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Utopian Dream
The Last Post before Utopia

by Roland Michel Tremblay

Idea for a Sci-fi/Fantastic TV Film or Film

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Short Synopsis of Utopia

UTOPIA: An ideal and perfect place or state, where everyone lives in harmony and everything is for the best. [Mid-16th century. From modern Latin, “imaginary island,” first used in Sir Thomas More’s Utopia (1516), literally, “noplace,” formed from Greek ou “not” + topos “place.”]


The Dream

I woke up this morning realizing that my dream would do a nice story for a sci-fi/fantastic film. Utopia is what I will call it, but it could also be Utopian Dream or The Last Post before Utopia. Let's start with my dream and then I will get on with what could be added.

First of all I was in a fantastic palace like these very high class hotels and perhaps also like inside the pyramid spaceship in Dune (the film). There were many areas, a big room and some corridors at the back. On each side of the large room there were train tracks and two trains filled with very strong and well dressed people that could be seen from the windows. The tracks were leading on each side into circular doors that when opened had whirls like if the trains went into wormholes.

I believe there were a King and a Queen in charge of the palace where we all lived. None of us could go to the other side or Utopia because the trains never stopped. Our goal in life was to go through, for that we needed a train, which we did not have.

I was the chosen one, the one that was born special and would save everyone. I knew how to get everyone to Utopia but no one knew I could do that. I had first to seek the help of a sort of key holder (the Guardian) who was able to open the circular doors. She was willing to do that for me. I took a ball, opened it a bit with a dart in order to put a message inside wrapped around the dart. The message was simple: I am ready. This ball thrown inside the wormhole would automatically bring us a train from the inside, and I imagined it coming from a third hidden door in the middle of the main room where the thrones of the King and the Queen were, and the tracks would appear from under the floor. It was a train coming to bring us all to Utopia where life was paradise. I was the savior of my nation and I would become the leader once on the other side.

While I was preparing the ball to be sent into the wormhole, there were many people around me and the Guardian, looking at what we were doing. So we went into a small room with a chair and this was a magical moment as the key holder, who was beautiful, kissed me and immediately regretted and sat down. I wanted to say that I was also interested, that feelings were developing and that I would love to kiss her too, but suddenly some people at the door in real life woke me up. That was my dream as far as I can remember it.

The TV Series Story (or film)

Now, what we could build on that dream. Well this palace could be in a city like The Mount St-Michael (Mont St-Michel) in France in Normandy. It is a nice little island reachable by a bridge where a castle lay in the middle of a wonderful little old medieval village.

It reminded me of the game Grim Fandango of Lucas Arts where the dead people need to take a train to reach the last post before the world of the dead. And only the people who had the money could get on the train. The other ones arrived there by slower means and were not guaranteed passage once arrived at that last city. In my dream the world of the dead was Utopia, which means a perfect life in a perfect mythic world, where everyone is happy.

It also reminded me of the game Syberia by Benoit Sokal (Microïds). The City with the University where the train stops in a wonderful glass station filled with rare birds and trees. I believe Sokal should be hired to draw the sets if this TV series is ever made. And while we are on the subject, I think that Pierre Esteve and Stéphane Pick who did the music for the first two PC games Atlantis (Dreamcatcher/The Adventure Company) should be chosen for the music (the games are not related to the other game by Disney). These guys made the best ever nostalgic and grandiose music for games that I have ever heard.

Even though we were in a place resembling Earth, it felt like we were in a village or castle like you would see in the television series Dinotopia, Snow Queen and perhaps Dune (the TV series). We were dressed like they would in these series, and the people on the train were dressed like Vikings or like in Robin Hoods, perhaps even like Klingons. A good mix of all that, it was magical. They did not look like us, they were from other far away nations that could afford to go to Utopia when we could not.

I would assume that a TV movie based on this idea would have two parts, the first one before going to Utopia and the second one after. Therefore, when I sent the message to the other side saying that we were ready to go, this would be the end of the first part. I would have accomplished many tasks in the world before that time, even though in the dream it did not felt like that. I was just chosen to accomplish great things afterwards and I knew who I was and what would happen next. I was not told by anyone, I knew, as simple as that.

I don't think I knew the key holder/Guardian personally before I asked her if she was able to open the door, but I admired her for her position of prestige, close to the King and Queen. And I knew she could open the door so we can see the wormholes. She looked like she admired me as well to decide to kiss me, like she knew who I was and what I could become. And she regretted, perhaps she thought she was not worth it, but I thought she was.

So I must have made great things before that point, even though when I decided I was ready it came as a surprise and could have happened at any other moment. I decided on that very minute that now was the time to reach Utopia.

The First Part – Last Post before Utopia

For the first part, before I send the message, I would say that when we arrived at the last post before Utopia many years ago we were disorganized and poor. It was my job I would reckon to find the King to the new kingdom based on the ancestry of our once rich and flourishing civilization. I went to get the King and gave him a throne. I found the abandoned castle, helped build a kingdom and a city around, and found him a Queen worthy of his title. I made the whole town prosper and now gold is what the walls are made of. My last task would be to get us to Utopia, on the other side of this little paradise that we built around the castle.

I would think Utopia could be like in the book Gargantua and Pantagruel of the author François Rabelais, where everything is huge and rich beyond measure and hope. It would also be very futuristic with amazing technology, something new to us as we lived in some sort of medieval village before. Everyone is happy and there is no authority or crime or work or anything poisoning our actual existence. It would represent the perfect self-sustained society with no threats whatsoever or problems of any kind. We just have to enjoy life to the maximum and relax. A life of leisure and pleasure.

The Second Part - Utopia

For the second part now. I would think that a life like that would become quite boring after a while as without challenges and goals to achieve, obstacles to overcome, life is meaningless. You cannot learn anything since nothing of importance happens to you. You don't even need to think anymore, just accept the world as it is.

Soon, bored people would get into trouble just for the sake of it, commit crime to lead more interesting lives, lie and betray others just as we used to do before coming to Utopia, even worse as we were living in harmony. In essence, I will have to justify that our nation was ready to cross-over and that we don't need to go back to the castle at the last post before Utopia.

Three tests could be ordered to my people to see if we are worth staying in Utopia by the other inhabitants, and I would have to somehow make us succeed with the help of my King and Queen and their Guardian (Key Holder). In the end we will succeed but we will reach a compromise.

Life does not have to be so perfect in order to be called paradise and Utopia was perhaps after all just an illusion. We could also decide to go back to our village with the exception that this time, when trains arrive, we know where they are going and we are no longer hoping to go there one day as we understand that what we have built was paradise after all.


Long Synopsis of Utopia


No long synopsis at this time. Please contact me if you wish to read it.

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