun wind and sidereal time should not require any scientific instruments. It is just to try to establish a pattern, like if for example the UFOs are more likely to appear at night or if it does not make a difference. Perhaps they mostly show up on a full moon because of the gravity exerted by the moon. And also, maybe they are more likely to appear if a huge solar flare will affect the geomagnetic fields of the Earth. And some websites will give you this information.


----So, no one sees this as the actions of the devil anymore? That might facilitate your research.


ITEM IX - Some of them do and some others are resilient. END


Mr. Burgos stated that he never returned to go down that hole again, but indicated that if I was looking for an answer of what the people of the village including myself witnessed at El Cerro del Pueblo, such answer could be waiting behind the circular door of that room some 35+ meters underground, in the very heart of El Cerro del Pueblo.


----Please let me know if you went and if you found the room.


ITEM X - We haven't gone down to the hole atop El Cerro del Pueblo because am waiting for my digital camera to capture whatever is down there. I don't want to miss anything that might disappear after my intrusion. But it won't be long for me to email you pictures of such room and its content and perhaps what we have been looking for...END


Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



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From: []
Sent: 18 March 2003 17:39
To: 'Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce'
Subject: RE: Possible Crater Impact in northern Mexico


Hello Mr. Gonzalez Ponce,

Though I have nothing to comment on this e-mail, I find it very exciting. Every day now something is coming your way, either a witness or an event. There is so much activity in your area that I doubt once I send my emails to the investigators it will go unanswered. Note that I did not have the chance yet to send my emails as I wish to answer all of your emails and update the website first. Hopefully within a day or two I will get on top of everything.

Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



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-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 18 March 2003 15:29
Subject: Fw: Possible Crater Impact in northern Mexico


Dear Mr. Tremblay,

As indicated in my email of Dissemination of Information 16/03/2003, I tried to photograph three craters measuring 7, 22, and 40 meters in diameter that I located within the body of El Cerro del Pueblo some 900 meters to the west of my barite mining works. While I didn't know that the craters existed, my search for such type of phenomena was prompted because I identified dark green glassy spherules - microtektites under my microscope that were embedded within the strata at the depth of ~2 meters at the fault.

As you may know, microtektites and tektites are the product of the instant melting of matter when a extraterrestrial impact takes place. Such spherules contain material of both, the impacting object and from the site of the impact.

Subsequently, I contacted Mr. Ernstson of Ernstson and Claudin Impact Structures at their URL: and their reply is included at the end of this email for your review.

Two of the workers that are currently cleaning the fault area of blasted material for the next series of explosive blastings, came to my home last night to notify me that at precisely 11:47 AM, they witnessed a shiny object hurdling with a strange sound and that fell between the distances of 700 to 900 meters, northwest of the fault. They stated that they went searching for the object, but that they had not been able to locate the object, mostly because of such area is heavily loaded with cactus plants.

We planned to go today to comb the area and search for such object which I believe could be a meteorite. Nonetheless this morning is stormy, so we decided to wait till the bad weather subsides.

As you priordly suggested, that if I had come across with Barium laden areas without traces of extraterrestrial impacts, well, this is one of them, however, and as you can see the possibility that it could prove to the contrary is under way.

Once we head on for the search of the possible meteorite, I'll  be also checking on a large circular depression that can be seen atop El Cerro del Pueblo, some 900 meters away, precisely towards the direction indicated by the two workers stating the shiny object fell yesterday morning.

Regards, Alberto



----- Original Message -----

From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce


Sent: Monday, March 03, 2003 3:43 PM

Subject: Possible Crater Impact in northern Mexico


Dear Sres. Ernstson and Claudin,

While on my exploration activities to determine barite and sulfide deposits at carbonaceous limestone - shale hilly stock in Chihuahua, Mexico, I identified some dark green glassy spherules under the microscope that were embedded within a 2 m deep strata whereby we are currently retrieving massive white barite sizable lumps. Also within the carbonaceous stock, some 900 m to the west of my works, there is a crater of ~ 40m in diameter by ~ 8 m deep with an uplift of about one meter around the rim of such structure.

