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Deja Vu Report

by Roland Michel Tremblay

Attempt at explaining the Deja Vu phenomenon, Time Loops, Timelines, Clairvoyance, Precognition, Predicting the future, Changing the future, Seeing the past, Intuition, Ghosts and Apparitions


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An Illuminating Dream about Deja Vu:
Mix of The Matrix, Groundhog Day and The Truman Show
Real life is just a Time Loop or many Time Loops
Deja Vu, indication of something terribly wrong with reality?
Fluctuating Timeline, Einstein’s Relativity to Explain Deja Vu
Ghosts Reappearing Cyclically like a Deja Vu
Quantum Mechanics to explain Precognition, Predicting the Future and Intuition
Parallel Worlds created by the changing Rate of Time and Space Fluctuation
Past, Present and Future always in Movement
Slowing Time
Vibrating at Higher Frequencies
An Infinity of Interconnected Time Frames
More about Relativity
More about Quantum Mechanics
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Two Poems about Deja Vu

An Illuminating Dream about Deja Vu

Mix of The Matrix, Groundhog Day and The Truman Show

I was in a large building and I don’t think it was the first time I had this dream. There were glass elevators, escalators, a big opened area where you could see the many levels of the place like in shopping centers. The place was dark, dark brown carpets and brown wood everywhere, it did not look like a shopping center. Away from the grand area there were offices and perhaps some boutiques. In the upper levels some apartments. I appeared to be living and working in the building as I had my friends and my boss all interconnected in this closed universe. I could go out of the building and outside it was summer in the busy but small streets.

I had two friends with whom I was interacting. The problem is that I was reliving some moments of Deja vu but on a normal basis, all the time. It was like in the movie Groundhog Day, as if the day was happening again and again, always different every day or every perhaps 2 hour reruns as I don’t believe it was days. It was like if life was actually just a video game and you had to live through something until you had it right. And if you did not, it was automatically restarting but this time it was different. There were the same players or actors, but different functions, different jobs titles, different personalities.

I was not supposed to remember the previous events, but I did. And I started to panic because the first time, the African guy (my friend) was doing a certain thing, and then suddenly he was someone else, other personality, doing something different, like if he was not the same guy. Once he was arrested by the police, another time we were talking about things, perhaps work, and then I started to realize the treachery and I lost faith because I understood something was not right. I had Deja vu of moments I had lived that were a totally different reality, the same setting but radically changed. And I was saying: no, this is not right, you are not what you are claiming to be, I just experienced this but something else was happening instead!

The more I was fighting against all the elements coming my way and came to understand that it was not right, the more events and people tried to change my mind so I could continue with the simulation, like within the Matrix. Suddenly I was promoted, an incredibly high position, and they were to throw me a party that my boss personally told me to attend. And when I decided against going there, I jumped in an elevator and immediately a known Hollywood actor, a black guy that looks like a kid (Gary Coleman or something), came in the elevator and started to jump around. I believe he was supposed to be part of the party and occupy my mind so I did not see through the false reality. So I pushed him and I shouted that I wanted to exit the building!

Police at the upper level started to run after me, so instead of getting back in the elevator I ran on some sort of escalator where I saw glass doors leading outside. Funny I never noticed those doors before and I was surprised they were so easily reachable. Like if it was useless to protect them as everyone inside could always at any moment prevent me from reaching those doors, like if everyone was connected by a unified mind like a computer. It is only when I did something completely unexpected that I could reach the doors, only because I knew something was wrong and needed to free myself.

I went out and to my big surprise it was snowing outside and there was a lot of snow on the ground (even though when I went out by the main doors of the building it was summer). The building was in a large hangar like at an airport, and big double wooden doors were closing, probably to prevent me from getting out. Outside there were people walking and they did not seem to me to be like the ones inside. These people I felt were like the actors of the Truman Show movie when they were not part of the simulation of a reality. They stayed at the back of the decor, relaxing and going about their real life whilst inside they had to act for Jim Carey who was not supposed to know he was the star of a TV show.

