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by Roland Michel Tremblay


Call for ghost hunters/paranormal investigators to try new equipment. Instead of energy, could ghosts actually be made of atoms in molecular structures in gaseous form (gas-based life-forms)? HTML, DOC, PDF


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Introduction - Unanswered Questions about Ghosts
Ghost of People who died in Certain Circumstances
Ghosts Out of Time linked to Specific Locations
Mediums, Guardian Angels and Technology
Problems with Ghost Investigations
Ghosts in Films
What to explore in the ultimate Movie about Ghosts
Links to other reports

Introduction - Unanswered Questions about Ghosts

When confronted with the evidence of ghosts, we are also confronted to the idea of life after death. Considering the amount of evidence, I do believe in ghosts and would like to try to define what could be expected if one dies in circumstances that make him or her not move on, and incidentally where those who move on are going.

These are the questions that I need to find answers to in my simple report. I have read every book I could lay my hand on and watched half a dozen series about ghosts and more documentaries. So far most books I have read on the subject and most websites I have visited appear to avoid answering these questions, perhaps because no one knows the answer. Well, if you do know the answers to some of these questions, please contact me: rm@themarginal.com


Ghost of People who died in Certain Circumstances

Apparently the ghost of dead people seems to haunt some places because they died in certain ways: horrific accident, murdering someone, being murdered, very bad people, people who suffered a great deal and suicide.

So if you die in a normal way or none traumatic way, it appears that there is little chance you will be coming back as a ghost. It looks like you died at the time you were supposed to and then you move on to wherever most people who die go to. Let’s call it the light for a lack of a better word or definition. But is this really true?

So are ghosts still here because they died before their right time and eventually will also move on? Or have they simply decided to remain because they were either traumatized by the event of their death, still attached to the world of the living to the point of wanting to stay around? Or are they forced to remain somehow, reliving past events over and over again in some sort of vision of hell?

A medium in America was seeing dead people in most houses. How many remain of us after death, walking around for eternity? Perhaps everyone? Is it possible that the consciousness and energies remain after death and we still have a physical form in a world where we still need to stay in houses? And these ghosts, do they interact with objects, do they go to the toilet and eat like in the movie The Others with Nicole Kidman, sometimes not even realizing they are dead?

It would be interesting to do a survey of all ghost stories for which we know the reasons why they are still around. We could then statistically say that if you die in certain circumstances you could end up haunting the surrounding for a while and perhaps you should learn right now what not to do in order to be able to escape this fate. It would also be interesting to know if some ghosts did not suffer traumatic deaths but remain here all the same.


Ghosts Out of Time linked to Specific Locations

Recently I have been dreaming a lot about the house I grew in from 8 to 11 years old. Why this house? I moved over 18 times in my life, in 4 different countries. I lived in certain places much longer than this particular house on Rembrandt Street in Jonquière Québec. Still, I only dream about this house. It is still calling me in my dreams as if there was something there that needed my attention, some unfinished business. True this is the best great most expensive house I have ever lived in. More over, I was convinced when I was young and forced to sleep in the basement alone that it was haunted. I could hear people walking on the carpet almost every night and could only fall asleep once I was dead tired. It was my imagination, when you are that tired, lack of REM sleep, I am pretty certain you would hear all sorts of things.

In many of my dreams I was alone in the house, completely dark, and some shadow form outside or on the inside balcony of the house were passing by. I was really frightened. Another time, as far as I can remember, I was coming back and there was a cat alone living in the house. There were many bowls of food everywhere, as if they had been left there to compensate for a very long absence of the owner who appeared to be me. Yes, we had many cats while living in this house and many died while I was living there. If I were to die today, and decided on one place to spend eternity, it would definitely be that house, even though I stayed there for a very short time, 3 to 4 years.

Which brings the question, are ghosts living were they lived while they were alive because they are drawn to these places? Do they have the choice of living anywhere they want or are they limited to the places they lived? Haunted houses are always haunted by people who lived there in the past, making me think that other locations might not exist for them or that they don’t have access to them. I don’t suppose they eat, have sex, or can travel around the world to go and visit the Eiffel Tower when they get bored of haunting that particular house? Or can they?

If some houses, buildings or even objects seem to be the link by which ghosts can appear or continue to live in some sort of other layer of reality, perhaps vibrating at a different frequency than us, then are those houses, buildings and objects also existing in that other phased out reality? The frequency at which a TV has been set, is really adapted to our eyes, any other frequency and we could not see anything even though an image with sound would be broadcasted. Animal might see the image, mediums might do too, but not the rest of the population. It seems to be the same with ghosts.