My question to you is that if it would be expected to find shatter cones at such small size crater as well as microtektites within the crater itself if indeed it was caused by an impact?

I thank you any assistance you could provide me in this regard.

Sincerely, Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce

Minas Peñascudo

Villa Lopez, Chihuahua, Mexico.




----- Original Message -----

From: Kord Ernstson

To: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce

Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2003 10:06 AM

Subject: Re: Possible Crater Impact in northern Mexico


Dear Jose,

Your 40 m-diameter crater could well have originated from a meteorite impact, because of the uplifted rim or the rim formed by excavated material. Evidently, because of this rim, a sinkhole can be excluded. The depth - diameter relation is also significant for a bowl-shaped simple meteorite crater. Of, course, a man-made hole for whatever reason cannot be excluded. I think, that's why you ask about shatter cones and microtectites at the crater floor as proof for an impact.

As far as I know, shatter cones have so far not been detected on the floor of such small meteorite craters (Wabar, Odessa, Morasko, for example). Microtectites are likewise not expected to occur in the structure itself. Tektites are produced in the very beginning of the cratering and are ejected under extremely high velocities.

On the other hand, I suggest to look for meteoritic material, which may have survived the collision and may be buried beneath the crater floor. You could use a magnetometer and look for magnetic anomalies, or even a metal detector (if the crater was not misused for waste deposition). You could take soil samples from the floor, from the rim's material and from outside the crater to analyze them for metallic spherules or fragments (from ablation from the incoming meteorite, if it was an iron-type projectile). In and around most of the small meteorite craters, remnants of the meteorite material could be detected. Much luck!

As for the green glassy spherules you found at a depth of 2 m, they may only be related with the crater if the strata is also of Holocene age, as is expected to be the age of the crater.

Don't hesitate to contact me again, if there are more questions.

Best wishes, Kord



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-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 16 March 2003 23:45
Subject: Dissemination of Information


Mr. Tremblay,

Am ready for the emails you indicate that probably would follow your sending of information.

As for putting online my last writing, please do so, and don't include the attachment I sent you, but the modified one attached to this email, which basically is the same but upgraded.

Regarding the upcoming parts of the book, I think it would be better that we keep them till we complete it, as they are the very heart of the matter, and it won't be a book if we say it all. What are your thoughts about it. Please advise.


---I think that if everything goes online, not only we will get a feedback from the people, and that we may attract a publisher, but on top of it I don’t think it would change anything to the book being published, the marketing of it or the reception. It could only help if everyone knows there is a book about all this and might prefer to wait and by the book after reading some bits and pieces here and there that they find very interesting. But ultimately this is your decision. I think that anything we discover or think about should go in the public domain as quickly as possible so others might bring us their own answers and similar events. The whole world of science today is plague with this obsession with secrecy, recognition and Nobel prizes to the point that no information is ever exchanged unless a breakthrough is reached. And since breakthroughs are usually only reached when a lot of people are working together, most of the important information never reaches anyone and science comes to a stand still.


As for photos taking, I spent the last 4 takes out of 24 with the only camera I was able to get here in the village, this was a few days before the sighting trying to capture a series of small crater impacts right behind El Cerro del Pueblo, however only five came out, but am expecting next week my digital one coming out of repair that takes pictures like the ones I sent you, and I'll be ready for it.

The last time I watched Stargate I think it was a rerun in San Diego, Ca. in 2000. I haven't seen it since. We don't get much around here.


Regards, Alberto


------Regards, Roland Michel Tremblay



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By Roland Michel Tremblay and Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce


This most breathtaking development of uncovering the key that opens the pathways throughout the fabric of the universe has always been here, hidden away from humankind for all times since the birth of the stars.