I could see a little sandwich shop and a gas pump I believe. And whilst I was trying to get under the wooden doors before they closed completely, everything went very slowly and I could still feel I was right under the door at the last moment when my cat woke me up in real life (no doubt helping me to remember this dream!).

After that I had in my mind this weird image of a cylindrical form in 3D or similar shape but with 6 faces, turning on itself, with lines inside representing a structure, a bit like the Rama ship from the book of Arthur C. Clarke (and the PC game) but much smaller. I believe it represented the universe I was living in, including the building.



Real Life is just a Time Loop or many Time Loops

When I woke up I had the feeling that life was exactly the same, that this was exactly what I was living: a long Deja vu and a reality that was not right. And sure enough my partner appeared to be doing everything for me to forget my dream. And I tried to come to my computer to write it all down so I could remember all the details that I have now forgotten and I was unable to. We had to leave the apartment but I tried to remember as much as I could in order to write it later.

Like in the dream immediately there was a rallying cry to occupy my mind and try to make me forget that for a full minute here I was aware of something terribly wrong with reality. Like if it was just a computer program like a matrix and that basically we were only reliving the same day on a different theme at any moments notice.

The fact that the building appeared to be physical, with an outside world with real people, indicates that perhaps it was not a computer game or a matrix-like universe. Or the computer simulation was quite powerful as it could change the configuration of my universe instantly and I was not supposed to remember or to have Deja vu about it.

God knows what the purpose of such a universe was. Was I supposed to learn things, and as I learnt them suddenly the configuration of the universe changed and I could go on to learn something else? Like a school of life, a sophisticated way of learning, that could basically be what we are living right now in our reality?

Now I wonder to what extent the films The Matrix, Groundhog Day and the Truman Show have a real basis in reality. The people who had these ideas, did they have similar dreams, did they realize somehow that something was not quite right with reality? Or perhaps I saw too many movies, thought too much and my imagination is running wild?

At the very least, life could be a time loop or composed of many time loops. How this is all working together if we are all going back in time when these loops occur is unknown. The only indication that we have that this is happening is the feeling of Deja Vu. And as we don’t have them very often, we can assume the time loops don’t happen often, or that it is rare that we are aware of the phenomenon. It is possible that there is no purpose to sometimes going back in time and history repeating itself for a bit, other than being a normal physical phenomenon which could eventually be predicted by physics.

So we don’t have to be metaphysical or philosophical about this, it may not be paranormal and could explain a lot of the paranormal phenomena like telepathy (you and your friend remembering at the exact same time something you told each other at that time in a previous loop). Prediction of the future and intuition could be just what you remember from a previous loop. And as events don’t change that much from one loop to the other, then you seem to be right most of the time (but not always).


Deja Vu, indication of something terribly wrong with reality?

One thing is for sure, there is something quite not right with Deja vu. I don’t like them, or to rephrase this, I am obsessed with them as I believe that explaining them would go a long way towards explaining the reality we believe we are living in.

If we were to start experiencing them every hour of the day, I think we would start seeing much further into the ways of the mechanisms of the existence or the laws of physics. We would understand that not only life is not linear, but also that from one minute to the next everything can change: our friends, our family, our social position, locations, etc. And then, some bugs in the program or some memories of the previous loops made me realize what was going on: I had too many Deja vu and my life was not reflecting my previous memories of these loops.

Funny enough this is not the first time I come up with this possibility that one day I may be living in London, but the next day I wake up in Toronto as if I had always lived there and never set foot in London. The next day I am actually living in New York instead, and the next day I am in London again. I wrote about it in my book Eclecticism in French. All this could make sense and we could wake up in new places with all these memories that we forget the very next day, with new sets of memories to replace the previous ones.

Dreams are exactly like that. In a dream, things happen to you and you have a past, a history, some memory of who you are and what happened before the moments you are living, and these memories do not reflect your real memories in real life. Reality could be just the same, another kind of dream state. Computer programming shows us that this is not so farfetched, as if we were AI in a computer simulation, we could have as many lives as the programmer would create.