There are active spirits that are still in the haunted houses. There are also ghosts that are only residual. Their ghost appears to be reappearing like a movie, as if the rocks and the matter surrounding those areas were capable of recreating the vibrations of certain events that we could witness today. Those ghosts are not interactive, they would not speak to you and may sometimes reappear cyclically, for example every 365 days, a full rotation of the Earth around the Sun. Those ghosts reappear only when the Earth gets back to where it was in space on the day they died or that something specific happened. It helps tremendously to link one location in two different times together when the Earth is back where it was at the time. It seems to me that this is the only time you could see their ghost, on that very day, or else their space would be somewhere else in the solar system. Since the solar system is actually moving in the universe, it appears that it is sufficient that the Earth is located where it was compared with the Sun, no matter if we have moved along in the Universe. If the solar system was not moving in space, perhaps we would see many more ghosts and occurrences where a same location would be linked in two different times at the same time. Mediums can see all the different times in the same location, no one can tell me how and why, not even them. They seem to be born with that ability, the capacity to see through time and interact with whoever is stuck in other layers of reality.

Why I believe that two different times are meeting together is because many times people reported suddenly finding themselves into the past. Where a mill suddenly is in working order before returning back almost immediately to the ruins that it is today. A woman suddenly finding herself in the middle of a children party which disappears soon after. A man looking in the mirror and seeing himself as a much older person (even though this one is even weirder… has the man suddenly got connected with himself in the future?). That man was also invisible to others at the party he was at, which means he was phased out of reality, probably because he was vibrating at a different frequency and then it was impossible for anyone else to see him though he could see the others fine.

There are many other examples of people finding themselves into the past or being invisible, like this couple in England going back to their camp with their car and finding themselves on their usual road 50 years into the past for miles (and this happened twice). Or another couple seeing buildings and meeting people from the past in a trip in time lasting hours and on a location of at least 1 mile in diameter. Four guys seeing a castle in ruins suddenly partially back to normal with life inside, and meeting someone dressed like in the past surprised to see them. (Please ask me for the source of these phenomena, many come from the TV series Ghosthunters in England on the Discovery Channels.)

It is rare to hear about people finding themselves in the future, most often they find themselves into the past. Perhaps because there will be no more people then or the building on that location will no longer exist in the future, making a link difficult. Or perhaps it is difficult to distinguish between the past and the future as the location might not have changed that much one way or the other. Either you meet the past as it is suddenly linked to the present, or ghosts are living out of time in a similar location not vibrating at the same rate as yours, and they could appear to you at any time. It has to be said that it needs to have already happen before you can actually see the past, you cannot see the future yet as it has not happen. But when someone finds himself into the past and interact with people in the past, surely these people from the past are seeing people from the future, so logically we should also be able to find ourselves in the future.


Mediums, Guardian Angels and Technology

Let’s talk about Derek Acorah, probably the most famous medium in England after the series Most Haunted on Living TV. Considering that after four series they are still finding haunted castles and pubs to investigate, one would believe that every place with a bit of history in England is haunted. Do I believe the guy? If he was the only one around capable of doing what he does, I might have my doubts. As there are plenty of mediums who can see ghosts, talk with them, be taken over by them, then I have to say that there is nothing exceptional about him, he must be for real. This is despite the claims of fraud that surfaced concerning this TV show, but how could anyone on demand always connect with the paranormal and still have something interesting to show? Of course at some point the producers will fake a lot of it.

Now, is there a special reason why these mediums can see and talk to ghosts but we cannot? Are they born with this sixth sense or could I myself get to the point where I could do what they do? Is there a special school where you can get that special vision? Why is it that they can see this other layer of reality but we cannot? And sometimes we do see it, but not on a normal and daily basis. They are like a computer monitor, they can adjust the frequency at which they can see. Simply they can see a broader range of light and sound than we can.

Technology appears to be suffering the same fate as us. Sometimes they record something, sometimes they don’t. There are many photographs of ghosts, many orbs and shadows recorded on camera, and many tape recorders with sounds and voices of ghosts that sometimes need to be played in reverse to be understood properly. Why in reverse? Is time running backwards for them or the process in which we can hear them goes through a time reversal process?

So technology, eventually, should be able to get a better view, if we could understand what needs to be modified to get that better view. For a start, we need cameras capable of seeing at different frequencies and capable of listening at specific low frequencies or a broader range anyway. It should be simple enough, right? No one has done it yet, I have to assume that someone thought of it and tried. Perhaps they did not have the technical knowledge, but we are certainly getting there.

