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First Planet

by Roland Michel Tremblay

Idea for a Sci-Fi TV Series

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"Our existence is due to a temporal paradox and the destruction of an entire galaxy, and our future depends on the survival of many side scales universes."

First Planet

A civilization living in the year 6451 on a terraformed planet in a solar system far from here just discovered that they owe their existence to a temporal paradox. They found an old and popular computer game dating from the year 2006 that was made in London. From this elaborate adventure game they realized that if they don't send a message to the programmer into the past, they will never exist, leading to the complete extinction of humanity.

They also know that in all the parallel universes there are, or side-scales universes as they call it, the main branch leading to the colonization of their planet is the only one known to exist in the year 6451, making them the only survivors of a once flourishing humanity in many parallel universes living on many different solar systems of the galaxy. Humanity somehow managed to find destruction in all its possible realities.

They have the technology to see all the existing parallel universes occurring every time a decision is made and that the reality splits into two. Even though they can see many side-scales from the main scale leading to the colonization of their planet, they cannot calculate any other scale or existing alternate reality. They are the only one left of the whole humanity and are worried that they might never exist if they don't send that message.

They send a message into the past using the old e-mail system, managing to destroy a whole solar system in the process, but soon understand that it is not enough. The attachment has not reached its destination. They decide to send a man and a woman into the past to insure not only their existence but also the existence of as many other main scale universes as possible. Humanity at this point only exists because of a temporal paradox.

In the Past

The pilot starts with a British programmer named Marky Tea drinking some cheap red wine in his room. He his barely 18 years old and is listening to some weird alternative music. His girlfriend Michelle Jordan calls him, asking if he wants to go out tonight as it is Friday night. He is not interested. He wants to continue his night of dreaming, he is apparently up to something good with his most recent computer game. She tells him it is useless, he should stop dreaming and get out like everyone else. She says that people love him - and she means she loves him - and he cannot see it. He will not be able to change the universe by staying alone in his room, he will only die forgotten. At that point a song he particularly likes starts and he hangs up the phone.

At that moment he appears to be receiving an e-mail but it takes a long time to arrive. He presses some keys on his computer but electricity goes all around the room and everything shuts down: computer, television, sound system, the whole house. We hear the dad downstairs blaming him for this, and after a few minutes everything gets back to normal. After rebooting his computer he finds an e-mail all scrambled and distorted that appears to have had an attachment now lost. He can still read the content, it seems to be a message from the future called First Planet. He reads a bit and then starts writing the concept of a new computer game titled First Planet.

The next day Marky Tea walks to his girlfriend's house and they walk together to school. He tells her that he received a strange e-mail pretending to be from the future and it was called First Planet. He explains that the attachment was destroyed but the content was still readable. It claimed that if that message was not sent to him on that day, a whole colony on another planet would never exist. It also said that a whole solar system had to be destroyed to send this message. He says that he would take it as a joke if everything did not blow up in his room and if the path followed by the message was not impossible to establish.

Michelle tries to convince him that he is again living in the world of science fiction and computer games, and that if he is not careful he will end up being a robot himself. He assures her that even if this is a joke, it has already inspired him an interesting video game that he intends to finish by the end of the school semester. When she asks what the great message from the future is, he is ashamed to answer that it is mainly a self-preserving message that tells humanity to try to be more ecological and protect itself from self-destruction (but he mentions the attachment he was never able to read). Great, she says, Greenpeace will stop at nothing to convince us to save the planet. You are wasting your time.

In the Future

In a futuristic boardroom, a meeting is awaiting the arrival of two more people before it can start. A man called Edwin Kuester and a woman called Adriana Wolfe enter the room. They are dressed as laboratory scientists and sit at the table, puzzled.

Why are we here Professor? Is it because of this game that we found in our archives? The professor puts the computer game on the table titled First Planet written by a certain Marky Tea. He says: this game published in London in 2006 appears to be predicting the existence of our colony, at a time when no one knew if there would ever be a colony leaving First Planet as the technology did not exist. The subject of the game: the player must at any cost make sure the technology exists to send colonies out into space and guarantee a certain voyage in 2016 to the planet XR1472.