Certainly Deja vu is a disturbing phenomenon. Are we actually reliving the same moments over and over again, sometimes remembering it clearly and vividly? What about if we were constantly reliving the same moments without being aware of it? Perhaps under hypnosis we could ask that question to people, if they experience Deja vu, if they are reliving the same events over and over again, if these events can drastically change from one loop to another and perhaps we can remember it clearly only when the events are exactly the same.


Fluctuating Timeline, Einstein’s Relativity to Explain Deja Vu

Or if, as I first thought about Deja vu, this is just a phenomenon related to the fact that as per the relativity of Einstein, time and space are relative and never constant, bringing us a fluctuating timeline. Where the time’s rate is not constant and space is always in movement from one second to the next. This is how I tried to explain Deja vu before from the point of view of theoretical physics. I came up with an elaborate way of viewing it:

“We are living in a fluctuating timeline and the hypothesis to explain how the day can be repeating itself would go something like this: my theory states that the timeline is fluctuating due to the fact that we travel in space at different and relative speed each day. Depending on our acceleration and the gravity surrounding the Earth, time runs at different rates every seconds of our existence. Therefore the timeline is not as linear as we may have thought. The timeline could be fluctuating to such an extent that future events can happen before the present, and past events can happen in the future. Therefore something we do in the future might have happened in the past and it has somehow caused a time loop in which we are trapped. This is why we usually have feelings of Deja vu, but this time it appears to be a very strong feeling, like if it was more than at the subconscious level. The question is: what is the cause of the time loop, why do we go back in time like this? Relativity could explain this.”

Perhaps this is true, perhaps it is not.


Ghosts Reappearing Cyclically like a Deja Vu

And what about those cyclic ghosts that reappears to people every same day of each year, or every same day of the month, or always at the same time? This sounds familiar and could be linked to Deja vu. Ghosts and apparitions could be a by-product of these time loops, bringing together locations of two different times, or to be more exact, two locations at the same time but from different time loops.

Some ghosts are so popular about their timing each year that entire population goes to where the sight will occur and relive the same event over and over again. It also sounds very much like the purgatory of some religions. Where you are condemned to relive the bad things you did to people over and over again until you are finally free to be reincarnated or even sometimes to infinity. Could life be some sort of purgatory? Are we condemned to relive the same moments but thankfully we are not aware of it? How quickly this would become hell if we were totally aware! Ignorance is bliss in this case, but we have a right to know as perhaps the way to break the time loop is to finally understand our mistakes, like in Groundhog Day. Or perhaps it is just a normal physical phenomenon and we have to live with it.


Quantum Mechanics to explain Precognition, Predicting the Future and Intuition

I have tried to see further than the Deja vu. I often have the impression that I know what will happen, I often feel that what I am doing, I have done it before. It is not as vivid as Deja vu, but it is an extension to it. It is called precognition, like in the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise. I might be able to tell more from this movie if I were to read the book, the film does not say much about the how and why the precogs can see the future. The precognitive people do exist and they see the future.

Often the future can be changed I believe as if there were many futures as predicted by the Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics theory. It is still disturbing that the future is kind of written and can be foreseen. Perhaps there is no such freedom in our existence, like in the Matrix. They do talk about this, the architect states that they gave the humans the impression that they had the freedom to choose and decide their own fate when in fact they don’t. The only thing they can do is to try to understand their choices, according to the oracle. I believe this stuff comes from the books of Baudrillard and others and it might be helpful for me to read them. Perhaps one day when I will have more time, unless I have already read them and I am unaware of it? In that case maybe I can remember what it is that I read about?

This way of explaining the mechanics of existence goes well with Quantum Mechanics. Like if we were jumping from one timeline to another constantly, sometimes jumping back into the past on a different timeline, sometimes jumping into the future, explaining the Deja vu. After all, if a medium can foresee one future and another future will take place instead, we must somehow have lived that future and finally we experience another future or timeline. Sometimes it is a similar future so we experience Deja vu.