Derek Acorah has the help of his Guardian Angel, Sam. To guide him and explain to him what would perhaps not come so easily to him if he was to be alone with the ghosts. Sam appears to know everything about everyone they meet, like if he was the biggest encyclopedia of the other world, and Derek appears to be repeating to us what Sam is telling him. I get the impression that Sam does not need to ask questions to the ghosts, that he knows everything already. Is this true? Perhaps not. Perhaps he does ask questions and then tells Derek who tells us. Derek rarely explains to us how and why he can see ghosts, or how we could do that ourselves. He tells us the stories, who the ghosts are, what happened here centuries ago. It is not clear how this knowledge is known and finally brought to us. I did buy his book, which might tell us more, but it got lost in the post and I never bought it again.

Sometimes it is residual, he can feel and sense what happened, who was there. Sometimes it is interactive, he can see and speak with the ghosts and even the ghosts can speak through him. It often ends badly and he needs to stop the filming and get out of there. Perhaps it would not be advisable to let this happen to us, as we might not be as good as Derek at kicking out the spirit out of our body. Still, what a life, to see the dead as much as the living wherever you go. I wonder how he sleeps at night, where his dreams bring him.

It has been said that we all have our Guardian Angel, and that if we took the time to get in contact with him or her, we would, like Derek, communicate with the dead, or at the very least know much more about our existence and all the mechanisms. Are these Guardian Angels also dead? Back from the wherever we go when we die to help the living? Why do we need Guardian Angels? How come they know so much? What is the extent of their knowledge of both realities and to what extent can they manifest themselves into our reality? Can they move objects? Can they type on a computer keyboard? Can they influence us when we write, draw, type? Do they know the future? If so, how can they? And finally, how can I get in contact with my guardian angel? Don’t tell me to concentrate until I do, because I have tried that without success. I need much more to get there, I need a miracle or the help of new technology.

Problems with Ghost Investigations

Books and TV documentaries about ghosts generally tell us the history of every haunted place on the planet. If a medium went there, we can also hear who these people are that haunt the place and how horribly they died or lived before they died. All these mediums appear to know a lot about what is going on, yet they don’t seem interested in telling us more than the basics. Perhaps they don’t know anything beyond the basics. And to crown the vague possibilities that could explain unexplained phenomena, we hear impossible to prove ideas about what is going on.

Then we get a batch of parapsychologists from some university trying to convince us that nothing is good enough for science, and even though we saw a ghost, we probably did not. There is always something that could explain what has been seen, and if not, then it remains unexplained and we should not jump to any conclusion. In essence we are not going anywhere, no answers, no means to understand.

These parapsychologists are our best bet so far to tell and explain to us what is going on from the point of view of science, and yet their gadgets which record magnetic fields, temperature, infrared cameras and whatever can do little to explain anything except indicating that perhaps something might be going on. They are also the most skeptical people you can meet and often prefer spending their time with little ESP and PK experiments that can only show us that sometimes people can hit a target more than the probabilities and chance should allow. We are far from proving anything or from the revolution that is needed to crack the mystery of ghosts or life beyond death. It seems to me that no one takes this matter seriously as no one is really working on the technology that will see through the next world that we know must exist as so many mediums can channel these other realities.

We need proper money invested into paranormal phenomena and real companies like Sony investing in the new technology needed to see beyond. After all, we are only investigating the world of the dead, where we will all go one day. Isn’t this worth investigating? As much as going to the planet Mars? Throw a few billions too into the paranormal research and I am sure we will uncover something bigger than whatever we will find on Mars.

And perhaps we should find parapsychologists that are not so skeptical and have an open mind. Of course I understand that the field they are studying in is prone to laughter and they can quickly lose all their credibility if they dare saying that what they have is the real thing when dozens of their colleagues are not so convinced. The result is that they rarely bring forward some credible evidence that could serve as proof, as I’m afraid no proof will ever be good enough to overcome the prejudice of this field of study.

Basically their hands are tied up in a vicious circle where they cannot affirm or confirm anything from fears of ridicule and losing their funding. Only a breakthrough in the field of paranormal investigations will change all that and give us the chance to progress further. Until then, nothing promising will come from parapsychologists, except perhaps a cynical view of the paranormal world we are studying and every possible natural explanation reviewed and dismissed to explain the phenomena at hand. This is also important, so they are not totally useless. With better tools they might change the world of paranormal. It is still through them that we will explain the science behind the paranormal and to eventually make it normal.

I was going to say that explaining the paranormal could change our beliefs, but as most of you are aware, most religions already accept the paranormal as normal in their teachings. We won’t be going through a massive change in our philosophies worldwide, we will only get a confirmation of what we more or less already know is true.