(back cover)

Such marvel of nature that while in modern times is still eluding all scientific efforts in the quest of its holy grail of all sciences combined, is the main carrier of all forces that govern and fuel the realm of the multidimensional spectrum within our universe in a wonderful yet very often chaotic behavior that spawned and destroyed life within the continuum. Its ever presence on Earth, has displayed awesome yet dreadful demonstrations of its might, driving ancestral humans to fear it, idolize it and the building of all civilizations under the believed and veneered watchful eye of it, to the sculpturing of its final product – today’s human societies that still fear it, idolize it and “obey” it, but not knowing what it was or it is, as it has always been.



While secretly I had the hope, I never thought that during my lifetime I would be able to go beyond of being one more, as most of us, a bystander witness of unclassified scientific achievements regarding the preparation stages for interstellar travel, expectedly to be inherited by far in the future generations. Nor I ever suspected that the underlying facts that could really power such human endeavor would be such intrinsically intertwined with the most fantastic array of unexplained phenomena that have and continue amazing and wondering, and unfortunately at times threatening humankind, but I have.

Prior to the development of our findings, my involvement in the scientific arena had been limited to the research and investigation of geological and mineralogical occurrences and the identification and mining of metallic and non metallic deposits in the semi-desertic areas of northern Mexico, and while on certain occasions I was fortunate enough to have my share of the unexplained, I never divulged such events, nor did two of my sisters and my younger brother, which whom were with me on a driving trip in 1980 on another part of the country of Mexico when we had a spectacular view of a very powerful magnitude UFO phenomena, but as I said, and as for personal reasons, none of us mentioned this event to other than our family members.

On an evening of July 1999, I had another experience of the kind. At such time, a business associate of mine and I were visiting a farmer at his property located just outside an isolated  small village in the south of Chihuahua, Mexico, when suddenly, the most significant UFO phenomena on record took place right in front of us.

Most of the population of 1000 of the nearby village witnessed the sighting, but most importantly was the nature of the event. It had been an opening in the atmosphere on a starry night, that materialized and gave path to unidentified flying objects before it closed its portal. But again, other than checking the site of the sighting the following day, and found no traces left behind, I did not pursue further.

Moreover, not even a little I suspected that such phenomena would not only linger around, but actually to providing me with a series of clues that a couple of years later, when cross checking such clues with references of utmost reliable and accredited international scientific institutional sources, led us to more in depth research and investigation of the matter, from which we began to uncover its intrinsic connection with extraterrestrial impacts on Earth, as well as leading us towards more fantastic realms that also fitted perfectly within the whole scheme.

Further investigation gave path to a ramification linking a series of paranormal, unexplained, and fantastic but traditionally unrelated phenomena to UFO, none the less, unraveled as well to have been generated by the same power source.



During the past 70 years, and since Einstein announced his theory of relativity,  physicists have been engaged into a race to identify missing links to complete the unfinished equation that would represent the current holy grail of all physics, to unify the theory of relativity with the quantum theory. And while there hasn’t been a winner of such prize, the volumes of research and investigation to pursue such endeavor has produced practical applications, some devious and some controversial, such as uranium and hydrogen nuclear explosive devices and electricity producing fission reactors. Currently, such vast research has enable scientists to try to explain the quantum mechanics behind what appears to be the first gravity defying device, the latest generation of superconductors, a Barium based artifact that promises to become instrumental for a more suitable approach to interstellar travel than any other explored means, and perhaps, to try to explain the forces behind the UFO’s phenomenon.

On the other hand, aside the fact that the exotic complexity of the UFO’s phenomenon is quite far beyond present and foreseeable human comprehension to say the least, the secrecy surrounding the scientific community engaged on this subject, and instigated by control starving governments all over, the distinction between the facts and misleading fabricated versions, has become illegible. And so, the proper dissemination of such transcendental events as utmost key for the advancement of human kind has become murkier by the day since its inclusion in modern history, and there is no relief in sight.