It is perhaps not an infinity of ourselves that are populating all these different timelines, but one of each of us switching realities from one minute to another. Time and space being relative, time is not ticking at the same rate constantly and space is not always at the same location at every minute of the day. The idea of a fluctuating timeline is a possibility.

It is like when I go right, I go right. But suddenly time goes slower and space shrinks, and I can get back in time maybe two days, and this time I decide to go left. So I have gone right before and now I am going left because I had a feeling that going to the right would mean my doom. Perhaps I even had a Deja vu the second time and decided that I needed to go left just to make things differently. In theory both possibilities exist, I went both right and left, and this is true, the timeline fluctuated and I was able to go right and left. Usually I should not remember having lived going to the right, but sometimes somehow I can remember it in a Deja vu. It must be difficult to live in a chronological timeline when time and space are relative and changing.


Parallel Worlds created by the changing Rate of Time and Space Fluctuation

This said, I still believe that certain parallel worlds could exist, which could explain the Deja vu phenomenon. Simply because I believe we are living in a fluctuating reality. Our particles are going faster than the speed of light (in my opinion) and they are not going at a constant speed because of the surrounding gravitational and magnetic fields. So we could in fact be living in many different realities at the same time, and we could be living as much in the past as in the future. This because time, distance, speed, mass, etc., all this is relative to our acceleration in space, to the speed of our particles and the changing gravity exerted upon us. Whether this gravity comes from a celestial body or a power line or from a crack in the crust of the Earth.

To help you visualize this, take only one timeline that could be your life. Now, time and space are relative, which means sometimes one minute is like 60 seconds, and some other times one minute could be 1 second, sometimes perhaps 1 minute could even be 300 years, and I would even venture to say that sometimes 1 minute could be -300 years. Same thing for space, the stick meter sometimes measure 1 cm and sometimes 1 km, it shrinks and expand depending on acceleration and gravity. At this very moment you are here, the next minute you could be on the Moon (of course the Earth would be at the position of the Moon in space and the Moon would be somewhere else in orbit), and sometimes you could even be outside of the solar system, light years away from here. This means that your life is not as linear as you might have thought and that your status in life is changing all the time within the same timeline.

Well, there are two ways of looking at this. Either time is running slower and faster but ultimately it does not change anything to your life apart from taking longer or shorter from someone else’s point of view (perhaps outside of the solar system), or the whole reality is always in movement and you live as much in the past as in the future. Which means that actions you do in the future could affect the past because you would know about the future while you are in the past. This could explain how people can predict the future. Even I was successful at guessing photos I put in envelopes without looking at them, just by concentrating about when I will finally look at them the next day (remote viewing).


Past, Present and Future always in Movement

In a way the past, the present and the future are always in movement, they are never fixed. Which means that, since time is relative, you could be making the decision of becoming a teacher now and in some years realize what a mistake that was, and when comes the time to choose to be a teacher, you could feel that you have already done that before, you have a premonition that it is the wrong decision, and you decide instead to become a nuclear physicist. Now you could always feel again that it was the wrong decision (after helping destroy the whole planet) and decide at that point in the past that your guts tell you to commit suicide instead. All three lives exist at the same time even though it is the same life, you can be a teacher, a nuclear physicist and dead.

So now I am a writer, but there is also this other reality where I am an engineer, and because time is relative, I could find myself in the past at the point where I made my decision to not study engineering, and decide instead to become an engineer. At that point, me being a writer does not really exist anymore, but could, and in a way, it does. This way of looking at the universe could also explain how mediums know about the future and a lot of other paranormal phenomena.

Time being relative, it can bring you back to a time before you made those decisions and you can change your decisions. If you have a good memory of the future, Deja vu, so-called signs that help you remember, premonitions, feelings, then you can make your life better. A bit like switching to other parallel universes even though the other realities don’t exist but could if you change your decisions in the past. Then you would be called someone with good ESPs (extra-sensory perceptions), even though it would just mean that you are better than others at remembering what you experienced in other timelines or time loops.

