The World's Most Famous Equation

Einstein Documentary

Reports and brainstorms
Photos of Einstein and Physicists
Research from Encyclopaedia
Energy - Faraday - Davy
Mass - Lavoisier
C (Speed of Light) - Galileo - Cassini - Roemer - Maxwell - Einstein
2 - Newton - Leibniz - sGravesande - Du Châtelet
E=mc2 Special Relativity - Riemann, Poincaré, Lorentz, Michelson, FitzGerald
Time Dilation - Lorentz Contraction - Michelson & M Exp. - Relativistic Effects
Splitting Atoms - Nuclei - Neutrons - Rutherford, Chadwick, Fermi, Hahn, Meitner, Geiger, Bohr, Strassman, Curie, Frisch, Schrödinger
Uranium - Fission - Nuclear Weapons - Heisenberg
Manhattan Project/Atomic Bomb - Oppenheimer, Lawrence, Oliphant, Segrè, Feynman, von Neumann, Teller, Bethe, de Hevesy, Wigner
Japan: Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Technology requiring E=mc2 - GPS, Satellites, Atomic Clocks, Nuclear Energy
E=mc2 reactions on the sun: Cecilia Payne-Gaboschkin (spectroscopy)
Star Implosion, Creating the Earth, Big Bang - Fred Hoyle - Paul Dirac
Black Hole formations - Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
General Relativity - Gravitation - Arthur Eddington
Main Links about Einstein
Selected Websites with descriptions

You can download all the files included here in DOC format (MS Word) and zipped with Winzip by clicking here:

emc2_reports.zip (written by Roland Michel Tremblay)
emc2_encyclopaedia.zip (from Encarta and Britannica)


by Roland Michel Tremblay

Main report on 3 different approaches for the documentary including
two Chronologies of Einstein's Life  html or doc

Report on the book by Dennis Overbye
Einstein in Love, A Scientific Romance  html or doc

Brainstorm 1  html or doc
Brainstorm 2  html or doc

Letter to Physicists  html or doc
Contacted people and their answers  html or doc (Updated: 15 July 2003)

by Tez Asfaw

General Background Notes  html or doc
Examples and Analogies for Special Relativity  html or doc
Biographies of the Main Players  html or doc
Fade Up  html or doc
Larson's Cartoon  jpg

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of Einstein, his family and other Physicists


Einstein Younger in Europe or zip
Einstein Older in America or zip
Einstein in Princeton, New Jersey or zip
Einstein with other personalities or zip
Einstein's Family or zip
Einstein in groups of people or zip
Einstein in the Arts or zip
Related to Einstein - places, machines, Norway, papers or zip


1) Lavoisier, Eddington, Bohr, Du Châtelet, Fermi, Segre, Lawrence or zip
2) Rutherford, Wigner, Hoyle, Galileo, Riemann, de Hevesy, Bethe or zip
3) Lorentz, Poincaré, Oppenheimer, Chadwick, Maxwell, Cassini or zip
4) Leibniz, Meitner, Groves, Briggs, Grossman, Curie, Laue, Euler or zip
5) Faraday, Roemer, Hahn, Oliphant, Planck, Bohr, Besso, Dirac or zip
6) Heisenberg, Chandrasekhar, Humphry Davy, sGravesande or zip

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Research from the Encyclopaedia

The documentary will cover the history of the following people
involved with these topics:

• E Energy   html or doc
Michael Faraday  html or doc
Sir Humphry Davy  html or doc

• m Mass  html or doc
Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier  html or doc

• c  html or doc
Galileo  html or doc
Jean-Dominique Cassini  html or doc
Ole Roemer  html or doc
James Clerk Maxwell  html or doc
Albert Einstein  html or doc

Newton  html or doc
Gottfried Leibniz  html or doc
Willem sGravesande
Émilie Du Châtelet  html or doc

• E=mc2 Special Relativity  html or doc
Albert Einstein  html or doc
Mileva Maric Einstein, Hans Albert and Eduard Einstein
Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann  html or doc
Michele Besso
Jules Henri Poincaré  html or doc
Hendrik Antoon Lorentz  html or doc
Albert Michelson  html or doc
Edward Williams Morley  html or doc
George Francis FitzGerald  html or doc

