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The Virtual Universe

by Roland Michel Tremblay

Idea for a sci-fi TV Series

This idea on the Net: www.themarginal.com/perfectuniverse.htm
Download a doc version: www.themarginal.com/perfectuniverse.doc
rm@themarginal.com   www.themarginal.com

"There is something quite not right with the Universe. I know, this is why I am seeking your help. Please tell me, what is not right with the Universe? Everything!"

Short Synopsis of The Virtual Universe

The First Season


A computer programmer is creating the perfect universe for an interactive virtual world where players can interact with people as if in the real universe.

The development of this game is not easy as the virtual characters are aware of their existence and should really take the world as a real one. This is a bit like playing God and creating the perfect game universe where no human will question it and will take it as is. Please watch the movie 13th Floor for a better idea of how this story goes.

Three Game Testers come along and play the game to find out if there are any flaws and if the game can be played perfectly without a glitch. This is the basis for the series. Each episode will be about a new scenario in the virtual world where the virtual characters should not suddenly question reality and the testers can actually enjoy a good game.

At the beginning of a session or episode, the testers choose where they want to be, what they want to see, if they want to shoot at robots, aliens, or simply enjoy a detective story. If we can secure the rights, then we can make it very specific and recreate any realistic version of a game or book on the market. The Virtual Game can call up to any prominent member of society past or present, like Einstein or Madonna, and ask of them to become whatever the players require.

The testers will have certain powers to make the game more interesting and this will be unacceptable to our virtual characters as they will know better, this magic or these miracles are not possible. Soon they will develop ways to counteract these advantages our players will have.

The game play is similar to the holodeck in Star Trek and it is therefore exactly like reality, though sometimes we can mix animated characters or create an environment similar to any video game. It also has its special features, the laws of physics are not working exactly as they should and soon the virtual characters will understand things we have not even considered. The virtual universe will become the model to understand our own universe, complicating the life of the computer programmer and the players even more.

The problem will always be that the virtual characters are extremely skeptical and don't take anything for granted. It needs to be corrected: the characters and the virtual universe. Players of the game are aware of this and they need to take notes about what should be changed. So at the end of each episode there will be a report made to the creator (the computer programmer or God), in order to make sure everything goes smoothly in the perfect universe.

The Virtual Universe is an up to date and modern show mixing video games and real life in the quest to create the perfect game world every player can only dream of. Complete immersion into the game play and the chance to change the environment as they progress. Only one problem, the characters in the game are self aware, intelligent and they fight back!


The Programmer, the Players, the Virtual Characters

The Programmer/The Creator/God

The Programmer is called God or the Creator. He does not answer to any other name. He was on the team who developed the first ever 3D games and has moved way beyond anything that has been done up until now. The technology he is working with is the most advanced in the world and he has access to virtually every known database available to man and a few secret ones on top of that. From his fingertips he controls a whole new universe that has a life of its own. His virtual characters are learning in time and eventually could destroy his creation, something the creator is deeply aware of and needs to prevent.

The programmer also supervises the players and the virtual characters while the game is on. For example something might go wrong and only a last minute change in the program from the creator might save the players. Any glitch can also be corrected as the episode progresses, and the players will sometime ask for certain objects or a better view. The creator listens to the testers and works at perfecting the virtual universe.

Player 1 – Chanya The Master (She’s Out of this World!)

Chanya is the top player of most popular games in the world. She has won just about every competition on the planet and she is the expert in gaming. She represents the freak player who knows what she wants. There is no place for second best, illogical plots or bugs. She will finish a game without cheating even if it kills her (many times over).

Player 2 – Ryan The Cheater (He’s only Human…)

Ryan is a moderate player. He knows his stuff, he’s good, but he’s no expert. He represents the normal customer who will buy a game for the fun of it and will usually give up before the end as he is not that bothered. He will look for cheats, hacks and an easy way out.

Player 3 – Wu Tse The Beginner (She’s Pure and Innocent.)

Wu Tse is a total ignorant, she can’t even record a film with her DVD Recorder! She represents the debutant player incapable of lasting even the first 3 minutes of a game. She is necessary to the testing procedure because every game should start easy to make sure the new player can get into the game before throwing away the console or destroy it in a rage.

The Virtual Characters

The Virtual Characters don’t have a specific description because they come back differently depending on the game being tested. They don’t appear in every episode, it depends on the needs of the Creator, but they are often the same actors. They can be dressed in suits, in soldier’s uniform, in armor, as robots, as gods, as aliens, as anything. They keep their name from one episode to the next.

They will eventually have their secret meetings regarding their universe and what they can do to change their fate. They don’t want to be used as they are, to become soldiers or aliens fighting some players. They are trying to understand the nature of their universe and are looking for a way out. Eventually they will become agile at changing the scenario of the programmer and will be more and more unpredictable. The creator is having a hard time keeping them in line, it’s a constant battle. At the end of the season the virtual characters and the creator will have to come to a better arrangement if this virtual universe is to continue providing fun for the players.


Beyond the First Season - Going Deeper

As the story goes, the computer programmer will start to see himself as a God and will soon seek out his own creator, as he will suspect he is too living in a virtual world created by another programmer just like him. Since he will have the wisdom to leave clues in his master game in order for the virtual characters to find him, he will soon go after the clues another programmer would have left for him in the real world. This other God he will eventually find will ask for his help with the design of the perfect universe. That will not be enough for our programmer, he will then wish to meet the creator of his creator.

As the second season goes, we will meet many layers of reality with a God for each one of them, and we will get confirmation that life is just a video game. They will unite to form a Guild of Creators and they will help each other to build the Perfect Virtual Universe. Our players’ mission will now be to move in between all these other universes, find the clues leading to the creator of the virtual universe they will be exploring, and report back to the Guild of Creators.

There will also be the question of who is the ultimate creator and the search for this ultimate universe. As we go up the ladder, each universe has much more to offer than the previous one. Until we reach some sort of reality that has nothing to do with us or the universe as we know it. It turns out that the more down the line we go the more realistic and perfect it becomes, in the sense that it is easier to accept for human being to live happily.

This is a quest to find the real universe and the place humans have in it. It is also about how the universe might have looked and how we could improve upon its design. Ultimately, this extraordinary way of looking at the universe can change completely, we could have been living in a dark room for all of our existence. First there were oceans to stop us, then we went beyond the oceans. Then there was space, and now we can go beyond that. And what is it that exists beyond space or the universe? This is where our computer programmer and players need to go. Not an easy task, but it is not beyond them. If they can understand the underlying laws governing the universe, they can get there and meet their creator. What they will discover there is beyond belief or our understanding, but it is the real universe. Again, it is only programming and there is something else beyond that. Is there an ultimate creator? An ultimate God? No, because something or someone must have created him. This is the main concern of the Guild of Creators.

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