Edwin points out that in 2006 the term First Planet did not exist as there was no other populated planet in the galaxy. That programmer was either a visionary or he was the inventor of the term First Planet. The professor indicates that it is much more than that: the game describes all too well our own existence on this new colonized planet and the achievement of humanity in the future that happens to be our own history. Other reports found on the Network state that without that popular game, a mission would have never been sent to our planet in 2016, one year before First Planet was destroyed in every main scale or parallel universe that we know of. It also makes a reference to a message sent from the future, by us.

Adriana Wolfe asks if that message would not perhaps be the reason for this game to exist, to which the professor agrees. He confirms that a message has been sent many decades ago due to that game. And we are not even certain if a message will do the trick as apparently there was a sequel to this game called Visitors from the Future. The visitors apparently were called Edwin Kuester and Adriana Wolfe. It becomes obvious then that Ed and Adriana will have to travel back to the past and to Earth otherwise their colony might never exist.

The first question from Wolfe is: how have we managed to send this message into the past? The professor answers that they needed to destroy a whole solar system in the process. He also indicates that they could not send people before, and that is why this game was kept so secret all these years until such technology existed. Now that it exists and that they have identified who the game is referring to (Ed and Adriana), they want to send them back into the past.

The professor: to send you both to Earth, we will need to destroy a whole galaxy, this is how much energy we will require. Not only that, says the professor, your mission will also be to save as many main side-scales as possible, we need as many parallel universes with people in them as we can. We will no longer be the only survivor in all possible universes there are. It is worth the destruction of a galaxy whether there is life in it or not.


In between the Past and the Future

The ship that Kuester and Wolfe are using to go into the past is very similar to a flying saucer commonly observed on Earth. In a huge burst of light in which we can see a galaxy being absorbed to produce the necessary energy for their trip, the flying saucer reaches Earth in 2006 in one piece. It uses anti-gravity devices and does not make any noise. It virtually lands over Marky Tea's house in London. They knock on the door, Marky opens it without believing what he sees. Who are you people? Are you Marky Tea? Yes... then we need to speak.

They come inside the house and Edwin and Adriana explain to Marky who they are and the reason for their trip. Highly excited, Marky quickly makes the link between the e-mail he received the night before and the visitors. They tell him he needs to program another computer game, and it will be called Visitors from the Future, guaranteeing the existence of their past history and future existence. To which Marky agrees, amazed by this great plot, and he calls Michelle to tell her to rush here.

It’s not difficult to convince Marky to write the second game (even although he hasn’t written the first one yet), but this is not the only reason for their mission. The second game is about going into the past to prevent the extinction of humanity in many different side-scales or parallel universes. And the help of Marky and Michelle is needed in order to achieve such a goal.

The First Season

So our visitors from the future have accomplished their first mission, to convince Marky Tea to program the two computer games. They will tell him everything they know about their society in the future and what to program to bring this reality to the masses. They need to convince the governments that sending ships into space to colonize the universe is a number one priority, otherwise they will never exist and humanity as they know it will come to an abrupt end in the year 2017.

Now that this is ongoing, they also need to make certain, by any means possible, that their goal is reached. The development of the technology in order to send people in ships far into space needs to become a common reality. We need to colonize the universe as quickly as possible. Here we have the first episodes of the series. What do we need in order to make this possible? A lot of technology will be necessary: communications, fuel, food, oxygen, water, gravity, etc.

Our agents from the future will have to infiltrate the governments, the space agencies, the people working with technology and somehow influence them to make this happen. As far as they are concerned, the death of some people that are obstacles to this project is acceptable, or at least they need to get them out of the way. Basically, in the first year they will have to revolutionize science as we know it, without their identity being known, as to not influence the timeline to an extent that their colony will no longer exist, even though they intend to make changes on a massive scale.