So, someone could invent a technology to influence the future by modifying the past, that would be a time machine. We do not need time machines to influence our life at the moment, concentrating (perhaps meditating) about our life might transmit a message to our own past in which it would influence our actual future, changing it in order to find ourselves in a different timeline or parallel universe. No need for wormholes or inter-dimensional windows, our mind can do the trick. It is always plausible that we will come up with a machine that could speed up the process, make us more aware of those messages from the future in order to help us make the right decisions and perhaps modify the life of others to change history. Note that I am not convinced that this is possible, it is merely a hypothesis.


Slowing Time

I even believe that sometimes the change in gravity that could influence the rate at which time goes does not need to be influenced by celestial bodies or other geomagnetic fields. The simple pressure of a horrible moment like an accident appears sufficient to change our own individual time’s rate and then this moment in the present happens in slow motion, and hence in the past or the future instead of the present. I have some people who claim they can suddenly slow time around them. This is how they usually can see ghosts and talk with many people in different times also capable of doing the same.

According to relativity we are alone in our own time frame, our little bubble where time, space (distance), and other values are different from everyone else around us. Yes, most of the time the difference in value is too small to make our life suddenly different from others, but sometimes it can differ a lot. Mood and negative or positive events can influence all this.

So when the time’s rate gets back to normal, suddenly you relive the moment and you feel Deja vu. It is also possible that your brain gets mixed up because when the time’s rate goes from slow to much faster, it could make you believe that you have experienced these events before. And in fact you might have and it seems that it was in a dream that you have seen that before. Then you can predict the future, or at a lesser degree you can have an intuition of the events to come.

This could explain why more than a hundred people predicted the sinking of the Titanic. This event happened in the past and not in the future because of the gravity of it. Nice play on word, even when something is terrible we call it gravity, as if it could also influence the timeline, like real gravity from other massive objects. Then, if these people were to be believed before the Titanic was launched, we could have prevented this terrible accident that somehow affected the mood and normal timeline of the ones who foresaw it. They must have been the ones that were the most affected by this event, making them jump into another time rate or time frame. Suddenly before the Titanic was even launched they knew it would happen, they would remember seeing on TV, reading about it or thinking about this astonishing event.

It is also possible that the time loop happened independently from the mood and reactions of the people who predicted the sinking of the Titanic. Simply a shift in the normal flow of time happened and as the sinking of the Titanic is a memorable event, like the death of JFK or Princess Diana, it was remembered the second time around even before the titanic sank.


Vibrating at Higher Frequencies

Most exercises about meditation when you try to get in contact with the world of spirits tell you that you somehow need to vibrate at a higher frequency. If you vibrate at a higher frequency what happens exactly? The same perhaps as when you suddenly hear terrible news or when you are really frighten about something? Suddenly you change your time frame, your time is running at a different rate. Could somehow the brain catch glimpses of these events in the past so in effect you have sort of lived those events before they happen? Because in the present you are, I assume, vibrating at a normal frequency, perhaps lower than usual in some down moment? This connected with the planets and the rotation of the Earth and other magnetic fields, could amplify this phenomenon and you actually relive an event you remember that will only happen in the future? These are all paths to be explored in explaining Deja vu.

And this theory of fluctuating time or timeline is also what can explain the co-existence of two time frames at the same time, the meeting of the present and the past, or the present and the future. It could explain ghosts and apparitions, the residual ones when their image is coming like a film in certain locations where somehow the frequency of certain events went wild, affecting the normal flow of time in these locations. Certain people in trouble times, or with deep psychological problems in intense situations, can affect the rate at which time goes and these events are happening again through time, in the future and in the past.

So, to predict the future you would have to be affected by the events, feel them at different frequencies. You need to be very sensible to what you hear and see so if it affects you a lot, the pressure and the gravity surrounding the events will make you able to see the past and the future because you would have changed the rate at which time ticks. And your present before those events would go faster or slower than the time rate at which those other events in the past or the future take place. And then you predict the future and change it, as we know we can change events when we experience Deja vu. Could we ever build the machine capable to see the future, perhaps at the very least receive radio waves and TV signals from the future and the past? I will continue to think about this.