Nonetheless, this based on facts book is intended to provide audiences with an approach inherited from a sequence of fortunate and synchronized events that prompted intense research and investigation, and that led directly to the identification of a key vector withholding the most astonishing discoveries of all times. While particles of such vector are widely spread within nature, only selected points on Earth comprise the precise required amounts and conditions to channel the spectrum of the awesome kinetic energies exerted by our planet, making it the prime suspect for major extraterrestrial impacts on Earth, and its utilization by UFO’s transgressions within our space-time realm.

As indicated above, the abundance of material intrinsically related to such vector, herein denominated THE VERTEX ELEMENT, it is to the reach of anyone who wants to. The selected points on Earth whereby the linking of the phenomena listed here and have occur, are also reachable, and perhaps someone reading these lines may be closer to such occurrences than he or she ever suspected. And so, there would not be need to prey on secrecies confabulated by governmental or institutions of the sort to find out the true, nor to wait light years for their willingness to release crumbs of outdated and obsolete information. The exciting and revolutionary but scientifically sounded findings of this project are to be disseminated as much as possible to reach as many as we can, for everyone to become involved individually or as a whole in the most and overdue human enterprises of all times, as it should have happen from the beginning, and for no one to be excluded as it was, as it has always been.



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-----Original Message-----
From: Jose Alberto Gonzalez Ponce []
Sent: 20 March 2003 00:12


Hi Mr. Tremblay,


-----I suggest that you can also establish parts of the book (chapter or sub chapter ideas) from our correspondence. Perhaps a lot of our correspondence can be in the book even if we need to modify our talk and develop further. A rough summary with bullet points of all the things you wish to cover in the book could be interesting. And you could try to see from our correspondence everything that needs to be covered in the book. And copy the relevant parts of our talks in the right sections of the book.


Remember, your suggestion of keeping an open mind when I dismissed the meteorite phenomena occurring in this parts, it generated the theory of extraterrestrial impacts connection with Barium / Barite laden areas, along with a whole can of worms.


----Oh yes, I have an open mind and I want to cover everything that we discussed. I just mentioned that there are ways to present an idea. If you say this is a wormhole or a book about wormholes, it is a bit difficult as we don’t have proofs. The idea needs to be said but in a different way: could it be a wormhole? Here is why we think it could be… So you keep an open mind but you don’t throw yourself in the hands of people who will say that you are jumping to conclusions without proofs. It is a way to protect yourself.


Regarding the VERTEX (vertix and / or vertice in Spanish) matter, the meanings you listed are almost the same in Spanish,


----Perhaps, and though the definitions exist in English, they are never used thus no one knows what it means.


though the main usage in Spanish is that of  conveying point or conveying factor, and that's why I proposed it. Obviously, for what I just learned, in English the meaning priordities are different. Initially I thought about THE VORTEX ELEMENT, but unless I am wrong I had the feeling that the word vortex has been overused in sci-fi and non fiction writing,


---Definitely, but it should not stop us from using it. Funny, one of my books (not published yet) is called London Urban Elements, and initially it was called Urban Elements. I even thought of calling it the Elements. It is about my day to day life in London and Europe when I had conferences everywhere.


still it may be one of the most appropriate titles to our subject. Other titles could be THE 56TH ELEMENT or ELEMENT 56 -  the number of Barium in the periodic table, or just 137, the atomic weight of Barium. Advise.


---These titles are meaningless and unattractive to anyone unfamiliar with the content of the book. We can keep a working title from now and once we are more into the book we will be able to see the directions it is taking and at that point we might see a more appropriate title. You know that the most important UFO sight in the world is Area 51 (Roswell), perhaps we should call the book Area 56. That should certainly attract attention… in any case I think we should only call it a working title for now.


Regards, Alberto


----Regards, RM


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