Marky Tea is there to program it all down for posterity as science fiction, so they can have in the future a certain plan to follow for when they go back into the past. Even though they have with them the first game of Marky Tea, they refuse to show it to him so it cannot influence his creativity in any way, but he’ll find a way to get it. So in essence the first game was not written by him since it came directly from the future (another paradox). It was programmed by him in another timeline or parallel universe where our visitors from the future had not come here or came at a later date. For the second game he needs to write what will happen in the next few months so they have the correct history of their actions in their archives.

We will bring the audience to that very futuristic society in 6451 and they will be in constant communication with the Earth of 2006. The interest is that as they change history in the past, they also change the reality of the future. To a point where sometimes the future can disappear altogether and these mistakes need to be corrected.

They already have a good record of everything that has happened, even although this will change as they alter the world. In a way their archives are still stating what they did, they reflect the impact they had on Earth in the past, but they don't know exactly what they have influenced. They can only compare the actual science and circumstances of today with the data in their archives. If they see discrepancies, they know they have to act.

Episode Ideas and Special Effects

In order to accomplish their various tasks, and this is where the Special Effects department will have a field day, they will use their technology from the future. The futuristic gadgets they have are very impressive, as they know far more about space-time-energy-matter than us.

They can stop time, or really they can start moving much faster than us. So on the screen, we can see them moving very fast compared with ordinary people, or see them moving normally and the normal people not moving at all. This will be helpful when they will need to infiltrate organizations or change something or get rid of evidence.

Anything that is considered paranormal today, they will have mastered a long time ago. Therefore they can communicate telepathically and make the people who hear the voices believe it is their own conscience speaking to them. They will also be able to communicate with the deceased living in another realm at a different density than us. They have quantum tele-transportation technology. They will also use their ship to travel from one place on Earth to another. People will see that ship and believe they are aliens even though they are not.

Other technologies they can use to make the series more interesting and cool (and each of those can be central to different episodes):

-Telekinesis even though there will be technology at the back of that
-Making the dead reappear in our realm, sending someone in another realm or reality
-Knowing/predicting the future (of course, they have the archives of our future)
-Moving from one parallel universe to another (and this we can use a lot as they need to have an impact on many parallel universes)
-They can change their appearance to look like anyone dead or alive on this planet, and even take on the look (with holograms) of our most ferocious mythological and legendary monsters or heroes. They can even appear as Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary or an Angel while trying to convince and motivate someone to develop his ideas further or change vocation
-They can create virtual buildings and rooms using holograms. They can also change matter to energy and energy to any sort of object or building. They can recreate pyramids if they feel it might help their scheme
-They could even start a war if they think it can help a certain technology to see the light of day
-They will also certainly try to pass on their technology but be subtle about it
-They can save anyone since their medical science is extremely advanced. They have a cure for Aids, Cancer…
-They can accomplish miracles (they can walk on water as they have anti-gravity devices)
-They can manipulate reality to an extent that someone might believe he is receiving a message from somewhere. For example he might meet the number 1111 everywhere, and then they can tell that person that it means something, he must do something different
-They can create wormholes and portholes to get people somewhere else instantly
-They can locate anyone anywhere in the world instantly
-They can create old scripts if needed to change our history. They can create old prophecies and make them happen
-They can be convincing card readers, mediums and astrologers since they are aware of the future
-They can easily create a secret society as they can impress anyone in joining in. From there, they can influence their little group to the point of creating a new religion if need be
-They can walk through walls and matter, and they can fly
-They can travel in time on a day to day basis (we can have many episodes using time travel and paradoxes)
-They can speak any language using their computer as a translating device. They will have to struggle trying to speak languages they are not familiar with
-They can make their ship look like a black helicopter or a plane and simulate the sound, but since there are many UFO sightings around the world, they are not that concerned
-They can communicate with animals at a simple level and they can understand via the computer what the animals are saying (this has the making of a great episode)
-They can visualize on their computer (or PDA) what people think
-They can manipulate electricity and electromagnetic fields extremely well, they can even influence geomagnetic fields with their ship. They are familiar with all types of radiation including light, and can play havoc with light to confuse us
-They can travel faster than the speed of light
-They can influence the weather: a little rain, some snow, a storm can change the course of history
-What they can do to reach their goal is limitless!


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