An Infinity of Interconnected Time Frames

When we are born, we don’t die anymore. We exist in every time frame because time is relative from the point of view of the observer, from your frame of reference or time frame. If someone goes into a rocket ship in space at almost the speed of light away from you, from his point of view you will look frozen in time, in essence living for eternity. Your time is instable, it is a variable in the universe, interconnected to other variables that are changing all the time like speed, gravity and energy. If you can play with time like this, freezing it, or moving around in time, then you don’t die because you can always get back to a time when you are alive. Every second of your existence can exist for eternity.

The Deja vu is simply our normal life that cannot happen from point A to point B chronologically, because time and space (the distance) are data that vary and change all the time. Space-time being relative, sometimes it is possible to foresee parallel universes that are simply our reality in other time frames.

For example, I was walking peacefully in Amsterdam on the sidewalk one afternoon a few years ago. Suddenly I had the conviction that I had already lived the bicycle I was walking over and the events happening right after, I could remember these few minutes very well.

Time A is the present when I was living those events. Time B is the time where I experienced those events before but could only remember them from memory while I was in Time A. So sometimes I live an event in Time B and then I live it again in Time A, at which time I suddenly remember time B as it appears that I am living the same thing all over again, which understandably makes me question not only my sanity but also the normal flow of time and the reality we are living in.

I could have only a vague memory of time B because time would have changed rate and the configuration of space-time would have equally changed. Somehow I retain memory of events I would have lived in this parallel universe that is truly just part of my timeline that is fluctuating. I don’t think time is going backwards but I believe both realities co-exist (many realities or timelines co-exist within one fluctuating timeline) because our perceptions or senses are capable of receiving (listening, seeing, touching, etc.) events in different times and spaces as space-time is constantly changing. Suddenly a lot of the paranormal can be explained by science.

Many different realities or timelines are taking place at a same location and at the same time but at relatively different times. These realities are crossing each other and certain mediums are capable to adapt their senses to see, hear and feel what is happening at the crossing of these timelines. They can channel through (like a radio or a TV) all this information in the fluctuating timeline that can connect us to any time period we want when in that medium state.

If really as Einstein states matter and energy are interchangeable (and no physicist doubts that), then everything can be considered energy. Our brain receives these events using the energy of our neurons which shape our brain. If time is relative, if time is variable, the actual time can be just as easily the time of 300 years ago or 70 years ago. Moreover, if distance is relative, that a meter can be one centimeter depending on your point of view, also depending on our acceleration and gravitational forces, then many realities can be superimposed and even share a same space at a same time. It is all down to where you stand, your acceleration and the gravity at that time, the frequency at which you vibrate and what else, that can permit you to adjust the time you wish to see and hear.


More about Relativity

Time and space are relative, they are changing within the space-time continuum. They vary depending on our position in space because of gravity exerted upon us by other massive objects in the universe like planets, the moon, the sun and even other solar systems and galaxies. These variables of the space-time also change according to our acceleration. The faster we go, the more time ticks slowly (or accelerate from the point of view of another observer). So the faster I walk, the more another observer will calculate my time as going slower compared with his time than if I was not walking. But from my point of view, if I walk faster, my time will be going faster than if I was not walking. These differences are radical at speed closer to the speed of light, and are reversed if instead of walking in the opposite direction as another observer I were to walk in his direction.

At the speeds we are walking or travelling these days, time appears chronological and space does not appear to be changing configurations from one minute to another. But let’s not forget that the Earth we are all travelling on right now moves very rapidly in space, so ultimately we do have a great acceleration which could, to a certain extent, influence the chronology of our time and the space in which we are moving. Even, our acceleration from the point of view of other people in space could be faster than the speed of light (because I believe that the speed of light is a relative value and can change from one observer to another though this would not be confirmed by any physicist).