• Facts related to Special Relativity that we may need to explain:
Time Dilation  html or doc
Lorentz-Fitzgerald Contraction, Michelson & Morley Experiment  html or doc
Relativistic Effects/Relativistic Mechanics  html or doc

• Atoms, Nuclei, Neutrons  html or doc
Radioactivity  html or doc
Discovery of Fission  html or doc
Ernest Rutherford  html or doc
James Chadwick  html or doc
Enrico Fermi  html or doc
Otto Hahn  html or doc
Lise Meitner  html or doc
Otto Robert Frisch  html or doc
Fritz Strassman  html or doc
Hans Geiger  html or doc
Niels Bohr  html or doc
Erwin Schrödinger  html or doc
Marie Curie  html or doc

• Uranium, Fission, Nuclear Weapons  html or doc
• Germany: The Virus House, Berlin, Leipzig
Werner Heisenberg  html or doc
Robert Döpel
Wilhelm Paschen
Berlin Auer factories
I.G. Farben company/Bayer AG  html or doc

• Norway: Vemork (Norsk Hydro Plant for Heavy Water),
Knut Haukelid

• USA: Manhattan Project/Atomic Bomb  html or doc
Hanford (Washington), Los Alamos, Tennessee factories
Atomic Energy Commission  html or doc
Enrico Fermi  html or doc
J. Robert Oppenheimer  html or doc
Lyman J. Briggs
Mark Oliphant  html or doc
Ernest Lawrence  html or doc
Emilio Segrè  html or doc
Leslie Groves
Richard Feynman  html or doc
John von Neumann  html or doc
Edward Teller  html or doc
Hans Albrecht Bethe  html or doc
Niels Bohr  html or doc
George de Hevesy (Georg von Hevesy)  html or doc
Eugene Wigner  html or doc

• Japan: Hiroshima and Nagasaki  html or doc
(Surrender of Japan, were the bombs necessary, the effects of the bombs)

• Technology requiring E=mc2

Traditional TV Sets

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)  html or doc (no mention to relativity)
Applications of Relativity in GPS  html or doc
GPS depends on satellites that use Atomic Clocks  html or doc

Computer chips
Key aspects of the modern pharmaceutical and bioengineering industry
Medical diagnostics
Radiation treatment for cancer therapy
All the Internet switching devices
Smoke detectors
Emergency exit signs
Nuclear submarine
Nuclear energy plants  html or doc
Carbon 14

• E=mc2 reactions on the sun:
Cecilia Payne-Gaboschkin (spectroscopy, hydrogen on the sun)  html or doc

• Star Implosion, Creating the Earth, Big Bang
Fred Hoyle  html or doc
Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac  html or doc

• Black Hole formations  html or doc
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar  html or doc

• General Relativity  html or doc
Gravitation  html or doc
Albert Einstein  html or doc
Erwin Freundlich
Marcel Grossman
Arthur Stanley Eddington  html or doc
Maja, Elsa and Margot Einstein

• Einstein achievements and celebrity, E=mc2 being the most famous equation in the world even though most people don't really know why or understand what it means

• Related Subjets
Physics  html or doc
Quantum Theory  html or doc
Theory of Everything  html or doc
Unified Field Theory  html or doc
Superstrings Theory and The Standard Model  html or doc

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David Bodanis' Website

Many Links to Einstein's Websites

Main Einstein's Websites


Einstein Archives Online (online manuscripts)

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Selected Websites
(from the book Einstein by Peter D. Smith)

The website of the Albert Einstein Archive, part of the Jewish National & University Library, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Ze'ev Rosenkranz's book Albert Through the Looking-Glass: The Personal Papers of Albert Einstein (Jerusalem, 1998) offers a fascinating glimpse of the materials in the Archive, with many photographs and facsimiles of documents. This excellent website has biographical information, bibliographical resources and even a kids' page:


This is the website for Living Reviews in Relativity, an online journal on the science of relativity produced by The Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), Potsdam
The serious student of Einstein can search and access articles on many aspects of the science.


Website for the NOVA program Einstein Revealed, originally broadcast in October 1996. Includes games, articles, and teachers' notes:


Details of Einstein's life in Princeton:


From this page you can view and download Einstein's FBI files. Well worth a visit:


Good biographical site with many photographs set up by the American Institute of Physics:


School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.
Explains the mathematical context to the science with pages on many key figures in the story of relativity:


Website of black and white photographs of Einstein:


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