Ghosts in Films

Ghost with Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg is a nice little movie, apparently in the top 10 of the most popular ever films in Britain. Yet, there is not much there to explain what ghosts are about and where Patrick is when he is out of phase with our reality. He just is. I suspect the science was left alone because being a ghost in this case was just a mean to tell a love story.

Steven Spielberg with Poltergeist must get an A for his effort, as the woman investigator tells us the basics of what ghosts might be about in the first movie. Then his medium in all three movies (the short woman) tells us a little bit more. Then again, nothing more than what you would read in any book trying to explain what is going on.

Then there are a bunch of old movies most of them with Haunted or Ghost in the title that were quite cute, with some remake, but after viewing them all I don’t know anything concrete about ghosts. I have to say that in the movie 13 Ghosts they appear to have technology to see ghosts, I don’t remember hearing their explanation about how it works. The original movie 13 Ghosts does not explain anything.

The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis made me think, as The Others with Nicole Kidman. In the Sixth Sense I think we can get a feel of what a medium go through. Seeing hanged people in an old court building, being there for eternity (residual). Interacting with other dead people who can even hurt you. And some purpose as to why they are still here: unfinished business. In the Others we have this extraordinary thought that ghosts might be living a life exactly like ours, sharing the same space as us, still eating, sleeping and doing whatever they were doing while they were alive.

The husband in the Others is quite interesting, he died at the war. Sometimes he is bleeding, sometimes he is not, sometimes he is at the front, sometimes he is lost around his house in the woods, and sometimes I guess he can come home for a while as long as the ghost of his wife comes and shows him the way. They all died a horrible death, even the servants who died from tuberculosis. We don’t have the feeling that they have unfinished business and will eventually go into the light. On the contrary, it seems that there is no limbo, no heaven or no hell to go to.

It is interesting to note that both movies ended the same way, we discover that the dead people don’t know they are dead and when they realize it, for the Sixth Sense Bruce Willis can finally move on to the light or whatever, and Nicole Kidman with her kids will just continue to live in their house for eternity. Sometimes they will hear and see the livings, sometimes not.

In any case this is a bleak vision of death and it seems to work fine in both cases with what we observe today in the ghost world. Dead people only see what they want to see, as the kid says in the Sixth Sense. It is almost like a dream where the logic does not necessarily apply when we think about it once awake, but where logic seems completely fine while in the dream. In dreams we even have memories of past events and sometimes of things to come, even though in our dream we have not experienced these events. The link between the dream world and the ghost world must have been studied, I should look into this one day.



What to explore in the ultimate Movie about Ghosts

I don’t know where I would start about doing something different. Too little is known about the subject. I would at least try to find answers to the questions this report has brought forward. These interrogations would be the starting point of my investigation, questions to be asked to everyone involved, even to ghosts via mediums if necessary.

I guess the new angles could be travel in time via the ghost world and people finding themselves invisible even though they are alive. And they would see and speak with ghosts. There are some extraordinary stories that could be investigated and portrayed on screen. I guess I will be following a team of investigators and explain the technology they will be using to see beyond and go beyond (invented new technology that could make sense, about changing the vibrating frequency of matter and equipment capable of seeing and recording in a broader frequency range). I talk about this technology in my report about invisibility, see the link at the end of this report.

I would not find myself where Spielberg brought us in Poltergeist, it was pretty vague and did not answer much. I suppose I would revisit what the New Age movement is saying about an impressive and hypothetical hierarchy of worlds linked to the Universe (the stars and the planets) and crowned with God at the top (as long as God does not take any kind of definitive definition). And try to visualize what is beyond that light that is the bridge to the world of spirits. What are they, how do they live, in what sort of world are they living in, how can we visualize that? The Cosmogony of the Rosicrucian by Max Heindel could also be considered, this is a book out of this world and should inspire a film equally out of this world.

I would then go and speak to these mediums and finally get real answers out of them. And what comes back the most often, or the weirdest of their stories, would be the bulk of my story. I would also get inspiration from the films 2001 and 2010 (Arthur C. Clarke). The mystery and the supernatural in these movies are simply wonderful, deep and thoughtful. No philosophy offered but great images and wonder at the very least.


Please read my report about Invisibility which also speaks about ghosts (although I no longer believe in Einstein and Relativity, so I no longer believe a lot of what I said):

Invisibility report on the Net: http://www.themarginal.com/invisibility.htm

Download a doc version: http://www.themarginal.com/invisibility.doc

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