More about Quantum Mechanics

I believe it is possible to predict the future and to see the past because space-time is relative to the observer, and as everything is almost at the same place in space, many different times of our existence are getting mixed up together. Sometimes we see ourselves or we are aware of ourselves living other events in other times (through dreams perhaps to a certain extent). We can change our future because if we know what could happen, we can change our actions so it does not happen. Creating new timelines or changing our timeline (depending if you believe that we are only experiencing one fluctuating timeline, or if you believe that all the possible timelines do exist according to the Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics).

There is no need to believe that particles can go faster than the speed of light to accept my ideas here, they fit just as well within the define boundaries of the Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. We just switch timelines then, jumping from one parallel universe to another, sensibly similar but still different somehow when changing the future because of a feeling or a Deja vu. Mediums and clairvoyants might be capable of sensing different timelines, or a fluctuating timeline, and are able to tell us about past events and things to come. Eventually it is not excluded that technology will be able to do the same.

In the Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, a particle can be at different places at the same time. I believe that particles are going faster than light and that is why with our limited ways of measuring the speed and locations of these particles using light we believe that they are at many places at the same time when in fact they are only at one location at any given time and we see it at as many places at the same time as the times they are crossing the speed of light.

If we are using devices using light to make a measurement, we cannot measure something going faster than light. If a particle goes at three times the speed of light, then we will see that particles at three different places at the same time. Why do I believe that particles are going faster than the speed of light in the first place? Please read my reports about Universal Relativity to find out more. Useless to say, if on top of everything our particles are going faster than light, the chronology of time can be even more impaired and must make all sorts of phenomena like predicting the future, seeing the past, Deja vu, etc., possible.

Well, enough said. I hope I helped explain what the phenomenon of Deja vu could be, or at least I hope I have given you some things to think about. We will eventually explain these phenomena from the point of view of science, it is just a question of time and research.



Two Poems about Deja Vu

I wrote these poems recently about Deja vu. I felt that my life had become a complete Deja vu and somehow this needs to be represented in the movie. I feel that it is not just moments that we are reliving, but weeks and years, if not our whole life. We are so bad at remembering that I doubt we could remember a whole life if we had not lived it at least a few times. This is depressing and needs to be exposed in a movie as I believe it could be all true. We are reliving the same things over and over again for perhaps no good reason at all. But yes, we will try to find a reason for this…

Deja Vu (Already Seen)

People experience Deja vu, fine, I do too
But lately it is more than just a moment of Deja vu that I have been experiencing
Its whole days, whole weeks
I’ve been to York
I had seen it all even although I had never been there before
I went to Winchester, I felt I had been there before and seen it all
People send me their photo and I have seen it before
This is madness, my whole life is a Deja vu!
I have lived this life before!
I have lived my whole life before!
I guess starting to think about it opened this can of worms
I assure you, I have seen it all before
This is no imaginary time loop
I am stuck reliving the same events over and over again
I even had a dream about it to open my eyes
There is something wrong with reality
Something really wrong
We are prisoners of the same reality
That changes every day but just a little
Again and again for an unknown purpose
We are stuck in a time loop
And I am not certain if there is a way out
God, have I seen too much?
More than I was allowed?
I am perplexed and not sure why I should continue
I am fed up
More than you will ever know
Of this Deja vu…
I have lost interest in everything happening to me right now
I am fighting anything I may have done before that I don’t want to do again
This is meaningless
It does not serve any purpose that I am aware
Life and its configurations
The mechanisms of existence
It all escapes me

Presque vu (Almost Seen)

I feel like I could almost feel it
I feel like I could almost reach it
Oh, it is all there to grasp and understand
And yet it is out of my reach!

Sometimes I understand
I can see beyond everything
I can surmise how the universe works
I can change destiny

Must be because I am totally disconnected
Must be because I am mad
I am certainly crazy
Visions or dreams?

Have I told you my brain is not working properly?
I am schizophrenic
I am suffering from epileptic seizures
Hallucinations of all sorts
Useless to say that in my episodes you look nothing like you do usually

That is how I finally connect the dots
That is how finally everything makes sense
That is why I understand the universe
That is why I understand that reality does not make any sense

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